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In Topic: Happy Gnorbu Day!

08 January 2017 - 12:29 AM

I like both, urprisingly I very much like custard. It looks yummy, and the mane is glistening like kind of candy cream should. I like the way it looks,though maybe a bit, just a bit more dripping effect from the mane would be more custard-y? idk...

I like the dimensional, as usual - gret play on colour, dimension and shades, but not my type of colour in general :)

In Topic: Happy Ogrin and Aisha Day!

06 January 2017 - 01:01 PM

Actually, I think those "double eyebrows" are most likely just eyelids. See how the Brown Ogrin's eyes have thick lines on the top? They look like eyebrows too, but they're not. The Darigan Ogrin's eyelids just happen to match the color of the eyebrows.


on the one hand you're right, but on the other.... you are not going to make sucha a grim on your face only with your eyelids. It's eyebrows movement which make a face like that. the sinister look you give when you actually - more or less - "squish your eyebrows together". There's no possibility to do so with the eyelids without moving eyebrows O.o

In Topic: New Christmas Jetsam!

06 January 2017 - 12:12 PM

It looks AWESOME!!! Jetsams are so cool, I like how his tail is striped like a candy cane so it probably stays when you take his clothes off :laughingsmiley:


exactly my words :D I also wanted to add AWESOME in capitals :D and I hope this candy cane pattern stays as well, it would be sooooo cool on many pets. There are few christmas themed pets I like, like Uni or Peophin (peos have unique deep green colour <3 ), and this is another one :) good sweet job, team :D

In Topic: Happy Korbat Day!

06 January 2017 - 12:11 PM

how could I miss these? they are soo adorable :) and the outfit is such a cutie :) trick-or-treat child :D

In Topic: Happy Ogrin and Aisha Day!

06 January 2017 - 12:09 PM

OK, in overall, I really like all of these :) But I have my "but..."


Polka dot aisha could be subtlier when it comes to the navy blue dots on the mane. It'd be more polka-dot-themed overall. And now green and navy blue outstand all the rest.


I am not a fan of gassy colour, but it's neat. The gas could be more dimmed at the edges, less.... you know... definite... more gassy, without that definite outline.

It'd be nice if you could have gassy pet and remove the gas filter surroinding it, though.


I really like brown ogrin, though it's totally plain. It is soooo cosy, sweet, wintery and, idk,  reminds me of an actual pet.


I like darigan as well, but since I've read the comment about double eyebrows, that's all I notice :P and I agree it could be a bit more interesting, more hm... spiteful and deformed,  maybe some claws, some spiky wings, as this one's a bit plain for this colour.


Overall nice, but not impressive, I like brown ogrin the most, surprisingly.