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Announcement: Reminder About Spam Posted by Anime


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Hello everyone,

The definition of "spam" here at TDN has been getting a little shaky of late, so we would like to take this oppertunity to remind all members, new and old alike, of the specifics.

Offically, the rules state:

Do not post S.P.A.M. (short, pointless, annoying messages) or irrelevant posts!
We do not want any short (less than 7 words), pointless, or annoying messages on our forums! Don't bother posting messages such as "lol" or "congrats!" as it barely adds anything to the conversation. Be sure to keep your posts on the current topic (e.g., don't wonder off the topic with a random comment) and RELEVANT. Chat speak is a big nono too and it will promptly be deleted. We define spam as:

  • Posts less than 7 words
  • Excessive and possibly abusive use of smilies
  • A post that bumps back up an old topic that is no longer relevant
  • Posts that have nothing to do with the topic
  • Any posts with excessive chat speak in them
  • Double posts - don't do this (hit the "EDIT" button of your previous post)
If you want to determine if your post is relevant and non-spammy, here are a few questions you can ask yourself:
  • Does my post contribute to the conversation at hand?
  • Is my post at least 7 words?
  • Is what I'm saying relating to the topic?
  • Am I using proper English and not chat speak?
  • Am I posting for the post count or because my post adds to the conversation?
Consequence(s): Increasing in warning level, verbal warning, deletion of spammy posts

To elaborate, this includes:
  • Posting sheerly to increase your post count, regardless of how much the post adds to the conversation
  • Copying and pasting the same message in multiple boards, even with small edits included*
  • Posts that are barely readable due to chatspeak or extremely bad grammar
  • Posts that have nothing to do with the topic at hand
We will be increasing our vigilance in finding and dealing with all such spam.
Please remember the questions listed in the rules when posting, and avoid the things listed above. Thank you for your cooperation.

*We are aware that there is only so much one can say to a newbie. That said, posting a copied list, poem, or anything else into most newbie boards is unacceptable. Please take the time to write out a more personal welcome message, or simply do not post at all.

If you have any questions about the definiton of spam, please contact a moderator or post your question here.