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  1. Neopets Halloween CryptoQuest We are very excited to share the news that Neopets is launching a time limited digital card collection game! Each CryptoQuest card is individually unique and comes with a virtual prize code redeemable for items in Neopets. Backstory This is not your typical Neopian tale about ghouls and goblins lurking in the dangerous Haunted Woods. It all started when Aisha, Draik, Kougra, and Uni decided to go to the Haunted Woods, being brave and curious. Their only way to escape is by collecting items and disguises to transport each to a different Halloween party! Join them on an adventure to complete their quests so they can escape the Haunted Woods! Play Now!
  2. Ian

    The Runway: Special Edition Votes!

    Currently putting together the details to get the pins in order. 🙂 Stay tuned!
  3. Ian

    New TDN Forums Theme: Mind

    So glad you guys are liking the changes! Enjoy! ❤️
  4. Hello TDN Forums! Check out the newest TDN Forums theme Mind from the theme selector in the footer. It's a bit brighter than our default theme, Shift. You can also use the default Invision Power Board (forum software) theme by selecting "Default." Thanks for being a member! Regards, TDN Management
  5. Dear TDN Forums members, TDN Forums will be down for maintenance on March 5 from 18:00 to 19:00 UTC. During this time, our datacenter will be performing hardware upgrades to patch Specter and Meltdown hardware vulnerabilities that affect all computing devices. At this time, you may not be able to receive a response from the TDN Forums servers. While the maintenance window allocated is one hour, we estimate that this maintenance will only last for approximately 10 minutes. Thank you for your patience! Thanks for being a part of TDN. TDN Management
  6. Hey everyone! If you haven't been following recently, we've been pushing a lot of updates at TDN's new Items Database that was released this past summer. The latest: preset sorting options have been added to your wishlists. You can now sort by ascending or descending order for name, rarity, and item release dates. More features coming soon! All myTDN accounts have access to manage their own wishlists at TDN Items. Don't have a myTDN account? It's easy to register.
  7. Did you know that TDN has a full-fledged Items Database? Here's the latest updates. There was about 1,200 TCG cards that we realized were missing from The Daily Neopets Item Database. Today, these have been re-added. See the updated Trading Cards & Scratchcards tags at the Items Database. In addition, we are now officially hiring at the Items Database! Are you a Neopets enthusiast? We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to help us continue adding and updating items at the Items Database. Apply here. I'm Harry the Hiring Hissi! I look forward to receiving your message. In other news, we're wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of our U.S. based visitors!
  8. TDNers, We're very excited to announce the release of TDN Items Wishlists. You can create an unlimited amount of wishlists and add an unlimited amount of items at the Items Database. This service is available to all existing myTDN members. Don't have an account? Register today. Just visit the Items Database, login, and get started with your Wishlists under myTDN -> My Wishlists. We have plans to add HTML generators, auto-sorting functionality, private wishlist links (for your friends), and much more in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for updates! And pssst... we don't monitor your account activity at TDN, so have fun and enjoy your privacy!
  9. Hi there, We apologize for the temporary reset back to the default forum theme. Our recommended theme, Shift, is now back! If you aren't already seeing this theme at TDN Forums (most members have been updated), click Theme in the footer and select Shift. Thank you for your patience! Best, TDN Management
  10. Hey everyone! TDN Battlepedia is moving to a new home at The Daily Neopets Items Database. Our entire weapons database of 3,000+ items is now accessible at The Daily Neopets Items, including their iconage, item rarity, and descriptions. It's consolidated with our Customization wearables item database, too, so you'll notice that there's a lot of new information too. Everything that you love is now at TDN Items. In addition to moving our weapons database, all of our Battledome- and Battlepedia-specific helpful articles have been moved to the main site. Many links on battlepedia.thedailyneopets.com will now redirect you to the correct locations. We're still working on moving our 1-Player database, damage calculator, and a few other pages from here. Eventually, this area will be taken offline completely, so please continue to visit us at TDN Items. Thanks for helping make TDN your one-stop-shop for everything Neopets.
  11. Hey everyone! We're really excited to announce that The Daily Neopets Items Database is now online at https://items.thedailyneopets.com. The wearables and Customization department has been moved here. Rest assured that all of the same data can be found at TDN Items. Eventually customize.thedailyneopets.com will be going offline entirely, in favor of the new Items Database. The Items Database will be in active development over the next couple of months, restoring features like wishlists and wishlist code generation. We hope that you like it! Thanks for helping make TDN your one-stop-shop for everything Neopets. :)
  12. Ian

    Avatar Counter Stuck

    At the moment a one day image cache is the best that I can do. There is no way to make it lower at this time. Rest assured that the only place that this is cached is TDNF and is being displayed live everywhere else.
  13. Ian

    Avatar Counter Stuck

    Hey everybody, Thank you for all of the additional details. What was common in all of your stories was that the counter images were inaccurate on the forums but not in other locations. After further investigation, this is because the forums cache remote images served from non TDN Forums domain names. This cache was set to save images for 7 days and serve them as is, thus the inaccuracy in the counts. I have since lowered the cache to 1 day, the minimum setting but am looking to make this even lower for everybody's sanity. The obvious question is: why cache? I can't disable this caching mechanism altogether because these images are cached to make them "secure" (HTTPS). For example, an http:// image served on a secure https:// TDN Forums throws browser errors. To be fully HTTPS, every asset on the page displayed must also be HTTPS. So we "grab and cache" non-HTTPS remote images at the forums to essentially make them HTTPS. If that makes no sense, don't worry. Please give me a little extra time to investigate. I hope to have a permanent solution soon. In the meantime, counters displayed at TDN Forums will update now at least within a day. Rest assured that your counts are being displayed live everywhere else.