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  1. Happy Birthday Neopets: New Species Vandagyre!

    :O Whelp, that answers that question for me! Haha, that wig is so cute though.
  2. Happy Birthday Neopets: New Species Vandagyre!

    SOOO cute. I got myself a green one and named her Fiamirr. I can't wait to see some more colors though! I haven't opened my bag, I usually will hold off.
  3. I just got a Pirate Techo MP too! So happy they've made some upgrades to the prizes.
  4. Scores Galore is BACK!

    Whelp. I spent a loooot of money before my hiatus (including donating!) so this is good for my pockets, since I came back habi-less. Still sobbing over that. I'll take advantage of it since I have some free time!
  5. Ages and gaming (NeoPets and other games)

    Well. I clearly missed this thread in the midst of my crazy life - I've been on hiatus from staff because life got in the way, but I feel like it's important for me to chime in here as both an avid Neo fan and a female of a certain age. I think this might be my favorite age, because I'm such a huge fan of Douglas Adams - I'm 42. I'm so glad you expanded on your opinions and opened up here, Azurablue, because as you can see you'll find a lot of support through the TDN community. Now, although I've been on hiatus, because life has taken me largely away from TDNF and Neo temporarily, I'm going to share a secret with you. I'm the oldest TDN staffer. And Spritzie can testify on my behalf, when I first applied for staff I was absolutely TERRIFIED to do so because I thought that my age might be a deciding factor against me. Isn't that sad? What kind of statement does that make about our society and the rules we impose on people? I think that was the first thing I said to Spritzie - and she was SO nice to me about it. I said, I thought y'all wouldn't want me on staff because I'm "old". I mean, I had to work up the courage to apply and I was really worried that they might actually reject me because of it! How sad is that? I don't FEEL old. Matter of fact, half of the time I feel like a 12 year old girl, although more and more often lately my body keeps trying to tell me that's not actually the case. I do some of the most ridiculous things for a 42 year old. Neopets, actually, is one of the least ridiculous things I do. I listen to music full blast, constantly. And I listen to everything under the sun. I like to dance like a madwoman when I'm alone. I laugh at EVERYTHING. If you say something remotely dirty I start snickering. See? 12 year old girl. I just don't feel old. But I've experienced agism - not sure how that should be spelled - for quite a while now. About seven years ago I was doing YouTube makeup videos and makeup reviews and I was told I was both too old and too fat to do them. I'm not sure who makes up these rules but it makes me freaking IRATE. Irate, I tell you. I wouldn't consider myself all that fat, but how terribly demeaning and insulting is that? If I were terribly fat, I mean, I could get that way, why shouldn't I wear makeup? And who made up the standards for women wearing makeup? I know 90 year olds, literally, that wear makeup. So there you go, when I got to TDN and decided I wanted to be a staff member, I'd already heard all kinds of things about my age and what I shouldn't be doing. Oh, one more. I read an article shortly before I turned 40 that women 40 or over shouldn't wear glitter. Again, this made me irate. Guess whose nails were absolutely COVERED in glitter for her birthday? This girl, that's who. I have a not so polite expression for things like this, but we're in polite company, so I'll be nice. So anyway. Nobody on our amazing staff, nor any of our amazing members, has ever, EVER made me feel bad about being my age and wanting to be on staff or play Neopets. I am eternally grateful that I applied because I have made some of the best friends a girl can ask for. Spritzie I think was in absolute shock when I asked her that - she didn't even know that I was worried about it because the thought never crossed her mind. One more thing - if you were getting a bunch of flack on the Neopets boards, I am NOT shocked. I never go anywhere near those anymore unless I have something specific I am looking for - it seems so many trolls like them and are just looking to make you feel bad about yourself. I bet you're as glad as I am you came across TDNF. I hope you stick around. And JASPER That was Theo, not Jasper :P. My goodness. I absolutely wish I could have liked your post about five times. You're so amazing, since I haven't told you enough lately. PS TDNSTAFF, I LOVE YOU GUYS, IN CASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW. You're the best ever.
  6. The Official "The Coincidence" event item help board

    Thank you SO so much. I've been mostly lucky too, but these were just so far overpriced.
  7. The Official "The Coincidence" event item help board

    Yes, thank you so much! Let me know if you need anything. I've been actually hoarding a bit.
  8. The Official "The Coincidence" event item help board

    Wondering if anyone has any Paper Daggers. I need two, if anyone can spare them. This inflation is SO silly.
  9. I came back after a year has passed....

    Welcome back Dom, and congratulations on the wedding? :D I took a hiatus for a good while myself in the past year, life gets in the way sometimes. I definitely remember your amazing art.
  10. Let's talk about our TDNF usernames!

    Mine's pretty obvious. I love all things spooky, or to do with Halloween. And I discovered a username that hadn't been taken on Neo, so here we are - a twist on Zombie, Zombii - esque. I do often shorten it to Zombii to be cute? I'm quite happy to have found it.
  11. Ready, Set, JumpStart

    Nope, you're right. I was going through JubbyJubJack and that link's wrong, but our dailies here on TDN have the correct one and it's still there for the time being.
  12. Ready, Set, JumpStart

    So, it looks like the Wheel of Slime is definitely gone. Which is not surprising!
  13. Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    I know this is a long shot because of his name. I adopted him early in my Neopet career and I just haven't kept up with him, so it's time for me to move him on. CharmingBabyPoet is in the pound. He's a cute little Ghost Moehog.
  14. Misheard the lyrics...

    I laughed way too hard over the Gettin' Jiggy With It one. That was hysterical.
  15. Misheard the lyrics...

    Totally hijacked a misheard lyrics thread, lol! I'm 42. So to try to be good, there's always the classic "Blinded By The Light". I don't know anyone who could understand the lyrics of that song.