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  2. What's your Achievement today?

    I finally got 5 million NP. Technically I reached it yesterday, but I so forgot to post. Finally getting that interest boost.
  3. Unreleased Pirate Petpets!

    I got this cute prize from the Anchor Management today: Ooh, that was a sneaky one! No match for that deadly aim of yours, however... It seems the krawken's left you a memento: Pirate Dua
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  5. A total Doh! moment

    It's true... Back in my previous residence on the fault line, we'd get one quake 2 weeks or more, I totally got used to it. We really can't go any higher with our buildings because of it! And I do hope one day I can be self reliant and live on my own, but at the moment no... However my doctor and I are making great strides in medication and one I found recently seems to be working alright. Sadly with a lot of these psychiatric drugs, it is trial and error. After studying a bit of psychology and biology in college, for the most part, scientists don't know why they work, but they just know they do and it really is a guessing game...
  6. General Battledome Questions

    Wow, that's dedication! And I'm very grateful for it The only reason I made mention of correctness is that Harry has regularly been dropping 2 items that are not listed for him - Moehog Mud Bomb and Moehog News
  7. General Battledome Questions

    @lojoco49 As for the prize data, the TDN staff spent quite a long time, many months, battling each 1p opponent to collect prize data. Oddly enough, after many months of fighting Tekkitu and Plumbeard, I never once got either of them to drop a Zed Codestone. lol I still have my notepad files from those days and the opponents I battled. Different arenas and different opponents usually seem to have some exclusive items. Anyway, if you wondered about where the prize data came from, that's the story. lol Short version of course. ;) @emily_speck_15 I like Jelly Chia, mainly because he drops some Jelly-related stamps and a book. Though the stamps aren't as valuable these days as they were when the prizes started dropping from the dome. ;) Your equipment looks good, though the shield and parasol would only be useful for certain opponents. As has already been mentioned/suggested, checking out the 1-player opponents profiles will show you their arsenal and you can change your defensive equipment as needed to fit whomever you're fighting. Keeping a few cheaper defensive items in your SDB to handle different elemental-icons is a policy I hold to and recommend for other battlers as well. As for Codestones. I HEAR the Koi Warrior gives a lot of those, which is why he's pretty popular with people. Neopia Central arena fights come with a LOT of food prizes, but sometimes you'll win a Chocolate Ice Cream, which is still a big seller. I still don't know why it's so much more popular, and sells for so much more than other ice cream cones. LOL If you're a Neopets premium member/subscriber, the Cosmic Dome offers Nerkmids as prizes too. Those are pretty popular to sell or use with the vending machine. For training, if you want your pet to have balanced stats, you should increase your defense to 85 so it's equal to your offensive boost. Though if you Zap your pet with the labray, based on what I've read about it in past years, defense is likely to be reduced a fair bit. Though Strength and HP, as I understand it, tend to go up. I still recommend a balanced training approach though. High HP is good for outlasting an opponent, but it doesn't strike my fancy, kinda seems like it'd be a bit boring to simply outlast your opponent. ;) Just my opinion on it. It's still a viable, legit way to go though. Anyway, your next strength boost is at 125. Here is the boost-list, just in case you're curious about the boosts and when you'll reach them. http://www.thedailyneopets.com/battledome/strength-defense-boosts/ Movement, the only reason to train movement is for a couple of pieces of BD equipment. But most of them either aren't worth it, or in the case of the Heavy Robe of Thievery, glitched. Stealing is glitched/not working right now, but the movement requirement for the Heavy Robe of Thievery is only 201. I am not aware of any other piece of equipment that has a movement requirement higher than that. But I wouldn't actively train Movement. If you get a random air faerie quest, or some movement points from completing Kitchen Quests on Mystery Island, then that should add up fairly quickly. :) Hope this helps, and happy battling!
  8. Last to post wins!

    Lamp post
  9. General Battledome Questions

    The gun is Water Powered Pistol, which I've found pretty useful. I've since replaced it with my Turned Tooth, but the WPP is nice because it also blocks a few fire icons. I don't know exactly how many off the top of my head, but it can definitely help! And the shield is Virtupets X-514 Super Shield. I have one in my SDB, but I don't recall ever using it. To be honest, I use shields/defense items VERY rarely because I have both Lens Flare and Warlocks Rage. If I were to need defense, I would prefer to use a dual-duty item like the WPP. And I only fight 1P battles, so variety of icons don't matter too much to me, since I fight the same opponent over and over again (in my case, Jetsam Ace on hard).
  10. I agree with Scoobert. My guess is they just enabled ALL apple items to be obtainable from Bart by accident because I got a suuuuper old apple item from him the other day too. It was like "yay new item! actually no... nope... this has been around longer than I've been on Neopets..."
  11. Pirate Flishy??

    Neopets has been adding brand new prizes to majority of the dailies - and you got one of them! Congrats :)
  12. Happy Mynci Day!

    Sponge | Zombie
  13. General Battledome Questions

    How long is a piece of string? Also, YMMV, I guess! Yep, here's me being helpful as usual! Really though, there's no cut and dried answer to any of those questions. I'm only saving for CC because I really enjoy the donating process, but I certainly don't like the drudge of buying to donate once I've cleared my SDB out. I'm saving food and books because I'm hopeful both of those will be categories but we can only make educated guesses about what might be wanted, but even if they're not it's no biggie because I'm not actually buying anything, just stock-piling dailies and BD stuff, so I'm not losing anything. Most people who are CC stock-piling are probably going for r.90+items you see. But I'm all about quantity rather than quality, I'm just nabbing great piles of gross food from the Money Tree. As for when it will be . . . Scrappy said in the previous NT edition "you can expect to see one in the near future", I guess you have to make of that what you will, we're back to the how long is a piece of string thing with that answer!
  14. I won a Blue Berry Apple a few days ago. I like the way that's coloured, it looks almost like metal. One's been sold for 15k now!
  15. A total Doh! moment

    Yeah, I totally get it about the liquefaction risks, a whole lot of the city's on pretty insubstantial ground, isn't it. But isn't the sinking Millenium Tower on sand? How were they allowed to build that I've seen stuff online about how people believe SoMa will just disappear into the bay if another big one hits because of it being poorly constructed from landfill. I guess really, people have been lulled into a false sense of security, because apart from the 1989 one the ground has been pretty well behaved for some time. If something along the 1906 level happens again the effects will be cataclysmic. I have this wonderful book by Charles Caldwell Dobie. It's half the history of the city from the first Spanish settlers and through the gold rush and so on, then the second half is a first hand account of his life in the city, starting with being shaken awake by the 1906 'quake. and he talks about the refugee camps in the sand dunes that would later become the Sunset District. That blew me away, I had no idea that was all sand before. That book's a fascinating read BTW, a pithy and amusing chap, too.
  16. Last to post wins!

    "Post"script: P.S. - Last to post!
  17. General Battledome Questions

    Currently I have Lens Flare which I agree is amaze! I might start batttling the chia clown. How much should be saved up for CC? And what types of items? And is there any idea when it might start? THANK YOU! That was what I was looking for :) Thank you! I'm mainly looking for codestones cause training is expensive so I'll try out the dome of the deep
  18. Pirate Flishy??

    It's one of a new lot of 4 pirate petpets just released the other day.
  19. Pirate Flishy??

    According to Jellyneo's item database, it's not paintable, which might be why it's not listed. Another possible reason is it was just released today. Lucky you!
  20. Pirate Flishy??

    I went to Anchor Management yesterday, and the Krawken dropped a Pirate Flishy! I had never heard of a Pirate Flishy, so I dropped it in my safe before heading over to the Petpet Puddle. I looked up Flishy colors, and Pirate wasn't among them! The Shop Wizard listed them for 12k-90k. Did I get crazy lucky, and get an extremely rare petpet?
  21. Thank goodness!

    So I've been trying to get the turmaculus avatar, which of course means losing a petpet. Out of my petpets, only my magmut isn't painted, so I've been waking him up with that one under the assumption that he would be less expensive to replace. Now I'm very relieved that I haven't lost him yet! I just checked my petpets ages, and he is my oldest petpet at 2077 days old. If I paint him a color that the petpet protection league hasn't picked yet (yellow looks like a good choice), I have a chance at a trophy. I'm going to remove my fire grackle bug for safe keeping and replace it with cheaper turmaculus food for the avatar.
  22. Yesterday
  23. A total Doh! moment

    The height limit makes sense. Part of San Francisco is built on bedrock, but part is built on filled in portions of the bay. My parents lived in the bay area at the time of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. The fill under the Marina district where my mom worked basically behaved like a liquid (geologic term is liquefaction). Even small buildings are likely to collapse when that happens, skyscrapers don't stand a chance.
  24. Last to post wins!

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah
  25. Avatars: What have you got?

    @kayahtik That's cute! That's Krawk's face! Interesting idea too! So THAT'S why they keep it cloaked in all that mist! I think it's secretly some evil mastermind's lair so that's who the loot belongs to! Those pirates better get outta there or it's into the piranha tank for them! xD
  26. Hi Everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that Pet Lending Chains will NOT be running in the month of April. Lends will continue as normal through the month of March and pick up again in May. At the beginning of April, I have some family matters to attend to and will not be able to give the lends my full attention. By the time I'm able to do the lends, it will be too late for April anyway. Accepting applications for March until the 1st. Anything submitted after the 1st, will be handled in May. If you request a pet during this time and end up getting the avatar, please let me know so I can delete your request. Then you can send in a new request with the pet chains you wish to join. Remember all communication is now done on the forums! Things are running much smoother this way. Thank you for your understanding! ~Dawn ALP Pet Team
  27. Avatars: What have you got?

    Congratulations! That's so cool I don't feel clever enough to even enter those things lol
  28. I'm adopting a kitty!!!

    @kayahtik Unfortunately, my Google service app keeps crashing at the worst possible moment. I can't text, call, or use an app without it crashing. I've checked for updates, and there aren't any. Something is seriously wrong here. Otherwise, I'd share my picture of Cerridwen.
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