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    It's good to be back but, the reason I've returned to Neopets is less than spectacular. Not long ago, I had a very busy and stressful life, not enough hours in the day to get things done but I did my best every single day to do as much as I could. I was drinking energy drinks, grabbing meals on the go, getting up before sunrise most days and finally dragging myself to bed in the wee hours just to get up with only 4 to 6 hours of sleep to do it all again. I had lost my younger brother last year and pretty much did a nose dive into doing anything and everything just to keep my mind off it and keep BUSY. It went that way for months and at christmas time it was even worse. I was going nonstop, driving all over the place every day, taking care of all the demands chrstmas adds to life while, on top of it all, I was helping family and friends get ready for the holiday too. On christmas eve it all came to a crashing halt. I had a major heart attack, almost died and, according to my cardiologist, I SHOULD be dead. He told me I'd had the kind of heart attack that not many people survive and the only reason I did was because I was just plain lucky. I'm not old, I'm a young woman but, I am from a family that has a genetic flaw, it's a cardiovascular issue. I was born with it, however, I was told as a kid that I was only mildly affected, it shouldn't cause a problem. Because of that, I never thought about it, not until that widow maker forced me to realize I'm not super human. Needless to say, life is much slower now and I have a lot of free time. So, here I am, back on Neopets after several years. It's good to be back, I love the site, I just wish the circumstances were more pleasant. I guess I'm putting this out there to say to anyone who's reading this, don't think you can do whatever you want and not have to face consequences, there always are a few and some are pretty bad. Make good choices, don't stress so much, eat right, get plenty of rest, stay active but be smart about it. Take care of yourself because there are people counting on you who need you. Friends, family, everyone around you, no matter what your circumstances are there is someone who needs you to be there. Don't be selfish like I was, don't take chances with your health, just take care of yourself and always remember...you're only human, your body isn't as tough as you want to believe, you have to take care of it because you never know...abuse yourself too much and you might end up where I was, flat on your back in an ambulance wondering what the heck just happened. Don't make that mistake, stay safe, take care of you and by doing so you'll be around for all the good things life has to offer even if right now isn't the best. You never know what tomorrow has to offer you, be there to find out Have a Fantastic Day! <3
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    Hey guys! Guess what? We have a new Bony Grarrl Club for lending! Due to the extreme deflation of the item, I was able to pool the ALP funds with some of my own and replace our club. We've now been able to finish replacing everything that was stolen last summer, so all items we have listed will be available for lending again. I'm still working on trying to get TNT to look at my ticket, but for now, lending can fully resume as per usual. Because of the problem we ran into last time, I'm going to take a few extra precautions when lending the item this time (full details will be explained in the email we send when we're ready to set up the lend), but the basic requirements can still be found here. Because of the drastic deflation (the club is now worth about 20% of what we paid last time), requirements to borrow have also been loosened a bit, so if you didn't qualify before, check out what's changed and apply again!
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    Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Stamp Collector - Others II' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Whew! Another stamp avatar!
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    This is going to be a hard one for a lot of people so I figured I'd post it an hour early so people could get some practice runs in. My biggest tips are: 1) get an umbrella if you can ASAP. 2) try to make sure your kiko is facing forward. when he/she is, hold both LEFT AND RIGHT to steer straight forward.. If your kiko gets turned around and is facing backwards, holding UP AND DOWN at the same time will make it steer straight forward. Always try to position your kiko straight the best you can. 3) Get those checkpoints!!!
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    Once in a great while, the Neopian Gods look down upon you and say..."Behold! We shall bless this little nerd. We shall bestow upon them stuffs and shinies so that they might squee! Then they shall sayth unto one another 'Lookie what I got! OMG! BLURGLURGLELURG!! THX!' So shall it be done!" Then you get pwned with a stroke of luck that lives up to the hype and just makes your day. Today was such a day for me and it started last night at 3 am with Count Von Roo and today with the Grey Faerie, WOOT! When was your last lucky day? What happened for you and your Neopets??
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    So, see that sticky note that says "Chemistry" on the main page of DD? Apparently, the rest of the sticky notes have been uploaded and we can now know what the games for the next challenges are. Here they are in order: Kou-jong (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!) Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway Tubular Kiko Racing Mop 'n' Bop Cooty Wars Korbat's Lab Whirlpool Usul Suspects Lost City Lanes Toy Box Escape Hungry Skeith Hot Dog Hero Revel Roundup Cave Glider Jubble Bubble Assignment 53 Barf Boat Wheeler's Wild Ride AAA's Revenge I'm extremely worried about Kou-Jong and Tubular Kiko Racing. I'm terrible at those games.
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    I haven't been on Neopets in a few months and I decided to do one of the daily Faerie Quests and... Oh my goodness I'm freaking out. I finally have my dream pet!! Don't know what's up with the Fountain Faerie picture but oh my gosh...
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    I tried a couple of things out. I think speckled is a good color so I stuck with that, although Christmas also works well in my opinion. So here's with just the Misty Shenkuu background: Here's with the Shenkuu House with River View Background with the Shenkuu Tea Tray and the Festive Shenkuu Lantern Garland: And here's the Mysterious Forest Clearing Background with the Peaceful Shenkuu Tree: I feel like something cool could be made with the Simple Wooden Stage background, but I couldn't really make anything that caught my eye.
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    I got my dream job of teaching English in Japan with a prestigious program! This isn't technically my first full time job, but it's the first full time job I've had that'll actually pay anything worth mentioning. I think I'm a real adult now XD
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    If you're like me and you like to put every single item you get into your Safety Deposit Box, then you probably have thousands of items saved in there. Naturally, at least a couple of those items are guaranteed to be worth a ton of neopoints. But no one's got the time to look through all those pages and check the price of every item, right? That's why last year JN released Price Checker Tools, which allow you to paste the source code for a page of your SDB, Closet, Gallery, etc. and get a list of prices. This will help you find unbuyables that you probably didn't even know you had. Simply go here and follow the instructions. Then post what expensive items you found! I found out I got some pricey books: Space Fashions: Worth about 2M in the Trading Post. When Kyrii Predict. Worth about 2M. Magical Island Recipes. Worth 1.5M. Mapping a Mystery: Worth 600k. Tarlas Mysterious Travels. Worth 450k. I always store items that come from events in hopes that they'll be worth millions in the future. Seems like it's finally paying off. I sold a few stamps the other day for over 5m
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    Hi everyone, than you for bringing this to our attention. I'll ask Ian to have a look at the issue. :)
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    My advice is, hold on to your potions until you collect all of them. You get more points the more you drop off. For example, on level one, I dropped all 5 potions at once and scored 190 points, however when I dropped off 4 then 1, I scored 95 points. At the later levels, when it is a matter of getting a potion dropped off to obtain the needed score, or losing a life, by all means, drop off that potion. And don't forget the extra life cheat, lookoutbruno. Could come in handy.
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    If trying to beat Chadley's score, getting to Level 14, and making some points, but not passing it, should get you a high enough score. Completing Level 14 should definitely do it. Remember, you can play the game, but wait before posting your score. If it is higher than Chadley's, you can then open a new tab to DD, and challenge him. Then, you can go back to your game tab and post your score. Good luck!
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    I have no magic of my own to reward you with, so I'm asking for help from another faerie. Rainbow Fountain Faerie, come and bestow your blessing upon this Neopian! I cannot abide a debt that is not paind. She will allow you to take a dip in the Rainbow Fountain! I'mmmm soooooooo happppppppy!
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    I got a Bronze Trophy in Jungle Raiders Apparently I missed one gem :( But I'll try for Gold again ...
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    Yay, me too! Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Gadgadsbogen!' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Thank you @casperiscaptain for posting this, or I'd have missed this for another year. Ooh ooh, AND...after using the TDN guide's suggestion of playing on easy... Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Goparokko' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
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    Yeah, this was definitely the easiest one yet. It doesn't even make much sense for Abigail's score to be 83pts... I don't see how someone might score 83 but not 105, it's such a small difference. But I'm not complaining, I don't want my words to come back to bite me when it's time for games like AAA's Revenge, lol. *gulps*
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    The Avatar Collector avatar is a hard avatar to get. Per TDNs "Avatar Solutions", "Get into the top 50 on the Avatar Collector Daily High Score Table . You will need nearly all avatars." Emphasis on the last sentence - "nearly all avatars.". In an attempt to answer your questions: 1. "I can still get this avatar even though I do not have like 375 avatars?" Yes, but you'd at least need 338 on reset day, but it is no guarantee. The "TrophyTracker" petpage (http://www.neopets.com/~trophytracker) tracks all latest scores and reset day scores for all Neopets game trophies, including "Avatar Collector". Per the page, the last reset score (1 Mar 2017) was 338. The latest score is 352. 2. "If I reset my avatar count by losing and regaining emo Usuki avatar I should be able to be on the top 50?" It depends on what your avatar count is. If you have 100 avatars, then no. If you have 338, then maybe. 3. "If that is the case, what's the best way to go about doing it? Can I just remove the Emo Usuki avatar off my list now and then when the clock hits 12:00 am NST on the first of the month I just add it back in? Or do I have to lose and regain the avatar right at 12:00 am?" Unfortunately, I am not sure. From my (limited) understanding, you could remove "Emo Usuki", by changing your Shop Keeper to a different one, now, and then when game day reset happens, add it back, or you could lose and regain the avatar right after the high score table reset happens. 4. "Also how will I know the HST reset? Do I just check it manually?" Yes, checking manually is the best way to make sure the high score tables have reset. There is no Neomail message sent or any other type of site notification. You could ask/post on the "Games" or "Help" Neoboards, too. 5. "Do I reset my avatar count the moment the clock strikes 12:00 am NST on the first of the month? Or do I wait to check if the HST has reset?" Again, I'm not sure. I would venture to say after the high score tables have reset. If they haven't, it may not count. 6. "I heard that it usually resets a few minutes after midnight around 12:10 am NST or so, is that right? Does that mean I reset my count AFTER I have checked the HST has reset itself so that my avatar count goes through properly?" I'm not usually up around 12:00 am NST, so I do not know. But, I have heard the same as you, that it typically happens around 12:10 am NST. I would say to reset your count after you have checked that the high score tables have reset. I'm hoping someone else can confirm and will post, but you might want to ask on the "Avatar", "Games", or "Help" Neoboards. 7. "So wait are you 100% positive that you need a high amount of avatars to still have a chance? Are you sure its not based on some other point system?" Yes, and no to the second question. I believe the lowest I've seen (in the past year) was 327. Purely based on the amount of avatars someone has. If those, who have a high avatar count, did not reset their avatar count, then it could be possible to see "lower" avatar counts on the high score table. But that rarely happens. The other key issue to note about getting the "Avatar Collector" avatar is, you have to be in the top 50 on the Avatar Collector High Score Table, when trophies are awarded. Trophies are typically awarded around 8 pm NST, and usually a little after (about 8:10 - 8:20 pm NST). On occasion, the trophy awarding script has been known to not run. If it doesn't, trophies are not awarded and you will have to wait until the next day and hope it runs. Again, from my limited understanding, I have only heard of those already having the "Avatar Collector" avatar resetting their avatar count. Those who have received it, have worked very hard getting it. They feel, IMHO, that the avatar should be earned, just like they had to. If they didn't reset their avatar count, then people with, say, 250 avatars, could possibly be in the top 50 and get the avatar. So, by removing "Emo Usuki" and re-adding it, resets their avatar count and puts them back on the high score table for the month. So, I am not completely sure if you even need to reset your avatar count. I believe it is only for those who have a lot of avatars to get back on the high score table. There is a Neopian(s) who will politely ask that the top Avatar Collectors wait a day, around the first of the month, to reset their avatar count, so that those with 330+ avatars have a chance at getting the "Avatar Collector" avatar. Then, another Neopian(s) will remind them to reset their avatar count, a day later (usually by the second day of the month). However, they do not have to honor that. I can't remember which Neoboards they post on, but it would be either "Avatars", "Games", or "Help". I hope this was somewhat helpful, and that others who know, or know more, will post.
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    *flicks hair* It's because I'm worth it, acmerasta ;D 'grats on whooping Chadley's behind!
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    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOOOMMGGGOOMMGGG The bigger they are, the faster they swim away once they've felt the cannon's blast!The krawken retreats in a hurry, leaving behind: Pirate Paint Brush
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    Jelly, your spirit and attitude through your condition inspire me. Thanks for joining and bringing your light to us.
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    This topic is dedicated to the noisiest place in Neopia: The Kadoatery! Whether you're a mewbie, an over-feeder, or just haven't tried it yet, let's talk about this game/way of life. lol I started not long ago, and have currently fed 25 kads so far. My plan is to go pink and then stop. I personally don't think kad feeding is actually FUN, but I have to admit that it does suck you in, one way or another. I can't say I'm kaddicted (since I have no desire to over-feed and am pretty tired of this already), but still I find myself watching the clock and thinking time goes by either too slowly or too fast, I smash my fists into my desk when I get pwned, I literally fist pump when I manage to feed and now I classify food items as kad-food vs non-kad-food - and I'm considering going on a kad-food shopping spree so I can SDB feed more often (most of the times I SW). So, what about you guys? How many have you fed? And what's your favourite feeding method?
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    I don't think I'll ever have the patience for that one xD For me today was a big achievment I was hunting the avatar for a while now and I finally got it! *-*
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    This is so...Awesome! Hey, whatever works for you, well, works! If I could beat Chadley's score by doing that, I will. You beat his score fair and square. No shame in that. Glad to see you post, @Musical_Shoyru! So, for your question, "Also sense when is it bad to ask for tips/post tips on this thread?", my opinion only, but, I believe the "main" Daily Dare (insert year here) thread is for posting general progress/how one is doing/not going with the challenges, so far. The Daily Dare (insert Day # here) thread is for the specific game, for that day. TDN always posts their game guide and hints and tips, there. If others have tricks/hints/tips, or just a different way of explaining the game, or how they play the game in general, it would make sense to post that info there. That is just how I see it, though. If I am having difficulty with a DD game, I will always go to the Daily Dare Day # thread and read all comments. Like you, I usually find a post(s) from another TDNer(s) very helpful, and, usually, help me make it through a challenge.
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    I haven't tried it yet to comment on whether this was easy or not, but I agree with the quitting on Kou-jong part. Unfortunately, I was very time poor that day and once I'd played it a couple of times and could only beat Abigail, I had to just bite the bullet and send that score or I would have been missing out on a trophy altogether for skipping that day. Better to be silver than nothing at all.
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    i did it in 10 minutes despite having stomach cramps ... i didn't even realize it's double dare day ... i got a score of 1150 all the prizes are really nice here's my ixi wearing bruno wig
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    Hi guys! Been hibernating for a while... internet issues and RL crap... I've been having Neo cravings so I checked in and there's Daily Dare happening!! Glad I checked in Seems I missed some stuff tho Just played Chem and off to see Kou Jong and figure out what else is happening...
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    I kicked booty today and got a score of 1113. Kou-Jong is a game I play every day. Believe me, I'm not good at the other games...I doubt I will be able to beat Chadley every day...
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    Beat Chadley 2 days running! *heroic pose* lol I'm making up for what's to come, I'm very sure! Scored 505 on Kau-jong which is actually my highest score! It was 418 before, so only a smidge over Chadley's score. I had to reset the 3rd round three times, but in the end I got to clear the tiles and gain 77 from the bonus timer, and I've NEVER been able to clear them before the timer ran out before, so something was smiling in my direction at that moment, that's for sure! The tiled fence foreground item is quite fun, I'm not totally sure how easy it will be to use, but it's waiting in my closet now for me to find some inspiration.
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    Game Guide | Daily Dare 2017 Coverage Chadley scored: 526 points Abigail scored: 145 points
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    i got 582 and beat Chadley now i can get some well deserved sleep
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    You gotta do one today if you want her special Illusen day avatar!
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    I was given the best lend of my life last night! Soooo happy! I also obtained two other great ones last night, another of the big 3:
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    It seems TNT/JS may have removed the Crafting Faerie quest for those that chose the Refreshed Quest Request boon, during the Daily Faerie Quest Event. Although I don't have anything formal, that seems to be what is being said on the "Help" Neoboard. Possibly of it not being fair, as it gives those with the boon, a chance at two quests daily, vs only one for those who do not have the boon. It was allowed in years past. Not sure why they would change it now. EDIT: Although I don't remember, it seems they (TNT/JS) have done the same in years past for those that chose the Refreshed Quest Request boon - "disabled" the Crafting Faerie quest, after the first two days of receiving the boon. (That is what I saw on the "Site Events" Neoboard). However, that doesn't seem right, to me, as, what if you changed your mind and wanted to complete a Crafting Faerie quest? Anyhow, that is the speculation.
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    I just fed my 10th kad and got the silver trophy! Now only 15 to go until gold (and then 50 more until pink...)
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    Finally morphed a Draik, which completed the Pet set of Avatars. Still need some of the Petpet Avatars though. Also, a friend just lent me a BGC, so I am extremely happy right now!
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    I just fed my first Kad ever!!! I've read several guides over the years, and I always found it so complicated. Actually, I still kind of do, but I've decided to have patience and try to figure it out as I go. I'm so happy right now Hoorah!You've made a very happy Kadoatie. *Mew!* Thanks for doing a good deed! (Also, in case you were wondering, you have now fed 1 Kadoaties in all!)
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    Whilst going through my SDB with the jellyneo tool I come across this! Kacheek Baking Set I don't know where this came from, but it's freakin' ADORABLE!
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    I was having a difficult time with this because the bullseye was lagging behind my mouse movements. I ended up borrowing my roommate's computer because it's a touch screen and I could just whack-a-mole those little parachutes. It worked way better and within about 5 tries I was able to get the needed score! I went from a highest ever score of 150 to 552. I could have kept going for a higher score, but I just stopped and sent in my score once I realized I had enough.
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    Hey everybody, Thank you for all of the additional details. What was common in all of your stories was that the counter images were inaccurate on the forums but not in other locations. After further investigation, this is because the forums cache remote images served from non TDN Forums domain names. This cache was set to save images for 7 days and serve them as is, thus the inaccuracy in the counts. I have since lowered the cache to 1 day, the minimum setting but am looking to make this even lower for everybody's sanity. The obvious question is: why cache? I can't disable this caching mechanism altogether because these images are cached to make them "secure" (HTTPS). For example, an http:// image served on a secure https:// TDN Forums throws browser errors. To be fully HTTPS, every asset on the page displayed must also be HTTPS. So we "grab and cache" non-HTTPS remote images at the forums to essentially make them HTTPS. If that makes no sense, don't worry. Please give me a little extra time to investigate. I hope to have a permanent solution soon. In the meantime, counters displayed at TDN Forums will update now at least within a day. Rest assured that your counts are being displayed live everywhere else.
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    All I can think of as the Shootout Showdown music is playing in the background are the many long hours of the AC, shooting goals, over, and over, and over again..... make it stop! lol
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    Thanks so much for sharing that - sometimes it takes a personal anecdote like that to get some perspective on what is important. I'm glad you're ABLE to be back!
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    This background Jumpstart released today looks gorgeous:
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    Exactly the game is easy but you need a spare 20 years to successfully beat 1 level. Tomorrow's game is Bruno Backwoods Breakaway so at least that should be a quick one.
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    That's an impressive score, Beth! I like kou-jong, but I'm not especially good at it, lol. Today was the first time EVER that I've managed to complete a level before the bonus ran out, that enabled me to beat Chadley very nicely...maybe AAA was watching over me? lol
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    i got 549 and beat Chadley too!! What a challenge. I haven't played Chemistry in YEARS lol!!
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    Did anyone keep their pet info before and after they did the Faerie Quests? I did. I also had a FQ fortune cookie going the whole game: 02/28/2017 03/20/2017 Level: 215 Level: 235 Health: 378 Health: 397 Strength: 401 Strength: 428 Def: 348 Def: 369 Movement: 299 Movement: 320
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    I completed a Grey Faerie quest, was granted a dip in the Rainbow Fountain, and now have my dream pet, a grey Draik! Today was a good day.
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    Yes, The Sleeper Constellation is the first one you are looking for. Did you use TDN's Constellation Finder, to find the coordinates of your Sleeper Constellation? (http://thedailyneopets.com/altador-plot/constellation-finder/). Using that will make it much easier to find the Sleeper, or any constellation, as it gives you the coordinates of each star of the constellation. To "move" the telescope, just click inside of the telescope. If you keep clicking, it will move more and more. The limits are (-1000, 1000), (1000, 1000), (1000, -1000), and (-1000, -1000), so if you keep clicking, but it isn't moving, most likely you have reached a limit. If you click up, near the top of the telescope "window", you should go up. If you click down, near the bottom of the telescope "window", it should go down. Likewise, with clicking to the left or right. The "thing" on the bottom, right of the telescope shows what coordinate area you are in, when you click inside. Note the red lines in the telescope make 4 quadrants. So, clicking in the one of the quadrants will move the telescope in that direction. Placing your cursor over/on a star will show that stars coordinates. If, for example, your cursor is on a star with the coordinate 10, -73, but you are looking for a star with a coordinate of -100, -278, then you know you need to click left, and go down (third quadrant), until you find that coordinate. It does take some searching to find the first constellation, but as you go along, it gets easier. The more constellations you find, the less stars you have left to search for. If the "Add Star" doesn't work, go back to the Archivist (http://www.neopets.com/altador/archives.phtml?archivist=1), and then try again. You must click on "Add Star", then click on the star you are wanting to add. If you skipped any of the steps, up to that point, and it doesn't work, going back and trying everything may help.
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    Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Wishing Well' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Decided it was time I pay a visit to the good ol' Wishing Well. Soo happy right now xD