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  2. i cant clear the haze

    And make sure you have the potion in your inventory and don't use firefox, it doesn't work in firefox. Shame on them!
  3. Wraith Resurgence: Heal Fyora!

    i think we gonna have enough to make the last potions for whoever joins the infirmary ... as for the next steps .. who knows what we will need , but i feel we r done fighting wraiths
  4. Today
  5. The TDN SSW Help Thread

    @Yuiina Searching for 'Winter Zafara Mittens', matching 'Winter Zafara Mittens'... Owner Stock Price cherriterri 1 11,000 NP barbara_jean_stiers 1 11,575 NP preansess 1 11,575 NP Searching for 'Winter Zafara Parka', matching 'Winter Zafara Parka'... Owner Stock Price barbara_jean_stiers 1 39,575 NP woohyunnie 1 48,999 NP lord_yuppa 1 94,999 NP Searching for 'Gnorbu Snow Coat ', matching 'Gnorbu Snow Coat'... Owner Stock Price couscous303 1 30,000 NP taihuat93 1 32,999 NP aymmee 1 34,950 NP Searching for 'Gnorbu Snow Boots ', matching 'Gnorbu Snow Boots'... Owner Stock Price readinachair 1 9,000 NP cherriterri 1 13,000 NP gregoiregray 1 14,000 NP Searching for 'Gnorbu Snow Ear Muffs ', matching 'Gnorbu Snow Ear Muffs'... Owner Stock Price dinorapter8 1 8,749 NP cherriterri 1 8,900 NP wolfpack454 1 9,899 NP
  6. i cant clear the haze

    Try a hard refresh (Ctrl+Shift+R)? That worked for me. You might have to do it a few times before it works.
  7. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 5. undo 6. meowclops 8. bubble 11. shed 12. orange 13. nine 14. ruki Down: 1. rufus 2. jellybeans 3. moehog 4. bow 7. ouch 9. green 10. beard 11. sink What item was released one year ago today through the NC Mall? Answer: Rustic Snowy Lamp Post Prize: 319 NP
  8. i cant clear the haze

    im getting real miffed i just want to clear the haze so i can do my dailies without my computer lagging to death but every time i click the use potion button it just reloads the page and the option pops up again somebody please help im about ready to quit neopets until this plot is over with
  9. The Fruit Machine

    Congratulations!You have won 5,000 NP! You also win: Tenna
  10. Advice for battling hulking wraith

    Nope, Downsize! is a once per battle thing. You get to keep it and it will protect you from 50% of the damage for one turn. They sell for about 4K NP. I still have it in my equipment, rarely use it now though since I have lens flare and Warlocks rage but used it a lot when my pet was just an itsy-bitsy battler. I went ahead and gave you one, but it's up to you if you want to use it or not. At least you can try it out
  11. Wraith Resurgence: Heal Fyora!

    I am so afraid to give anymore potions than required for the achievement because, we don't know what the future requirements will be, and I want to make sure I have enough ingredients for the requirements, let alone anything extra. I know they said people who give extra will be remembered, but then they cap the drops. It is making this so difficult to decide what to do. Some of the ingredients I have a bunch of, others I have not so many. What to do.
  12. The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that The ray is fired at darkinvention... ... and he changes colour to Disco!!
  13. Advice for battling hulking wraith

    WOW so much advice! I liked you idea of the greater healing scroll and went ahead and bid on one to get! I don't have the Pinegrade, but looked into muffins and they do deal quite a bit of damage. First of all, isn't downside a one use thing? Second, currently I am working on training up my stats until they are at the max for the Swashbuckling academy, then will start working on moving up my level. I looked into the Yooyu knuckle duster and it looks really good! I think I will buy it. Thank you so much! Thanks for the advice!
  14. It wants me to free up 1100 MB (I can read partial Japanese, as it was a Japanese APK I downloaded) before I can play. That is WAY too much. Plus it would make me delete Amino, which I will not do. It won't even let me play it till I free up that much space. I was really looking forward to having a JJBA game on my phone, but luckily there's another called "JJBA: Diamond Records" that I might try out and see if it doesn't require so much space to be played. The sad thing is that it's only in Japan and not in the US, so maybe they'll release those two games in the US soon for Android/iOS?
  15. So now Kaia's gone missing

    I have never once had to retry any of the wild woods parts. I've always done left-left-left and been fine. Wonder what it is that makes it decide what's what for everyone. @midnight_spell360 I watch Dragon Ball too! And I thought the same thing, however Saiyan is actually an extraterrestrial race. They do have "super powers/forms" they go into such as Super Saiyan (I believe there's about 15+ different Saiyan "forms/power-ups") Fun fact!; The name super Saiyan is a pun on the word Yajin (Japanese) which means wildman and the angram of yasa (Also Japanese) which means vegetable. So essentially means Wild Vegetable xD All the names of the full blooded Saiyans are a names that are a pun on different vegetables; Vegeta, Kakarot, Raditz, Broly, Bardock, Nappa, and Paragus. Hmmm this explains why it's good to eat your veggies lol Now ends my little Dragon Ball facts xD lol
  16. Wraith Resurgence: Heal Fyora!

    i just gave her 6 more potions bcz Hail Fyora our Queen and Leader
  17. The TDN SSW Help Thread

    Hello! Would like to know the cheapest prices for the following items: Winter Zafara Mittens Winter Zafara Parka Gnorbu Snow Coat Gnorbu Snow Boots Gnorbu Snow Ear Muffs Thank you very much !
  18. Yesterday
  19. Vote For Next Paint Brush!

    Im not the fan of steampunk ... we already have some clothes like that, some can be taken from Moltara, some from Neovia, some from Robotic neopets, and you have the looks. I'm not keen on this doll-thing, either... it' creepy and a bit too far... OK, I know zombies and transparent, but this one is too much. Although I like the details. I like origiami, however it seems impractical in general, when I think of customisations. I hope the toy one will be cute ^.^
  20. Gift of NC Remains Double; Safe To Spend

    yup, you're stating the obvious. please check:
  21. Gift of NC Remains Double; Safe To Spend

    I may be stating the obvious here, but did you purchase items with your NC during the timeframe to obtain the bonus NC or did you simply just purchase NC and hold onto it to get the bonus amount without spending any? In order to get the bonus you had to spend a certain amount of NC. Simply purchasing NC doesn't give you the bonus. If you're still missing your bonus NC, then submit a ticket to TNT and they'll resolve it as soon as they can.
  22. THE GIFT OF NC - not received my NC

    ok, the 8th Jan was "a few" days back, and I still didn't receive even one time amount.... how can I feel fair about it? Or keep waiting? Anybody still awaits their NC, too??
  23. Gift of NC Remains Double; Safe To Spend

    and what if someone didn't receive any?? :/ my account is valid, and I am an honest, fair player.... I didn't violate anything, I paid for the NC with my own money... I didn;t get any bonus NC, not even single time... :(
  24. Advice for battling hulking wraith

    if you can afford the investment, i definitely recommend the Cursed Elixir, personally. it cost me 100k to get ((theres still like 120 of them in shops, just keep refreshing)), and im no expert battler yet, but its been my #1 weapon since i got it and with the way i fight i dont see myself needing an upgrade for a long, long time. it deals 20hp of unblockable damage and adds it to your own health, plus a few physical icons thrown in on top. its perfect in the daily codestone harvest, especially for those just starting to train. just beat the rocks out of the kreludan defender robot without even needing to heal afterwards, which in turn helps you train up against the hulking wraith. it may still be a bit tough for aruols current level tho... shes at the x1.5 boost, but my blackbolt is at the x2.5 boost with 120 health and uses the Cursed Elixir, Reflecting Vanities, and the Icicle ability, and the hulking wraith still sometimes survives that ((in which case i use the Vanities again with Lens Flare to finish him off without taking any more damage)). weve done very well so far, but it still chisels down blackbolts health rather quickly... however, what i love about the Elixir is that once you get too low on health for comfort, you can simply have a few battles with a weak opponent such as the kreludan defender robot or chia clown, and just suck out their health like a vampire until youve healed up enough to continue fighting the wraiths. at aruols level you may need to heal up after every wraith fight, so it may take some time, but its much cheaper ((in the long run)) than healing potions and much faster than waiting for the healing springs. at least worth suggesting. =)
  25. Yay and nay, son leaving tomorrow for boot camp

    The character testing really starts now then, wow, he's gonna grow up an awful lot in these next 9 weeks, isn't he! Great that he likes the other guys in his group, hopefully they all still like each other in 9 weeks time! If they make it through intact these guys will likely be friends for life, won't they, this has to rank right up there for an ultimate male bonding experience. I find the phone privileges thing interesting. I suppose I'd not even considered people having their phones taken away because they're such an integral part of so many people's lives now. Thinking on it though, I thoroughly approve. I'm guessing it's the way things have always been in army training, so why should that change just because people have mobile phones now? Also, a really immediate way to test recruit's ability to adjust. Though I'm guessing it's a whole lot easier than how things were before mobile phones, when I suspect there was only one phone and people had to queue up to use it!
  26. So now Kaia's gone missing

    I've personally never looked at the images when choosing my way, and so far I've either used all right or all left to find the way (I've been really lucky and only had to re-try with Kaia once and never with the other Wild Woods parts). So, perhaps you should just ignore the images. (I used to look at the images at the Faerie Caverns, but I'm pretty sure the pattern's just random there, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was random for the Wild Woods as well.)
  27. Advice for battling hulking wraith

    I know you asked for advice but I sent you 6 Wraith Blood so you can at least make some potions and get going. I sent you a private email about this. Granny
  28. Sorrow for replying

    I have gotten some weird warnings in the past (including a pet name that I adopted from the pound). They do go away and just keep patient and avoid making mistakes again in the future - you will be fine! I personally avoid neomail as much as possible, hehe.
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