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  2. I know this is old, but SISTA, pulease tell me you weren't risking your christmas Kad on the Turmaculus? OMG. Sometimes I do that, go there with a petpet I would never want eaten, just because that is Murphy's law and I want the avatar. lol
  3. I think she looks great! That's awesome. Congrats!
  4. I love all of these on this page. Angelo, I LOVE pirates, as you know, my gallery is full of pirate items, and I hate THAT one. I feel like telling them, "look at my gallery, I totally support you guys and you are going to steal my NPs or make me walk the plank?" lol. @jellysundae, you get tons of good REs while playing NQ2. Awesome, isn't it? lol. I got two of those types that you posted, for over 49,000 nps in one day! That is ONE reason I love NQ2 so much.
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  6. congrats on a great cup everyone and congrats to the winner in advance (we will wait for 5 days but i can feel it's Meridell) can't believe they ended it before midgnight NST :( i wanted to play several more side games ... anyway here are my final numbers Yooyuball Goals Scored 4,420 Goals by Mirsha Grelinek 3,202 Goals by Timu 424 Goals by Antola Maeir 397 Goals by Larcy Phu 397 Saves by Xana DiLanche 684 Number of Wins 420 Number of Draws 0 Number of Losses 0 Slushie Slinger Games Played 35 Top Score 565 Make Some Noise Games Played 350 Top Score 7,226 Shootout Showdown Games Played 3,350 Top Score 1,200
  7. it's ok Hannah :) we all have those times ... i remember one year i couldn't get more than Rank 4 this year i met my goals and achieved Rank 18 with some nice Stats ... i love the Gold on Red shield with Shenkuu colors :)
  8. thank you so much Alana :) i'm very grateful to each and every one of you
  9. I LOVE adult trikes, they are so cool-looking, plus practical because they can have a big basket on the back that will hold a lot of shopping. Possibly something you could find nice and cheap on somewhere like Craigslist?
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  11. Oh oh buuttt...this may be the "bigger and better" thing that Scrappy says she's moved on to?
  12. I've noticed in the past few days - since my pet's last strength increase, that he's able to take the flaming meerca out with one hit with his scrolls of the scholar and ultranova combo now, and he couldn't do that before. Made me happy to be able to see the benefit of training. =3
  13. Your vote has been cast for darkinvention Good luck!!
  14. It sorted itself out... the night before I was having trouble posting scores at a point so I gave up and went to sleep.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion!! never even thought of that. I'll do some research!
  16. Sweet! We are not alone! I KNEW you could do it! I didn't think I could do it, either. OMG! Look at that! 4,779 games of Shootout Showdown! *faints* And, Beth, Nielo, and TokaValencia, I know I couldn't have done it with out you, either! Team Terror Mountain rocks!
  17. I did it! All Star! Whoo Hoo. I did it a lot quicker than I thought I would. I thought I would be up all night to do it. Last night I realized it was possible if I played ALL DAY today, and that's what I did. Just think, we made all stars in 22 days for you and 21 for me. I couldn't even do it when we had 30 days and practice days counted. lol. I couldn't have done it without you either. You are my rock. Rank All-Star Yooyuball Goals Scored 2,477 Goals by Prytariel 1,595 Goals by Rinok Fitel 309 Goals by Evrem Guilako 288 Goals by Osielle Lidel 285 Saves by Minae Mitora 686 Number of Wins 294 Number of Draws 0 Number of Losses 0 Slushie Slinger Games Played 290 Top Score 668 Make Some Noise Games Played 11 Top Score 6,877 Shootout Showdown Games Played 4,779 Top Score 1,200
  18. And... this year I got too busy to play. =/ I guess that is a part of being an adult. I thought I would have more down time on vacation to play, but I mainly ended up helping my parents move. Hope everyone else met their goals!
  19. If you're not that confident about being on a regular bike, may I suggest an adult trike? I have one (mainly because my balance stinks), and I love it.
  20. i didn't know that .. thanks Lampy for the explanation ,.. i always thought the HP damage was random :) ah yes the G bomb , i forgot about that one
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  22. Looks like you've gotten a lot of great suggestions and advice. So there's not much left to say, but if there is a specific opponent you are looking at battling? There may be some cheap items that would help VS some of the more expensive stuff. Although, if you have a decent and pretty steady NP income, then you could probably go for the better equipment. And 10 mil for your budget would allow for getting some really decent equipment. :) If you wanted to blow a good chunk of that NP, I'd recommend the Ghostkerbomb. While it stocks in the Hidden Tower for, I believe it's 7.5mil, you can usually find it at a bit of a discount on the TP or in Auctions. I do agree with Lamppost about training. With training even "weaker" equipment becomes more effective. My best multi-use weapon is a Stone Foam Finger, Does 15 icons total. But my pet's strength is maxed out, top boost is at 750, and the boost is 16. So 15 icons multiplied by 16 is 240 max damage. That, combined with an explosion from a G-bomb, takes out the Obelisk skirmish faction leaders in 1 hit. Provided you use Lens Flare or the Warlock's Rage faerie ability to keep them from defending or healing. ;) Speaking of the faerie abilities, if you have any questions on those feel free to ask about that as well. Happy battling!
  23. LOL I've had that happen too in previous years! It's harder if you try to get the "Goals Scored by" at the same rounded numbers, like 400, for example for your guys. Because you've gotta keep in mind who's reached the self-imposed cut-off and who still needs to do some work. lol Pretty impressive goal count for each player and for your total games. ;) Since you didn't get your numbers evened, you might as well earn more rank points, right? XD Got all of today yet to pile them on. XD Either way good luck!
  24. I know of that which you speak oh fellow Frustrated one! LOL The Mutant Yooyu is notorious for going AROUND a character, even around the goalie at times. The issue with them stealing or shooting before you can get to the ball, I had that happen a fair bit against Shenkuu last night. After 4-6 goals I tend to let them touch the ball first so I can steal it, but there were multiple times last night where their lead Forward shot before I was within a screen-inch of the yooyu at "kick-off". Maraqua's goalie also has little to no "hands", heck they're tiny fins! And then when we get scored upon, ,they got him face flat against the ground. I WISH we could trade the lummox in. He's next to worthless. And if other members of the team are close to our goal, you've gotta use the V button multiple times to TRY to keep the goalie selected. Very frustrating indeed! ;) When the other team starts swarming you, try to run an opposite direction, while charging your pass, then whip the yooyu into a wall or at an angle that will avoid most of the other team's players. It can sometimes work to give you some more breathing room. Also, the higher you score, the more difficult the other team becomes. I think it's intervals of every 4th goal. Or so it feels like all the times I've played. Good luck!
  25. Don't forget to also train your pet. Damage is calculated by number of icons times your pet's strength boost. If you want to increase your damage, you can increase number of icons, but often it's more cost-effective to increase strength boost instead. (Or to really be a BD master, increase both.) You can read about strength and defense boosts on TDN. You can also read an analysis of The Importance of Training in the Neopian Times.
  26. @Scoobert_Doo Lol, I literally just started up this song on spotify when I noticed your post! (I saw a pic of Shrek with a reference to it earlier today, so I hadn't even thought of the AC All-Star connection. Or maybe I had, subconsciously. )
  27. An Alien Aisha approaches and hands you Strawberry and Cream Fish Pop. Gross. Bank error in your favour. Collect 533 NP.
  28. That is true. I couldn't have done it without you "pushing" me along! So, thank you for All-Star! Woo-Hoo! This feels great!
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