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Shadaw the Rampage

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    Comedy writer of "Izzian's Quest" {copywrite of shadaw}

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  1. Shadaw the Rampage


    Welcome to TDN forums. {Forks over plate of sugary chocolate chip coated goodness}
  2. Shadaw the Rampage

    I need a paintbrush

    I actually sell paint brushes now. Store plug aside, if you want to save np. The easiest way it to follow the daily's guide. Found here: http://www.thedailyneopets.com/dailies/ Also another consideration is to play Habitarium. More info on that here: http://www.thedailyneopets.com/neopets-games/p3h-main/ You might also consider the stock market but I doubt at low funds that would give you the return your looking for.
  3. Shadaw the Rampage

    Looking for cheap books!

    My shop is fully stocked i cant promise that it will be in the price range tho http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=shadaw_c
  4. Shadaw the Rampage

    No way, no way. /what the heck

    Congrats now I hope I myself get that lucky. {high fives}
  5. Shadaw the Rampage

    How would you spend this?

    Id buy that draik i always wanted but could never seem to get.
  6. Shadaw the Rampage

    Nothing for Faerie Festival?

    Actually two years ago before the faeries ruin plot. There was a actual daily you could go to and receive prizes. No special thing at the end of it but there was a few note able things like books and other items released. We don't actually have a history page of the event so take this at face value.
  7. Shadaw the Rampage

    Full Shore Map Price

    I agree, rarity of the piece will effect the price at the end. But even still if there given out daily then they likely wont get more than 10k - 20k a piece. Or it could become like the petpet lab map too 500np a piece or less.
  8. Shadaw the Rampage

    Full Shore Map Price

    Logic says, anything given out in mass numbers will not go up in value.
  9. Shadaw the Rampage

    Are you allowed to ask for collateral for lending Neopets?

    What Batman said {seriously I think that's the second time ive said that and it doesn't feel any less weird to say that about the caped crusader} It is against neopets rules to charge for that.
  10. Shadaw the Rampage

    Full Shore Map Price

    My market theory is, when the prizes are more accessible it wont be as profitable to do the daily. That combined with the map pieces coming into existence daily will make it insanely cheap. Simply prizes deflate if there's lots in the market, and so do the map pieces, look at how treasure map pieces declined after daily dare. In this case the map pieces are released as a daily item, meaning by tomorrow there will be a map piece flood of people wanting there 100k for there pieces, when they don't get it the price will collapse. It will continue until it finally settles. I myself plan on waiting for it to settle in price, and then buying a full set, I mean why not? Its a extra daily. Even if the prices deflate its still something for almost nothing.
  11. Shadaw the Rampage

    How to make Millions Np?

    Easy, don't spend what you make. That's the longest way but also the most assured. :D Also, do your dailys, and play lots of games.
  12. Shadaw the Rampage

    Is it against the rules to sell neopets?

    I never thought I would say this and it be relevant so here goes: "What Batman said"
  13. Shadaw the Rampage

    Magical Marbals of Mystery

    You might also consider the freezing potion, If your not too concerned about damage.
  14. Shadaw the Rampage

    New Krawk Island Revealed: Keep It Safe!

    Its actually just a bunch of places put together in a new sub area. Nothing new or fancy there. You may need to try this link instead http://www.neopets.com/pirates/warfwharf.phtml <- If it doesn't work try it with a www. in front of Neopets.
  15. Shadaw the Rampage

    New Krawk Island Revealed: Keep It Safe!

    I went and made a list Krawk Island Links Compliled list Functional: Fashions http://neopets.com/pirates/fashion.phtml Dubloon o matic http://neopets.com/pirates/dubloonomatic.phtml Warf Wharf http://neopets.com/pirates/warfwharf.phtml Keep Out http://neopets.com/pirates/keepout.phtml Little Nippers http://www.neopets.com/pirates/piratepets.phtml Food Club http://neopets.com/pirates/foodclub.phtml Bilge Dice http://www.neopets.com/pirates/bilge.phtml Krawk Cup http://www.neopets.com/pirates/championship.phtml Krawps http://www.neopets.com/pirates/krawps.phtml Krawk Colors http://www.neopets.com/pirates/colouring.phtml Not working links Armada http://neopets.com/games/armada/index.phtml Golden Dubloon http://neopets.com/pirates/restaurant.phtml Buried Treasure http://neopets.com/pirates/buriedtreasure/index.phtml Acadamy http://neopets.com/pirates/academy.phtml Smugglers Cove http://neopets.com/pirates/smugglerscove.phtml Just to save you guys the hassle.