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  1. Neopets is doing work in the image server the hosts all the pet pictures and it is happening to everyone. A lot of people are speculating that it has to do with how they plan on changing Customization from Flash to something else (but of course we have no proof of that for sure). If the Cog stays for too long, you can try customizing your pets for their image to return to normal 馃檪
  2. I don't think there is a way around it, they have been No Trade in the past and JS probably forgot to mark it as such. 馃檨Hopefully it's just a glitch.
  3. The negg does not show up in your inventory, only the prize you get for selecting the negg 馃檪
  4. LOVE your new avatar - looks grouchy like me 馃槈

    1. jellysundae


      It's me in my true form! 馃ぃ

  5. I'm sure the guide will be out soon but in the mean time, you can check what items the Negg gives here in our database: https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/sunny-side-up-negg
  6. Hop on over and give Topsi a visit to go on a Negg hunt and a chance to win exclusive prizes! View our guide for daily Negg locations and prizes! NOTE: Day one starts April 8 and goes through April 9th. Day two will start on April 10th. VIEW OUR GUIDE MAGICAL NEGGS GUIDE
  7. Two new colours were released today and are exclusive to the lab ray! Burlap | Mosaic
  8. Same here but I morphed a pet into a shoyru just to wear the clothes for a while, they are that amazing!!
  9. Same. I got a kiko plushie yesterday 馃槴 I don't mind paying a decent price for the items but they're nearly 500k the last I checked and needing to buy 4 items at that price will leave me flat broke! The drop rate for the wearables seems super low compared to the plushies and jam.
  10. Loving the new items. I must have all the wearables AND the petpet!!!!! So nice to finally have a nice background for my maraquan but I fear it's going to remain super expensive since everyone seemed to get jam or plushies 馃槥
  11. Clearly a joke but I hope that the event actually starts before we get into the Easter goodness because I don't want to wait until after lol
  12. Things will be temporarily broken while we move some things around behind the scenes. I cannot provide an exact timeline of when they will be restored but I will ask Ian to find more information. This change will be across all of our counters - Daily Dare, Altador Cup, GMC, goal counters etc. We apologize for any inconvenience in the meantime.
  13. TDN welcomes you to the month of April! Links: Home | Battlepedia | Customisation | Items Database | NeoAvatars | Forums This month, we have these events: April Fool's Day on April 1st Shoyru Day on April 2nd Grey Day on April 14th Krawk Day on April 16th Lutari Day on April 19th Kougra Day on April 22nd The Cybunny Carnival on April 27th Other things to do: Dailies | Monthly Freebies | Faerie Crossword | Pet Transfers
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