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  1. livvy

    Ctrl-V Game

    http://www.absoluteanime.com/kirby/salesguy[2].jpg ...really? Oh geez.
  2. I told you, no double digits. By the way, cute kitten gifs significantly reduce the chance that I'll post. EDIT: Yes Dusky, it absolutely does. :D
  3. Did you want double digits? Sorry friends!
  4. livvy

    Ctrl-V Game

    -------- Quality check has reached this point Well that's telling.
  5. Banned for breaking the spaaaaaaaaaaaace trend.
  6. I told you, if you make a post here, you should then make a post in another game so the staffers don't see this one as the most recently updated thread! Restart, kiddos.
  7. I would suggest perhaps your account is too young, but it only has to be a day old to access the boards, and I assume you've had your account for longer than that. Is it possible you got silenced for something? That may limit your access to the boards. (I've never been silenced, so I wouldn't know for sure.)
  8. Tip: Always play another game right after you post here so we staffers don't notice it's been recently posted in. ;)
  9. Dangit Dusky, now I have "mena mena" stuck in my head. Back to zero with you! :evil:
  10. Such progress! Much homestuck gifs! Very reset! ;) Wow!
  11. Save some love for the reporters, Matt and Austin, too! ;) We're super glad you enjoy the reports though!
  12. Nope, not at all. All that really matters is how well you play.
  13. Hi Onethirds.

  14. Alternate/Intermediate action: > Get up. Won't do to get caught off-guard, regardless of the intentions of the being approaching you.
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