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  3. Sounds like you need to allow flash for those pages. In chrome, click the "i" next to the web address. and choose "allow" for flash.
  4. Mutant Poogles are EPIC!!! How fantastic! Can you switch browsers? Chrome seems to be seriously hatin' on Neo lately. 😰
  5. I finally got a FFQ! I was able to get my Mutant Poogle for the price of one red morphing potion! That's 4,500 vs 7,000,000 (last time I checked). Yesterday @Granny63020 gave me a portal for my dream pet, and today I got the little demon :) My problem is that I can't customize anything. I also can't see maps. I had to Google "neopets rainbow fountain" to get a direct link to it. It has been a long time since I have used the actual maps on the main site. TDN has all of the links that I need. Now I want to customize my pets and I realized that I really can't. There is just a big white space. None of the gray squares, or any other colored square. I would say it's a lonely snowman, but for all I know it could be a massive herd of angry snowmen getting ready to attack Zygon style. All I see is whatever border I chosen with a bunch of white in the middle. I am using Chrome on Windows 8.
  6. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 3. ball 5. eye 7. sophix 8. red 10. fortune 12. apple 14. advent Down: 1. evil 2. bbq 4. lamp 5. elivthade 6. acres 9. frank 11. one 13. geb Where can you find ‘the best coffee in Neopia?’ Answer: The Coffee Cave Prize: 250 NP
  7. I have a ploy with books I get, I save all unread ones (in my shop to keep them separate from the others in my SDB to avoid confusion) and wait until the Book Smarts boon from Seekers or Awakened comes around again, my little guy's intelligence is 3 times what it would have been from boon-free reading alone. I don't actually make any use of this, lol - the one time I tried the strength of Mind boon just to see I found that it's not much use just being suddenly hugely stronger if you don't have the defence to back that up... that was some hairy BDing, I can tell ya! 😰 But now that Tate has Warlock's Rage too... might be worth trying again. 🤔 It'd need some forward-planning, to see which opponent has prizes I'd want, also, I'm not sure he's forgiven me yet for making him fight the Snowager recently. xD But in the meantime, unread books are being stockpiled for the next time Book Smarts is available. 😀 That's what I got yesterday, bah, lol, bit kinder today. 🙂 Ok, Wheel of Meh for today! 1000 NP 2000 NP 100 NP 🔥🔥🔥 🦆 - there's no emoji for a pterodactyl, so my Kacheek got mauled by a duck, deal with it. 500 NP 100 NP 🦆☠️ 500 NP Bluna (very rare) Straw Desk I'm amused by how the Straw Desk is indistinguishable from the Straw bed I got yesterday. 🤣
  8. http://www.neopets.com/freebies/tarlastoolbar.phtml
  9. That's fantastic! Not least because Rico actually helped someone.
  10. I bought my code off of ebay. I entered it and went all the way to the end and didn't receive the Space Faerie as a challenger. Some of the codes are older and "retired". I sent in a ticket and Rico responded, stating that they tried a new code that worked fine, thus granting me her as a challenger. 🙂
  11. This is Gyro's defensive posture,he used his wings to protect himself...but...don't you think his wings will got hurt if anyone attack his wings? And Professor Lambert...I can't believe he will make the expression like that...even Flint didn't make that face when he was defeated= = Maybe Lambert is irritable?Unlike his surface?
  12. I see,Duma,you can call me Fuyu! Hmm...getting hurt,it just like...the Heroes in the movie,they can be cool when they defeat enemies,but they also getting hurts sometimes. I am sure in my stories,they is no horrible things,no bleed(in fact they bleed but I won't write it)and their wounds will be covered by bandage. If TNT won't accept it,I will put it to DA and show the link to you. Just curious,which team you like?And what characters you like in the Obelisk war?I really like to talk about this,especially about Seekers.
  13. My Shoyru that is getting zapped is also Electric .. they look really nice The ray is fired at 16B... ... and she changes colour to Maraquan!!
  14. You can just call me Duma. And I meant your first post here. I can't read Chinese unfortunately. But I liked reading your thoughts about Seekers. About the characters getting hurt, I believe it's fine as long as it's not too horrific I guess. It's hard to say yes or no without actually knowing specifics. Lets just say it needs to stay suited for children's eyes. If a kid can read it without getting nightmares it's all good.
  15. Thank you!Now I'm starting to feel confident! Is that mean,I can give you the link about my Neopets stories,even it is on DA,not on NT? Maybe it can have something that NT won't accept.(Like a little...only a bit...let characters get hurt),is that okay to show you? Also,I never draw artwork about Neopets,but I wrote stories about Seekers in Chinese. And...you told me that my story was great to read...you mean you read my stories on NT?But they are in Chinese,not English,you sure you read them before? By the way...is that okay if I talk about characters of Seekers on this board?If that is okay,I will post the new topic. Hmm...should I call you Mr/Ms Moderator...or just call you Duma?In China,we all call them"King Moderator"or"Moderator the Boss"
  16. I agree with Angeló and Nielo. The place where you live/were born doesn't matter on here! We're all just our own person and the only thing that matters are actions. I too, have learned my English online, just by talking, reading and writing with friends I met playing games. And I too don't think -nerd- or -geek- is something bad. It's just a way to describe an interest. When the obelisk war plot started I picked the Seekers too because I love knowledge. I love learning new things. Being smart doesn't mean being stuck up, thinking that you're better. In fact, I don't think people that do that are very smart at all. I just love using my knowledge to help others. I will always try to keep an open mind so that I can learn from others and improve myself in order to be a better person. I don't know much about one single topic but I know some basics about a variety of things. I'm not saying that knowing a LOT about one thing only is bad. It just depends on what you like. And the people that prefer to know a lot about one topic are perfect teachers for the people who want to have a basic knowledge about a gazillion things. Your story was great to read! You should definitely submit your stories to the NT! Also, we allow links to your artwork, or if you prefer you could also just post your art here. We even have a category to show of your artwork: https://www.tdnforums.com/forum/22-the-art-gallery/ And, yes, pictures from Neopets itself is allowed too. TheDailyNeopets is an official fansite after all.
  17. The ray is fired at Neritha88... ... and she changes colour to Electric!!
  18. YAY! I am finally done with this wheel~
  19. Excitement - 209 NP Mediocrity - 1,000 NP Knowledge - Mynci Wiggling Eyes Book Monotony - Still Spinning Nice, I got a book! I'll read it to Blatzley right away. 🙂
  20. I'm on Robins boat and need all the avatars. Joining Awakended too 🙃
  21. Another day of disappointment Monotony - I got a rock .... Mediocrity - Nothing happens, 500NP, Fireballs, nothing happens, Excitement - Pets are healed, 289NP, 500NP, pant devil (stole nothing hehe) Knowledge - Wooden blocking shield Extravagance - 25,000 NP
  22. Last week
  23. Wheel of Mediocrity gave me this cutie just now Wheel of Excitement : 207 NP Wheel of knowledge : The ?
  24. If you would like to resubmit your request because of an avatar you've already received during this time you may do so. Just let me know and I can delete your existing request so just the new one shows up. 😃
  25. I spin the Wheel of Mediocrity regularly throughout the day, I shall record today's spins and see how I fare. 🔥🔥🔥 - and good morning to you, too... Plateau Berries 🔥🔥🔥 2000 NP Tyrannian Flat Bread (rare) 200 NP Straw Bed Tyrannian Bone (rare) 2000 NP Pretty average day, that.
  26. I'm now at nearly 15,000 points which makes me think I should get to 18,000 which is then a slippery slope to 21,000, but so far I've only spent NP on sticky snowballs - everything else has just been crap piling up in my SDB for the past 9 years. OH MAN I should check the SDB on my side - might be some stuff in there.
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