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  1. We will be expressing the usability of a weapon by using our new tagging system. This way it will be easier for players to find a recommended item within a specific price range or desired weapon type instead of having the view the viability of each weapon individually through a written review. Not only will they be tagged as recommended, we will also be categorizing usable weapons based on beginner, intermediate and expert levels in the Battledome to help battlers of all levels find the perfect battle set. We hope to have these features added in the upcoming months. Hope this helps @war_doc :) Feel free to pass on any suggestions or ideas!
  2. Thanks for letting us know @Tiaricale We wish you the best of luck and thanks for all your hard work on the page for all those years.
  3. Thanks for all the positive comments. Send any suggestions or ideas our way - don't be shy
  4. Jelly | Custard
  5. There are certain items you are not allowed to use the SSW on such as nerkmids, paint brushes, petpet paint brushes, transmogrifications potions, and lab map pieces etc.
  6. Maybe if it was 500,000 or 5,000,000 for 500NC but I feel like this would only influence illegal means of obtaining neopoints. A lot of games do have in-game currency conversions but Neopets has far too many cheaters for it to work without completely destroying the game imo. I think a more useful way would be to have a wheel (or some sort of neopoint sink game) where you could spend a high amount of NPs and win neocash in various denominations or a NC prize like a specific item, special capule or goodie bag with predetermined prizes. Also I think it would be nice to have a reverse version of Delina where you could buy the items with NPs, from a specialty shop, and create NC items instead.
  7. If you still have points sitting in last years Altador Cup prize shop, now is the time to spend them as the shop will close next Friday, May 12th. Passionate about the Altador Cup? Consider joining our team in writing role-playing interviews, match-up articles & more! Without you guys, these features will not run so APPLY NOW! VISIT THE PRIZE SHOP NOW
  8. Yes, you are allowed to say TDN and link to TDN articles (anything with in it) Since is a different URL, it is NOT qualified as a trusted fansite and cannot be mentioned. Confusing system, I agree You are welcomed to say and link to DTI, SunnyNeo and JN as well :)
  9. It's common and it could be something as silly as mentioning Google or Facebook. The warnings expire after 6-ish months of no other infractions. If you are certain you have not said anything about other websites (other than official fan sites - remember TDN Forums is NOT allowed to be mentioned), I'd suggest doing a password change just to be on the safe side. Other than that you don't have anything to worry about :)
  10. Custard | Biscuit
  11. Clay | Dimensional
  12. TDN welcomes you to the month of May! Links: Home | Battlepedia | Customization | NeoAvatars | Forums This month, we have these events: Lupe Day on May 2nd Hissi Day on May 4th Tyrannian Victory Day!!! on May 12th Moehog Day on May 14th Koi Day on May 25th Yurble Day on May 28th Other things to do: Dailies | Monthly Freebies | Faerie Crossword | Pet Transfers
  13. The Daily Neopets is seeking motivated, dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer Neopians to join our staff! If you are interested, please apply to join our team below! NOTE: Most positions require some HTML and BBCode (TDN forums coding) knowledge; training will be available. Altador Cup Team [APPLY] - Seasonal position that includes midnight NST work of publishing daily match results & news stories. Avatar Team [APPLY] - Responsible for updating links for avatar pets, new avatar solutions, and posting avatar news. [BBCode] Battlepedia Team [APPLY]- Testing weapons, adding new artillery and posting news are top priority. [BBCode] Content Team [APPLY] - Help the community with various guides, site events and more. (HTML) Customisation Team [APPLY]- Adding new wearable items, posting pet day & NC mall news, as well as Neocash guides. (HTML ) Forums Moderator [APPLY] - Help keep The Daily Neopets Forums neat and tidy by helping enforce rules. [BBCode] Midnight Team [APPLY] - Posting Daily Faerie Crossword Answers at Midnight, as well as helping other departments with midnight updates when applicable. (HTML)
  14. Blarg. Hopping on the Dupe Complain Train... 10 Nutty Neggs - 10 FREAKING ALMOND TARTS. Are the earrings too much to ask for?
  15. Aaaaaand time to zap a zillion kougras until one turns candy.