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  1. Hi and welcome, Gabby! Posting an introduction message isn't required. I just sort of jumped in, so to speak, but it is nice to have a place where new people can say hi and let others know a little about them. I like destruct-o-match, but I'm not very good at it. I haven't even gotten the avatar as barely manage to get to a thousand points most of the time. Oh well, I have others and working on more as well. Anyway, people are nice here, I hope you have a great time
  2. Yeah, took me a few weeks and I was happy to just get 3rd place, but I made it, haha. Anyway, It's definitely good to take breaks if you get a bit overwhelmed. You'll get through it
  3. Congratulations and thanks for the info! Wow, even though boring, it's cool possible to play for that long. I would like to try for the trophy at some point, so I appreciate the tips.
  4. I am choosing Altador as I always do. TNT is wrong about the comments they make about them. They said mean things about Altador team last year and I hoped it would be different this year, but that was obviously not the case. Here is what I say on my profile, gallery and shop in support of Altador: Go, team Altador!! Altador team are not snobs and don't think they are better! Altador shared their game with the rest of Neopia to bring Neopians together, in the interest of honor and fair play. The team reflects these values and it is unfair of TNT to write such mean comments about them. No matter how they've done in the cup, Altador respects the other teams, puts in the effort and plays fair. I will always be a proud Altador fan!
  5. Thank for posting this topic, I think it is a good idea. Currently I am attempting to get the Wheel of Knowledge avatar. I have been trying since I got my current account in July, 2015. I have every other wheel avatar and most other avatars I've been wanting to get, but my goodness, that avatar is an elusive one for me! I'll keep turning the wheel and should get it one of these days!
  6. Thanks for the tip, I forgot to go back and comment! I found I'm not so good at the game, so probably won't get the avatar anyway, but still, cool being able to play on phones!
  7. The last game I played is Ratchet and Clank 3: Up Your Arsenal for PS2 and before that original Ratchet and Clank. I would have played Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando, but my copy got messed up, so I gotta get another one. Anyway, we only have older game systems including N64, original XBOX and PS2. There are still a lot of fun games on those systems though!
  8. That's awesome, congratulations! Your pet looks great! As well it's fun to enter, win or not, cool seeing the pets on there. Also, there's the chance of them being a notable Neopet =)
  9. I once thought I'd never be able to feed one Kad, let alone 75, but I was able to do it. I also had the situation where every time I went there the only foods wanted were really expensive. One day I just happened to have an item that was listed and I clicked on the Kad and was able to feed it. After that I decided to commit and I never again had to feed a more expensive item. So, the Kads don't always want expensive foods. There are main feeding times where they want cheaper items, it's just that those Kads are fed quickly because people are able to buy the foods more easily and then all that's left is more expensive items. However, there are ways to make it easier to get those cheaper foods and have time to feed the Kad. I recommend reading a guide. I don't know of any that are better than others, just search for Kad feeding guide and find what works best. Most mention the Kad feeding board on Neopets. I never used that because it seemed like the timing for the main feeding would be off for me and I think it's listed where people should be checking a few minutes before the time, but I just found it easier to figure out based on the last time I fed a Kad. The second feeding was the most time consuming because in order to find the main Kad feeding I had to check every couple of minutes for like 30 minutes. I finally got the time and then I knew from the guides about how long to wait after that. I'd check back close to the time and keep refreshing. Sure enough, I get the page showing lots of Kads wanting to be fed cheap food. Some people say keeping a bunch of one type of food (such as only different types of pizza) helps. Then, if you see the name of the type of food, you would most likely have it already in your inventory and just click and feed the Kad. That didn't work for me either because there are so many different foods they could want and I would miss out on a potential feeding because I only had certain items. I suppose it is helpful for people who don't mind waiting for certain items to come around. I only fed a few Kads food from my inventory, with most I was able to buy the item and still have time to feed the Kad. Even with busier times it's definitely possible, though depending on where you live, there are certain times of the day (such as early morning) when things are less busy and you have a better chance of feeding. I had one time where I accidentally closed the page. I opened it again and one of the cheap foods was still there. I bought it in a shop and thought for sure when I came back the Kad would be fed, but I was able to feed it! It must have been at least 5 minutes. Finally, I found it helped to focus on one area and only feed the Kad in that area. That didn't always work because sometimes the Kad would be fed before I could feed it, but more often than not, I was able to feed that particular Kad. I think that's all the tips or info I have. Keep at it, once you find what works best for you, you'll feed those Kads! On another note, I also want that Chocolate avatar, I'll get it eventually!
  10. I went ahead and challenged Abi because I already challenged her for some of the other games, so I wouldn't be losing out on the gold trophy. I also like both prizes, but noticed on the Shop Wizard that Chadley's is less expensive, so I just bought that and of course got Abi's prize from beating her score. I purposely chose strength for the daily prize because 1, my pet was at 228 and that sent him to 230 and 2, the item wasn't that great to me, would have been better if it was a wearable.
  11. That's nice about spreading friendship, though I think battling is fun and there are other ways to get the being nice message across. Could be good if they had both. I know this is April Fool's, just putting my thoughts about if this was real. Anyway, always amusing to me seeing what TNT comes up with on this day
  12. Pretty much all been said, but I want to say congratulations to you! That is great news!
  13. Hi, I remember playing the game, but I don't think I ever visited the website. All I can find is a page on Neopets, Not sure if you have seen it. When I clicked the link to go to the official Darkest Faerie site, it takes me back to the main page for Neopets. There is a trailer that can be seen on the above mentioned page and music is playing, but I don't know if it's music that is in the game and might not be what you are talking about anyway. If that's not the music, I'm not sure how to find it. Good luck to you and no, you are not crazy
  14. It's definitely a coincidence. I don't have any grey pets and I have gotten that RE a few times. I also like how the Grey Draik has a hopeful look. Anyway, glad to know he's happy again =D
  15. Daylight Saving Time doesn't even make sense anymore, it is just annoying. Anyway, I think I was a few days away from 100k. Oh well, not a big deal to work my way up again. Still glad to know not everyone lost out on np. Also, glad Trudy's Surprise is working again.