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    Surfing, painting, making jewelry, baking, spending snuggle time with my Siamese kitten and husband, I enjoy reading, the ocean, the redwoods, and playing neopets!

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  1. queen_hatshepset

    Wraith Resurgence: Claim Your Prizes!

    Yay! I am so glad that I get a trophy! I've been trying to work on getting more trophies for my user lookup
  2. queen_hatshepset

    The Runway Votes #55

    Good luck to all the contestants, the entries are all great! I absolutely LOVE #3!
  3. queen_hatshepset

    How can someone get 500 Caption Contest Votes ?

    I was going to suggest this as well. I noticed every time I was on the Quest board someone had a "Vote for me" Link on their topic board. I've never tried to play the Caption Contest; so I am sure how the game works. Does the game display everyone's caption or just the first few hundred? I usually am on the Quest board helping people out... Maybe next year during the Faerie Quest Event I'll try this tactic.
  4. queen_hatshepset

    Faerie Quest Help

    psychoanalysis Puppyblew 2 11,000 NP chrisk123 Puppyblew 2 11,935 NP pickymo7 Puppyblew 7 11,998 NP I think I did this right, let me know if it doesn't work!
  5. queen_hatshepset

    Daily Dare 2018 Has Begun!

    Great advice! Thank you! I'll have to try this tip out.
  6. queen_hatshepset

    Faerie Quest Help

    Please would you be able to help me find a: Large Cucumber Breezes Smoothie For some reason on the Quest section of the Neoboards it thinks I am trying to write something profane and inappropriate again... Thank you for your help
  7. queen_hatshepset

    Will I Have to Cut it all of?

    First of all I want to take recognition to your awesome Sailor moon Poster! Secondly, you do not need to cut your hair... Being a real estate agent just requires professionalism, formal attire, and marketing marketing marketing. I would encourage you to look up websites that help with facebook and instagram marketing tips that will help get you leads. If you do not have an account on Realtor and zillow I would suggest those as well.
  8. queen_hatshepset

    Hello All; Returning to TDN and Neopets!

    Welcome back to both TDN and Neopets! I would also like to congratulate you on your degree, that is super exciting and it is only a month away before you graduate!
  9. queen_hatshepset

    Old Member Coming Back

    Hey that's awesome! Welcome back to neopets! I have played since my teen years.. I'm not 34 and still play everyday!
  10. queen_hatshepset

    Charity Corner 2018 Is Here!

    Cool thank you for the advise! I'll see what I got. Above it mentioned up to R200... So does anything higher count too or is it best to just stick with the R1-200 categories?
  11. queen_hatshepset

    Charity Corner 2018 Is Here!

    I'm still a little new to the Charity Corner, which is pretty silly since Charity is my real name!! lol. So I was wondering, Is there an easier way to look up the rarity of an item than to click the item and to have it open to show you the rarity. Today it seems my internet, or just neopets in general is going really really slow and I haven't the patients to look up each item in my deposit box
  12. queen_hatshepset

    Trudy's Surprise bug?

    Oh good I am not the only one who is experiencing this on Trudy's Surprise. I tried three different time to play and it would tell me to come back tomorrow even though I have the event on my neopets page.
  13. Oh wow! Total fist pump for such a prize! Were you required to return the item?
  14. queen_hatshepset

    Wraith Resurgence - finally coming to and end.

    I hope that I'll be able to get a trophy for my user page after this plot I wasn't very good with the plot and I am struggling pretty hard with the Fiendish Formation. I liked it at first but my dyslexia is really making it impossible to finish. I also had a hard time with making potions but I think it was every time I tried to battle one of the villains the loot I would get wouldn't be what I needed to complete a potion.
  15. queen_hatshepset

    I'm adopting a kitty!!!

    It sounds like Josie will have a very loving home! Congratulations. Cats are way easier to take care of compared to dogs. They like to keep to themselves or request very little attention (to be fed, littler box to be cleaned, a for an occasional pet or brushing, or a question as to when you plan on going to bed so they can snuggle you.) I have two Siamese beauties and they are the most vocal and stubborn fur babies but I love them! I would recommend getting her the KitNipBox which is a monthly subscription of a box of toys, clothes, and snacks that get shipped to your her. My cats would get sooooo excited when their box came in the mail. They knew it was for them.