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  2. Yay for Draik potions! I'll probably be in the market again soon. For now though, does anyone have contacts for sale? I think Shinobi may be the name. I also feel silly for asking, is there a board for NC trades?
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  4. I still dont have it and I have tried many times and lost lots of NPs :/ I kind of gave up....
  5. Ok. I'll go with The Sway. Good luck everyone, and see you in the Battle Dome!!!!
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  7. All these years, I finally played NQ 1 ­čśŐ
  8. Definitely normal. It could take days, it could take years. Random avatars are the worst!
  9. Over the last week I have sunk a good 150k into trying to get the Lever of Doom avatar - is it unavailable? It seems to be a fairly common avatar so I'm a little confused as to why I'm having an issue. Is it normal to spend so much and still not have it?
  10. One thing you can do is make sure you have your laptop generally cleaned up. Here are the steps I take to clean up my laptop... I use CCleaner, I would run the cleaner and clean up the registry. If you don't want to download it, delete your cookies, flush your recycling bin, and delete you browser history. I would uninstall any programs you don't need then delete any excess files. Another option is checking which things start running on startup, which I don't know how to check in a Mac, and turn off all that are not necessary as that slows down startup. Finally, make sure you completely power down your laptop at the minimum of once a week, to allow it to install updates and refresh.
  11. Ok, then Sway it is. Wealth and Power, who could turn down that?
  12. Hi guys! Specifically made an account for that thread lol. I got some pets I would like to trade, only. Not sure if that thread is still active, but let's try! So here's what I have; I would trade the Cybunny and Lupe for limited edition pets (no aisha, wocky, gelert or anything you can just go ahead and paint) and Lupe or you can try if you have anything reasonnable, I will consider everything. The Draik, only trading for another colored Draik (Maraquan being my favorite of course). I have a weakness for fearie, maraquan and woodland colored pets. You can visit my profile, Super_2005_1995 Thank you!
  13. I was lucky enough to have enough CC points to get both the Bank Bribery and Cheaper by the Dozen perks, which frees my choices up a lot when it comes to boons. Often, admittedly, it means I've basically got nothing useful to choose from, but that's beside the point. ­čśů I chose the extra wheel spins for Brutes and that worked out pretty profitably for me. I only spin the Wheel of Mediocrity but I definitely benefitted from having twice the spins, I'll just skate right over the spins that got me rained with fireballs for the first one and bitten by a pterodactyl for the second, and focus on how I got 4k for Spin 1 and 2k for Spin 2, stuff like that.
  14. Sway, it is! Onward into battle I go.
  15. I still have cookies too, but I also like buying stocks at 10 instead of 15. For the bank bribery I'd need more NP to be as profitable but it's still nice. And Black market could come in handy for a few stamps since I'm trying to get more of those... decisions decisions lol
  16. I shall crack open a Fortune Cookie if Sway wins.
  17. Let's battle for Sway! The boons are really good, it's hard to pick one to be honest lol
  18. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 3. drainlife 5. eel 7. acorns 9. gummy 11. arnold 12. eppa 13. edna 15. armin Down: 1. fake 2. ant 4. floral 6. achyhead 8. fundus 10. gothic 14. nik The Defender of Neopia called Mammoth is of which Neopian species? Answer: Elephante Prize: 244 NP
  19. Sway's forging ahead up there on the tally, so sensible for us all to join forces there.
  20. I did look into that briefly actually, because I realised it would help me a lot, but I decided against it, mainly because of the cost of something decent. I have an agenda with fighting Snowy you see, I want his frozen Neggs (he's withholding on those so far though <_<) once I have enough of those for my needs I'll likely go back to the Koi Warrior so spending millions on a decent freezing weapon's not very sensible. Though now that I have Warlock's Rage I will at some point investigate other stronger opponents, I need to study people's prizes again, I'm pretty mercenary and like to go for an opponent with a decent amount of rares to give up. I guess I'm a bit of an unusual BD case because of my MS-related brain issues, the BD for me needs to be as simple as possible or I get super confused and do the wrong thing, and then pay the consequences. I pared my weapon selection right down to hopefully avoid that happening. That's all I use, lol. There's no strategy available for me, my brain can't cope with that, I just need to be able to beat them in 2 shots without complications. >_< I'd be interested to read about it if you do go for an endurance Slugfest with Snowy though! That level of damage that he can inflict seems insane though!!
  21. I think TNT just likes to mess with us. Why else would they have unlimited use of items that are once-per battle or even Single-Use for us? I believe Duma is right about the HP. They don't all have the same HP as the difficulty. Maybe that's also to throw off people's assumptions about that being the same as difficulty and their strength and defense multipliers? I'm not sure. NOBODY but TNT knows why TNT does such weird things as they tend to do. LOL Snowy is a toughy, that's for sure. But it appears I haven't fought him yet in the NEW Battledome. *Trudges to the Frost Dome to try at 650* Yep! First battle in the Frost Dome for me it seems. (I pretty certain I've fought/defeated him in the old BD.) Ok, so depending on your stats, he's not as tough as I thought at his lowest difficulty setting. I usually go after foes around that difficulty rating, though it's generally their highest rating that they're as strong as 650-Snowy. So he went down in my first turn. Ghostkerbomb + Blazing Embers + Lens Flare and he took 715 damage. But my pet's STR is maxed out. That being said, I'm fairly sure my pet's HP isn't high enough to win an endurance-match against his stronger difficulties yet. I'd probably be better off with some upgraded equipment too. Although.... now that I've thought about it, I'm really tempted to see how long I can last in a harder battle before Snowy blasts my Peophin into a Peophin-pop. lol I'm probably not going to try that right now. LOL But it's kind of tempting. ­čśë Anyway, if you've got some good constant-icon weapons, you might have better luck against him before your Lens Flare and Warlock's Rage rounds are up. If you have (or can get) a freezer-item on hand, that can give you a 3rd round without him attacking. If you're interested in opponents with similar difficulty/power. I'd recommend Tekkitu the Witch Doctor, Plumbeard, and Shadow Usul. All on MIGHTY difficulty of course. ­čśë Some of them have some interesting exclusive prizes. ­čÖé EDIT: OK, 6 rounds on medium difficulty! Though I don't understand WHY he beat me in the 6th. Actually..... BOTH Snowager's breath the ABILITY and Snowager's Breath the WEAPON were used, so that's PROBABLY why I got confused. Though I didn't know that Snowager Breath caused damage as well as a current-round freeze (like Lens Flare and Warlock's Rage). I knew the freezing part, but not the damage part. lol I had Leaf Shield, Blazing Embers and the ability REFLECT chosen. Below is the text I got in the battle log. Total damage done to me was 5425! To put that in perspective. My peophin's STR, as previously stated is maxed out at 750+. If he hit with 16 icons, he'd ONLY do 256 damage, maximum! Snowy did about 21 times that amount of damage in his single attack! What luck! The Snowager missed you with Snowager's Breath! x 6 x 10 The Snowager showers you with their icy Snowager Breath!
  22. Bleh. I spent two weeks training and leveling to get Throw Pillows for Malum, go to fight him, and found the plot ended that morning. ­čś×
  23. Last week
  24. Our choices are: The Sway (where wealth and power reigns supreme) The Order of Red Erism (where arrogance reigns supreme)´╗┐ or T´╗┐he Awa´╗┐kened (wher´╗┐e´╗┐´╗┐ supernatural eeriness reigns supreme) I am looking for ppl who need an Avatar to help out or FOtB Members' votes to count. What say you????
  25. Not a huge fan of the fact that Awakened boons are random, but whatever.
  26. Should be some decent boons no matter who you pick!
  27. You won't have to wait any longer, the entries are up.
  28. It's time to vote for your favourite entries again! (Sorry that I continue to be bad at answering messages!) Important note: Voting for yourself is NOT allowed! Doing so will result in disqualification. Please double check your votes before submitting them to avoid mistakes, because they can't be changed afterwards. Current ´╗┐theme: A Pirate's Life Description: Dress up a pet that's painted Pirate, and incorporate at least some of the clothes that come with the colour. (The setting of the entry doesn't necessarily need to be pirate themed, but it must be clear that the pet is indeed a pirate, and not just painted Pirate with all the pirate clothes removed.) Entering period: Monday, March 18 - Sunday´╗┐, March 24 Voting period: Monday, March 25 - Sunday, March ´╗┐31 Be ´╗┐sure to check out the animation links below each entry to see them in all their glory! #1 Captain Scarblade's Spring Break A´╗┐nimation link: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1822324 ´╗┐ "Scarblade is enjoying a well-deserved vacation on a remote island, away from that pesky King Kelpbeard. One thing he can't leave behind though, is his love for loot." #2 A Pirate's Island Life for Me´╗┐ A´╗┐nimation link: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1821863 "Captain Jack was marooned on an island by his fellow pirates... but for him it's just another day in paradise." #3 Setting The Course For Treasure A´╗┐nimation link: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1822411 #4 Pi-RAD A´╗┐nimation link: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1823560 "Banished to the crow's nest for noise pollution, Tommy's only audience were a crazed owl and the Hasee brothers from next door. But he didn't give a Flying V. DRUM SOLOOOOOO!!!" #5 Pirates do not eat THAT!! A´╗┐nimation link: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1824897 "The crew were not impressed when Cooky returned with some fresh provisions." #6 A Pirate's Life A´╗┐nimation link: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1825205 #7 Dead men tell no tales.. A´╗┐nimation link: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1825212 #8 Piratess of Penzance A´╗┐nimation link: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1825273 "In this modern update of the world famous play, put on at the Plushie Palace, Mable instead joins Frederic aboard ship, and the 2 sail away into blissful happiness. She was glad when the show was over as her wooden foot was beginning to pinch. So much for "Break a leg!" Arrrggh." #9 Sinbad A´╗┐nimation link: https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1822702 "This fearsome captain holds her own amongst the other wily pirates the sea coughs up."
  29. Can't wait to see the entries I love Pirates Yarrrr!
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