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  1. Pretty much all been said, but I want to say congratulations to you! That is great news!
  2. Hi, I remember playing the game, but I don't think I ever visited the website. All I can find is a page on Neopets, Not sure if you have seen it. When I clicked the link to go to the official Darkest Faerie site, it takes me back to the main page for Neopets. There is a trailer that can be seen on the above mentioned page and music is playing, but I don't know if it's music that is in the game and might not be what you are talking about anyway. If that's not the music, I'm not sure how to find it. Good luck to you and no, you are not crazy
  3. It's definitely a coincidence. I don't have any grey pets and I have gotten that RE a few times. I also like how the Grey Draik has a hopeful look. Anyway, glad to know he's happy again =D
  4. Daylight Saving Time doesn't even make sense anymore, it is just annoying. Anyway, I think I was a few days away from 100k. Oh well, not a big deal to work my way up again. Still glad to know not everyone lost out on np. Also, glad Trudy's Surprise is working again.
  5. Hi and welcome! I'm glad you are having a fun time playing Neopets and I hope you have a fun time here as well =) That's cool you are from Argentina, I was watching a show recently about Ruta 40 and all the interesting sites along the way.
  6. Neat! I did two quests so far. I got Wood Planter Fence and Hanging Wood Shelves. I bought Watercolor Paints just to put in my rainbow gallery and I'm hoping to get the quest to make the Watercolour Tied Dress, possibly two times, so I can have one for my gallery and put one in my closet.
  7. Happy Birthday to you!! I'm not familiar with Miis, but sorry to hear they are not getting along. Hope they will be happy again soon and I hope you have a great birthday
  8. Cool, thanks! Was worried I missed the first day because I didn't go on till the 28th, glad to know it carried over. I got Illusen acorn and a quest from the Earth Faerie (pretty sure that was a coincidence). I also got a FQ fortune cookie, so got an extra quest (from the Light Faerie that time) and have some extra NC, so I did Delina's quest as well. I should have 2 or 3 quests per day =)
  9. Hello and welcome =) My niece is named Maisy, so I actually thought of her when I saw your name, but I like the mouse as well, really cute. I hope you have a great time here!
  10. Hi and welcome! That's cool you have a Lupe you train, I do as well. Hope you have a great time here =)
  11. TNT has stated that petpets won't disappear, change or be harmed while in Grave Danger. The same goes for the Symol Hole. There is a comment that says something about the pet looking different somehow, but it is just a joke. The only things that can change or hurt a petpet are the Turmaculus (can actually eat the petpet and it will no longer be attached to your pet or in your inventory) and the petpet lab ray (can change the look of the pet, including turning it into a pile of soot).
  12. Yes, it is not uncommon. As stated, it is just a way to make it seem like you have a greater chance of landing on a better spot. I figure some people actually end up getting something good, but I think usually is not the case.
  13. I do think floral is the most unique and has a lot of potential to actually look really nice. The problem is TNT may not use the color to it's true potential. The candy and marble don't look much different, but candy would probably be more likely to have a different look from pet to pet. Yeah, that could be really cute. Hopefully we will get some nice looking pet colors, regardless of what wins.
  14. I don't agree that Neopets is dying. It's not as popular as it once was and it would be nice if TNT figured out better security and customer support, but people are joining all the time and a lot of people who used to be on are coming back. All considered, I still think it's a great site. Anyway, as for guilds, I was last on one in 2009. I posted a couple of times and realized the guild style in general is not my thing. I didn't know guilds are not as active nowadays because I was never that involved in the one I joined. I think it is the case overall, though I will view lookups advertising guilds that are still active, so some are kept up.
  15. Hi, welcome to the forums and welcome back to Neopets! That's really cool you are able to be on your old account =) I love rainbow and colorful items, I got a lot in my gallery and still collecting!