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    Maybe if it was 500,000 or 5,000,000 for 500NC but I feel like this would only influence illegal means of obtaining neopoints. A lot of games do have in-game currency conversions but Neopets has far too many cheaters for it to work without completely destroying the game imo. I think a more useful way would be to have a wheel (or some sort of neopoint sink game) where you could spend a high amount of NPs and win neocash in various denominations or a NC prize like a specific item, special capule or goodie bag with predetermined prizes. Also I think it would be nice to have a reverse version of Delina where you could buy the items with NPs, from a specialty shop, and create NC items instead.
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    Hey everyone! We're really excited to announce that The Daily Neopets Items Database is now online at https://items.thedailyneopets.com. The wearables and Customization department has been moved here. Rest assured that all of the same data can be found at TDN Items. Eventually customize.thedailyneopets.com will be going offline entirely, in favor of the new Items Database. The Items Database will be in active development over the next couple of months, restoring features like wishlists and wishlist code generation. We hope that you like it! Thanks for helping make TDN your one-stop-shop for everything Neopets. :)
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    So, went to the Ocean for the weekend for our 2 year anniversary, and he surprised me and asked me to marry him on Friday after we got out there and walked out to the beach. <3 They are in thumbnails, so just click on them if you want a bigger picture/see them better. He's super proud of himself in this one, lol. There you guys go, I'm super excited and happy, nothing like being the future Mrs. Storm. <3 <3 <3
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    My main account, squirrely520, has been unfrozen! It took about two months and I had given up hope. I am so relieved, and it's just in time for the Altador Cup too!
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    The latest versions of Chrome (since September 2015) and Firefox (March 2017) no longer support the Shockwave plugin. So, you will not be able to use those browsers to play the Shockwave games. If you are using a Windows PC, though, there is a "work-around" for Chrome. For Windows PCs, you have three options: The last version of Safari for Windows, Internet Explorer 11, or an extension for Chrome like "IE Tab". The last version of Safari for Windows can be found on the 'Net. Fire up your favorite search engine and you should be able to find it. Be careful when downloading. I was able to find it on a site that just made me watch a video on how to install software, before it would let me download it. Some sites may try to get you to download something else, first. I usually steer clear of those sites. Run a virus scan on it, too, after it has finished downloading. Please note, though, the last version of Safari for Windows was released in 2012 and is no longer supported by Apple. Using an old/outdated browser (or any software or OS, for that matter) could put your computer's security at risk. Because it is no longer supported, any security vulnerabilities found will most likely not be patched. If you do use the last version of Safari for Windows, you do so, at your own risk. I'd recommend using an ad blocker, with it, and use it to ONLY go on Neopets, and when on Neopets, ONLY to play the Shockwave games. When you are finished playing the Shockwave games, log out of Neopets and close Safari. If you wish to continue playing on Neopets, open another updated browser like Chrome or Firefox. If you already have Shockwave installed and then install Safari, you may have to reinstall Shockwave, as Shockwave may not "recognize" Safari being installed. If you wish to try Internet Explorer 11, there are a couple of things you will have to do to get the games to work. You will need to add, without the quotes, "neopets.com" to IE 11's "Compatibility View Settings". If you don't, you will keep getting the error message you posted above (Sad Usul). The easiest way is to open IE 11 and go to Neopets. Then, click on "Tools" (gear/cog looking icon in the top, right corner of IE) and select "Compatibility View settings". In the new window that opens, you should already see "neopets.com" in the "Add this website:" text field. Click on the "Add" button, to the right, to add "neopets.com". Once added, "neopets.com" should now appear in the "Websites you've added to Compatibility view:" box. Click the "Close" button, at the bottom of the window, to close the window. The Neopets webpage should automatically refresh. IE 11 will now let you use Shockwave content. However, you aren't "out of the woods", yet. The Shockwave games may load, but game controls, like the space bar, arrow keys, may not work. I recently noticed this, after a Windows 10 update. To get the controls to work, you will have to disable/turn off "Protected Mode". Again, please note, turning off protected mode could put your computer's security at risk. The same things I recommended for Safari, I recommend for IE 11, too - use ONLY on Neopets, and ONLY to play the Shockwave games on Neopets. When finished playing the Shockwave games, turn protected mode back on, logout, and close IE. Use a different browser to continue your activities on Neopets. To turn off protected mode, once again, click on "Tools", but this time select "Internet Options". Click on the "Security tab", at the top. Look for "Enable Protected Mode (requires restarting Internet Explorer)". Once found, "uncheck" the check box by clicking on it. Click on "Ok", at the bottom of the window, to keep the change. You will receive a warning. Click "Ok" for that, too. Protected mode should now be disabled and you should be able to play the Shockwave games. To re-enable protected mode, follow the same instructions, but click on the check box to put the "check mark" back in. With IE 11, I have encountered game "freezing" issues. When a Shockwave game freezes, there isn't anything you can do, but close the pop-up game window, and try again. All game progress will be lost. You may have to disable IE 11's pop-up blocker, too, or make an exception for Neoepts - "Tools", "Internet Options", "Privacy" tab and look for Pop-Up Blocker. Uncheck the check box or click on "Settings" to add Neopets. As I said earlier, with a Windows PC, you can use Chrome, but only if you use an extension like "IE Tab". "IE Tab" allows you open new tabbed pages within Chrome, but the pages use the "IE engine" to display them. By doing that, you are able to use plugins that Chrome no longer supports, like Shockwave. When you use "IE Tab" to open a new tabbed page, make sure you login to Neopets on that "IE Tab" tabbed page. If you don't, and play a Shockwave game, it will not accept your score, as you aren't considered logged into Neoepts - even if you are logged in on a "regular" Chrome tab. Nothing else special is required. Unfortunately, this will not work on a Mac, as Macs do not come with IE installed and Microsoft no longer makes IE for Macs. As for Macs, I heard Safari still works. You may have to install the Shockwave plugin, if you haven't already. Unfortunately, I do not own a Mac, so I cannot confirm. I do know that new Macs, with OS X Sierra, come with a 64-bit OS and 64-bit Safari. Shockwave is a 32-bit plugin. From my experience, you cannot use a 32-bit plugin with a 64-bit browser, unless the browser has an option to open/start in 32-bit mode. So, basically, what I am saying is that if you are using a newer Mac, you might not be able to play Shockwave games. I believe OS X Lion had the ability to open Safari in 32-bit mode. With all of the Shockwave games, you may have to refresh the pop-up game window a few times, if the game doesn't load. And, there are 3 Shockwave games that have a black box that covers the top, left portion of the game screen. They are Castle Battles, Gourmet Club Bowls, and Hannah and the Pirate Caves. To the best of my knowledge, there is no way to get rid of it, or a "work-around". I have heard of some using an older version of Shockwave, or playing on a computer with an older OS, like XP or Vista, and using an older version of Shockwave, but I haven't had luck trying an older version of Shockwave with Windows 10. The games are still playable, but a bit more challenging. With Gourmet Club Bowls, the black box disappears as you go through the instructions, but it is possible it can come back. The avatars are still obtainable for 4 of the Shockwave games - Attack of the Slorgs, Dice escape, Gourmet Club Bowls, and Hannah and the Pirate Caves. Sorry this is so long and good luck! If you have any questions, please post. Have fun!
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    It's incredible how I ALWAYS forget to participate.. I always say "Ok this is the week you'll do it! IT IS THIS WEEK!" and then The Runaway Voting Begins By Deboratibi 5 hours ago.
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    although the customization is minimalistic .. Peophus won Gold for NP category :) funny that my better - customized pets never win
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    Another BIG THANK YOU to the TDN ALP for this avatar! I couldn't have done it, without them! Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Draik - Hatched' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
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    Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Faerie Bubbles' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Close Window OMG, this has been years in the playing!!!!
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    I wanted a gold trophy for The Great Desert Race and I thought I'd share how it went in case anyone is interested. I used the TDN guide for getting one player next to the exit and circling the other player back through the whirlwind and tug-o-war. I started taking data at 1500 points and played to 2860 points. Results for 1360 points earned: 30 loops total Avg. time for 1 loop was 200 sec Avg. points lost per loop was 11.5 points <--- so if you do a round and don't win the tug-o-war this is your loss or you gain 88.5 points with a win per round My total game time start to finish was 4 hours. Maybe this will help someone contemplating going for this trophy figure out if they have the time/inclination to do it. I rate this game "Boring but doable!"
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    After using ShadowyIce's recommended inventory order of Cheese - Drackonack - Vegan Cheese - Drackonack - Cheese And refreshing sporadically - and really not that much - during the space of 8 hours... Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Drackonack - Hungry' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
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    Yep, the more you try to understand, the more confusing it gets. So I guess the best thing to do is not worry about the logistics. Just take part in the games and enjoy yourself. Have you practiced playing again yet? I suppose the main thing to remember is to only send your score if you've won by a good margin, not if you've drawn or only scored a couple of goals more. Stick with that and you should be fine. I'm gonna have another practice game, see how I do today. OH AND, the practice team is tougher than a lot of the actual teams, isn't it guys?! EDIT: Oh man, I give up at today's practice! At 3-0 with 2 minutes to go I got a faerie yooyu...after repeatedly flinging it around aimlessly I gave up at 30 seconds to go, I CANNOT score with those things (and it seems neither can the practice team either ). Time to dig this out again...
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    Got this one yesterday, after years of playing. (I even reached a level I didn't know existed (Garlicky Bratwurst) & got a bronze trophy.)
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    I got five new avatars in the past week thanks to TDN ALP! Thanks for all your help, Deb! I'm hoping to get the Ghost Krawk/Pink/Mazzew chain soon--I'll probably apply for the July chain, so if anyone wants to join me, get your post count up over the next few weeks =D
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    It's been a good avatar week for me, mostly thanks to the ALP, and to a little bit of luck in Spacerocked, but this is the one I'm happiest about. It kind of feels like a waste of a FFQ, but I'm trying to make the most of it. I picked up HarrieJamesPotter from the pound a couple of years ago and he's been sitting on my side account until now. I painted him Skunk, since the color gives him green eyes and a forehead stripe that might vaguely resemble a scar? I'll have to see what 'magic' I can work in the customization department... Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Buzzin'' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
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    You are not allowed to join on side accounts. You are playing games that are earning NPs which is not allowed. You can't play on more than one account and you can't play on side accounts. As far as teams go, I haven't been very good at picking teams, therefore I am going to let my sister Beth and Scoobert pick our team this year. Beth and Scoobert, put your heads together, pick a team and let me know. I will go with which ever team you guys choose.
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    Is "Let's do this!" this Round's Battle Cry??!! After, "Let's Battle our buns off!"-this seems like a ...let down ! Come on, fearless Leader, Beth, we need maybe... well, this seems a bit TOO MUCH!
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    Scoobs FTW, he's got the knowledge - TDN's unofficial IT help desk. It would be be a great help to everyone if this could be pinned. He can then edit and update that one post as things change, rather than having to type it all out all over again the next time someone has the same problem!
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    I think I've seen this question come up several times in the last couple of weeks...maybe it could be pinned? It's very useful info, thanks Scoobert!
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    FINALLY!!!!! I never have to fetch anything for that cheap witch, Edna again! *CACKLE*!!! I have successfully made Rainbow Wand of Cybunny Shrinking! Yes! I have all the ingredients! Heh heh thanks a lot, and please come back again to help me. As an extra bonus I have given you 143 NP! The old witch gives you a Slime Ghostkersandwich!!! Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Edna - Cackle!' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
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    I'm really impressed with the entries this round! So many clever references!
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    I'd like to wish all our Mums on here a Happy Mother's Day! Personally I don't celebrate Mother's Day because I think my children should express their love and appreciation for me all the time and not have it emphasized on one particular day. This year we did something special though! Two months ago my husband and I welcomed our third child and today we Dedicated her at church. Our Pastor suggested we have her Dedication today and we agreed. It was a beautiful morning! Share your celebrations!
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    Well, it's the Pirate's life for me ,mateys! KRAWK ISLAND 4EVR !! If we don't be winnin' that there cup (Not the actual Altador Cup) , fer sure we be stealin' it!
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    Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all of the moms on this forum! Today my Mom and I are spending time together and enjoying it.
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    I come bearing great news! I've finally heard back from Snakesweat (the winner): So it turns out we were all wrong! lol @jellysundae @Yuiina @Nielo @Angeló @hriven @Teganrose1
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    Hee hee hee! The ray is fired at babo_shagar... ... and she changes into a Green Shoyru!! Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Pwned by the Lab' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Yeah! I finally got the Lab Ray avatar! Very happy now. Your eyes recover quite quickly after the giant explosion, but that's more than you can say for your Petpet. The Kookith is kind enough to sweep up So-and-so for you and you head home. Poor So-and-so the Leeble, who WAS Leilo_Presley before the name change. :(
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    I'm on a roll! I got the Plushie Tycoon avatar + bronze trophy... Third place at Plushie Tycoon!! I was very close to getting silver in Petpet Cannonball, but got bronze... Third place at Petpet Cannonball!! And here's yet another bronze, that I didn't even know I had (I'm sure I got it when I played for the avatar, just didn't think I'd get a trophy too)... Third place at Nimmos Pond!! Since yesterday was reset day, I played a few other games I'm sort of good at... I was in the top 17 for Barf Boat for quite a while, but in the end I was pushed down to #32.
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    I'll tell you what I totally DON'T miss... Landing on the ? on the Wheel of Excitement and always getting just 37NP!
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    Well would you look at that! Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Grundo - Forever Orange' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! THANK YOU VERY MUCH ALP!!!
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    So after a very long week of obsessing over the kads I finally did it! So exciting Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Kadoatery - Mew!' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
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    Dreitt won second place in the Beauty Contest! He has a silver trophy and I have a shiny new avatar~ I'm so excited! This was my first time entering, so I was super nervous, but it was actually a lot of fun and I'd like to do it again at some point
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    Thank you for all the help posted on this thread. This is a recurring issue due to how old these games are. Unfortunately no this will not become a pinned post. A simple Forums search will yield this thread as a result, and we don't want the pinned posts clogging up the first page. I'll edit the Neopets Issues thread with a link to this thread instead.
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    At the Mysterious Symol Hole today... Fasfusa jumps out of the hole a few seconds later... It appears that Fasfusa came back a little richer. They must have found the 76 np in the hole... I already have the Avatar but you still can get something from it evidently.
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    I was Team Shenkuu last year for my first AC, and I think that is where I will stay. It feels right. I started strong last year and then got completely blindsided by life. Here's hoping that this year I can do better.
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    We are not suppose to be monks I no want to be monk! Gibe avatar noe!!
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    I TOTALLY AGREE with mouseykins. Not only about Mother's Day, but every holiday. I am not a scrooge by any means, but I feel they have become way too commercialized for one. Every company has their hand out to make a buck. I mean, imagine getting together for Christmas/Yule season without presents !!! We decorate our house to the max, then hubby and I drive around and look at all of the lights and decorations on everyone else's house. It is beautiful, and a fun way to spend time together. Then, (hopefully there is a lot of snow) I like to sit in my nice warm house, with a hot cup of coffee, (tea or cocoa- your choice)look at the snow, and be thankful for my nice warm house, my friends and my family. (I am not trying to sound cliche). Second, as mouseykins said, we should be grateful, thankful, and appreciative of our family EVERYDAY, not just on the holidays. Hubby always comes home with something for me. Not just because it's my birthday or some holiday, just because he loves me. (awwwe). LOL. Hallmark has capitalized on every single holiday, and has even come up with a few of their own. I have banned cards. SERIOUSLY! I don't buy them, EVER! I think they are a waste of money and they just end up in the trash creating more waste. I would rather someone write their OWN feelings toward/about me, than buy someone else's words for me. I absolutely love/loved it when my kids make me cards. Those are the best ones, and I still have all of them in my keepsake album. Another example, when people are in the hospital visitors come out of the woodwork all of a sudden. People who haven't called or visited in years are suddenly coming to visit in the hospital. I rarely visit people in the hospital unless it is dire. I will send a note, a gift, or give them a quick call, then visit them when they get home. TRUST ME, as a nurse, I know, when people are in the hospital it's because they are sick and need to rest! All of a sudden they have 20 visitors per day and they can't get the rest they so desperately need. And it never fails, as soon as the person falls asleep, another visitor stops in. Let the person get the rest they need. (they are getting woken up enough by hospital staff as it is). Once they are home and feeling better, then stop in and visit.
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    Aaaand Awakened win! Congrats to those who were seeking the avatar. I have to say, though...these boons are pretty useless. I would almost rather get a consolation prize.
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    Just got this one as well! Although, I didn't have to work at it much, considering I had already gotten scores for 211 games
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    Woo, got the Better Than You avatar just now. Finally a game I could beat in a reasonable amount of time!
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    After reading that a few people have returned to Neopets after being away for years and the recent topic about Key Quest, what's the one thing you miss the most about Neopets? For me, it's definitely Key Quest. I would play that game every day, always on 2 player mode to ensure I got 1st or 2nd place. I had gotten so good at those mini games! I do also miss TNT releasing new avatars on a more regular basis. I feel like I'm slowly reaching that point where most of the one's I have left are near impossible for me to obtain.
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    I put the tips in the spoiler tag, because it's become a real wall of text. XD
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    I'm excited! This will be my first :3c
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    Wow time flies !! it's almost time for AC !! i'm super excited and i'm really hoping it'll be Shenkuu's Year (with no cheaters)
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    Well done! You know I've always wanted to know what all the flavours are in this game. Don't think I've got past mint choc-chip myself!
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    Congratulations kayahtikYou are a Top Tycoon. You placed 21st in the Plushie Tycoon competition. You have won a trophy and 80000 NP's. Woo hoo! Not bad for my first time playing (: And congrats @deboratibi, I saw your name on the Top Tycoons list! I also got bronze in Jubble Bubble without realizing--I was just playing for my daily nps, and apparently made it onto the HST. I just played another game and moved up to silver, we'll see if it holds until trophies are awarded today! Hope everyone had a successful trophy day!
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    I'd say the Viacom Era was more of a middle of the road deal over true Old School. Old School would be back when Adam and Donna ran the site, and I can't speak for it because I wasn't around during that time. From the Viacom Era, I would say I miss stuff like the Wheel of Slime, Keyquest, and Habitarium the most. I also miss the Abandoned Attic, I know it wasn't completely removed, but it's been glitched since 2014 to no longer stock, and since it hasn't been addressed, I'd say it's probably good and gone now. Another thing I miss is plots. I have no idea if we'll ever see more plots come into play now, the Viacom Era really gave way to some interesting ones. My favorite, to this day, is the Neovia one, and Bruno still remains one of my favorite characters; and the reason I love monstrous characters in the first place. (Ignore this if they have released plots, last I remember was the Faerie Ruin Plot, but I thought that was like the end of the Viacom Era. Not sure if that was actually a JumpStart Era plot.) Most of all though, I miss the contests and the like. Some still are active, but a lot now seem to be put on an indefinite hiatus. It's sad a lot of the content is now just barely paid attention now. JumpStart I think may still have time to be a great era, especially since they expressed the reason they purchased Neopets was to focus on the site's now older demographic. But for now, it feels like they still have a long way to go to usurper the Viacom Era.
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    Welcome back! I returned to the wonderful world of neopets a few months back as well and can't believe how much I've missed all of it! It's been great getting back into things, can't wait for Altador Cup season!
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    I might have LOTS of Willow Fence Foregrounds, Avocado Socks, Negg Faerie Pendants, and a Basket of Nuts but I did get the Babaa with Flowers and Neggs, well worth the 125 NC for the Magical Dust. Good Luck to everyone and may the Neggs be ever in your favor! Oops! @lakecat you are right! it was 5 x 125 NC =625 NC I did not mean to be untruthful but I was lucky to have that much NC. Thanks to my mom.
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    The Daily Neopets is seeking motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer Neopians to join our staff! If you are interested, please apply to join our team below! NOTE: Most positions require some HTML and BBCode (TDN forums coding) knowledge; training will be available. Altador Cup Team [APPLY] - Seasonal position that includes midnight NST work of publishing daily match results & news stories. Avatar Team [APPLY] - Responsible for updating links for avatar pets, new avatar solutions, and posting avatar news. [BBCode] Battlepedia Team [APPLY]- Testing weapons, adding new artillery and posting news are top priority. [BBCode] Content Team [APPLY] - Help the community with various guides, site events and more. (HTML) Customisation Team [APPLY]- Adding new wearable items, posting pet day & NC mall news, as well as Neocash guides. (HTML ) Forums Moderator [APPLY] - Help keep The Daily Neopets Forums neat and tidy by helping enforce rules. [BBCode] Midnight Team [APPLY] - Posting Daily Faerie Crossword Answers at Midnight, as well as helping other departments with midnight updates when applicable. (HTML)