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  2. Duma

    Last to post wins!

    Last one of what? Your last post? Why? Just keep trying 馃槈
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  4. Ah, good to know. I haven't checked the boards in ages. Lol, yeah, asking people for suggestions is probably not the best idea; that either gets you impossible requests, or Boaty McBoatface. 馃槅 Yup, business as usual.
  5. You already KNOW you're seriously lucky, Ray, lol.
  6. Yup, HTT confirmed it, it was posted about it on JN earlier this year. She even made a board for people to make perks suggestions - for next year's event, that got locked quickly apparently. xD I didn't check it out myself but reading between the lines of the comments on JN most of them were foolish/unrealistic. 馃槚 Much clamouring for a perk that switched your pet to its unconverted format and so forth. Same here xD HOARD ALL THE THINGS is the extent of it with me, so basically, business as usual. 馃槑
  7. So the last three days Anchor Management has given me a 50 dubloon coin. Hadn't known that was an option, and certainly not 3 times in a row. Is something up, or am I just seriously lucky?
  8. @jellysundae Has it been confirmed that this year's CC will have the same kind of format as last year's? (I don't really follow Neopets news/boards that much, to be honest. XD) I tend to assume that the CC is different every year, and I didn't even really remember last year's point system. (Which also explains why I keep forgetting the CC prize shop exists, and why I still have points left. 馃槀) But I think people will always want the best rewards possible, so they'll prepare for it just the same, even if they don't like it as much. (The ones that do prepare for it, at least. Although I guess my preparations are the same as well, in the sense that they're nonexistent. 馃槅)
  9. I'm intrigued really, by the mindset behind buying junk items for CC. I HAVE a lot of 1 donation point items - loads of obsidian for example - but I'll not donate that until ALL the rare and uncommon stuff has gone first, and then, if I have't lost the will to live by that point, then this lot can come out. 馃ぃ I wouldn't even collect free junk for it, seems like a waste of my time when I could be collecting rares? I mean going by last year's numbers: r1-r79: 1 point r80-89: 2 points r90-97: 6 points r98-r100: 8 points r101: 1 point r102-r179: 4 points r200: 15 points It'd require on average 6 times the quantity donated to achieve the same result? I quail at the very thought... 馃槺 Interesting though, isn't it, how people on the boards are SO vociferous about how "everyone" hates the new CC format, but various site activities clearly show people are preparing for it as vigourously as ever!
  10. I love the Kacheek's face on this. xD
  11. Now that my bank interest and stocks perks have expired I'm gonna be selfish and see which side can give me something I need, let's see now... Yeah, Awakened it is. 馃槄 At least one of their boons should be what I want.
  12. Order is the last avatar I need, so I'm going Order.
  13. I dunno, I'll have to think about this... 馃 Will there be cookies?
  14. joombo


    Recently watched Shazam in the cinema. It wobbled quite a bit in the middle but by far (ignoring the Nolan Batman) best DC film. Kids loved it, my little girl was literally bouncing in her seat and shadow boxing at the end fight scene
  15. That's great guys. Education is important for everyone who wants to make a successful career. This year I'll get my master's degree. All I need is just to cope with all these writings. I've found one relialb ewriting service here to help me with my rhetorical analysis essay. Last time these guy helped me to get the highest score in the class.
  16. Congrats! I know that feeling. This year I'm gonna graduated from Uni
  17. I just need two more avatars - Awakened and The Order. So I will be joining Awakened this round. Please join me~ 馃槀
  18. Which faction are you joining for the 158th round? So, vote! Good luck! PS. You must win in 10 battles each round in order to win the boons!
  19. I don't know, that avatar has been around for ages, hasn't it? I know I personally never even tried for it, just got it after occasionally discarding stuff over the years. I don't think it could cause an increase in price so suddenly. Plus, I think most of those junk items keep coming back into the Neopian economy anyway, as they're prizes for dailies. But even if they didn't, the only way prizes would go up, is if demand was higher, which has to be because of some event like CC (or The Coincidence), as they're typically useless items that people aren't really looking to buy.
  20. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 1. fanfish 3. art 6. bar 8. five 10. hundreds 11. gothic 14. bandolaro Down: 2. firebush 4. ruki 5. baguette 7. red 8. fishpop 9. vampire 12. igloo 13. ham Which of the following Neopets, has tentacles when painted Mutant? Answer: Jetsam Prize: 277 NP
  21. Day 14 Paint Splattered , Speckled , Watercolored Enjoy Your Prize! Yeah, that would've been my choice, too. Inside your Negg you see: Rotten Negg Soup
  22. Apparently the can't-click-a-pet problem at the Lab Ray has been fixed by Chrome
  23. You've Won!! Come back tomorrow and win more prizes! 18500 Neopoints In Kiko Lake yaaay the best one
  24. Yeah, that would've been my choice, too. Inside your Negg you see: Odd Negg Out 馃槑
  25. Hello! Marine bio enthusiast here as well. I had thought the chia looked like an anemone? Could be a cucumber too. I guess the chia "hair" looks more like the cucumber than the anemone.
  26. The price of junk items could be rising due to the rubbish avatar. Enough people discard enough of the same things eliminating them from the neopian economy, price is sure to increase.
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