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  1. Hello and welcome =) My niece is named Maisy, so I actually thought of her when I saw your name, but I like the mouse as well, really cute. I hope you have a great time here!
  2. Hi and welcome! That's cool you have a Lupe you train, I do as well. Hope you have a great time here =)
  3. TNT has stated that petpets won't disappear, change or be harmed while in Grave Danger. The same goes for the Symol Hole. There is a comment that says something about the pet looking different somehow, but it is just a joke. The only things that can change or hurt a petpet are the Turmaculus (can actually eat the petpet and it will no longer be attached to your pet or in your inventory) and the petpet lab ray (can change the look of the pet, including turning it into a pile of soot).
  4. Yes, it is not uncommon. As stated, it is just a way to make it seem like you have a greater chance of landing on a better spot. I figure some people actually end up getting something good, but I think usually is not the case.
  5. I do think floral is the most unique and has a lot of potential to actually look really nice. The problem is TNT may not use the color to it's true potential. The candy and marble don't look much different, but candy would probably be more likely to have a different look from pet to pet. Yeah, that could be really cute. Hopefully we will get some nice looking pet colors, regardless of what wins.
  6. I don't agree that Neopets is dying. It's not as popular as it once was and it would be nice if TNT figured out better security and customer support, but people are joining all the time and a lot of people who used to be on are coming back. All considered, I still think it's a great site. Anyway, as for guilds, I was last on one in 2009. I posted a couple of times and realized the guild style in general is not my thing. I didn't know guilds are not as active nowadays because I was never that involved in the one I joined. I think it is the case overall, though I will view lookups advertising guilds that are still active, so some are kept up.
  7. Hi, welcome to the forums and welcome back to Neopets! That's really cool you are able to be on your old account =) I love rainbow and colorful items, I got a lot in my gallery and still collecting!
  8. Hi, thanks for the info =) My sis sent this to me. That's cool you can send the greeting to your own email and still get the avatar though, I didn't even know that.
  9. My sis has a Lenny. I don't have one, but I like them a lot. I think these colors are nice, maybe the Clay one could have more definition with the lines, but it's cute how the Biscuit one looks like it has chocolate chips.
  10. I only go to Neopets from my phone (Android), but that is just because I don't have a laptop. I prefer to go to Neopets on a laptop because there is stuff I can't do on a phone, such as play flash games and customize my pets, however there is still a lot I can do on my phone, for example most dailies, fighting in the battledome and putting items in my shop/gallery. I'm glad to have the option for now, but pretty soon I'm gonna get a laptop with my tax money and I am looking forward to that!
  11. Hi and welcome =) I want to joke about how I like your music, probably get that a lot. Anyway, nice to meet you, as it were. Thanks, hope you have a great day as well!
  12. I can't remember where I saw, but I feel like I read that if you don't have access to the original email, it is not possible to activate the account. However there are so many similar scenarios, I could be wrong. It wouldn't hurt to send a ticket and see if there is something that can be done. Sorry I couldn't be much help, yeah hopefully someone else can give definitive information.
  13. Hi and welcome! Good to see new people, I hope you enjoy your time here =)
  14. Hello and welcome =) I enjoy nature as well, I love hiking and especially the beach and ocean. Okay, I hope you have a nice time here, take care!
  15. It kind of reminds me of the FCC with US tv stations. They decide what is appropriate for tv audiences and some of the stuff that is restricted is confusing because a word could be okay to say, but another word will be edited and it isn't much different. However, TNT is more strict when it comes to what can't be discussed or even said. I understand wanting to make sure the site is appropriate for all ages, but as for the filters, I do think it's rather ridiculous that there are items where we can't even say the name because there is a word within the item name that is deemed to be inappropriate. Also, I'm not sure if this is hypocritical on TNT's part, but there is an item on Neopets called Wine Gums. This is named after a popular candy in the UK, which doesn't actually contain alcohol, however the candy is named after the alcoholic wine and the flavors are named after alcoholic drinks, such as port, sherry and gin. I wonder if commenting on something that is named for alcohol, or has the word in it, would be okay, for example if you said you drank a couple of non alcoholic beers, like if it is also the word, or if it is only about mentioning actual alcohol. Either way, it seems to me that a kid who is old enough to know what beer is probably is old enough to read a quick comment about someone drinking it, but these are the rules we agree to when we use the site.