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    WOAH, look what I got! Holographic Coltzans Shrine Stamp Price History Price unable to be determined by JN staff on November 22, 2016 18,500,000 NP (-3,500,000 NP) on April 4, 2016 22,000,000 NP (+2,000,000 NP) on January 15, 2016 *faints*
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    Whoa! Look what I got from Granny Hopboppin for donating 3x Faerie Lupe Morphing Potion !!!! Guys, I put up all the Coffee Slushies, Speak Tyrannia and Skies above Tyrannia books and wa-la! AMAZING! And you guys can do it too! (Unless you are going for the PackRat Avvie but we have loads of these, so just leave 1 in your SDB and donate the rest! Good Luck! And for donating 10x , I got a Cheery Holiday Bruce Goodie Bag!!! I am clearing out my SDB, but if you aren't too concerned about the gift you get back, For Books: like hrtbrk said from Battle Dome- Skies Above Tyrannia, Speak Tyrannian from Anchor Mangement- Tuskaninny Treasures, Skieth Maps, Pirate Talk most of the Faellie and Gallion books, whatever you get from King Altador-Lenny Crossword Puzzles, and Shenkuu Lunar Festival Comemmorative Guide (from Lunar Chart daily) For Coffee & Beverages : Coffee, Coffee Slushies (from Advent Calendar) For Food: bitten green apples, neocrackers, starry cookie piles r80 or starry crunch r83 (from Battle Dome) but keep in mind about hrtbrk's advice-if you want a good prize, donate higher scaled food For Furniture: Starry Biscuit Jar (from Battle Dome) For Gifts: Shenkuu Sushi Magnet & Shenkuu Postcard (from Lunar Chart daily) Today, 2/5/17 Day 4 of Charity Corner : I donated 5 space faerie cereals and got Dimensional Jetsam Morphing Potion (Donation #91) and 5 more space faerie cereals to get Taelia Plushie ! Trying to pace myself bc I don't have a lot of these 90+ items left, but this is pretty cool! Also, I got this yesterday Soup Faerie Doll (super rare) and I can't find a price for this cutie. Can anyone tell me what would be a fair price to expect? (Angelo knows I'm very bad at pricing!) I think I will keep the 2 (Taelia & Soup Faerie) in my SDB until I know what is reasonable to ask. Thanks for any advice in advance!
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    Guilds have been dead long before Neopets took a dive and I think the culprit is social media. You can meet on places like TDN, tumblr or reddit and speak more freely with a larger group of players. Additionally guilds are quite restricting in what they can do whereas if you post on social media, you can conduct giveaways or activities for your peers without risk of anyone getting in trouble via the guild.
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    It's five days until Valentine's Day, and I am crazy stoked this year! I bought my fiance and my mom some great presents this year. I'm not telling what I got my fiance because he reads the forums regularly. I got my mom one of those infinity scarves that are so popular. If that isn't enough. Valentine's Day is also my birthday. I'll come right out, and admit the number...It's the big 5-0. You'd think it would bother me, but it doesn't. I'm going to have a great dinner with my family, and hopefully get some great presents. *Looks hopeful for those Neil Diamond tickets* This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine). The topic was posted in the wrong area. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED from 'Neopets General Chat' to 'General Chat'.
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    Dear members, In accordance with modern web standards, TDN Forums is now being served over SSL, a secure connection. Your browser should say "HTTPS" in the URL and be marked as "Secure" by your browser. If you're not exactly sure what this means, it just means that TDN Forums is more secure than it was before. Thank you for being a part of TDN Forums. Enjoy and have fun! TDN Management
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    I've been getting tons of pants for different pets. Pants. A lot of pants. Apparently, Neopets thinks I really should wear pants. (I hate them with a passion )
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    This is covered by the well-known Neopian Mantra of NEVER. THROW. ANYTHING. AWAY. Since the last charity corner I think I've got rid of maybe 20 things? Stuff like smelly jellies, kelp and rubbish weapons you get masses of from the BD, and even when I'm discarding those weapons there's a voice in the back of my head saying, "you're gonna regret that one day and you know it!" Pretty massive irony that Charity Corner - an event intended solely to shed some of the load on the server by getting rid of a lot of items - makes people hoard even more items than usual.
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    I wonder if I can find the words to express what I'm feeling here...one of the issues with my MS is extreme difficulty expressing my thoughts, but I'll try! Never considered that the floral one is a pinata look, still kinda weird-looking, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt, lol. Neither of the candy or marble ones look bad, I'm just so disappointed that they're bringing out new brushes that are so dull, I envision every pet that gets painted in these looking exactly the same, and that's very very sad. Marble as a theme is pretty limiting, so I don't expect any nice surprises there. But CANDY as a theme...that could encompass absolutely ANYTHING. At least if it was being drawn by an artist who could dream up things like this it could... Basically what I'm afraid of is more pets where regardless of the species, the look for that brush is exactly the same. It's way past time that they had some out-of-the-box thinking for paintbrushes again and gave us some properly different pets within themes again, and they SO could do that with candy, but this elephante isn't filling me with hope in that regard. The first outing of this brush and you just give it peppermint stripes? REALLY?! Hmm, well I THINK I've managed to say what I wanted there, lol. Sorry for the rant!
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    A chill runs up your spine and you feel someone behind you. Thankfully, it's just Jacko the Phantom painter here to give you Wraith Paint Brush. He quickly fades away, and you decide to focus on your new item so you don't get the creeps. WOW!! This is AWESOME!!! Thanks Jacko. Probably one of the most expensive REs I have ever gotten. I was playing solitaire, so a lot of refreshing going on.
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    its actually a hammer fence foreground worst .. prizes .. ever
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    Here's a list of most of the R90's that you can get from dailies aside from battledome prizes as those are more well known. Check those SDBs!!! Brightvale Castle Brightvale Maps Buried Scroll Candy Pirate Earrings Carrot Sculpture Cartography For Beginners Casket Table Chocolate Bearog Claw Chocolate Cherry Bundt Cake Chokato Crepe Coffee Service Dark Red Spooky Candle Deserted Desert Scroll Diamond Hot Dog Elegant Tea Service Fruit and Vegetable Hand Roll Glow-in-the-Dark Moon Gold Gem Negg Hanging Fruit Basket Haunted Milk Iced Soy Chai Latte Indoor Pirate Cannon Inflatable Bouncy Pirate Ship Keeping The Peace King Hagan Mint Chocolate Kacheek Moon Crunch Cereal Moon Dust Scroll Moon Paving Stone Neovian Darkfall Orange Gummy Stamp Organic Peanut Outdoor Pirate Flag Pink Apple Lantern Puntec Fruit Return of Dr. Sloth Valentine Card Set Tablet of the Zombie Tale of Woe Valentine Card Set The Scary Truth Tigersquash Crepe Tropical Flora and Fauna Twirly Plant Ultimate Icy Negg Walking Carpet Cotton Candy Whole Anchovy Pizza Whole Chilli Deluxe Pizza Zeenana Crepe Zombie Handbook
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    *roots in SDB* Ooh, LOOK at all these accumulated BD prizes that I can donate! (as an aside, yay the emotes are working again now, thanks Ian!) 1st donation - Moltaran Fashion Eyrie Skirt 13k cute skirt, shame it's species specific! 2nd - Darigan Vacana Plushie 13.8k (also, could it BE any more adorable?!) 3rd - Pretty Kau Cloud Dress also 13.8k Not a bad haul for 15 strawberry fondant surprises! This is fun WOAH, first biggy for me... donation 32 - Darigan Ixi Morphing Potion 1.3m. That was from 5 copies of Fire Faerie Magic, courtesy of the BD! Onto many copies of Skies Above Tyrannia now! 33 - Rainbow Pteri Feather Stamp 125k 35 - Gathow 450k 36 - Ghost Shoyru Morphing Potion 120k 37 - Fire Aisha Morphing Potion 150k Getting a bit blasé about this now, lol!
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    I'm glad you do then, but not everyone does and they might not get the sarcasm. I had to make it clear so no one gets in trouble
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    Hey all! As part of the TDN Forums upgrade, we have a new forum theme called Shift that allows you to select your own color scheme. Just click the paint brush in the forum header to add your own flair. Thanks for being a part! Best, Ian
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    Apparently there is a glitch with the avatar. If you have received the old avatar during the 2015 event, NOT THIS ONE, you will not receive it during this event as it is glitched. Go figure. Hopefully they will get it worked out and we will receive our avatar. Uggh TNT, get your crap straightened out already. Sorry, I donated 130 times, not items. And yes, I participated in 2015, that's why I cannot get the new avvie now. It is glitched.
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    Except it's not "falsely price jacking up" during this or any event for that matter. These items are essentially being deleted and the price inflates due to supply and demand. The demand increases while the supply decreases. This is like economy 101 here. No one is being "taken advantage of" now, especially since Jumpstaff changed how the event works. This event has been around for years and every player had the same fair opportunity to start hoarding R90 items to either use or sell, most of which are given out for free from dailies. So it's not really reasonable for others who chose NOT to do that to cry about how it's 'unfair' to them. Because it's not at all. There is a major difference from buying all stock of a 1 np item off the SW and then requesting 2 million nps for them. That is a freezable offense; this is not. The real charity here is that you delete items off their servers for them, while taking billions of neopoints of the economy... and you do all the work
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    So I read the news about the Burrito in the Wall and got pretty bummed. Neopets, for me, is an escape from judgement, hatred, and petulance that I'm bombarded with on most other forms of media. I'm a big Pink Floyd fan, and actually had this on my wishlist to get for my gallery, but alas. This is just a rant I s'pose. Do any of you folks feel like you wade through rivers made from the tears of the easily offended?
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    All weekend Neopians have been voting for the newest paint brush to enter Neopia and the results are finally in. DRUM ROLL PLEASE! WINNER IS CANDY! Making its mark as the 1st Runner-up we have: Marble! And finally, finishing last but not the least is: Floral!
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    Time zones are automatically determined based off of your location now. The daily like limit has not been changed since we've added to the community and is based off of your usergroup. Members get 5, Super Members get 10 and Fantastic Members get 15 likes per day.
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    Granny Hopboppin and Charity Corner have returned for 2017. There are 5 categories of items to donate to the charity drive this year. To participate, simply donate 5 items from the categories below, within the same rarity range and receive an exclusive prize based on the rarity you donated. The more you donate, the better the bonus prize you get at the end of the event - which could be an avatar. Books – To fill the upcoming library in the new Community Hall Coffee and Beverages – For the construction workers to have while they take a break Food – To provide lunch meals for workers Furniture and Gardening – Will be reused to furnish the Hall or salvaged to help with the construction of the Hall Gifts – To be sold at a Garage Sale to raise funds for the construction of the Hall.
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    got a hairy evil coconut from the coconut shy :) *sends to gallery*
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    Checked on my ticket today and was thrilled! It looks like it's actually being sorted out! I was shocked, I expected it to stay open forever, like the other one I have that's still open from 2015... REALLY hoping this is completed soon, it's making me anxious having the extra prize things hanging around.
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    Fasfusa jumps out of the hole a few seconds later... It appears that Fasfusa came back a little richer. They must have found the 225 np in the hole... Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Symol' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! I'm done visiting that dirt hole! YAY! Way to go , Fasfusa!
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    That's alright! I just wanted people to know I wasn't serious! Sorry lol :0) EDIT; I FINALLY got the Avie! That was a bit scary for a couple days there! lol
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    I've seen several post on the Neoboards, where those who did get the Winter Charity Corner avatar, now don't seem to have it anymore. I'm hoping that is due to TNT/JS working to fix the "avatar" issue. *keeping fingers crossed* EDIT: Wow! They already put out the Neopian Times for this week! So, for all of us waiting for the Winter Charity Corner 2017 avatar, here is what today's editorial (ref: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&week=768) has to say: "*Tries to find a cookie to give to CQ* Oh, wait! Granny took all my cookies :o There are none left :( Atleast it was for a good cause! :) Thank you TNT for organising another Charity Corner! I very much enjoyed participating in it Unfortunately it seems something's gone awry when handing out the avatars to those of us who already had the Fall CC avvie. I can't imagine Granny not wanting to reward us after having put in all that work gathering these donation items. Could you please send her an urgent message asking her to award us our avatars? 0:-) Thank you! :* ~ 1_charlotte_1 Well then you've already given me plenty! Hellooooo, I was in charge of the food donations for a reason guys! Anywho, we're looking into this, so just be patient with us! Avatars are still a-comin'." So, hold on tight! EDIT EDIT: 10 Feb 2017@4:03 NST - WooHoo!!! I just got the new Winter Charity Corner 2017 avatar! They fixed it! They fixed it! No notification. Check your preferences or your avatar count of your user lookup! Gratz everyone!!!
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    HAHAHA. What a few days it's been. The charity corner event was/is very productive for me. I was able to receive a whole bunch of nice goodies and sell them really quick. BUT.. In the last few days I have been getting messages from random neopians trying to throw lowball offers at me and when I refuse they get nasty. This is actually only a small number of people out of a whole heap that I've been selling stuff to. Really? Why do people have to resort to insults if they don't get their way? This one guy a few minutes ago offered me 2mil for a Kacheek Flour. I thought he was joking. The lowest price on the trading post at the moment is 18mil. Why on earth would I drop my price to 2mil? Same thing happened earlier today with someone trying to buy a Large Black Collectible scarab. I had my price set at 9mil (a mil lower than the lowest on TP) and when I told them that I wasn't going to accept the 1.5mil they offered me they decided to get mean and throw insults at me. Calling me a cheater mainly. I've had to block more people in the last 3 days then I ever have. Great event but makes me not want to sell as much. Don't really like being berated. Vent over haha I hope everyone else is enjoying the event and getting lots of awesome stuff too
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    The boards only talk about those who didn't get the Charity Corner 2015 avatar, and are getting the new Charity Corner 2017 avatar. Some who have gotten it, have donated for 7 days, but some have said they got it by donating less day. It seems the avatar is "glitched" being awarded for those of us who did get the Charity Corner 2015 avatar. As far as I can tell, no one who has gotten the Charity Corner 2015 avatar has been awarded the new Charity Corner 2017 avatar. I know I've donated for 7.5 days. I really hope if they can't fix it by midnight NST tonight, they at least award it with the basic trophy and up. I guess we will see what TNT/JS does... If you look at the page source code, it looks like they used the code from the last Charity Corner, which used code from the first CC. You can see references to the "most generous Neopians". That was from the first CC where they had a leader board going. I can understand using previous source code, but at least test it first. The avatar awarding code looks the same as last CC's. *sigh* I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This is from the same TNT/JS that didn't seem concerned about changing the "Daily Question".
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    Finally got the Rubbish avie, and I only had to discard 2 more items.... no clue I'd thrown away so much already, had been trying for it hardcore the last couple weeks and when stopped because of Charity Corner. LOL And at that I have reached my goal of 250 avatars for the first couple of months into the New Year. Now onto my year goal of 300 :)
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    I've got a friend who was the same way for a while. Her job was really wearing on her and she was going through some nasty medical stuff and she really just didn't have the energy to put into her friendships. She fell off the face of the earth for a while, me and our other friends were getting really worried. For me, it was worth waiting it out, and now she's at the point where she's at least a little more reachable. But my best advice is to do what you think is best for your own well being. If this friendship is causing you so much stress that it outweighs the good things you get from it, you might have to let it go (which wouldn't make you a bad friend, btw!) If the good outweighs the bad, I say be patient with her. But don't be afraid to do what you need to do to stay sane.
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    For Charity Corner 2017, there are 5 categories of items you can donate - Books, Coffee & Beverages, Food, Furniture & Gardening, and Gifts. You can donate items in those categories from R1 to R99 ("R", meaning Rarity). Not all items, however, are donatible - rarities above 99, retired, and special. Also, items that are categorized as "none". I do have items that I know are "food" items, but they are categorized as "none" and I wasn't able to donate them. There are 4 different "levels" of rarities for donating: R1-R69, R70-79, R80-R89, and R90-R99. You can donate items with all of the same rarity. For example, donating 5 "Twirly Plants", which are R98. You can also donate items with different rarities, but they have to be within 5 of each other. For example, you can donate a R70, R75, R80, R85, and R90 item. When you donate 5 items, Granny will "give" you a prize based on the lowest rarity of the 5 items donated. In the previous example, you should at least get a R70 item in return, or, rather from Granny. However, you do have a chance of getting a higher rarity item. Meaning, since you donated 5 items, with the lowest rarity being R70, and the range for that "level" is R70-R79, you have a change of getting a R79 item. So, that's basically it. You have a better chance of getting rare items from Granny, by donating R90+ items. That is where the "really good stuff" is. Someone posted the got a "Bony Grarrl Club" (very rare "R99" and can sell for a lot of NP). Rare stamps are another possibility, and so are Battledome items. However, it is a gamble on what you will get. Not everyone will get good, great, or even items not seen in Neopia in a long time. The more you donate in those levels, the more of a chance you have of getting good stuff, but, not guaranteed. When you do donate, the first item you donate will be seen in the box. When you click the drop down box for the second item, you will only see items in your "Inventory" that are within 5 of the rarity of the first item. The same goes for the third, fourth, and fifth boxes. If you click on the basket to donate "Food", but you have no food items in your inventory, the drop down box, will be "greyed out"/inactive, as you have none of those items to donate. I hope this makes sense and helps. CC (Charity Corner) can be fun and that is why many people "squirrel away" items in their SDBs (Safety Deposit Boxes). Also, prices in user shops get crazy (and I mean crazy) during the CC events, as it can be a NP making time.
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    I got a THYORAS TEAR for donating some r98 plants i ahd laying around that are otherwise useless. OMG
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    Hey everybody! We apologize for the wonky appearance of the ALP front page since ~31 January. This had to do with our front page news export that is streamed from TDN Forums. We had to make some system changes. Now... we're in tip-top shape. It's all fixed. Thanks much!
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    http://images.neopets.com/items/paintbrush_candy.gifthe new Candy Paint Brush!http://images.neopets.com/items/paintbrush_marble.gifyup! they've added a Marble Paint Brush too!
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    Gifted someone an Icy Snowflake for Vday and ended up getting the avvie from it...two birds with one stone!
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    Well I was going to go with thieves until I saw this thread. If my sista needs Brutes, then Brutes for the crappy boons it is. lol. Go Brutes!!!
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    What a mess it was to get this one, but I'm glad to have finally gotten it: Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Winter Charity Corner' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
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    I was joking guys..... I know it's a freezable offense, I was just adding to the sarcasm......
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    You're right, jelly! You should NOT spend that NC (or sell the dupe items), because taking advantage of a glitch is a freezable offence. I'd say wait a couple of days and see if it goes away. If it doesn't, send in a ticket.
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    So are they planning on fixing it for us? I really hope so because, while the trophy, NC, and NPs are nice, I mainly participated in the event for the avatar.
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    It's a total hit or miss. I've donated sets of R99 things and gotten R90 clothing that was only worth a couple of thousand. I've donated R90 and gotten R99 stuff too that was worth several million. A lot of the stuff I donated was in my SDB already, since I've been hoarding stuff for two years from doing dailies, REs, battledome prizes, etc. Since a lot of R90+ stuff is dirt cheap when CC isn't happening, I wound up not selling them b/c I didn't see the point of only getting 10-20 NPs for them (Happy Face Lattes come to mind). It's fun gambling, and I personally enjoy seeing what random things CC gives you. It's up to you whether or not you want to sell, but I think prices are probably going to steady for tomorrow.... I could be wrong though.
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    HAHA, Charity Corner is GREAT for revealing some people's nastier character traits. Let's hope the people who have been doing this to you have all been bratty 13 year-olds and will (hopefully!) grow out of this kind of BS. Or it'll get slapped out of them before they get much older... Were the insults of the "your mom" variety? The eloquence should give a hint to their age, I'd hope. Calling YOU a cheater for not letting THEM rob you blind makes me lol.
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    That's not weird, that's just Neopian Trololol! I've mentioned this elsewhere, it happens all the time. It's the meepits! They delight in this kind of thing. >_< Bet you're getting barely anything useful from your dailies either, right?!
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    Guys!! I don't think you want to be spending money on items from the general Store, they're all in the "special" category and can't be used for this event.
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    News is back on the front page! Yay!
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    So- we should make this special, the 100th Round, right? I will see who is posting on this thread and if you are up for some BD item handouts -just post your normal post about your faction choice, mention if you have your eye on a buyable BD item if you like, and don't mind if I send you a BD muffin or Nova or something. IF YOU DON'T WANT anything sent to you-make sure you add- I'm not interested in a BD Blitz or I don't want BD items in my Inventory. If you have already posted-please edit your post to include your EXEMPTION from the BD Blitz! I'll check back in an hour or so if I get computer time at school or after a while if I can't. ;) 2/1/17 Late night _ I could only send the first BD Blitz Round to: jellysundae, Scoobert_Doo, and tk421beth mtsparky (misparky) and firaplays have FULL Inventories-Yellow jubjub is a-cryin' Hmm, it appears that lianakos is frozen.Your item cannot be sent. :( I am so sorry that this happened to you :'( and Error: Oops! The username heartybfast does not exist on Neopets!
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    I think the difference between this burrito and the items you mentioned is that the burrito was potentially referencing real world events. People play games, especially games as silly and colorful as neopets, to escape the real world. Regardless of whether or not the item was "offensive," I think it was a good decision to get rid of it. The last thing I want when I play neopets is to be reminded of how messed up the world is right now.
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    There's also the fact that burritos are Mexican, and it's a wall. Now where have we heard of Mexican walls recently??? lol
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    Both items are sent to you guys! Good luck!
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    Such beautifully malevolent aishas. It's nice to see the types of evil being so varied :geeky_evil:
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    When using the Shop Wizard there's no real way of finding the cheapest price. You can get within the ball park of the cheapest price with a lot of refreshing. What I tend to do when I'm searching for lets say a stamp on the shop wizard, I'll check Jellyneo to see what their price history for that item is to give me a starting point on what to look for. Then I'll start using the shop wizard. I will open up the cheapest shop in a new tab and continue refreshing about 10-15 times or until I find a cheaper price then my current shop tab. When I find a cheaper price, I continue to search for another 10-15 times and if afterwards I can't find anything cheaper and this shop has the item priced within or lower then Jellyneo's history I will then buy the item. The only other way to for certain get the cheapest price on the shop wizard is to be a premium member and use the super shop wizard.