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  1. A lot of users will lend pets like this to you so you don't have to waste your NPs/time on painting them. TDN has an avatar lending program that will lend you our already painted Halloween Lupe (and Mootix)/Halloween Ruki pets so you can get the avatar.
  2. Swamp Gas | Water
  3. Looks like they tried to make some sauce by mixing mayonnaise and mustard together *shudder*
  4. All weekend Neopians have been voting for the newest paint brush to enter Neopia and the results are finally in. DRUM ROLL PLEASE! WINNER IS CANDY! Making its mark as the 1st Runner-up we have: Marble! And finally, finishing last but not the least is: Floral!
  5. Custard | Snot
  6. Disco | Jelly
  7. Same. That happens to me all the time and it's really a pain in the rear when trying to find links on the boards while trying to write guides for you guys :( Anyone know why it does that/how to get it to stop?
  8. A new day is set to UTC, which is 4:00 PM Neopets time (or 4 Pacific time/ 7:00 PM eastern time etc) for people unsure of time zones. The reputation leaderboards will also reset at the same time each day. If you hopped on TDNF anywhere in between, it may not have reset despite it being a new calendar day for you where you live.
  9. Time zones are automatically determined based off of your location now. The daily like limit has not been changed since we've added to the community and is based off of your usergroup. Members get 5, Super Members get 10 and Fantastic Members get 15 likes per day.
  10. No idea what the next one will be but a great tip is to basically shove anything that's "Very Rare" (means R90+) in to your SDB.
  11. Elephante fans can finally party because they're getting some love. Neopets has revealed three new potential paint brush colours and we get to pick which one will be added in to the game. Choose between Marble, Floral or Candy. Voting ends on February 20th. VOTE NOW! Marble | Floral | Candy
  12. Guilds have been dead long before Neopets took a dive and I think the culprit is social media. You can meet on places like TDN, tumblr or reddit and speak more freely with a larger group of players. Additionally guilds are quite restricting in what they can do whereas if you post on social media, you can conduct giveaways or activities for your peers without risk of anyone getting in trouble via the guild.
  13. Biscuit | Clay
  14. Head to the NC Mall to claim this sweet free Valentines themed goodie bag! A sweet treat!
  15. I'm not 100% on the donate four days in a row thing. The boards seem to say different things and a lot of us here have also donated 4 days (or every day) and still haven't received it.