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  2. what Robot Dudes are on the Money Tree ? :O like I saw the Robot Turmac used to go for 1000 NP and now it's 250k I sold my Robot Abominable Snowman (which I got for 5k) for 75k and now it's going for 99k
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  4. The OP says robot painted so I would interested to know if it works with the ones you got from the money tree!
  5. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 2. asparagus 4. lamp 6. shy 8. grave 11. card 12. moogi 13. thar 14. nova Down: 1. dua 3. supersize 5. sevarin 7. ham 9. mallard 10. roar 15. one Who is the commander of Sakhmet City's armed forces? Answer: Dacon Prize: 288 NP
  6. Ooh! Noice! Now then, the little robot dudes I grab from the Money Tree will work for this, right? I'm VERY glad these aren't just clickables.
  7. Like Angeló, I had everything I needed in my SDB so got both of the avatars Thanks for the solutions!
  8. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Royalboy Lutari' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Robot Vandagyre' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Thank you , my SDB
  9. Lutari items already seeing some inflation from this avatar but I'm glad to have it!
  10. Wow! How did you figure out how to get these, so fast?! Couldn't help it. Had to get them, so I dropped the NP. I suspect, possibly, robot petpet paint brushes may increase in price.
  11. Couldn't help it. Dropped the NP to get it. I guess I'm an avatar addict! Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Robot Vandagyre' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  12. Two new avatars were found on the Neoboards today, one featuring a Royal Boy Lutari and the other a Robot Vandagyre. Check out NeoAvatars for updates, solutions and links! Check Off Robot Vandagyre | Check Off Royal Boy Lutari
  13. This is how I feel, after maxing out YYB (46 games), a day. Sarcastically, of course...
  14. Yesterday
  15. that was years ago though. i definitely haven't done a 17 this year lol good job and good luck to you tho 🙂
  16. Clay | Wraith
  17. Have a fun trip @Robin Hood ! and now we can totally blame you if we don't do so well. 😜 I'm thinking I should be able to hit Rank 15 like I did last year! Currently just got into 14. When do the cup finish? Every bit helps! So you're a rock star too. 😁
  18. Oh, hey. I went for Brutes too, it snuck up on me me earlier then I promptly forgot I'd do it. >_<
  19. Probably because she was chosen as star player because... most people chose her as star player, so there's bound to be a ton of her keyrings out there.
  20. You guys are rock stars. I hit rank one today and was well chuffed with myself.
  21. Wow, 13-14. That is ridiculous! And I'm impressed when we get fives and sixes... Oh, I won't be able to play on the 20th, and probably the 21st. I'm going on a two day trip! I hope that doesn't affect Shenkuu's results those days.
  22. That's amazing! I think that that same loop is what got me to 16, but so far not to 17. Great job! Edit: I got to 17 today! Funny enough also vs Tyrannia. XD
  23. Oh wow, these customs give me a new love for oil paint color. 😮
  24. Ok, since @Angeló and @Robin Hood went with Brutes, I will wage war - 2 Buns, exactly, to arms for the Fellowship of the Buns for the misunderstood BRUTES! @jellysundae Will you join us? (It's ok if you don't!)
  25. We almost swept KL That's awesome guys FL and AL are withing our grasp IF we play just as hard KL .. uggggh doesn't matter .. but 5 wins per season is A-ok for me .. And yes I'm going on ... I got 470 YYB wins so far ... I wann get to ... idk ... more than 500 .. probably 555 or so :) Also look at this Clash of the Titans (8 - 6) (7 - 8) (13 - 14) (8 - 6) the overall match score went to VP
  26. I'll probably go Brutes as well like @gypsyknees
  27. The ray is fired at randomsilliness... ... and he changes into a Green Korbat!!
  28. Same ... and I got Kikocat's keyring .. but it's going so much cheaper than DJ's one
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