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  1. An all new avatar has been released however the solution has yet to be discovered! Let us know what you've tried in the comments below!
  2. NeoCreation week is all about being creative and designing your own Neopets themed creations. Today participants are submitting unique ideas for a land they would design in Neopia. Each day will present a new unique contest. Entries will earn a chance to win a Comic Con codes! Keep up to date with the latest daily contest on Neopets' social media pages.
  3. Some items are glitched (JS has been working on them) and I believe this is one of them. You can try submitting a ticket 🙂
  4. hrtbrk

    Happy Blumaroo Day!

    Water | Swamp Gas
  5. hrtbrk

    Happy Ruki Day!

  6. hrtbrk

    Dragoyle Hunting Has Begun!

    Meridell has received a much needed makeover and in spirit of the Discovery of Meridell, we can hunt Dragoyle's around the city for a limited time. Head to the new Meridell map page and scroll to the bottom to begin - but act fast as a new Dragoyle will be ready to be found at midnight! GUIDE
  7. A third free Birthday Cupcake is in the NC Mall! Feeding this to your pet will add +2 strength and a shiny new wearable! Claim me now!
  8. hrtbrk

    Happy Ixi Day!

  9. Enjoy a new free birthday cupcake; feeding this item to your pet will grant them +3 movement speed and a wearable! Claim Me!
  10. I'm so upset that they changed them! The original ones were fabulous! 😂
  11. Head to the NC Mall to claim your free birthday cupcake now! Consuming this items grants +5 HP to your pet.
  12. hrtbrk

    It's trophy time!

    We're all thinking it and that's why I love it 😈