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  1. Some items are glitched (JS has been working on them) and I believe this is one of them. You can try submitting a ticket 🙂
  2. hrtbrk

    Dragoyle Hunting Has Begun!

    Meridell has received a much needed makeover and in spirit of the Discovery of Meridell, we can hunt Dragoyle's around the city for a limited time. Head to the new Meridell map page and scroll to the bottom to begin - but act fast as a new Dragoyle will be ready to be found at midnight! GUIDE
  3. hrtbrk

    Happy Ruki Day!

  4. A third free Birthday Cupcake is in the NC Mall! Feeding this to your pet will add +2 strength and a shiny new wearable! Claim me now!
  5. hrtbrk

    Happy Ixi Day!

  6. Enjoy a new free birthday cupcake; feeding this item to your pet will grant them +3 movement speed and a wearable! Claim Me!
  7. hrtbrk

    Altador Cup XIII Is Over!

    Congratulations to Team Tyrannia for taking this years cup! Head to your respective prize shops now!
  8. Head to the NC Mall to claim your free birthday cupcake now! Consuming this items grants +5 HP to your pet.
  9. I'm so upset that they changed them! The original ones were fabulous! 😂
  10. hrtbrk

    Welcome to July!

    TDN welcomes you to the month of July! Links: Home | Battlepedia | Customisation | Items Database | NeoAvatars | Forums This month, we have these events: Flotsam Day on July 3rd The Ixi arrives in Neopia on July 11th Tuskaninny Day on July 12th Kiko Day on July 17th Peophin Day on July 26th Ruki Day on July 29th The Discovery of Meridell on July 30th Other things to do: Dailies | Monthly Freebies | Faerie Crossword | Pet Transfers
  11. hrtbrk

    It's trophy time!

    We're all thinking it and that's why I love it 😈
  12. hrtbrk

    Altador Cup XIII Is Over!

    Anyone willing to work out a stamp deal once the price settles?!
  13. hrtbrk

    Happy Flotsam Day!

  14. A brand new Rock N Roll themed WonderClaw machine has been released! Head to the mall to purchase your tokens now or take a look at the new prizes! VIEW NEW PRIZES
  15. hrtbrk

    Welcome to July!

    All of your pets are adorable! I guess Sevril got the wrong order 😉
  16. hrtbrk

    Am I being irrational?

    Since you track your daily caloric intake, I'm going to say it will be hard for you to reach 600 pounds unless you grossly over eat every single day. I don't think that's the case as you mentioned you stay between 240-250 🙂
  17. Faerie Crossword Answers - [Play] Daily Puzzle Answer - [Play] Across: 2. moehog 5. one 6. aaa 7. pate 9. sink 10. hat 11. sarah 12. rufus 14. beard Down: 1. shed 2. mutantboss 3. green 4. braintree 8. pirate 13. uni She is daughter of Professor Hugo Fairweather. Her interests include Botany & archaeology. She is known for discovering giant petpets. Who is this pet? Answer: Lilian Fairweather Prize: 340 NP
  18. hrtbrk

    NC Mall: New Rock N Roll WonderClaw Machine!

    I thought about you and your gallery for every single item I added 😂
  19. hrtbrk

    Happy Acara Day!

    Swamp Gas
  20. hrtbrk

    The Official TDN Item Price Check Topic

    It's a brand new item, just released today, so sell it for whatever you can before it becomes 1np lol