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Happy Wocky Day!

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Polka-dot | Dimensional


Here's a Neopoint, maybe you can go buy a clue with it.




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That polka dot Wocky looks like ice cream or a cookie. Straight outta Baskin and Robbin's, yo!

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Wow! I like them both! The polka-dot pet that actually looks polka-dot, and not like it has some rainbow chicken pox sickness. The dimensional looks good, too. The new outfit is winter-y/Christmas-y. Gotta dress up for the holidays...


clo_Chick_Wocky_top.gif clo_Chick_Wocky_bottom.gif clo_Chick_Wocky_wig.gif clo_Chick_Wocky_horn.gif




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I love the outfit, except for the hair. I don't like hair on very many neopets I've noticed haha. I love wockies and they nailed both colors for sure. I might have to adopt another to zap!!! My wockie's a male so he might like his Daryl Dixon outfit better than that one  :nerd:




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I like this trend of hats/accessories that can be worn over wigs instead of being part of the wig, as it were. It opens up a lot of possibilities.

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I totally agree with Scoobert_Doo, it looks neat and not sickness-like. It's awesome, and I really like the pink fur, it's so cute and actually looking like a dessert:) I think blue fur would be ok, too, but pink's cuter.
I also like dimensional, but except for some astral-like customisations, I am not a huge fan of dimensional pets anyway.


I like the dress, and I agree with pulpfreeoj, additional accessories are a good idea :) waiting for more, especially for unis. They already have mane, so creating different hairstyles (most of them unflattering on unis) is not a great idea, it's better to vhave some accessories :)

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