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  1. We've found this unreleased baby chia morphing potion!
  2. Clay | Pastel
  3. DYEWORKS SWAP: Offering: DW Cyan Feet In The Clouds Foreground Seeking: ANY Summer Orange Root Wig or Accessories Dress. ------------------------ DYEWORKS LENDING I am also lending Iscas Dress for 1 GBC.
  4. DT mostly just helps calculate your bets % of winning or gives you pre-made bets based off what it thinks will win if you do not know how to make your own. I don't think it was announced anywhere @acmerasta Players were just assuming that was the case since Neopets was down for so long the other night.
  5. Two new petpets have been found! Disco Darblat | Dung Turdle
  6. How is everyone managing with DaqTools being down? I'm guessing it was because of the netdragon server swap but boy did I feel lost without them today LOL
  7. The texture the Candy Blum has is very nice. I'm glad they're not all glossy hard candies, too. Glad blum lovers got a great pet day!
  8. Adobe has been warning of phasing out Flash for a long time just as Jumpstaff have been letting us know they are working on doing the same for years as well. Scrappy seemed confident in her reply to us so I think they've got everything covered more than we know!
  9. Our unobtainable category is for retired avatars that have no chance at being re-released, like plot avatars. Bilge Dice avatars are simply rare and the DoN avatars are on Neopets to-do list. The only avatar listed that is truly permanently unobtainable is Lenny Conundrum avatar. It has been switched to unobtainable. In the future, please submit a ticket to us so we can address these corrections as it's not guaranteed that the staff members who look after this department will see these threads in a timely manner :) EDIT TO ADD: We are aware that Bilge Dice has been offline for a year+ but here has been no actual confirm (that I know of) that it won't be coming back... Scrappy has also mentioned features being fixed/brought back. This topic has been edited by a member of staff (hrtbrk). The original topic is now answered and will be closed. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED.
  10. Candy | Relic
  11. Jumpstart was recently acquired by a huge company called NetDragon! Head to the NC Mall to celebrate with some free items for your Scorchio!
  12. Azrkain is UFA. I'm still zapping him so let me know ASAP if you are interested
  13. If you're old enough (and brave enough) to view the Neopets Sub Reddit, a whole range of bets are posted by 15-20 different people every day. Some are very very safe bets and some are very very risky. Most post the winning odds, the projected bet to hit percentage and explain in detail why they made their bets. I love reading their different thought processes each day. They even have a monthly food club competition if you're into that sort of thing. Totally recommend.
  14. I'd like to introduce you to NeoDaq Tools, who does all of this and much much more, but they recently switched domains and site hasn't fully transferred yet.
  15. Pretty sure I need a Ruki now just so I can wear that outfit. I agree about the crown not matching but I'd probably use a wig anyway.