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    Reminder Regarding Cheating

    Because of recent events, we would like to make it clear to everyone that The Daily Neopets does NOT condone the use or discussion of programs used to cheat on Neopets. This includes but is not purely limited to: Any websites that host these programs Neopoint-buying websites Autobuyers/restockers Autorefreshers Programs that play games and send scores for you This rule will be strictly enforced through official warnings, suspensions, or bans at the discretion of the moderation team. We have established filters that will block the names of certain cheating websites. Attempting to get around these filters will result in an immediate warning. We want a fair experience for all Neopets users, and as such, we cannot allow continued discussion of offending websites. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions regarding this topic, please PM one of our moderators.
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    MSPP Avatar not appearing

    So I'm trying to get the MSPP avatar, I followed TDN's avatar solutions which says to "View your inventory while carrying a Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie (TCG) there." I've refreshed at my inventory multiple times but the avatar won't show up. Here's what I'm doing:- As you can see I'm clearly carrying the MSPP (TCG) in my hand so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong :(
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    TDN Forums are Supercharged

    Dear forum members: Today we've moved TDN Forums to a brand-new installation with an upgraded database and dedicated web server. You should be noticing snappier resolution times and fast browsing. No action is required on your part... just continue to enjoy TDN Forums and keep posting away! :) In other news, TDN Forums has hit 25,000 members. Amazing! Best, Ian TDN Management
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    OH-EM-GEE! *tears of joy*

    So I have JUST received this neomail: "Dear Patricia, Congratulations! Your entry (AC and Girl Power: Interviewing the Female Captains) has been selected to appear in a future issue of the Neopian Times. A shiny trophy has been added to your user lookup. Thank you for contributing to the Neopian Times!" OH MY GOD!!! My VERY FIRST try, which I submitted just last Friday, and it's IN!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!! *dies of happiness* :happydance: :dance:
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    MSN doesn't quite work right on my computer full quality, so here's easy access to the links for low quality versions of every game: Low Quality Links Yooyuball Slushie Slinger Make Some Noise Shootout Showdown Daily Cap Limit (as of 2017) Yooyuball: 46 Games Slushie Slinger: 86 Games Make Some Noise/Shootout Showdown: 401 Games
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    That's right! TDN's Avatar Lending Program is happy to announce that our Bony Grarrl Club is now available to request! Info and requirements can be found on the ALP site here, and the item can be requested on the bottom of the "Items for Lending" page here. A reminder that spamming the forum for post count, or begging for free/cheap lends will not be tolerated and may result in being unable to borrow from the ALP in the future. Thank you to everyone who helped us reach our goal, and safe lending!
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    Here's a checklist to help the new Jumpstaff since they seem to be struggling with adding some finishing touches on news posts and events that happen on the site. To their credit, they are starting to become more comfortable and they have gotten better but there are still a few things that could be spruced up: News News is very important as it adds new content on the website on an (almost) regular basis. It is also very important to have the news page look as fancy and eye catching as possible. The news typically has scheduled releases for each day of the week... so here we go. Monday: Monday usually holds a random new item, poem winner, a new Storytelling winner, pet spotlight winner and Customization contest winners. These three to four things are VERY easy to add into the news. As each contest (should) start anew on Monday, it is also very easy to advertise the winners/start of the new contests and have a complete news release for Monday. If you are understaffed and cannot pick new winners for spotlights/storytelling/poems, at least announce the new Customization contest and their winners. Tuesday: Tuesday usually announces either two new petpets, two new plushies or two new morphing potions. As you guess it, you also release the spotlight winners for Userlookup of the Week and possibly the Art gallery. Again, another easy day to have a full news release with minimal effort. Wednesday: Shocker - two new items are usually released on Wednesdays (plushies, petpets, mps, stamps) and of course it's time to announce a brand new Better Than You competition as well as Site Spotlight, Caption Contest and PPL winner. Again. Easy. Thursday: I believe Thursdays usually have a new mystery pic and new petpet spotlight. Possibly announce two new items if a pet day hasn't bumped them to another day of the week. Friday: Again, usually two random items, announce the new beauty contest. PET DAYS: I cannot begin to stress to you how important these are. Users literally wait 364 days for their favourite species day. DO. NOT. MESS. AROUND. WITH. THIS. The new colours MUST be ready. Don't tease a paint brush. Don't say they are coming and then announce it 5 days later. HAVE THEM READY ON THEIR PET DAY. Don't even begin to think otherwise. Have the preview images be 150 x 150. Not any bigger, not any smaller. Have them activated in the Rainbow Pool as soon as the news releases - not days, weeks or months later. Immediately. Remember, people wait an entire year for this specific day. Make it count because a lot of people are counting on you. DO NOT PRIORITIZE ANNOUNCING THINGS ON FACEBOOK OVER ANNOUNCING THEM ON NEOPETS.COM. EVER. STOP DOING THAT. EVENTS When it comes to events, it will be very beneficial to put up a FAQ section somewhere. We understand the help/ticket system might not work at all times, but for the love of Neocola, put up a dang FAQ some place on the website, even your specific Neoboard. It will greatly cut down the amount of tickets you receive and event spam on your Facebook page. Include things like: how long the event will last (start and end dates) if there are bonus prizes for daily participation what we are required to do when prizes will be available and for how long after the event ends we are able to claim them Don't forget to change the marquees on the front page on the website. These are the first things that people will see when they visit and will want to check out. Make sure it is as up to date as possible because who wants to click on something thinking that it's new, only to find out it's 4 weeks old and no longer exists. NC Mall events The above still applies. Include retire dates and if there will be bonus prizes. The new staff members are almost there... what do you think is missing? Let's give them a helping hand.
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    Bony Grarrl Club Acquired!

    That's right! Due to everyone's very generous donations, the ALP is now in possession of our very own Bony Grarrl Club! The club will not be available to lend immediately, as we need to integrate it into our item request system, but we did want to let everyone know that we have one, that it will be available very soon, and to give you all a heads up on the requirements for borrowing. Because we've had some problems in the past with lending BGC, we've decided to be a little more strict with the requirements this time. However, we also think they're fair, as we will explain below. The club belongs to everyone who helped us buy it, so we want to keep it as safe as possible. Without further ado, the requirements for borrowing the club will be: 1. 20 Mil collateral: Ideally, it would be higher because the market value of the club is 140 mil and growing, but 20 mil is the most you can do in one auction and the ALP does not accept collateral in split trades or auctions. Because we can only accept 20 mil in collat, we need to have other borrowing requirements. As always, Easy to Sell items may be used as collateral, provided they fit into the 10 item + 800,000 NP limit of the Trading Post. 2. Minimum 5 year old Neopets account: This is the account age we feel comfortable lending to. Other lenders may choose to lend younger accounts, but 5 years is our cut off. 3. Minimum 250 Avatars: Before you look at that amount and panic, let's break it down a bit. There are approximately 160 avatars that you can get simply by clicking on links and by items and pets lent by our ALP. Then there are additional ones you can get from simply participating in certain site events (Games Master Challenge, Altador Cup, Daily Dare, Festival of Neggs, etc), more you can get from visiting the concert hall on certain days, from the Battledome, some you can get from looking through source codes, visiting certain locations in Neopia, etc. Someone who only participated in a single year of site events and got all the pet/item/clickables/concert avvies could easily have 200 avatars, so 250 takes into account all of the easy ones, plus a few that require a little more work. 4. Minimum 500 forum posts: Again this my seem like a huge number, but it's quite easily obtainable. Even participating in 2-3 threads per day, even if it's a single post, gets you to that amount in under a year. We want to have a post count requirement because it gives us a feel who we're lending to. If you have a long history of breaking the rules in the forum, for example, it tells us that you might be risky to lend to. Our mods would also like us to mention here that spamming the forums for post count will not be tolerated. Like always, posts must contribute to the discussion at hand. This generally means staying on topic and keeping your posts above 7 words. 5. Minimum 25 trophies/medals on User Lookup: Another big scary number, but again this is why we chose 25. Firstly, they can be any mix of site event, site feature or game trophies and any level (bronze, silver, gold and everything in between). Before you start thinking that you'll never be able to get that many let's take a look at some of the easier ones to get: Participating in Daily Dare gets you one trophy each year you participate Participating in Games Master Challenge gets you one trophy each year you participate Participating in the Altador Cup gets you one trophy each year you participate Beating Round 3 of Cheat! (a simple game) gives you a Bronze Trophy Beating Round 2 of the original Snow Wars (Neopets version of Battleship) gives you a medal Beating Punchbag Bob (it's impossible to lose, it might just take a while depending on your weapons) gives you a trophy Winning 2 games of Pyramid (NOT in a row) gives you a Bronze Trophy Winning Round 2 of Go! Go! Go! (another card game) gives you a Bronze Trophy Winning Round 4 of Cellblock gives you a medal Completing the Altador plot (which we provide a complete walkthrough for) awards a trophy Dungeon Dash awards a trophy to anyone who maxes the score There's 11 trophies that you can get simply by participating in 3 of the yearly site events and by spending a few hours playing games. There are also Neoquest trophies, other site feature trophies (Lenny Conundrum, Better Than You, Random Contest, etc), the Battledome Veteran trophy (you get it as long as you fought at least once in the old Battledome), the Lucky Space Faerie Charm (awarded when you sign up for premium), as well as any other game or plot trophies. You could feasibly participate in Daily Dare, Games Master Challenge and the Altador Cup for a few years, even if you only play a single game for each, and be half finished the requirement. Again, the number is there to show people have put time and effort into their account, meaning they are less likely to risk it by mishandling our BGC. Because the Lutari Talisman and NC Mall Album are given by default, they will NOT count towards the trophy requirement. There are also a couple things we strongly suggest, but cannot verify, so we have to trust that borrowers will be as careful as they can. All Grarrls or Skeiths on the account you will be getting the avatar on should be in the NeoLodge before you get the item. The Lodge keeps your pet full so you can't feed them, and Grarrls and Skeiths are capeable of eating almost every item, even their own weapons. This ensures you cannot accidentally feed the club to a pet (which is how we lost our last one). We'd also suggest having your inventory as full as possible before acquiring the club. If it's the only item in your inventory and an item-stealing Random Event occurs, it will be the only item targeted. If there's more in your inventory, there's less of a chance the club will be stolen. Lastly, like with any item or pet, you should limit your site activity when they're in your possession. Don't keep the item in your inventory or a pet active while you explore Neopia, play games, or chat on the boards. Once you get it, get your avatar and send it back. The less pages you visit while things are in your possession, the less likely something is to happen. Those are the requirements and our reasons for choosing them. They are non-negotiable. Applications that do not meet them will be denied, though you can feel free to re-apply once you meet the requirements, or to apply for other items the ALP lends that you qualify for. The ONLY exception to these requirements is if you're able to provide the full 140 mil in ETS items that can fit within the Trading Post limit. If someone had 10 Pirate Captain Cutlass, for example, this would qualify as full collat. Again, no split auctions/trades will be accepted. -The ALP Team
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    1. Firstly, the number of all-star groups / cheat groups that band together and join one particular team is making the AC beyond ridiculous. The AC is now exclusively a competition between these groups and while playing to compete has its own joys, playing while knowing you have no chance of winning is frustrating to say the least. I mean, Faerieland is actually topping the chart right now for heaven's sake. With all due respect to fellow TDN members and guests who are genuine supporters of this team, we all know that the team is getting some type of external help. Why bother if it's going to be rigged anyway? 2. The games are repetitious and boring. From year to year the format hardly changes - the brackets system made things worse instead of better, as I know that most of you agree. There should be new games every year, some type of achievement unlocking scheme, and generally something to look forward to every year. The same 4 games a bajillion times a day are hardly a motivation to anyone I know. If anything, people play DESPITE how boring this whole thing is. 3. The prizes are insanely out of reach. I am not an All-Star player myself (mainly because of the reason above). But if I were, what would be the point if All Star doesn't even get me the highest prize possible? The fact that Double All-Star exists as a concept is understandable - yes some people will want to play their fingers to the bone - but I hardly think this should be a requirement to get the best prize once a player has supposedly maxed out. Does TDN really expect players to spend 8+ hours a day playing the same 4 games? The prize to effort ratio is highly out of balance and in this day and age, kids are NOT willing to do so much for so little. Is there anything you guys are frustrated with? Please add!
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    The Runway

    Welcome to The Daily Neopets' brand new official contest, The Runway! Dress to Impress will be used to create and share your entries. Once your best entry has been chosen, submit it through a Private Message to Nielo. Please use the following entry form when submitting your entry for the current theme. Anyone with a TDN forums account may enter. As this is an official contest we cannot offer prizes in the form of items or neopoints. However, don't let that discourage you! We have something special prepared for The Runway winners! Thank you to the owner of Dress to Impress for allowing us to run this contest! Please scroll down to see the current contest theme. * To enter the contest and/or vote, you must be registered to The Daily Neopets Forum AND you must validate your account. * Otherwise, you won't be able to post or send Private Messages. If you don't have an account, click here and follow the steps. It's quick and easy! HOW TO ENTER: Create your entry at Dress to Impress. You are free to choose ANY pet and ANY items from the database, unless otherwise stated. You may also choose to enter your own pets' outfit, if that's what you prefer. Fill in the entry form below and send it to Nielo via Private Message. Make sure you are logged in/registered to The Daily Neopets Forum. ENTRY FORM: Entry Name or Title: Outfit Image: Outfit Page/Animations Link: Character Story (optional): RULES: No voting for yourself! Do not try to manipulate the votes in any way, such as creating multiple accounts to vote for your entry. We can tell. Edits to your existing entry can only be made during the submission dates. Only use DTI or your own pets' outfit as your submission. No use of image editing programs. Do not use the trophy images unless you have permission from deboratibi or the Customization Team. Banner images are available for anyone to use. SUBMISSIONS: Entries are to be submitted to Nielo in a Private Message (PM). Entry must fit the chosen theme. If not, you will be asked to change your entry. Unconverted pets may be entered! Only one pet per entry unless stated otherwise. If you would like to edit your submission, you may do so in the initial PM you sent. VOTING: Separate voting thread will be created for each round. Thread will be titled, "The Runway Votes #1" All submissions will be previewed and a poll will be created. Votes may only be cast in the allotted time. Thread will be locked after voting is finished. You can vote for as many entries as you like, except your own. Voting for yourself will result in disqualification. WINNERS: 1st Place will receive a gold trophy and will be featured on the main site sidebar. 2nd Place will receive a silver trophy. 3rd Place will receive a bronze trophy. All winners will be featured in a news post on the Customization site. Special thanks to Shelley for allowing us to use her original trophy art! Do not use these images unless you've earned them in a previous contest. BANNER IMAGES: USEFUL LINKS: Current voting topic Frequently Asked Questions The Backstage: Alternative Entries! Hall of Winners If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Nielo or Mouseykins for more information. Have fun customizing! CURRENT THEME DETAILS Check The Runway sub-forum for the most recent entering topic (title format: "Enter the Runway #XX!").
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    Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Neopian Times Star' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! From: [theneopetsteam] The Neopets Team » Make this user your Neofriend Sent: 11/6/2014 11:00am Folder: Inbox Subject: Your Neopian Times submission Message: [Report Message] Dear Angelo, Congratulations! Your entry (Neopia's Best Summer Destinations) has been selected to appear in a future issue of the Neopian Times. A shiny trophy has been added to your user lookup. Thank you for contributing to the Neopian Times! Yours Sincerely, The Neopets Team http://www.neopets.com Dont forget to tell your friends about us - send them a greeting at http://www.neopets.com/sendgreeting.phtml.
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    I have no comment on the matter.
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    In case you didn't know, it's The Daily Neopets 10th birthday! Happy birthday, The Daily Neopets! Head over to the front page of TDN to watch a special birthday video from our team members.
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    Lia Seeya

    YES! Finally!

    So I got on Neopets and saw that I had a message from TNT. And this is it: YES! Earlier that day, I got one of those "your submission is being held over for future blablah" or something, so I totally didn't expect this Neomail! I am just so happy right now! :D Next NT avatar to try for will be that Weewoo one, which is much harder. :c But hey, making comics is fun and I enjoy it, so it's all good.
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    So, yeah, I guess this is definitely my lucky week/month :D Look what I got today (for the FIFTH time!!!): And guess what! That item was less that 5,000 np!!! :D :D So I decided to get one of my long-time dream pets. I'm proud to present you... Chyalla the Maraquan Cybunny!!! <3 <3 So happy right now! <3
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    Yay for coming out of the closet!

    While I was on vacation with my dad last week, the topic of homosexuality just kind of came up while we were driving in the car one night, and so with a lot of nervousness I told him I was gay. He reacted totally fine which is basically what I expected, but it's still nice to not have to do it anymore and I'm happy that he reacted the way he did. Now I still have to tell my mom and brother.. but still, that's one more family member down!
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    Our Thoughts Are With France

    At TDN, our thoughts and prayers are with France.
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    Happy 8th Birthday, The Daily Neopets!

    Happy 8th birthday, The Daily Neopets! To celebrate, we've redesigned our entire site from the ground up. There are dozens and dozens of new features, which you can check out at the What's New page. Here's a quick rundown: Enjoy a more streamlined navigation experience between sections and departments Use our new global Instant Search to find information from any department The smartest alerts system that tracks every Neopets event (Turmaculus, Drenched, Skirmishes, and more!) A brand new myTDN account management interface that centralizes all of your tools A more useful and updated Dailies page And so much more... And we're not stopping here, either! Coming soon: An all new Battlepedia An all new TDN Customization and wearables item database Brand new Items Database An enhanced myTDN profiles experience Enjoy the new TDN. Tell us what you think.
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    Why limit posts to seven words?

    Honestly, if you can't come up with at least 7 words, you really don't have anything worthwhile to contribute to a conversation. This rule was made to cut back on spam, and there is absolutely zero room for bending. Topic closed. This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Ruto). The original topic is now answered and will be closed. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED. Please contact Ruto if you have any questions regarding this action.
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    The Daily Neopets Forum Guidelines

    Hi! My name is Ian and I'm the creator of The Daily Neopets. On behalf of all of The Daily Neopets and its members, welcome! We're glad you're here. b) In this topic, I'll outline the guidelines for The Daily Neopets Forums. At The Daily Neopets, we strive to be a friendly Neopets community that's focused on Neopets discussion and help. These guidelines have been put in place to ensure that The Daily Neopets Forums remain a friendly place with meaningful content. And if you're ever unsure about something, be sure to contact one of our Global Moderators; they're here to help and answer any questions you might have. 1. Respect All Members The Golden Rule at The Daily Neopets is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Being respectful means being kind and courteous to one another and keeping your cool in tense situations. Harassing and/or trolling others is never the way to resolve conflict; always contact a Moderator if a situation gets out of hand. 2. Don't Post S.P.A.M. (short, pointless, annoying messages) Here's how we would define spam: Posts that are less than 7 words. (Adding off-topic words to add to post word count is considered spam.) Excessive use of smilies without any meaningful post content. Posts that bump an irrelevant topic back up to the top. Posts that are irrelevant. Any posts that use chat speak or are virtually incomprehensible. Double posts (No two or more posts in a row by the same member. "Edit" your posts to add information or use "MultiQuote" for your initial reply when replying to multiple posts.) Duplicate topics (you can search for a topic to see if it already exists). 3. Duplicate Forum Accounts There is no need for anyone to have more than one account at TDN Forums as they are all the same. Duplicate accounts will be removed. 4. Neopets Guidelines Apply Here For this reason do not post: (1) links to Neopets cheat programs or sites that sell Neopoints for real money, (2) messages asking for sensitive information like email addresses, Neopets PINs, and passwords, (3) messages asking for other personally identifiable information (respect other members' privacy), and (4) scam or chain messages. 5. Prohibited Content Posting the following kind of content is always prohibited. Links to harmful websites (cookie grabbers, trojans, viruses, worms) Links to any web site that could assist in circumventing Neopets' rules Any sites considered illegal by U.S. law Links to pornographic, suggestive, discriminatory, or obscene web sites Inappropriate profile pictures Swear words (allowed words: gosh, stupid, crap, heck, dang, sucks) For swear words/general language, if it's not allowed on the Neoboards, it's generally not allowed here either. Backseat moderating: click the "Report" button next to the post or topic instead Advertising/links to any real life items for sale 6. Signature Guidelines All signature images should fit within a 500x250 px area. Keep your adoptables (i.e. Egg Cave) on one line, with a maximum of 5 adoptables. Moderators can still remove signatures that follow all of these rules if deemed obnoxious or inappropriate. 7. Do Not Remove Moderator Edits At TDN Forums, one way moderators will let you know that you've broken a rule is through editing one of your offending posts with a moderator notice. Please take time to review these edits so that you don't break the same rule twice. Removing these moderator edits from any of your posts is prohibited and will lead to additional infractions. Methods of Warning Verbal warnings: verbal warnings are reminders from your Moderators about a guideline that you've broken. You'll receive these via PM. When received, please take time to review this topic again so you don't repeat the same mistake. Warnings: warnings are official and are made a part of your warn level and record at TDN Forums. Warning levels range from 0-6 Warning Points. Members are banned at 6 Warning Points. To decrease your warning points, please see this topic. Suspensions: temporary suspension are sometimes used in conjunction with an official warning. Permanent Bans: permanent bans are issued to spam bots, trolls, and members who have been repeatedly warned but have not changed. Our Warning Policy +1 Warning Point: given after 7 minor offenses and a verbal warning (off-topic post, short post, double post, duplicate topic) +2 Warning Points: given if a 7-day moderator review period does nothing to lessen rule-breaking and continues on with 5 or more infractions. Two warning points are also given to trolls, flame-baiters, members who mention cheats, and members who are deliberately rude to other members or staff. +3 Warning Points: given after a member has already incurred 3 Warning Points and has not changed their behavior. At 6 Warning Points: Banned A Note On Pinned Topics Moderators may pin topics to the top of a forum if they are particularly useful and relevant. Pinned topics are not, however, a popularity contest. A popular topic doesn't necessarily mean it'll be pinned. Moderators can pin and unpin topics at their discretion. Thank you for helping keep The Daily Neopets Forum the best Neopets forum on earth!
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    Shane for Wax

    Yay I'm officially out

    I don't have to hide anymore. I am now officially considered my parents' son instead of their daughter. And I'm getting very close to starting my transition. :3 I've been waiting all month for the 22nd and it's so close.
  22. 17 points

    Yay for coming out to my dad!

    It was so subtle, he might not even have noticed :P I was just like 'heyy, so I'm not a socially inept monkey. You know that girl from the year below? Well I asked her out.' And then we talked about social awkwardness and I think he thought that he was already supposed to know, but just didn't pay attention when I told him or smt. I'm usually more eloquent than that, but I'm very excited. So suave.
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    Meet Ringo, I was on my way to my glass blowing class when I notice something in the road. I thought it was a bird and there was a car coming on the otherside when I noticed it was a kitten. I slammed on the brakes and go out of the car to stop the car coming on the other side and he ran to me meowing. I immediately made a beeline to the vet. He was tested for feline leukemia, the test came up negative. He has ear mites and a ton of fleas along a bad upper respitory infection. He's only five weeks old, I'm on my way home at the moment where I'm going to clean him up and give him his meds. He will be okay but he has to be quarantined in a carrier for 2 weeks in my room. Someone most likely dumped him in the woods after he got sick and he's been on his own for at least 2 days. $150 vet bill but worth every cent. He's not the prettiest and cutest kitten right now but that's because of his RI, he'll be up to speed in a few weeks. Just felt like sharing my eventful day.
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    TDN is back!

    UPDATED AUGUST 7 Hello all! On August 3, we lost network connectivity to TDN's main server. Unfortunately, this was caused by human error at the datacenter. When we first went offline, they were unable to provide an explanation. Once they found the problem, they were very slow to fix it. I'm sure that you're getting the picture: TDN had a very unreliable host. The Daily Neopets has been moved to a new location now that will be much more reliable. Whenever sites are moved, some things break. If you happen to spot anything that seems out of order, please Contact Us right away. I would also like to mention that our Facebook and Twitter pages are great ways to stay connected with TDN when we're offline. We'll be posting updates on these pages. Thank you for your continued patience! Ian TDN Management
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    Ebola is a river in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Ebola virus was named after that river because one of the first outbreaks occurred in a village near that river. Yes, there is a serious Ebola epidemic right now. However, that pet is nearly two years old. It's possible it was named after the river instead of the virus, or maybe it was a random combination of letters that mimicked a real thing. Or maybe it was named after the Ebola virus -- but in a context in which there was no current outbreak, no one dying of it. I have a friend whose real-life cat is named Yersinia. As in Yersinia pestis, the bacteria that caused the plague (the Black Death) -- because cats were domesticated to control the rodent population, the carriers of the vector of the plague. My friend is a doctor. Many people in the health sphere have "gallows humor"; it helps them cope. It's not meant to be disrespectful, but I can get how some people think it is. Naming a pet after a virus is not necessarily even meant to be "gallows humor," either. I know many virologists who really respect the lifeforms they work with. They're fascinated by how such a short snippet of genomic material, coding just a handful of proteins, can reproduce and thrive. Ebola is actually relatively simple, startlingly so, considering the devastation it wreaks. I know it might seem weird to find something so small and so deadly beautiful, but it's not much different than people fascinated by poisonous snakes, or sharks, or spiders.
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    Hmm, Mail? Wait... What?!

    I was just checking my Neomail. That was all. But I just didnt expect that... Something was up. For sure. TNT had sent me a message. I searched my brain for anything that I would've done that would make them Neomail me. Had I broken the rules? Won the Mystery Pic Contest (Which was impossible since 1. I rarely guess right. 2. I didn't even enter the round)? I decided to read the following: Congratulations! Your story has been chosen as a winner of this week's Story Telling Contest. To see your story, go to http://www.neopets.com/art/storytell.phtml. Your prizes have been awarded and should be in your account. OMG. WHAT. :whaa: Ok, maybe you win all the time. Maybe it isn't that big of an accomplishment. BUT. It is for ME!! :happydance: That's not even all of it. I checked my inventory for what prize I got, and guess what? A Robot Petpet PB!! :woot: I'm so happy now!! I feel like I could do anything~!! Ok. So maybe I still can't fly yet. :oink:
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    Obviously fair. They worked for it either by saving neopoints, trades or created it themselves. It's not like you're limited to having one pug and you have to get a German Shepherd for your next pet because it's unfair to other pug lovers. :D
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    Please Do Not Train ALP Pets

    Hello all! We've been running into a bit of an odd issue with our pet lends of late. We've occasionally had pets returned to us with increased stats, something that we would much prefer to not happen in order to keep transfer costs down. As such, we would like to request that everyone refrain from training ALP pets in any way (from actual courses to faerie quests). We understand that occasionally stat boost REs happen, but please keep the pet out of the line of fire by have one of your own pets active unless strictly necessary to obtain an avatar. Keeping your own pets active also goes a long way to preventing rare color or species changing REs from hitting ALP pets, so really doing so is an all-around good thing! Thank you! Anime ALP Pet Chain Coordinator
  29. 16 points


    So I got a FFQ, she asked for a Deserted Carnival Bed- it was worth 20 NP! AHHHHHHHHHHHH *headsplodes* Now I can get an Alien Aisha! SQUEE! I just need to run around for a while here I'm so excited :happydance: :dance:
  30. 15 points

    Happy 11 Years, The Daily Neopets

    Today is The Daily Neopets' 11th birthday! Thank you to all of our users, players, and site staff who have dedicated themselves to making the best Neopets help site over the last decade.
  31. 15 points


    Congratulations **** *******(cartoon_dreamer)!!!!! Yes... you are the lucky winner of the Neopian Lottery! --- Today's Winning Numbers --- 1 8 15 17 22 30 10691 tickets were bought today, resulting in a total prize money of 1074100 NeoPoints. In total there were 1 winner(s), which means your share is 1074100 NeoPoints! Sweet!!! I finally got the lottery avatar! (I've been playing every day for about a month). I also matched all 6 and was the only winner today, so hopefully I get a trophy too!
  32. 15 points

    omggg omgggg omgggg

    i just logged on to my account and went to my inventory only to find 2 marveolus pb's sitting there !! then i noticed the NM's from TNT about the 2 CC's i was competing in this week and last !! i placed 12th and 8th respectively but OMG THE PRIZES
  33. 15 points
    Woah there, calm down. Xepha wasn't yelling at you, she was simply stating Neopets' rules. We don't want you to lose your current account because of information that you weren't aware of. Nobody accused you of trying to cheat the system; nobody was trying to trample on your memories. And there is no possible way that anyone here could have known that your sister is no longer alive. Please don't look for a reason to jump down people's throats. That's what's entirely impolite. Xepha was only trying to offer help and answer your questions.
  34. 15 points

    Have you ever been so bored...

    That you made a very silly customization? This is what I made today, I call it... Clockwork Orange. //smacked Who wants to share silly customizations with me? (:
  35. 15 points

    Hilarious Neopian Items

    I just came across this, and I had to. I just had to. Protective Lime Helmet
  36. 15 points
    I think this can mean only one thing: AA Sans Quotes is actually Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris doesn't get likes. Likes get Chuck Norris.
  37. 15 points
    Clearly, it's because we like him. (I'll see myself out.)
  38. 15 points
    I woke up (20 mins ago) feeling awful, and realised it's a new day on neo. Just started my dailies before college and had bad luck at the shrine so I moved onto the fruit machine. Now I usually only win 50nps on this (though less than a month ago I won a few thousand) I clicked on spin today and got Congratulations! You have won 20,000 NP! You also win: Smelly Dung Muffin Maractite Paint Brush I've been saving for a Maractite Paint Brush! I am SO SO happy right now! And one day before the advent calendar<3 This makes me love neo even more. I feel.. well again :D I'm so happy that I had to make a whole thread for it! :'D I now have no clue what I can save for...
  39. 14 points

    Neopoints for NeoCash

    Maybe if it was 500,000 or 5,000,000 for 500NC but I feel like this would only influence illegal means of obtaining neopoints. A lot of games do have in-game currency conversions but Neopets has far too many cheaters for it to work without completely destroying the game imo. I think a more useful way would be to have a wheel (or some sort of neopoint sink game) where you could spend a high amount of NPs and win neocash in various denominations or a NC prize like a specific item, special capule or goodie bag with predetermined prizes. Also I think it would be nice to have a reverse version of Delina where you could buy the items with NPs, from a specialty shop, and create NC items instead.
  40. 14 points
    Hi there! I would just like to point out that TNT is *not* violating your freedom of speech. Freedom of Speech prevents the government and other official regulatory bodies from censoring your speech, but does not affect the rules of private businesses. When you create an account on Neopets you agree to their Terms of Service and Rules and Guidelines. Under these you agree to their limitations on your speech. They can't violate something that you have willingly given up when you agree to play on the site. ^^; As for adult content on Neopets, I don't ever really see that happening due to their family-friendly image. Personally, I've never had much of an issue with the filters or warnings as I understand that there are other places I can go to discuss content that is not permitted on Neopets. Also, I hate chatting during Key Quest, so that's a moot point. I wish they'd remove that chat altogether.
  41. 14 points

    I got Published!!

    It's just my college thesis and it's really expensive and really boring but still. I PUBLISHED a BOOK and it's listed on AMAZON and you can buy it FOR REAL. [/caps] Sorry. Just really excited! :)
  42. 14 points
    I don't mean to be offensive but I'm not sure how a person could be neutral between the two of them. You think rapists should be paid child support? You think women shouldn't be able to decide what to do with their bodies (ie: abortion)? You think women shouldn't be paid as much as men, despite them doing the exact same job? You think rich people should pay less taxes than poorer people? You think the auto industry should have just gone bankrupt? You think the US should get rid of Planned Parenthood? You think health care should only be available to rich people who can afford it? You think there really is a 47% of the country (read: Democrats) that just "expects" to be handed things to them? You think the Government should limit or cut federal funding to schools who don't have the best academic accolades? You think gay people should not be able to marry? You think the environment isn't that important? You think birth control should not be readily accessible? You think Medicare should be majorly reformed or rid of completely? You think national parks/forest shouldn't be protected / preserved by the Government? You think children of illegal immigrants born in the USA should not be considered American and therefore not have access to equal rights (even though the Constitution/US Code says otherwise)? You think it's snobby for Obama to want all Americans to have a chance to have access to health care/an education? You think companies should continue to outsource their product, leaving less jobs for Americans? You think Americans should pay out banks that go into debt? If you agree with majority of those, you should be voting for Mitt Romney. If you think a lot of those are utterly ridiculous, then you should be voting for Obama. I'm not even American and just hearing about some of the stuff spewed out by one of the candidates makes me adamantly in favor of the other. Again, not sure how aware the "neutral" people are because if there was minor education, they would have an surefire answer IMO... Hope this helps you :)
  43. 13 points

    Haggling.. Gone Wrong.

    So I've been haggling with the food shop in Neopia Central, and I've been haggling with the shopkeeper for a carrot that costs 1,856.. So my strategy was to give him half of what he wanted, then if he didn't accept, i would drop down to 1 NP (lol) so this is how it went: The Shopkeeper says 'Hmmm, no, im not going any lower than 4,040 Neopoints...' The Shopkeeper says 'I wont take less than 9,107 Neopoints for it.' The Shopkeeper says 'Hmmm, no, im not going any lower than 13,619 Neopoints...' The Shopkeeper says 'Surely you would pay at least 21,545 Neopoints for this item?' The Shopkeeper says 'I paid much more than 1 for this item... give me 32,000 and it's yours.' The Shopkeeper says 'Tum de dum... Im not going to accept less than 47,999!' The Shopkeeper says 'May your hair fall out and your tongue grow warts. Im not going lower than 73,005.' The Shopkeeper says 'May your hair fall out and your tongue grow warts. Im not going lower than 108,013.' The Shopkeeper says 'You are a very offensive person. I demand 162,478 Neopoints!!!!!' The Shopkeeper says 'May your crops be devoured by locusts and your teeth rot. No less than 244,126!' The Shopkeeper says 'What... 101,000... I have to make a living you know. What about 436,036?' The Shopkeeper says 'May your ears turn purple and fall off! Pay me at least 739,055!' The Shopkeeper says 'I did not become a shopkeeper to be insulted!! My final offer is 941,062!!' The Shopkeeper says 'May your crops be devoured by locusts and your teeth rot. No less than 1,042,996!' "RIGHT NOW I'M REALLY ANNOYED. BEGONE. DON'T COME BACK!" ALL THIS FOR A CARROT. from 1,856 to 1,042,996............. Yeah Carrots! Share your bargaining horrors here!
  44. 13 points

    Neopets Downtime

    'Twas the night before downtime, and all through the site The people prepared their accounts for the night. The p3s were nestled, all snug in their beds While visions of apocalypse danced through their heads. The items were stuffed in SDBs with care In hopes that they would all be safe in there. *cough* :whistle:
  45. 13 points
    Tired of the Coincidence asking for expensive items? Good news because you can now enjoy a new cancel button! Hurrah!
  46. 13 points

    The ALP

    Hey. Hey guys. Check out this super awesome cool thing: We had a super generous Neopian donate nearly 10 mil and a lovely staff member throw in another 35 mil. I'm starting to shop around for clubs. Yayyyyy
  47. 13 points
    Izzy ♥

    Puzzle Challenge Winners!

    Well, our Puzzle Challenge has come to an end and we've tallied the results! There were 8 people who completed all the puzzles :) RANK 1 - Ysera324 RANK 2 - poptart123 RANK 3 - jellyfish RANK 4 - celestialchaos RANK 5 - 7_rayne_7 RANK 6 - FrankMafkees RANK 7 - thejokerlaughsatyou RANK 8 - laasya98 We have a $10 NC card for all 8 of you - look out for an email with details soon! Congrats everyone :D Til next time!
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    The New TDN Is Getting Better

    We've been overwhelmed by the positive feedback on the new TDN. We've been fixing bugs like crazy men (and women) around the new site. You should notice these improvements: Fixed Neoavatars solution links in game guides Improved the "green" color in the Neoavatars sections (it's easier to see!) Added a Darigan Pteri alert to the sidebar (it'll appear when there's a Darigan Pteri alert) Fixed the Altador Plot Star Mapper link General stability improvements and bug fixes Thanks very much. Please continue to submit your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions as they come. We want to hear from you! You can't overwhelm us.
  49. 13 points
    Looks like Kell and Corbin are now using their detective skills to help find the monster running loose in Neovia.


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