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  1. How much are you battling?

    Told ya it was glitched and supposed to stop at 100% the entire time lol It's probably a hidden thing we weren't supposed to see
  2. How to Find Old Pet's Name

    There really isn't a way and there's also a strong likelihood that the pet was purged or is on an account that is no longer in use or even frozen.
  3. If anyone is REALLY stuck, do subtraction on easy. The questions are usually like 55-11, or 8-0 or 9-1.
  4. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    Serious question: Why would someone pay 2 mil for something that they received for free lol Most i saw it going for was 800k...
  5. Try adjusting this in your style tags! #userneopets li a { display: block; margin-bottom: -2em; Adjust the number depending on layout. } http://www.neopets.com/~ziys
  6. Chrome now disables flash by default on every website so you will have to enable it for Neopets (and any site with flash). Click on the i logo in the address bar while on Neopets and click Always Allow under the Flash option. @Hanso @pulpfreeoj
  7. You do NOT need to send 100 games scores so do not waste time trying to squeeze in 100. They typically ask for a total 50 game scores sent on the 7th day but remember the games you played in the previous 6 days also count towards that total, which is usually at least a good 30 or so games.
  8. Ah I am likely wrong, then. Hope you get a change to squeeze in some time!
  9. This always happens over Thanksgiving and you only need completions for GMC. So you can do all challenges on the last day and still get the best prize :)
  10. Can someone on Team Living please tell me their Game Challenge for today (score requirement & prize). I'm updating solo and chose Dead
  11. A brand new set of challenges are ready for you to take on as GMC 2017: Living vs Dead begins. Day 2 begins on November 22nd at 12:00 AM GMC 2017 DAILY GUIDE
  12. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    Plot updates are historically Tuesdays and Fridays but who knows if things will be delayed since 1) it's jumpstart 2) it's been glitched for 4 days :/
  13. How much are you battling?

    Whoops I replied to this in another thread but just in case others don't see that... This sentiment comes from the Faeries Ruin plot, the last battle plot we had. TNT rewarded plot points and trophy tiers based on how many battles you completed. Of course TNT didn't tell us that at the time and so people are being overly prepared this time in case it happens again.
  14. Wraith Ectoplasm

    I believe people think this way based off of The Faeries' Ruin system. The more times you fought the baddies, the more plot points you got at the end. Of course TNT didn't tell us that was a requirement to get plot points back then, and it GREATLY affected what trophy you got and how many plot points you received, so people are taking advantage of it being glitched just to be safe. But I agree with you. I think it's glitched and was supposed to stop at 100%.
  15. Maraquan PB : Sell or Use ?

    I'd either hold on to it until you decide more clearly or sell it. The nice part about the maraquan paint brush is that the price is relatively stable. Since you're undecided, and a lot of the pets you like have a cheaper morphing potion, I'd sell. Plus, the Faerie Quest event is a handful of months away... maybe you'll get that awesome FFQ and can find yourself 5 mil richer!