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  1. hrtbrk

    Happy Jetsam Day!

    Woodland | Maractite
  2. hrtbrk

    Floor Tile

    Does anyone know the name of the black and white checkered flooring for the Neohomes, or where to get it from? :* Is it a neocash item?
  3. hrtbrk

    Happy Bori Day!

    Another great Halloween themed wearable set but wish for some neopoint only costumes for all species! These are pretty well done after some iconic baddies, and that steampunk. THAT STEEEEEAAAAMPUNK!
  4. The clickable avatar Myci - Halloween is back in working order, just in time for Halloween! Visit the look up of a Halloween Mynci with a spooky petpet attached to it (try here) to unlock this avatar now! Check Me Off Your List
  5. Glad to see you here, Fishie 🙂 Everyone's pretty friendly and helpful!
  6. hrtbrk


    I'm also not 100% convinced that they intentionally changed it. My guess is that this (and the similar "changes" to the other battledome avatars) is a glitch and will be fixed once they get to their Battledome fix list... as long as it's being reported to them that the solution randomly changed as Jelly said. They could be lazy and say this is the new way blah blah but I hope they change it back to how it worked previously.
  7. hrtbrk

    Shop Wizard Setting?

    I don't think so but it's only 2 whole clicks to change it to exact match anyway. You could possibly request it in the Editorial. I wouldn't get my hopes up but it's worth a shot.
  8. hrtbrk

    Welcome to September!

    TDN welcomes you to the month of September! Links: Home | Battlepedia | Customisation | Items Database | NeoAvatars | Forums This month, we have these events: Draik Day on September 9th Techo Day on September 13th The Annual Chocolate Ball on September 15th The Poogle Parade on September 19th The Faerie Festival on September 20th The Annual Gormball Championships on September 23rd Skeith Day on September 25th Other things to do: Dailies | Monthly Freebies | Faerie Crossword | Pet Transfers
  9. An all new avatar has been released however the solution has yet to be discovered! Let us know what you've tried in the comments below!
  10. hrtbrk

    Happy Techo Day!

    8-Bit | Ice
  11. hrtbrk

    Happy Grundo Day

    Marble | Skunk
  12. hrtbrk

    Happy Kyrii Day!

    Transparent | Toy
  13. hrtbrk

    Happy Draik Day!

    Candy | Custard
  14. hrtbrk

    DTI/Neopets disagreement?

    Too bad it's not brown because that would match his name perfectly! But @ceravaena 's reply is correct.
  15. A new Fortune Cookie is in the NC Mall. You can purchase this cookie for 250NC and get one (or two if you are lucky) additional turn(s) at the Aboard The Coincidence Daily for 5 days! View Our Aboard the Coincidence Daily Guide
  16. hrtbrk

    Happy Hissi Day!

    Steampunk | Polka-Dot
  17. hrtbrk

    Happy Moehog Day!

    Elderly Boy | Elderly Girl
  18. hrtbrk

    Happy Koi Day!

    Water | Wraith
  19. hrtbrk

    Happy Lupe Day!

  20. hrtbrk

    Happy Yurble Day

    Toy | Candy
  21. hrtbrk

    Happy Elephante Day

    8-Bit | Biscuit
  22. hrtbrk

    Happy Zafara Day!

    Candy | Clay