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  1. Happy Chia Day!

    Biscuit | Marble
  2. Unreleased Pirate Petpets!

    Four new petpets have been found! Dua | Charnie | Flishy | Alkenore
  3. Nay for Lousey Genetics!

    Stop assuming and thinking the worst, girl! A will still be able to eat and try all the foods she loves without limitations. She will bite and eat on the side of her mouth instead of the front. She will be fine and will adjust quickly once the extractions heal. Keeping her from public school because she might get teased is a bit extreme. We have to think rationally instead of emotionally. A's strong and she won't be the only kiddo in school with missing teeth - either because they fell out naturally, they accidentally got knocked out or because they had them removed just like her. Everyone is different in some way. Kids go to school who are diabetic, have learning disabilities, have allergies etc; they are treated like every other kid. I love you like my own sister and I understand it is your motherly instinct to protect her at all costs but you cannot keep her sheltered from every day life forever. We can't let our children miss out on life because we impose our own fears or insecurities on them. She's strong. She's a fighter. She's going to be the same ol' feisty go-getter A that she's has grown to be. Let's just hope that she doesn't find a sudden passion for whistling ;) <3
  4. Man they really snoozed on the avatar. They should have had an assassin come in, steal it and leave a decoy avatar in its place
  5. New Robot Vandagyre

    Looks like the feathers are some sort of casing or are metal.
  6. New Candy Lutari and Zombie Kougra!

    I love the details on the zombie! It looks very Awakened to me with the vibrancy of his shorts. Big probs for blending the eyes to match the colour and not just pasting them on top like they did to his poor Lutari friend. That style of Candy still looks hideous in my opinion and they need to stop it ASAP before they continue to ruin an awesome colour on too many pets. Also, I don't think those are spikes on the kougra tail. They look like an attempt to make him look disheveled but the artist can't draw because the tail and ears are messy.. "messy"... but the rest of his body is smooth.
  7. My reactions are . . . not

    I believe rollover is actually set to UTC/GMT+00:00, so you will have to wait until then for it to count as a new day. Nothing has changed or been updated so you're just off on the time. Let me know if it gets fixed :)
  8. Zombie Kougra | Candy Lutari
  9. It appears these are lab-only colours, which have not been activated yet. TNT will update us when they become available. Steam Punk | Toy
  10. A new survey asking questions about the Battledome has been released. Take it now to let them know what you love, hate and want to see in the Battledome's future.
  11. Two new Valentines petpets have been found. Clompkins | Magaral
  12. New Marble Kougra!

    Kougra's can now be painted Marble!
  13. As a sweet treat, Neopets will be releasing a new pet colour every day until February 14th. Yesterday they released a Magma Vandagyre and today reveals a Snot Lutari!
  14. Head to the NC Mall to claim your free goodie bag now! You are allowed to claim Neocash goodie bags on your side account.