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  1. livvy

    Ctrl-V Game

    http://www.absoluteanime.com/kirby/salesguy[2].jpg ...really? Oh geez.
  2. livvy

    Counting...with a twist

    I told you, no double digits. By the way, cute kitten gifs significantly reduce the chance that I'll post. EDIT: Yes Dusky, it absolutely does. :D
  3. livvy

    Counting...with a twist

    Did you want double digits? Sorry friends!
  4. livvy

    Ctrl-V Game

    -------- Quality check has reached this point Well that's telling.
  5. livvy

    Ban the person above you!

    Banned for breaking the spaaaaaaaaaaaace trend.
  6. livvy

    Counting...with a twist

    I told you, if you make a post here, you should then make a post in another game so the staffers don't see this one as the most recently updated thread! Restart, kiddos.
  7. livvy

    I can't see the neoboards?

    I would suggest perhaps your account is too young, but it only has to be a day old to access the boards, and I assume you've had your account for longer than that. Is it possible you got silenced for something? That may limit your access to the boards. (I've never been silenced, so I wouldn't know for sure.)
  8. livvy

    Counting...with a twist

    Tip: Always play another game right after you post here so we staffers don't notice it's been recently posted in. ;)
  9. livvy

    Counting...with a twist

    Dangit Dusky, now I have "mena mena" stuck in my head. Back to zero with you! :evil:
  10. livvy

    Counting...with a twist

    Such progress! Much homestuck gifs! Very reset! ;) Wow!
  11. Save some love for the reporters, Matt and Austin, too! ;) We're super glad you enjoy the reports though!
  12. livvy

    Altador Cup Signups Begin!

    Nope, not at all. All that really matters is how well you play.
  13. Hi Onethirds.

  14. Alternate/Intermediate action: > Get up. Won't do to get caught off-guard, regardless of the intentions of the being approaching you.