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  3. Wraith Resurgence - finally coming to and end.

    Mine too, is gray. For some reason, the "r/e" for getting the snapjaw wraith as a battle opponent is still showing up at Anchor Management, but I banished the fog there ages ago. So I wonder what this new thing in the achievements section is?
  4. General Battledome Questions

    That's cool. The very first codestone I got from an r/e was an Orn Codestone. And it's actually better in the long run that you sold that Zed. Because it gave you 50k, more than it's worth these days, AND your battle-pet wouldn't be anywhere NEAR ready to use any red stones for quite a while. As for JN's pricing system, I'm not really knowledgeable about programming.. Like, at all. I know next to nothing about JN's system for price history. But I was checking out the trade history of a couple of items before, and they had listings going back weeks, months, in some cases, though the seller's name was asterisked out for the most part on each. If I HAD to theorize, I would guess that things like trades and shop wiz data would not be private/exclusive, so maybe they have some kind of program that keeps track of such things? I don't know off-hand if you can view the TP without logging in, or something. I'm only speculating here with ZERO basis in fact. I can imagine there could be some way to do that, but I couldn't tell you how something like that might work. Dunno how they do it, but they didn't have pricing data for a few of what I was trying to price-check. And other items that they had SOME data on was several years since the last update. If they had some automated way to do it, then all the prices would be relatively current. So that shoots my theory pretty much OUT the window. lol It's interesting to IMAGINE though. XD All this imagination, and none of the skill to bring it to life. LOL
  5. New Mystery Capsule

    Yay!! I have a baby pet and this is a chance to get some cool items. I admit - I went and bought a bunch. But I got the baby christmas dress, and the new baby body paint and baby superstar dress, so I'm pretty pleased. I also got a spare swimsuit after I went and did a really expensive trade a few weeks ago... I'll just try to push that out of my mind ;) Anyway, I've got a few baby items UFT now, but am still seeking: Baby Sequined Peach Dress Baby Valentine Heart Shoes Diamond Satin Baby Valentine Shoes Baby Cloud Wings Baby Summer Flower Wig Baby Overstuffed Warf Plushie Baby Valentine Blankie I'd love to hear from you if you have any of the above UFT!!
  6. The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    Hee hee hee! The ray is fired at Senayaphin... ... and he changes colour to Camouflage!! Kind of partial to this cross-paint now. :heart:
  7. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 1. spy 4. ruki 6. koi 9. jellybeans 10. aaa 11. red 12. sink 13. spyder Down: 1. sarah 2. pirate 3. tortilla 5. snowbunny 7. orange 8. rufus 10. acko What does the scout unit love to do? Bottom of Form Answer: walking Prize: 400NP and glistening sloth statue
  8. Faerie Quest Help

    Thanks so much Granny63020 and lakecat!
  9. Hello!

    Welcome back to Neopets and welcome to TDN's forum! A lot of us are 18+ and still enjoy it a lot. No need to feel weird about it. It's just a site for all ages. Good luck with your pound surfing and feel free to ask us anything if you have any questions.
  10. Last to post wins!

    He's going back AND he's waiting for someone. So NOT going to be the last one. If you stop moving someone is bound to catch up.
  11. What's your Achievement today?

    I finally got over 100 wins on Kauvara. Took me a while.
  12. A total Doh! moment

    @BlushedRose It was like 3 days after the last day of CES Las Vegas. I sort of forgot... Oh yeah, like a week ago, a huge rain/snow storm came over the west. I was lucky because I started my drive south a day after the storm (still got to drive through extremely heavy fog and high winds). Actually looking at the photo details, I went there on the 15th in January. If you saw an Asian girl with a huge tripod and backpack taking her sweet time with every shot, and having a walkie talkie going off often (because I always use channel 1 because it reaches a bit further but has a lot of cross talk), that was probably me.
  13. Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    I have this Jetsam up for adoption if anyone would like him for the Jetsam avatars, or if you just want a Jetsam! I got him from the pound so not responsible for the unfortunate name
  14. Hello!

    Hey everyone, My name is Kate but I go on the internet as Ravermonki or Ruffimutt. I am 18 years old and I love to draw and write. It feels weird being a young adult playing a kids game. I had many forgotten Neopets accounts as a kid, and while seeing someone talk about it on a facebook group, I decided to give it a try again. I started playing and now I have a new addiction: Pound Surfing. So, if you ever want to know what I have feel free to ask! My main account and the one I use to pound surf is ravermonki.
  15. Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    http://petpages.neopets.com/petlookup.phtml?pet=GlowingCarl Found this gem today. Not sure if I want to give it up or not but I’m taking offers. It is a WN Glowing Elphante thats 1000+ days and is a genius.
  16. Can I post my own thread dedicated to my UFT pets?

    Thank you for asking your question. Posting your own topic would be posting a duplicate topic and is not allowed on the forums. It may seem crowded, but everyone knows where to look and post for UFT/UFA pets on that thread. By having multiple threads for each individual would increase clutter and be very disorganized. I hope this answers your question. I'm sorry this isn't the answer you were hoping for, but it's how our forums work. Please feel to message me if you have any questions about this.
  17. I recently rejoined Neopets after 6 years and have started to pound surf with my old account, I was wondering If I can make my own thread for my adoptions since I know there is a public one that's a bit crowded.
  18. What's your failure today?

    I just lost about 19,000 np at the lever of doom. Still no avatar.
  19. TNT added a new mystery capsule to the mall yesterday. It's the Baby Bottle Mystery Capsule, and it contains retired baby stuff, a couple exclusives, and (By my count) 20(!) items you can still buy or get from the not retired Nursery Time NC Fortune Cookie. The list may not be complete, but judging by Jellyneo's list, they probably just added every nc items for babies, sort of like how people are getting Everlasting Apples and Daily Dare prizes from Apple Bobbing. I'd be tempted to get a few, but I really don't want to risk spending 200 nc on a buyable 100-150 nc mall item.
  20. Score getting checked?

    Yeah, I remember how nerve wracking it was when I got my bronze Shenkuu tangram trophy. I don't pay attention to high score tables because I never expect to win anything, so it was a huge surprise.
  21. Mutant Graveyard of Doom Avatar

    Oh my! I do about 10-20 pulls a day, maybe I should try my luck with just sitting and grinding it. Finally got the Mutant Graveyard of Doom It took so long lmao, I sat there refreshing while doing other stuff and it finally popped after an hour which seems much longer with you're just refreshing. On a side note, I have no room to complain right now. I tried for Dice-A-Roo yesterday, played 5 games total and got the jackpot with 10x multiplier and a silver trophy within 5 minutes. It all balanced out lol
  22. A total Doh! moment

    When did you take that photo? I was just there on the 15th/16th and actually accidentally stepped in that puddle lol. It was super slippery but got more gritty as you walked out farther.
  23. Food

    @jellysundae I don't think that I will make her a cake this year. Friday morning something really bad happened and my family is still reeling. I don't have the mental ability to do anything besides lay around with my kids. I will let you know if I make one next year. I feel bad because her birthday is the day after tomorrow, but she's only turning two. She won't know the difference. Sorry to disappoint.
  24. Show off your galleries!

    So I decided to go with steampunk after having major decision anxiety for quite a while... I used a premade TDN layout and put the cheapest items from my wishlist there but I'm looking forward to expanding it and making it great! And I'd also like to start learning how to make my own layouts too but that might take some time. Anyway, here it is: My steampunk gallery
  25. Yesterday
  26. Last to post wins!

    I'm not moving, last to post...
  27. A total Doh! moment

    @jellysundae Actually almost all my peers whether ABC or came here at a young age is like me. We can somewhat speak, can't read much, and we can convey basic ideas. I did try to learn Japanese a few years back online but it sucks because Japan borrows a lot from Chinese but is different in pronunciation. It was so hard, I somewhat gave up. I never learned any other languages, although growing up in California, you can't help pick up some Spanish along the way.
  28. Last to post wins!

    Nope, there totally isn't!
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