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  1. Vote For The Next New Petpet!

    Lol! I love that description for the last petpet. xD Buuuuut I ended up voting for the bird. C:
  2. Daily Dare Prizes Released!

    Apparently I forgot to do ONE challenge. orzz After the 30 days of sending scores on challenge day I get a participation prize. j ^j failure much. At least I didn't miss much. No tier prizes, I hope. * n *
  3. Gelert BC Entry + reallllyy old artsies

    Aww thank you! C': Are those the ones from the random turnturnspinny machine thing? xD; Cause that sounds really cute!
  4. Got a new avvie from Edna. 8'D ...Yeeaahh that's it. orzz
  5. Trying again on pets day art

    Wow, these sculptures are amazing! * u * The details and the colors are amazing! Good luck getting into the AG! c:
  6. Faerie Quest Final prize

    Is there something wrong with my SW? I keep getting 50k. o____o" Eh, but I'm sorta glad I didn't kill myself to make it everyday. Not a huge fan of customizing.
  7. Polymer

    I wanna be a sculpting artist too, just so I can be more 'special'. 8D I tried 'sculpting,' but I used play-doh, just 'cause it's cheaper to experiment on. 8D I made this firebat-cat thing from this MMO I used to play. xD It's here if you wanna see Apparently polymer clay is really stinky? xD
  8. Gelert BC Entry + reallllyy old artsies

    Thanks! C: For the uni I got first for species~ none for the gelert 8D
  9. Gelert BC Entry + reallllyy old artsies

    B'aww thank you guys. * u * <33 fail coding bahh
  10. So beautiful ain't it. Totally vote for me man. OLD ARTS HERE WE GO. Was supposed to be for Xweetok day AG. It didn't get in though. D: Even though I submitted on the first day of the month raawwrr Old Uni BC entry. C: Was for Bori day AG. Yehhh, didn't get in either. > 3> But it wasn't completely finished when I entered it orz Obviously I had a faerie fetish while I was more active on TDN, but yeah. 8D STARE IN AWE OF MY ARTSIES and vote? c:
  11. {throws hands on my head and screams}

    Trophies and gold doesn't matter~ As long as you have fun and what-not! :"D But I'm looking forward toward Daily Dare~<3! Gives me more work to do. c:
  12. 15 Retired Items

    Can't you get the Rainbow gun from the Snowager if you're lucky enough...? What would happen to that anyway? o.o"
  13. Beauty Contest

    Omaigawd, that is one heck of a drawing/entry. I LOVE it, and I rarely ever say that on TDN. I love the BG, and you colored it amazingly - even with traditional medium! No criticisms here, I voted and hope you grab 1st overall. Good luck! :'D
  14. Totally got my pet zapped into a xweetok then purple days later~ BUT LOOK! The fur is orange from before TNT revamped the images into stoopid dress up pets. >:C http://www.neopets.com/petlookup.phtml?pet=Estelloria See? See? D8 I know this is random, but bored. u- u;;
  15. Dice a Roo

    I know how you feel, but it'd be easier to stand if you just kept clicking the button instead of paying much attention to it. Good luck getting the avie. ^^