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  2. Happy Lutari Day!

    I;d say the clay one is pretty decent, not bland and boring, but has some depths, shadows and in general looks well, trully more realistic. The orgiami one - I think I'd becoe the origami pets fan, although it's highly unlikely that I will have one origami pet ever. Nevertheless, I adore the origami lutari, same as Shoyru. As for the clothes, they are OK, but don't impress me that much. A bit messy overall.
  3. Happy Krawk Day

    I LOVE these colours, also the polka dot, but the CANDY :O I'm not only a foodie, but all the sparkle and shine going on with candy pets is making me crazy... I ADORE it so much! The Krawk is no exception... I love the colours of their eyes, too, as they are not "boring style" eyes, but each is somehow connected to the candy theme of the pet itself. The creativity of the team now is superb. I like the outfit, and I'm fond of the idea it may be somehow linked to the festiwal / Coachella theme :) although Neo is for everyone, not US only, but let's be real, every country more or less has some festivals and concerts :)) All in all, I like the concepts and realisation
  4. Spring Dyeworks Have Arrived!

    some items are really pretty in other colours versions, it's a shame I don't have these items to start with... :( although I still have some Dyeworks potions
  5. Neopets Account Help

    You can, but it won't end. With Fruit machine you need to have the tab active for it to end. You're free to multitask though! I can't imagine anyone waiting at the Wheel of monotony until it ends without doing anything else in the meantime.
  6. The Runway Votes #54

    *shakes you* you could at least pretend to play along. I think we have a run(a)way winner this round, don't we!
  7. Today
  8. Neopets Account Help

    Let's say I'm busy doing something else and need another tab open other than Neopets. Can I spin the Fruit Machine in a background tab?
  9. Today's Random Events

    An evil-looking coconut bounces off Taffieh's head! Taffieh is knocked senseless and loses a level! Shortly after gaining a level or two (wasn't keep track,lol) from a quest.
  10. Faerie Quest Help

    On the hunt for a Puppyblew I did a Shop Wizard Search and my one try was 16k+ Hoping there is cheaper out there. Thanks.
  11. The Runway Votes #54

    not really no ... i only watch The Walking Dead and stuff like that
  12. What Did You Just Buy?

    This is a thread to post your latest real life purchases. It can be anything from video games to huge clothes shopping sprees. I bought new pajamas and clothes recently.
  13. Faerie Quest Help

    per SSW (if your still looking) neokidsmama 3 3,275 NP nickyrach 3 3,800 NP topaz644 1 3,800 NP anga1 1 3,930 NP
  14. Faerie Quest Help

    per SSW mimiperu 1 1,600 NP big_goose 1 1,600 NP goddess_0f_luv 1 1,676 NP wildcat_3_ 1 1,700 NP dependence 1 1,790 NP
  15. Faerie Quest Help

    @rohanthegreat15 here are some Obnoxious Nimmo's, the cheapest one I could find is in the middle, with 1600 NP as prize dependence Obnoxious Nimmo 1 1,790 NP dolphinia88 Obnoxious Nimmo 1 1,900 NP dragons007eye Obnoxious Nimmo 1 1,999 NP mimiperu Obnoxious Nimmo 1 1,600 NP midvinter Obnoxious Nimmo 1 2,300 NP montepythons Obnoxious Nimmo 1 2,399 NP
  16. Second account question

    Yup! Being logged in on two different browsers, at the same time, and playing on them is perfectly a-okay. You also don't have to use the same email address for every account either if you don't want to - it's never been a requirement.
  17. Faerie Quest Help

    I need help finding Obnoxious Nimmo Please .
  18. Daily Faerie Quests Are Back!

    Weak Bottled Dark Faerie She asked for a Mallard. You have completed a quest for a Grey Faerie. Thank you for showing me kindness, fair Neopian. I'll not forget your deed. I have no magic of my own to reward you with, so I'm asking for help from another faerie. Earth faerie, come and bestow your blessing upon this Neopian! I cannot abide a debt that is not paid. She has chosen to grow Alafair's stats in the Battledome!
  19. The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    The ray has already been fired... Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
  20. Turmaculus Alert!

    You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has decided to give you 100 neopoints!!!
  21. Second account question

    I'm fairly sure there'd be no problem with using separate browsers for different accounts, it's being logged into 2 at the same time, on the same device, that I think might have TNT giving you side-eye. But I'm sure someone with the knowledge will be along soon.
  22. Turmaculus Alert!

    You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and he has given you a Giant Turmac Omelette!!!
  23. I would change one of them for the item Downsize! and one of them for a bomb type weapon. Also, you're missing defense items. Unless you want to do just one round every day with the Throw Pillow ability, you might want to consider some more defense icons. Downsize! being one of them. Also, you might want to sell your Blue scorchstone and get an Oasis Tonic (35HP), a Greater Healing Scroll (50HP) or a Rejuvenating Jar of Brains (60HP). Greater Healing scroll and RJoB still does more HP than you have and they are pretty expensive, but if you keep training it will be worth it as it will last you a very long time. The next healer will require a huge step up in training (500+ HP, talking about percentage healers now) or you'll need a species specific healer. For the bomb item I talked about, check if you have Thistleberry Pingrenade as it was given out as a price during GMC. The items I battled with for a long time and/or that are still in my set, that you have are: Scroll of Knowledge, Sword of Malum and Blazing Embers. Ylanas Blaster is good too, but I've never used it myself. Scarab Ring and Hanso Charisma Charm are dual duty, which give you some defense and they used to be pretty good for the cost, but with all the new powerful weapons out there I'm not so sure how useful they are. Hanso Charisma Charm would only be good if your opponent did only or mostly dark attacks but, in my opinion, is still the better out of those two. Defense items should really be switched depending on your opponent. That's why I don't really like dual duty anymore. The damage they do is a lot less for the same cost as other major damage dealing weapons because of the added defense part. My advise: check out what kind of attacks your opponent does and adjust your dual duty/defense weapons based on that. For the plot opponents your Hanso Charisma Charm would be a good item though, but don't expect it to be good against for example Koi Warrior.
  24. Second account question

    You can bookmark them, that's what I do. Your pw manager should/could give you the option to store more than one username/pw combination. (Only do this if you're the only one using your pc!). That way it's easy to login to the other account. Your first account will be logged out though. The only workaround that I know for login in with two accounts on the same time is like @jellysundae says: use a different browser, but as she said I'm not sure if it's really allowed or not.
  25. Faerie Quest Help

    I found a few for about 3,000 each. There are a lot of old high prices still in shops so you have to refresh a lot sometimes. http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=xxx_pinkygirl_xxx&buy_obj_info_id=74120&buy_cost_neopoints=3011 http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=neokidsmama&buy_obj_info_id=74120&buy_cost_neopoints=3275 http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=xxpricelessxx&buy_obj_info_id=74120&buy_cost_neopoints=3999
  26. Faerie Quest Help

    On a Fire Faerie Quest: Looking for a pair of "Rainbow Sandals" Thanks!
  27. Second account question

    Which reminds me that I need to install Chrome on this one! Oh, well ofc I could use Microsoft Edge, but seeing as that's just Internet Exploder with a different name . . . I suspect an answer to your/our query about being logged into 2 accounts at once can probably be found in the FAQs, but I get lost in there.
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