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  2. Happy Poogle Day!

    The truffles/bonbons with sprinkles on top is quite common on instagram, so I could see how the artist was inspired by that. But i agree that it should have been a chocolate poogle instead. That said, I really like both colours and am tempted to morph my lab rat into a poogle
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  4. Happy Poogle Day!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't understand the "sprinkle hat." (Nice phrase there, @kirschteins!) @Scoobert_Doo that's a good point, I kind of forgot that it's almost Halloween. Still definitely not my favorite choice for the outfit, but at least there's some logic behind it...that's more than we can say for most of what TNT does.
  5. Happy Poogle Day!

    My first thought was actually that it looked a bit like a flan, but I'm assuming it's supposed to be some kind of fancy taffy. I do not understand the sprinkle hat either though, @kayahtik.
  6. Happy Poogle Day!

    I'm the opposite of Angeló. Like @kayahtik, I don't really get the Candy Poogle. It seems "lack-luster", to me, and looks more chocolate. I think it is supposed to look like a bonbon or truffle, but I've never seen any with candy confetti sprinkles, on top. As for the Polka-Dot, I like it. I just like the "polka-dot" look, on most Neopets. So, I guess I'm kinda biased. And "Chucky" clothes?! Well, I guess Halloween is around the corner, and some Poogle can dress up as Chucky. Just don't come trick-or-treating to my house, please.
  7. hello!

    Glad to be at least a little bit useful! It's a messy system, but trading for something you really want is great! I just got an Autumn Forest Clearing Background for one of my pets on a side, and it made me so happy to finally have it and to have found a good trade =)
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  9. Happy Poogle Day!

    my labrat just got zapped poogle the other day, and I took a close look at him and realize how poogles have this weird baby neck thing going on, where they have that chin and then that neck fold right underneath. I don't know how to describe it other than being like a baby's neck, but I really don't like it haha ;w; I also don't get what the candy is. Like if I didn't know it was supposed to be candy, I'd have no idea! Maybe it's some kind of weird specific delicacy or something??
  10. Happy Poogle Day!

    Oh my god. When I first saw the outfit I thought it was just a cute little coverall set and I liked it quite a bit, but now that you've pointed out the Chucky look I can't unsee it and now I'm creeped the heck out. Anyway... I don't really get the candy? Does anyone recognize it? I thought it was chocolate at first, which doesn't make sense cause that's its own color. The colored sprinkles on top look out of place to me. Polka-dot is ok, it's nice that the spots have some dimension, but I think the stripes look funny. Maybe they should've left off the stripes, or maybe just left that area solid white with no spots, so it would be a little subtler than the blue.
  11. Happy Poogle Day!

    i love the Candy Not too keen on the Polka .. these pets always look sick to me and are those Chucky clothes ?!!!! OMG OMG OMG :O
  12. The Official Stock Market Board

    I've been SO GOOD recently! I've told myself I'm waiting until 100 -- yes, ONE HUNDRED -- to sell. One of my friends recommended it so I thought I'd try... ...Except then DROO was at 90 when I woke up this morning and then dropped to 80 and then bounced back up to 85 so I sold half my shares in case I missed my opportunity. I only had 4.5k shares to begin with though, and sold 2.5k and kept 2k. So if it gets back up to 100, or even back to 90 really, I'll sell the rest. Have you sold yet @jellysundae? Any plans to?
  13. Happy Poogle Day!

    Candy | Polka-Dot
  14. Making my draik look pretty

    I bought everything yesterday in the end No regrets, lol. Not done anything interesting so far with Tafe ( @Yuiina christened him this, cool name, isn't it? ) But he's wrapped up nicely for his early autumn harvesting now. Miss. Gen on the other hand seems to have some personality blossoming! Looks so innocent and naive, doesn't she? Out on her own in a dark back alley with her basket of cupcakes...what any would-be attacker doesn't know is she's got a knife concealed in that basket... I'm SO grateful for those Angry Meepit contacts, and how they don't look angry on draiks, because I honestly don't like how ANY other eyes look on her. I guess I have the option of old NC ones now, but I like how sweet she looks with these. I'm already developing an NC wishlist, lol. I'm going to have SO MANY QUESTIONS before I finally fully understand how NC trading works, but I know you'll be patient with me. This tree is something I'm hoping to get, so I can create this look. I like how the layering conflict of the tree and the balcony rail makes it look like a partially ruined tower deep in an over-grown forest. Is she a secret princess? :O lol. *sigh* I've just been sat here being dumb - scrolling through all your posts looking for where you posted your NC items - how about if I just ask you for the link!! It'll make me happy if you have any of the items that I want. :3
  15. Faerie Festival - For Real, This Year?!

    Yeah, unless the new owners notice that the news is designed to be posted the night before, because JS certainly never grasped that, so their stuff is always late. You would have thought the backlash from the year they accidentally released a bomb item on 9/11 would have gotten them to remember the news is set for the day after the date on their side (on their side it says the actual day it's posted). But no, they still do EVERYTHING a day late.
  16. Faerie Festival - For Real, This Year?!

    Ooh!! *scoots off to read* Interesting!! Alrighty so what do I surmise from this...a school of some kind is definitely likely? Hard to guess as a faerie academy and a school for pets isn't the same at all. That the people of Shenkuu are of the "you're not from round here, are you" *waves pitchfork* kind of person. All kinds of wrong to imply that, especially about enlightened zen masters and so on. Kaia hatched from an egg, how else can she be the only faerie in Shenkuu? Hopefully we'll get more back story on her. This image... So like any bunch of snarky elitist high school white privilege princesses, right? Fyora singling Kaia out for special treatment's not gonna improve their attitude towards her any. The fire faerie second from left's definitely the ringleader of this group of biznatches. I wonder who or what Reizo is and if we'll ever find out. Whoever wrote this is British because they used the term "sniggers" rather than snickers, lol. Unless they're just going for continuity. I was getting all fired up for tomorrow, like OMG!!! IT'S STARTING TOMORROW, YOU GUYS!!! Then I realised it's probably going to not start until pretty late in the day for me as I'm 8 hours ahead of NST (jelly's from the future ) and that there should be the day and a half start thing, shouldn't there. So I might as well stay in bed 'til lunchtime tomorrow.
  17. Avatars: What have you got?

    A slightly smaller update: I now have Chia – Florg (this is not a skill-based game), ITTPD (#200!), Neoquest II – Devilpuss, Neoquest II – Bionic Cybunny, Lenny – Finneus, The Buzzer Game, Pink!, Soup Faerie (lol), and Alien Aisha, and I'm pretty close to the Neoquest I avatar, too. Fun fact: I got another Nerkmid from the Vending Machine and wrestled with whether I should sell it for a ~10k profit or use it again. I used it, got some junk food, and realized that maybe it's better sometimes to just be boring. :/ Not sure where to go from here for avatars. I want to try for a few more games before I bother asking for more item or pet lends, but I don't know which. edit: got nq i, finally. archmagus of roo is hard!
  18. The Official Stock Market Board

    Whoa, DROO is suddenly my bestest friend DROO (profile) 72 82 +10 22,000 313,000 1,804,000 +476.36% Didn't notice what it was at yesterday, maybe I didn't even look, lol, but it's jumping up nicely right now! Looking on the boards it's peaked at 86 so far. @kayahtik I'm getting itchy sell-finger DROO (profile) 72 88 +16 22,000 313,000 1,936,000 +518.53%
  19. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 1. skirt 4. lamp 6. tiny 7. mud 9. two 12. braintree 13. ham 14. orange Down: 2. tarla 3. gypmu 5. pirate 7. moehog 8. sarah 10. sink 11. beard Which of these Poogle Plushies has fangs? Answer: Halloween Poogle Plushie Prize: 258 NP and Strawberry Poogle Cupcake
  20. Avatars: What have you got?

    I got a sense of pride for doing it the old fashioned way, haha. I'd tried Level 47 far too many times though and I was at my wit's end. I'm sure you can do it! The guide is a definite lifesaver. Also, I got the Sell! Sell! avi today. I'm so happy I can finally sell stocks when they're at a peak instead of having to hold off until I get the avatar. ¡Ha ocurrido algo! Tienes derecho a usar "¡Vende! ¡VENDE!" como avatar en los Neoforos
  21. Making my draik look pretty

    Welcome to the club! I wasn't digging the red hair at first, but it looks great with that dress and background! Speaking of the background, I would highly recommend you get it if you really like it, because once it's not buyable anymore, it will be worth more than 250 NC. From what I've seen, this background is becoming quite popular, so if for some reason you decide you don't want it anymore in the future, it will be easy to trade for something else (something worth at least 2 caps, but very likely more).
  22. The ALP

    I'm sorry I didn't post here sooner! This month we will be running the Coconut Jubjub & Snicklebeast and the Werelupe & Mootix chains, starting this Friday (the 22nd). If you would like to be lent one (or both) of these pets, it's not too late to join! Just click here to apply, and I'll squeeze you in. We have room for about 5 more people for each chain. I'm afraid that chain is very unlikely to run, as there is currently only one person on the waiting list for that one
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  24. Faerie Festival - For Real, This Year?!

    I thought it sounded more like she was a teacher/headmaster, when they said all the student slots were filled. Because that would be more work for the adults in the school than for an individual student. Ok, I guess the fire/light faerie images are just mirrored for either side of the dialogue, not actually either side of their face either. So I guess it's probably just one faerie. Update 9/19: There's new dialogue up today, with Kaia, and a neopedia article for her.
  25. Faerie Festival - For Real, This Year?!

    I'm really keen to find out what kind of faerie Kaia is, or wants to be I guess, if she's a student? I think I'm not alone in expecting her to be something a little different because of what you can see of her outfit.
  26. Faerie Festival - For Real, This Year?!

    I was actually thinking the same thing, but Alice doesn't really seem like a Neopian name. Hard to say until she makes her debut. I'm on my toes excited right now! I love Faeries!
  27. Faerie Festival - For Real, This Year?!

    It's a compelling idea, isn't it? It probably is just flipped so it can go either side of dialogue, but in my head it's Alice and Kaia, good and ebil twin and I'm sticking to it!
  28. Faerie Festival - For Real, This Year?!

    Some have wondered why the image is alice_kaia... I wonder if instead of two angles of the same being, it's twins? Especially since they are mirrored, rather than if she'd turned her head...
  29. Today's Random Events

    Illusen emerges from the woods and approaches you. "I had some spare Neopoints lying around so I thought you may like to have them." She leaves you with 10,000 NP! A Crumpet Mongering suddenly falls from the sky and lands in your lap. The Space Faerie must be in a good mood!
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