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  1. Thanks! It just looks like there are plushies in that last photo so I thought maybe toys were considered gifts haha.
  2. This is my first time being active during this event and I have to say, it's the most confusing event I've ever participated in haha. Maybe it just takes time getting used to! Do rare toys count for anything? I thought they went in gifts based on the image but the one's I have don't seem to be working so maybe not. :/ Help!
  3. :( I hope they both feel better soon Mouseykins!
  4. Thank you! Will do! It definitely does seem better and I missed some of these games so much! So glad they seem to finally be working again for me! Any important things I missed?
  5. Oops! thank you so much!!! I never thought to try the shop wizard, I just assumed I couldn't! Can you tell I'm out of the neopets loop? I guess this is what I get for hibernating for the last year. Thanks again! :)
  6. Hey all! Just wanted to say hi as it's been I think about a year since I last checked in. Seems like neopets has stopped lagging for me finally so maybe I'll stick around a while. :)
  7. Heh heh heh *CACKLE*! Thank you.... My spell needs the following 2 items, and it will lose its potency in 2 hour(s) and 24 minute(s). Please hurry!!! Gooseberry Cupcake Tomato Shoyru Meatball
  8. This is really sweet of you, Happy Thanksgiving all! 172 173 174 178 179
  9. Well now I feel silly! I guess I've never ever gotten that high during a single day but with my work schedule I was trying to cram a week of playing into 1 day. Oops!
  10. Hmm what's the max for SOS? I think I played about 700 when it stopped counting anymore that I played.
  11. Is anyone else having trouble right now with the AC games? Every time I play something, it doesn't change the total amount of times I've played. I've tried playing Shootout Showdown about 20 times right now and my total number has not budged. :(
  12. Ughhh. I got a late start to the cup thanks to work. But am doing my best to try to catch up and help the team out today on my day off! Great job everyone!
  13. I joined Darigan Citadel during my first altador cup! I think it may have been the first year? I took a year or two off from neopets after that but have been with Darigan every year since the fourth cup.
  14. Welcome to the thread for the winners of the 2015 altador cup! Show your support guys!
  15. Hi everyone! I haven't been around for quite some time but recently got a new job and should be around more now! Yay! Today, I cancelled my Premium Membership on Neopets simply because I'm trying to cut corners money wise. Has anyone else gone from premium to no longer premium? What's the biggest struggle? I'm worried I am going to be completely lost without the Super Shop Wizard! I also think I'm going to have to go buy a scratch card every Friday because I'm used to having one. My membership officially stops the first week of August. :(