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  1. The Daily Neopets is seeking motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer Neopians to join our staff! If you are interested, please apply to join our team below! NOTE: Most positions require some HTML and BBCode (TDN forums coding) knowledge; training will be available. Altador Cup Team [APPLY] - Seasonal position that includes midnight NST work of publishing daily match results & news stories. Avatar Team [APPLY] - Responsible for updating links for avatar pets, new avatar solutions, and posting avatar news. [BBCode] Battlepedia Team [APPLY]- Testing weapons, adding new artillery and posting news are top priority. [BBCode] Content Team [APPLY] - Help the community with various guides, site events and more. (HTML) Customisation Team [APPLY]- Adding new wearable items, posting pet day & NC mall news, as well as Neocash guides. (HTML ) Forums Moderator [APPLY] - Help keep The Daily Neopets Forums neat and tidy by helping enforce rules. [BBCode] Midnight Team [APPLY] - Posting Daily Faerie Crossword Answers at Midnight, as well as helping other departments with midnight updates when applicable. (HTML)
  2. Blarg. Hopping on the Dupe Complain Train... 10 Nutty Neggs - 10 FREAKING ALMOND TARTS. Are the earrings too much to ask for?
  3. Aaaaaand time to zap a zillion kougras until one turns candy.
  4. Yup this is all of em, sadly according to the source code. I thought the Kari Stamp was going to be in her Negg but I guess they saved it for an end prize.
  5. A candy or marble Krawk would have been so nice. Too bad they took the laziest colour to make aside from invisible. The clothes are also super underwhelming when it could have been something amazing.
  6. There isn't any way for us to delete myTDN accounts; only Ian is able to do so if the user confirms 100%. As far as I can see, no myTDN accounts have been deleted and this sounds like a glitch of some sort. Can you guys give us any more details to help solve this issue? Are you able to replicate it? @hriven @Yuiina
  7. The ALP appreciates your offer but we are not in need of any pets or items at this time.
  8. Day two of the event starts tonight at midnight NST. All events give 'Day 1' a day and half so all times zones are eligible to participate as you get a bonus prize for partaking each day. This system has been in place for probably 7 or 8 years now, if not more. :) All events on Neopets have a FAQ and it also states the length of 'Day 1'. Make sure to check it out in the future so you don't have to worry about missing out ETA: I have amended the guide to make Day 1 more clear.
  9. Have you considered Pirate? A morphing potion is 150k as opposed to 1.75 mil for the Royal paint brush.
  10. I also think it's because we used to get a male set of clothes and female set of clothes on pet days, but now we are cut down just to one set. Of course that one is usually more on the feminine side. But maybe it's also because a lot of their male characters don't typically have hair in general. They use the character's head as is or add a hat of some sort. While more variety would be nice, I don't think it's stopping you from an awesome customisation for your male/masculine pets
  11. Daily Dare 2017 is now complete. Visit the homepage to claim you trophy and prizes now!
  12. Game Guide | Daily Dare 2017 Coverage | Chadley scored: - points Abigail scored: - points