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  2. Kreludor scored 14 in Make Some Noise yesterday, something fishy's going on... we definitely won't beat them if they get one of those.
  3. Round 3 , we have 5 teams to play Altador Moltara Kreludor Mystery Island Kiko Lake We should be able to beat Altador + Moltara + Kiko Lake (if we're having a good day) KL + MI .. I doubt we can beat them
  4. Guess what we got? That's right, another sweep! Way to go, Shenkuu! Oh cool, another practice day. I needed a rest after max scoring Shootout Showdown yesterday. 😅
  5. Today
  6. Terror Mountain remains on the podium and only one question remains... How did Kreludor randomly score a 14 in MSN??? lol.its probably cuz of that that we got bumped down to 3rd even though we swept and KD didn't
  7. The only things I've ever gotten in a Discovered Treasure Chest are pirate-themed food, which is why I always sell them lol. Speaking of coincidences, I just got a Discovered Treasure Chest today so maybe it's fate? Should I open it??
  8. I did that earlier in the season, it's really uncommon.
  9. Yesterday
  10. If they`re Lab exclusive, you can`t use a FFQ to get them - the other lab-only colours, like Robot, work the same way. : (
  11. woo! i got that years ago and that was the only time. it doesn't count towards your total but its fun to do 😛
  12. *groan* ... *comes back and throws tomatoes at Angeló*
  13. There was a confluence of a red yooyu ball and the super sized players and I was able to score a goal with my goalie! I got excited because I'd heard this was possible but in 8 years of playing the Altador Cup I'd never been able to do it myself. I'm not going crazy or anything this year (maybe I'll get to rank 5 or 6) but I'm enjoying playing at a relaxed pace. Well...I hope y'all are enjoying this year's competition 🙂
  14. Just played my game #404 of YYB It said "Score Not Found"
  15. I didn't see anything so I just dropped and reselected them again, but at least I'll know for next round. My eyesight isn't that good at the moment so I might have missed it. But thanks for the info.
  16. Supernatural Horror that's not too supernatural: Dan Wells's Over Your Dead Body.
  17. I like casino games. They give me an opportunity to get some extra cash.
  18. fish dress on a fish... well, that could not go bad it looks very well I guess, although Im not the biggest fan of the headdress. As for colours, both are nice and really customisable. Esp the candy one, very pretty. Koi Day pic is so weird, I mean, the idea of the sneaky pirate or sth is nice, but what is this corked things in the barrel? Any explanation please? 😮
  19. As for current trending colors, the gold one is a bit disappointing... As per the outfit, also doesnt ignite the spark, it's just OK. Pretty much basic for Yurble Day... if I has yurbles, I'd get upset...
  20. I think there is something like a "keep team" button, right below your current team? I don't really remember the exact name of the button, but you definitely don't have to drop and re-select players.
  21. I'd like to keep the same team for round 2 as I had for round 1. Do I have to drop every player then select them again or is there a simpler way?
  22. The ray is fired at my_friend_Cora... ... and he gains 2 movement points!!!! Yup, the ray's being a gender dictator for poor Cora yet again, it was a blink-and-you-miss-it moment while she got to be a girl again. Kau's are cute though, regardless.
  23. Yesterday I finally got a quest from the fountain faerie (!!!!!) and after trying to think of what the heck I wanted, I realized I could knock out a couple avatars and give my #1 pet a makeover in one go. Sooo I bought a ghost buzz morphing potion and used it on Te (Magical Kauvara avatar), took my temporary bug to the fountain and painted him white (Buzzin' avatar), then used my premium perk to turn him back into a Xwee. Of course now all I want to do is customize him and I keep getting a plugin error. Still feels like a really successful day. Plus I got Blumaroo - Fire yesterday thanks to the ALP, and should be getting Mootix today.
  24. They are extremely rare, so getting 3 in a year means you've had a lot of luck! (I've had 3 in the past 15 years, with the help of the faerie quest event & cookies.)
  25. How you getting along, @Aquamentis12 I'm just dropping a little challenge here for you, because of something a guy on the Shenkuu board has posted.
  26. Haha, yyb awakening Angeló's hangry monster. WE SWEPT AGAIN!!!!! Shenkuu is seriously all over the place this year though, right? Also, I'm seriously struggling today to find any motivation at all. 🥺 I think it's because I've hit Rank 12 and the numbers needed now are too demoralising. >_<
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