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  3. When I try to paste TDN code into the Handcrafted theme part of my gallery, so that each category in my gallery has a different background it doesn't work. I'm following TDNs instructions. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Hee hee hee! The ray is fired at my_friend_Cora... ... and she changes colour to Glowing!! Now it looks like Kiko Lake's radioactive. Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that. You should come back tomorrow and try again!
  5. I LOVE that foxy dude! he is just SO cute. He looks like if you watch him long enough he'll swish his tail :3 I like how the shamrocks look, the gormball flowers are a bit too much for me, though if you add my perennial favourite too they work very nicely. Hmm...tempted to get some myself now! The Wheeler's bike is fun, but it IS eek! level expensive for a peripheral item. I still say put it on your Maybe List to consider if you have an NP windfall though. And here's how things turned out with my little guy! And this unassuming-looking pet shows he has a way of getting what HE wants, lol... First we had a trip to the shops for a new shirt (thanks for those NC, Expellibox!) then he headed for the beach. He wasn't at all keen on crowds and shrieking kids though, so he spent some quality time, paddling and flying his kite, in a nice secluded bay. Whilst daydreaming as he watched his kite he realised this would be a perfect spot for a pirate to have buried their treasure, so he decided to stay and do some investigating. But sadly the beach turned out to be a let down...no treasure to be found here, bummer! He was totally into the hunt by now though, so he struck out inland in true explorer style, and is currently camped out in a dell deep in the forest, hoping to make an epic discovery! Kind of ironic that I'm encouraging you to shelve your decision about the Wheeler's bike, when I've just spent 105k on this background. But that's the difference between background and item, isn't it. If I'd spent 100k on the shovel then I'd deserve to be hit with it. xD But there you go, Tato's beach holiday turned into a camping treasure hunt!
  6. The bigger they are, the faster they swim away once they've felt the cannon's blast!The krawken retreats in a hurry, leaving behind: Pirate Potato Crisps
  7. Do let me know when it is his departure ____ I come to ask you (all not only jelly :P) help to decide Kikool's lifetime companion! Here are the options I considerated: Also I'm undecided about what to put next to him. If it is the or or Thank you for your time *heart*
  8. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Battleground: The Order' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Soo glad I went with The Order this round. Now to try for Seekers, Brute Squad, and Awakened!
  9. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Queen Fyora' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! I just got an FQD lend, so now I have this pretty avatar
  10. I think I got six avatars today? Drackonack, Evil Fuzzle, Pinatas & Candy, Grarrl Keno, Chocolate Factory, and the Order of the Red something avatar (I'm still new, forgive me — I forgot the name). Overall, I think that's a pretty good day; I can't remember the last time I got six in a single day since I decided to go for the clickables in one sitting. Going to sleep, and then I might try for The Buzzer Game, Meepit vs Feepit, and Eliv Thade next, then probably Meepit Juice Break.
  11. I like the detailing on clay a lot, it really looks like clay not just a flat brown. And the outfit...well! It's adorbs. The Meerca's lack of neck just adds to the eccentric explorer vibe. xD
  12. THANK YOU! Ah! So your Neomail comment about being disappointed is over-achiever Yuiina speaking there? You've given me a LOAD of options here, my little Tate's off to get his suitcase packed right away!
  13. HOORAY!! Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Huggy' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Can get rid of the Huggy now! Well, once it's out of Grave Danger, at least...I stick in there because I don't like looking at it! And onto the next petpet avatar...
  14. Clay looks detailed, pastel is a pretty base colour. Not much else to say. I like the clothing theme -great for customization- but I feel as if the hat does not fit.
  15. Tatofase's beach vacations! http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1428636 Backgrounds: Romantic Sunrise Background Tropical Food Shop Background Tropical Island Paradise Background Forgotten Shore Background Deserted Volleyball Court Wigs: Grey Dreadlocks Not Enough Sleep Wig Head acessories / glasses: Dueling Decks Purple Head Bandana Kacheek Tourist Visor Disco Kacheek Glasses Kacheek Shell Goggles Shirt: Kacheek Tourist Shirt Snazzy Bowling Shirt Yooyu Dungaree Pants: Clown Kacheek Trousers Kacheek Fishing Trousers Kacheek Tourist Shorts Shoes: Kacheek Tourist Shoes Rainbow Sandals Acessories: Cyodrakes Gaze Balloon Fancy Mug of Neggnog Hot Dog on a Stick Summer Fun Water Bottle Kacheek Fishing Rod Tangram Puzzle Piece Kite Usul Paddleball Environment: Jungle Flower Garland Cut Out Hanging Fronds Campfire Cannibal Bonfire Island Leaves and Flowers Foreground Island Plants and Torches Foreground Sorry for taking so long to show you all of this And I wanted to give you more options like our sweet @deboratibi does, with several pictures, but I unfortunately had no time. Hope this can help you! The main point is that your Tato will be happy with his deserved holidays!
  16. A lot of the Darigan and Stealthy pets have great warrior potential, don't they, depending on the kind of vibe you're wanting them to portray. This guy's got the scary vampire look going on. I'd not want to go up against the quiggle either, I think the eyebrows have a lot to do with that, lol. Most of the stealthy pets succeed in the ninja warrior look, only some manage to look fierce though. But as @rntracy1 says, eyrie's are fierce-looking even before they get a fancy paint job, so when they do get one it's a next level thing.
  17. Yes! Totally freaked me out for a second the first time it happened to me. Once I realised what was going on I couldn't stop laughing. It must have been SO much fun being a member of TNT when all this was being developed...can you imagine? "I've got an idea! How about an RE where it's an earthquake, and the screen image actually shakes, can we do that?" "AWESOME idea *ponders* yeah that can totally happen, let's do this!" Dollars to doughnuts whoever dreamt this one up didn't tell everyone, they just quietly snuck the code in there and waited for the shrieks when it hit one of the other team members, that's totally what I'd have done.
  18. Hey, you never know, you might be! *twilight zone music* That's a great-looking MP, isn't it. Better than the paint brush I won, which looks more like it's peppermint flavoured than anything pirate-y to me.
  19. the Maraquan Grarrl is pretty fierce (Great White Shark) so is the Darigan Ixi (Battle Ram)
  20. This one shook me (literally) and I have to say that was very creative of them to do. I liked it!
  21. I have to agree with others here, I think the Eyrie is a pretty fierce looking pet. Below is the Stealthy Eyrie. I think he looks like a battle machine, but then, that is JMHO.
  22. Well now how odd is that, a couple of days after I post my story about my pirate pb you actually GET one!!!! LMAO. That is soooooo awesome. I think I'm a psychic. Duh, yeah, probably not. lol I got this today: Pirate Draik Morphing Potion I really love anchor management and forgotten shore. They have really helped with my gallery
  23. Thanks for the help. You're the only one who understands... *sigh* For your efforts, Kartir's health has increased! Hehe lets hope you're right. Thank you I appreciate it! :3
  24. Interesting looking toy. And even more interesting the Dark Faerie is asking for one. Maybe there is some "light" in her. Anywho, price was right, so "You have given Quiguki Frenzy to User 'buizin'. Click the button below to continue." As always, may you and your pet get something great! (Got your back, Zafie)!
  25. I need some help finding a Quiguki Frenzy for the Dark Faerie. Please and thanks ^^
  26. Yesterday
  27. Not me. The only pet I zap(ped) is my starry Grarrl to raise his stats. Mostly because he's easy to change back when he changes into a different spieces and because Grarrls are supposed to be strong. But I hope for you it won't happen again.
  28. You'll get there, and it will be SO worth it!
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