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    The best part of it is when theres an item prize. haha hoard all the things!!!
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    I am probably one of the only Neopians thrilled about the delay. 😆
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    birders unite!

    So these are my bird stories. When my youngest son was little, he loved to build things with dad. Hey, I can build things too, pffft, yeah right, lol, so I decided to build a bird house with him. Well, it turned out to be more of a bird mansion. LOL. But, who says bird houses have to be small? I mean, they can be rich too, right? IDK, but it was huge and it had a little porch. My husband said the hole (door) was too big, but I guess he was wrong because the birds made it bigger!!! I guess they thought a big mansion should have a matching door. LOL. Anyway, the birds loved it!! They tore apart the pillows in the dog house and took the stuffing into the bird house, and I mean, they were loving life in that bird house. They had families in there. It is still in our pear tree to this day and the tree has grown around it and it is now part of the tree. I had to clean it out because there was sooooooo much stuff from different birds, they weren't coming anymore! Well, lo and behold, after I cleaned all the crap out of it, we got new tenants. Lol. Seriously, I should charge rent for that house! LOL. My second bird story. My husband was at work. He worked at a Temple and he was watering the bushes. He thought he saw a spider and sprayed the hose when he realized it was a tiny baby bird. It had no feathers, NONE, just skin, and it's eyes were closed. He looked around for a nest but couldn't find one, so he brought it home. I put him in a little container with paper towels under a desk lamp to keep him warm. He needed to be fed every 15 mins around the clock! To feed a baby bird you take dry dog food, put water in it so it becomes mush, put some sugar in it, then scoop it onto a popscicle stick and shove it down their throat. No Water!! The water they get in the food is plenty. As long as their poo is normal consistency, they are eating enough. I had to feed him like this for about 2-3 wks then it was every 30 mins, then every hour. Just like a baby. I was home for the summer, luckily. I was sure he wasn't going to make it. I mean, I have found baby birds before and they died the next day. Mommy tossed him for a reason most likely. He could have fallen, but she probably tossed him out. Well, much to my surprise, he survived! He learned to fly on his own. He had such a personality. He would sit on my keyboard and I would play bird calls on the computer and he would sit and listen to it. He would drink my coffee out of my cup! The first time he did that he was surprised because it was hot, but then he went back for more and the rest is history. He became a coffee lover. I have a large mole on my jaw line. He was sitting on my shoulder one day and he started pecking and biting it! He tried to bite the darned thing off!! LOL. It freaking hurt! He would peck at it constantly! The funniest thing though, we would keep his cage door open so he could fly around and go in and out, but one night he was standing on the door and calling to me, "tweet, tweet, tweet" then flew over to me, flew back to the cage, "tweet, tweet, tweet." I was like, wth does he want? I went over to the cage and he was tweeting. He went onto his perch and I shut the door, covered his cage and he went to sleep. The next night, same thing. He was telling me he wanted to be closed up, it was time for bed!!! Every night it was the same routine. That silly bird wanted his cage closed for the night. He knew it would be opened in the morning. I would hear him start to stir in the morning and I would open the cage and he would come out, sit on my shoulder, and have his coffee with me. LOL. He ended up dying on my birthday the following year. He had a great life though. We took him everywhere. He went camping in Vermont with us, he went to a Posh hotel in Pennsylvania. I was walking in with a big bird cage covered with a towel. LMAO. I really miss that little guy. His name, Tweet tweet of course.
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    Enter The Runway #57!

    Just a reminder that the rules can be found right here. In addition to that, I should note that it's perfectly okay to send in a screenshot instead of the DTI image link, if you feel a screenshot is more representative of your custom. (Some wearables might look weird in the pre-made image DTI provides, and some moving items might not show up at all.) You can also ask me to make the screenshot for you, if you're unsure how to do it (or just can't be bothered). Current theme: Light My Fire Description: Customise a Fire or Magma pet any way you like! Entering period: Monday, May 28 - Sunday, June 3 Monday, June 4 Voting period: Monday, June 4 Tuesday, June 5 - Sunday, June 10 If you have any questions about the theme or anything else, don't hesitate to post here or send me a PM! (You can also always send me any theme ideas you might have! I still have a long list of them, which I got from deboratibi, but that list can never get too long! )
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    birders unite!

    I just got my feeders up over the weekend. I got a new, very pretty, stained-glass hummingbird feeder and just watched a little ruby-throated female (so no ruby throat lol) have the longest rest and drink. It was so exciting! Last year there was a bird sickness in a nearby province so we weren't supposed to have feeders up. This was my first full year owning the house, too, so I couldn't help but worry they wouldn't come for me... but they did 🙂 My parents owned the house before me, but it's a nice private property and my parents really weren't in shape to keep it up anymore so I bought it. Mom always fed birds and had a bird book and binoculars by the back glass doors. I do too (boy do those old doors need to be replaced... I feel my money pouring out of them in winter, but I guess that's another story). Here there are lots of mourning doves, juncos, chickadees, blue jays, and various sparrows and finches. There are pockets of cardinals in and around my town, but I have never seen one here. I'd love to attract some, but I think they stick to very small areas. I have an old birch tree that grows up through a hole cut in my deck.. that's where my feeders are hung. My husband tells me he thinks the tree should come down because it's old and crappy (like the deck that surrounds it lol), but man that makes me sad. I have other trees around, but it just won't be the same. I love sitting on the deck and having them chirp and flutter nearby while I read. Does anyone else really love birds? I've never been on a bird-watching trip or anything like that... but I think I could! What do you have in your area?
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    Avatars: What have you got?

    I was mindlessly playing Dice-A-Roo, more in the hopes of some good REs (no such luck) than of getting the avatar, because that seemed impossible at this point, but then I got the green dice, the yellow dice and the silver dice all within a handful of throws, and then boom! Jackpot!
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    birders unite!

    I live in the town centre so there's not many birds around for me to see, sadly. 😞 Pigeons (there's one nesting in a chimney over the road) and crows mostly, and the occasional blackbird. There's a resident blackbird about this year that likes to sing on the corner of a roof over the road from me and I think of him as my blackbird, I wave to him when I see him up there. =3 The UK blackbird has the most beautiful mellow song and I will never speak to you again if you disagree. You can listen to it HERE There'll be swifts around any day now, too, they use this street to catch their breakfast, I think, shooting up and down here early in the morning, their high breathy scream is really evocative of summer to me. Apart from a wagtail extremely rarely (and once, an owl! Skimming past my window in the dead of night and frightening the life out of me. ) That's all the birds that I see. OH! And like Duma, I just saw a swallow whilst typing.
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    Wraith Resurgence: Claim Your Prizes!

    The Wraith Resurgence has come to an end. Head to The Clearing to view a short five minute video that helps clear up the story. Users who participated should also receive a Neomail citing any prizes they have won for their efforts. Trophy and Prizes Guide
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    Yay, for birthdays????

    It's hard to believe, but, another year of life has passed, and I have officially been on this planet for 37 years, starting on the 38th as of today. 😉 Unfortunately, it WOULD have to be TODAY when the weather decided to make the meteorologists RIGHT, and rain. Oh well, Mom is coming in for a visit and we're going to this really nice place for supper. Back home for some ice cream, (hopefully the ice cream shop won't be TOO busy on such a rainy day), and then later I'll follow my normal routine and try to get something sketched at this place I like to hangout at. Birthdays sure can be weird sometimes. While I believe that everyone should be treated well, especially on their birthday, I also realize that they are nearly meaningless in the larger sense. Because frankly, there are billions of people who have no idea whose birthday it is on any given day. It's kind of humbling in a sense. I mean, I know, or know of, at least 5 other people who share today as their birthday. I'm no longer in contact with most of them, one was a classmate, one is family, and the others I know from Online. What makes a birthday special, is not really the individual, as we may think since they often get presents to open, but IMO, who makes a birthday really special are those around the person whose birthday it is. Knowing people care and the niceties shared with the birthday boy or girl, that's what truly makes birthdays special, and are the best presents anyone could receive! At least, that's what I think. 😉 What do you guys think? :)
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    Avatars: What have you got?

    I forgot to grab the screengrab (I know...) but I got the Pink! avatar today!! I didn't realize how cheap morphing potions are as an alternative. I had been pound surfing for weeks!! 50k on an ogrin morphing and that was it!!!
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    Setting a reminder on my laptop worked like a charm, so result! \o/ It reminded me of the reminder 15 minutes beforehand and I took my tablet then. Then made me jump out of my skin when the actual reminder happened. xD The 15 minute warning's pretty good for me though, as I have a distressing tendency to lose focus on what I'm doing halfway through doing it, so I WILL have occasions where I'll react to the pre-reminder but not actually take my meds because the intent will disappear from one second to the next, so another poke 15 minutes later is perfect. So thank you everyone, because between you all you've made my life a bit easier.
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    Today's Random Events

    Wow! I didn't even know you could get NC in a random event. That is awesome!
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    Avatars: What have you got?

    Feels nice after many weeks of losses!
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    Avatars: What have you got?

    Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Buzzin'' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! The Faerie Quest fortune cookies finally paid off
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    Avatars: What have you got?

    Backed the right team for a change 😊 Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Battleground: Awakened' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
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    Avatars: What have you got?

    Feels strange about getting this one, as a pet had to change species, but glad to get this one "checked" off of my list: Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Pwned by the Lab' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
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    Happy Koi Day!

    Water | Wraith
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    Happy Koi Day!

    This is a Water Koi seen in Water
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    birders unite!

    And now, thanks to @lojoco49 I know all this is a lovely nod to New Zealand.  Oh that is GOLDEN! Haha, I've never gotten around to reading Discworld - now I think I definitely must. Yes, we are lucky that there aren't TOO many predators here and have managed to save a few of our natives (particularly the flightless ones like Kiwi and Kakapo) from extinction with careful breeding programmes. Hopefully "Last Chance to See" won't be the case, they are adorable Now that some budgie tales have been written, it reminds me of an event when my son was 3 or 4yrs old. It was our turn to look after the kindergarten budgie over the weekend (Bruce). He was very tame and we had him out of the cage. Jason was on the lounge floor colouring in and Bruce was hopping about on the colouring book. It was a warm day so we had the door open. Next minute a stray cat SHOT in the door, grabbed Bruce and darted outside again. It was all so quick!! After a few tears and the shock wearing off, we desperately started the search to buy a look-a-like. Found one that was quite similar and bowled up to kindy on the Monday with him, guiltily whispered to the head teacher that he was a replacement (and the associated events) only to be told - "That's okay, he's about the fifth 'Bruce' we've had." 😲 Found a photo! This was taken just minutes before poor Bruce's demise...
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    Altador Cup: Sign Ups Opened!

    Don't submit low scores for Yooyuball's the only helpful thing I can think of. Like if you draw with the opposing team, or only score a few more than them - maybe 5-2, or 7-4 - don't submit because that impacts on the team's ranking, or something . . . Actually my M.O. on previous years was to just refresh the page and start again if the opposite team scored more than 2. This also happens as soon as a Darigan Yooyu puts in an appearance if it's not near the end of the game, because I've got ZERO chance of scoring with those devils. 🤣 I played a couple of games of YYB after signing up and . . . well . . . I enjoyed them. 😮 I scored decently, too: 8-2 and 10-0. Once I lose control of the ball I've still had it, but it seems I'm no worse than last year, so I feel pretty positive about this event now.
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    Many die-hard Altador Cup fans were anticipating to sign up for their beloved team this weekend after the Cups annual press tour had commenced; however, the News has revealed that the sign-ups for the games have been postponed indefinitely until further notice. More news about the tournament is expect to be released next week!
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    birders unite!

    Well hello there Bruce V, your successor will be along shortly . . . I suspect a significant percentage of a pet shop's profits come from the surreptitious replacement of small children's small pets. We had gerbils in Class 1 in my primary school. The thing is, we weren't taught anything about them. I honestly thought they ate tissues because we'd tear strips off them and give them to the gerbils through the bars of the cage and they'd shove them into their mouths and take them away. What's the point of a class pet if nothing's learnt from it? I have a confession to make . . . I killed a birdie 😞 Not a real, live one. I tamed a parrot on Minecraft and I LOVED it! Parrots are a new thing since I was able to play last so I was excited to see some when I explored a jungle biome. You tame them by feeding them seed and then they sit on your shoulder. =3 They stay with you then, either on your shoulder or fluttering along behind you and it's adorable! They talk "hello," and call a little but it's not constant or in the least bit annoying so I really enjoyed its company. But it was fluttering about and got in the way when I was chopping down a tree and . . . 😢 I felt like a complete monster and I haven't allowed myself to find another one yet.
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    Unreleased Yooyu

    The image URL says eventide but I expect them to change it to Plushie for the prize shop tbh. I removed Eventide for now in case it does change later on. UPDATE: JS has changed the url to plushie from eventide. It's officially a plushie yooyu!
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    birders unite!

    I don't know much about songbirds but there are lots of pretty little colourful ones in the lanes around here, probably lots of tits of various kinds but I've never taken the trouble to find out. Definitely Kingfishers down at the river because they are really obvious, I don't need to be a genius to figure that one out, lol. Sometimes I see heron there too. I swear there used to be a particular owl who must have perched in the gutter above my bedroom window to deliberately keep me awake at night with it's noise. I wasn't feeling warm and fuzzy birdwatching thoughts towards that blighter, I can tell you I always like it when the swallows and swifts arrive back. I always feel like summer has arrived. They build in the stables and its nice to see them flitting about catching insects.
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    I'm with rntracy1 There was no computers or internet in my case. Of course she was a lot younger than I was when she started playing. I didn't join NeoPets until I was about 48. I'm 60 now. I started playing because we were raising 2 of our grand daughters and they begged me to let them join NeoPets about 12 years ago. Never having heard of it I wouldn't allow it unless I joined and they made me a friend. I wanted to be sure to keep an eye out on them when they played. I even got them each a laptop so they could play at the same time. I use a desktop. Now they are 19 and 21 and no longer play but I just couldn't give up my account! LOL I'm addicted. Oh and to answer your question about the avatars. I love them all and I do my best to try and collect them all (impossible) and I try to collect everything else too.