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About Me



^_^ new and partially revised as of dec. 11th 2011


well there's not much to say about myself so i'll just list the basics? :P


  • 19 year old
  • lives in Canada
  • originally from china
  • female
  • likes to surf online
  • Loves to play League of legends.
  • spends a little too much on neopets
  • needs a life
  • finds joy in cinematography
  • also enjoys photography
  • wonders when the list should end...


ok so the general details are done i guess :graduated:


on to neopets related details?


alright an old friend who i lost contact with introduced me to neopets when i was like.... in grade 4 or something
i lost the account she made for me, thus i stopped playing neopets altogether


neopets became more popular, and all my friends had one when i was in grade 5, so i made another one
the account was bilinchen2525 or something like that.
the account was disabled when i was in grade 6 due to this neomail i sent to a friend whom i actually know from school. the contents can be categorized as a hate mail, but sadly, it was an inside joke. it was one of those childish teasing kind of thing, where it started with her sending a neomail saying "I know you like William! admit it!" and my reply being "NOOOOOOOOOOO i do NOTTTT!!!!! i hate you!! stop saying that!! it's UNTRUEE!!!"
TNT filter caught it and totally killed my vitual life by disabling the account
i stopped playing neopets once again


when i was in grade 8 i got bored, and made more neopets accoutns
bchere was made but i never acutally playing


in grade 10, in my business tech class, the teacher forced an assignment upon us that required us signing up for neopets, yes, the whole class had to do that. we were suppose to analyze sites such as neopets and the information they ask to be filled out when signing up. it was an internet safety assignment.
i created bilin825, but never actually played


a month or 2 ago i was bored and didn't want to study for my exams (yes i failed because of laziness) so i went on neopets
i tried logging into my old account bilinchen25 but i had forgot the fake birthday i used when i signed up for the account. i was too young at the time so i couldn't do a lot on neopets so i decided to set my age at 18 and over when i signed up at the time
so i tried the one i made in my business tech class, and started all over, from a few k of NP
i remembered i had another account, bchere, so i looked it up. but sadly, i could rememeber anything but the accoutn name for that one. (i didn't use my real b-day, e-mail, or anything! it was all fake and jokes)


a few weeks ago i decided to find some sites to help me play neopets
the site i used before a jadedneo, but sadly that site was abandoned long ago.
and this is how i found TDN! i've been using the avatar checklist to help me and the updates and reminders on the site is wonderful!


in my quest to find hidden avatars, i realize somethings are way too expensive for me to purchase! thus i checked out the lending forum, but i didn't sign up
today i saw in the updates the NC mall had this valentines goodie bag update. it linked to a thred in the forum and i saw on the second page many people said they want find it. i decided to find it myself too. when i did find it, i made a screen shot and saved it
i signed up in the TDN forum, and posted my screen shot in hopes to help those who haven't got the goodie bag, because v-day is almost here.


then i got bored and decided to write about myself, and the experiences on neopets that go me to TDN!


so now it's 2011 two year after i posted this, i started to play neopets again. why? WELL, you see, im in university now, and it's exam time. this is usually when i start finding reason to procrastinate. my room mate mentioned that the advent calendar is available again, and so i hopped on the chance and played neopets again, for 3 days straight now. i've been super active on TDN too and posting EVERYWHERE! i need more self control, sigh!


for more coverage about me, there's this web site i made in grade 7 or so... (yes it's crappy) but it's about me!
it includes pictures and stuff i like
also it has a crappier version of the daily clicks you must do!
and it has a few pages about making a site and using html (but it's so bad it's not even funny anymore, most of them are broken...)


we shall both get bonus IP if you use my referral, WIN WIN EHH? ... do it.


for videos of me here's my youtube:
i usually upload at least one video every month


buying something from my neopets shop would be really helpful!
i just started neopets again, and i am uber poor
i don't even have enough np to use as collaboration for some expensive stuff through the lending program!


and here's just my lookup, layout's crappy i know



Have fun reading ALLLLLLLL THAT! lol :evil:

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