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    Advent Knitting Mistake

    Hey, TNT, do none of you knit????? The Xweetok granny is knitting *sideways* according to the way the stitches are drawn. Just had to get that off my neurotic chest . . .
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    Avatars: What have you got?

    Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'HT - Richest' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Stamp Collector - Scarabs' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Been on a spending spree! A Christmas present to myself lol
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    yes .. this has been going on since the beginning of Neopets .. for example .. Coltzan is a Lupe .. his daughters are an Aisha and an Usul Jeran and his sister Lisa are a Lupe and Aisha AAA is a Blumaroo and his sister Abi is an Aisha as well .. their cousin Lulu is a Cybunny Emperor of Shenkuu is a Gelert .. his daughters are a Cybunny and a Gnorbu However Jazan is a Kyrii and his father, Razul, is a Kyrii as well Rohane and his Mother from NQII are both Blumaroos The weirdest family ? Sophie is an Ixi , her brother Bruno is a Gelert , their Mom Alice is a Zafara and their dad Reginald is a Lupe
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    Avatars: What have you got?

    Wahoo! After a solid YEAR of playing the coconut shy, I finally took out my first coconut and got the avatar to boot! I almost missed it because the avatar notification doesn't show up when you use the sneaky back page link, and thats the only way I can stand to play it 😄 Preview New Av: Now if I could just get that lucky with the kiko pop one lol
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    Avatars: What have you got?

    Yayyyyyy!! Trudy Avatar Hello acmerasta2 We have awarded the Trudy Avatar. Congratulations, you are among them. Enjoy posting on the Neoboards with your new avatar. The Neopets Team Also, I seemed to have gotten the Neopian Lottery Avatar when I wasn't looking. What did I miss? (Not that I'm complaining!)
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    This is a good question. Here is what I found: The Neopian Times, Issue: 613, 20th day of Gathering, Y15, Editorial Question #9: ref: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&week=613 The Neopian Times, Issue: 563, 21th day of Gathering, Y14, Editorial Question #1: ref: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&week=563 The Neopian Times, Issue: 444, 21th day of Hunting, Y12, Editorial Question #7: ref: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&week=444 The Neopian Times, Issue: 390, 1st day of Hunting, Y11, Editorial Question #4: ref: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&week=390 The Neopian Times, Issue: 382, 6th day of Running, Y11, Editorial Question #8: ref: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&week=382 The Neopian Times, Issue: 230, 9th day of Running, Y8, Editorial Question #7: ref: http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&week=230 Ok. Not sure if you have made it this far, but if you have, it seems the answer is no. At least that is how I interpret it. My opinion only. "Collections" would appear to be part of your "stats". However, if you are still unsure, you could always send a question to the Neopian Times Editor. I think it would be a good one to ask. Unfortunately, I cannot post the link, as TDN gives me an error. But, you can find the link at the bottom of the Neopian Times Editorial page. And, yes, some Neopians do use your stats, not just avatars, but all stats, to take into consideration for avatar item lending, unfortunately. But, not all do.
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    Happy Aisha Day!

    Couldn't help it, and, yes, terrible pun: The reply - "Frankly, my dear, I don't give an Anne!" Is the hair separate, or is it a hat/wig combo?
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    Happy Aisha Day!

    When I look at the Stealthy Aisha, all I can think of is - "Luke, I am your father!" The clothing is nice - is it supposed to be 1920 - 1930ish fashion?
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    Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year to everyone!! So I've been away from both here and Neo for a few months. Things got extremely hectic IRL and I just didn't have the energy to play or check in on the forums or much else. I run several social media pages for an organization and the person that is supposed to assist is not well. As a result, that became one more thing to add to my pile. I had several events to plan and execute which took up a lot of time. Coming down to the end, I got some help on the Social media side so that gave me a little freedom. Yaaayyyyy!! And seems I came just in time to see a new plot has started. I also actually missed the people here as well so I look forward to chatting on the forums too, when I can. As 2019 rolls around, I can only hope to be able to balance my work time with my volunteer time with my recreational time but as usual, rec time will get cut first when things get busy again. Hopefully I get some more help with things as they come up but, maybe I'm being overly optimistic as it always seems the same small group of people do all the work all the time. *sigh* Anyway. I wish everyone here good health, love,peace, happiness and prosperity in the new year. *insert Auld Lang Syne here*
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    Today's Random Events

    darkinvention says, "Can we play hide and seek? That sounds like fun!" dude u r invisible
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    New Year Comes New Changes!

    ALP has a short announcement for everyone wishing to join pet chains. Starting in 2019 were are increasing the post count minimum required to participate in the chains. We feel that getting to 25 posts is far to easy and often members only require those 25 posts to participate in the chains due to a high avatar account. This means we do not get as much forums interaction and we'd like to know who we're lending to a little bit better. This isn't a drastic increase, so don't worry! We're only raising the minimum posts required to 50 posts. Everything else will remain the same. Our goal is to ensure our pets are being lent out safely. We at the ALP apologize for any inconvenience this may pose to you, but feel this is in the best interests of our program. Happy Lending!
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    Happy Aisha Day!

    The Aisha Warrior Outfit I get, because I think it references this: This is the character "Baby Doll", from the movie "Sucker Punch". And she definitely has some "warrior" moves. The outfit also brings images of Sailor Moon. Here is what came to my mind, when I first saw the Aisha Explorer Outfit: This is "Evelyn Carnahan", in the movie remake of "The Mummy". However, it doesn't quite match the Aisha outfit - no hat, and no dress. But the Aisha outfit made me think of one of the quotes in the movie: Yes, the Aisha "Explorer" outfit makes me think of a librarian. "The Mummy" is supposed to take place in the 1920s. And, librarians are explorers. Explorers of books. Still, I think Neopets is referencing some movie or real world reference with the outfit. I just haven't pinpointed it, yet. EDIT: I guess the only thing I can conclude is Rachel Weisz is an Aisha.
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    he ray is fired at marlie__40... ... and he changes colour to Ice!!
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    So I've been wondering if Turmy's renowned reluctant to eat anyone's petpet is down some pretty fundamental dietary preferences. Here's me, trying - and perpetually failing - to get him to eat poor Nolly since 22nd November 2014. He's not interested, and can you blame him? Would YOU want to chow down on a chunk of cardboard?! I know I wouldn't! So I'm trying with something a little more appetising! Of course if Turmy's gluten-intolerant or allergic to eggs we may have a WHOLE different situation on our hands here, but one problem at a time, ya know? xD Don't be fooled by the cuteness either, this ball of batter's got a bit of an attitude... The cheek of it! I could have used one of those yucky Custard Arootas Expellibox dumps on us but yeah, yucky. I wanted Turmy to appreciate that I was willing to cough up for a decent tasty snack rather than be a tight-wad and use a freebie, especially a particularly unappetising-looking freebie! And who doesn't like cake? Even the most dedicated carnivore likes a bit of cake on occasion. SO! Am I wasting my time?? UNDOUBTEDLY‼ 😅 But, and that's the thing isn't it, but... You don't really know, it just might work...
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    i miss the old comic style of the Meridell War and Maraqua War
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    Avatars: What have you got?

    Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Mutant Graveyard of Doom II' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
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    Today's Random Events

    "Don't let the shore be forgotten!" The strange Krawk then hands you a Forgotten Shore Map Piece. Wonder what the real name of this shore is? Who lived there before and named it and why arent they here now? Things to think about LOL You have completed a quest for a Fire Faerie. (She asked for a Pumpkin Lid Hat) Thanks so much! With your help, we'll have Faerieland fixed up in no time! For your efforts, Alafair's strength has increased! A ghost cackles insanely and steals 302 NP from you... While out for a stroll, Alafair looks down and finds 4,741 NP on the ground. Today looks like a lucky day! "Here, have Gruel," King Skarl says to you. You're surprised there was any food left over from his latest banquet, and even more surprised that he'd share, but you put it in your pocket anyway. A passing zombie runs into you and doesn't even seem to notice. Once she's gone you realise she dropped a piece of a long lost treasure map! While out for a stroll, Alafair looks down and finds 4,578 NP on the ground. Today looks like a lucky day!
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    Neoquest 3D... wut?!

    JN guide I didn't know this EXISTED, did you? Did you but you'd completely forgotten about it? Have you played it? I like how it's tucked away like an Easter egg. The name, and the graphic before it starts loading's super-misleading though, as it's early 90s level stuff here, just green text on a black screen. 😅 I'm not sure if I want to bother trying it or not, text only stuff isn't something my brain can deal with very well. I only found this because I'm starting Neoquest on Evil and was looking for a guide.
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    I'm not sure why I still bother to read the plot... Lyra climbed onto a tree, her father is an Eyrie, and he tried to knock down the tree to get her. Can Eyries not fly?
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    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 150!

    Hello people, I want to wish you happy holidays! I wish you all the best! May the force be with you! -from Star wars (1977) May the odds be ever in your favor - The Hunger Games. Happy new year! I wish all the best! Which faction are you joining for the 150th round? So, vote! Good luck! PS. You must win in 10 battles each round in order to win the boons!
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    Thursday, January 3

    Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] The Neopets crossword is currently down. The trophy for "Chariot Chase" is in the shape of which Petpet? Answer: Alabriss Prize: 325 NP
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    The ray has already been fired... Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
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    The Pineapple Chia looks like a "punk rocker". When I think of her delivering pizza, I think of the Digornio Pizza commercial: https://www.ispot.tv/ad/7wfE/digiorno-supreme-digiorno-or-delivery Yeah, the part where the car is bouncing around. Anyhow, I think, for obvious reasons, it should be this type of Chia: A Tomato Chia. Cuz pizza sauce is made from, well, ... You could make it a Pirate Aisha, if you wanted to have some sort gimic for a pizza chain, like Pizza Pirate Pizza: Or, maybe a Magma Cybunny - "Your delivery guaranteed HOT - molten hot!" You could make it a Plushie Elephante, if you wanted a pizza mascot, but it would seem a bit creepy:
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    New Year Comes New Changes!

    I was worried, until I read the requirements change, PHEW, lol. I don't think it's unreasonable to wish for people to be active participants on the site to be able to enjoy using the ALP, 50 posts is nothing, really (says the person who talks rather a lot ) Chat with us just a little bit and you'll hit the target before you know it, @MedEx ☺️
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    Tips for Neopets on mobile devices?

    Not sure for right now but there is a mobile version coming in 2019. From the news: