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  1. Happy Kougra Day!

    Swamp Gas | Sponge
  2. Second account question

    Yup! Being logged in on two different browsers, at the same time, and playing on them is perfectly a-okay. You also don't have to use the same email address for every account either if you don't want to - it's never been a requirement.
  3. It's Almost Summer!

    Well done! All your pets look ready for summer! Mine's in spring mode! April showers bring May flowers!
  4. Daily Faerie Quests Are Back!

    You have to say no and decline the Crafting Faerie first, then you will get regular quests again.
  5. Faerie Requests - Got a Paintbrush

    How lucky!! The new lutari colours for this year are Origami and Clay, if that helps any haha
  6. When will lutari's be available to make?

    Why would you get shut down? The purpose of side accounts is to own more pets. Adopt 5 lutari's on it if you want
  7. Wraith Resurgence?

    No one knows when it will end. There have been notices of it coming to an end "once and for all" but those were posted back in February. They posted a "finish all steps ASAP" notices. All we know is that it will end sometime soon.
  8. Happy Krawk Day

    Polka-Dot | Candy
  9. Users who collected all their neggs for this festival should head to the headquarters to collect their bonus prizes now!
  10. Fyora has been healed and has saved Kaia and Malum from poisonous gas. Help them out now! VIEW OUR GUIDE
  11. I believe it's done on purpose with some frozen accounts. The good news is that making nps is now easier than ever so it shouldn't take you long to get a nice nest egg again. Congrats on getting your account back!
  12. Spring Dyeworks Have Arrived!

    I've got both wigs if anyone needs a lend to dye. Can do 2:1 or 1:1 or you send me a dye so I can dye for you, just lemme know :)
  13. The Runway Votes #53

    I've got an account designated for elderly pets and @babayaga67 is making it very hard not to try for an elderly cybunny lol LOVE IT! <3
  14. Your Fashion Counselor!

    I do like it a lot on the Vanda!!! What is it called?! But I also think it looks great on your draik too!