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  1. Your vote has been cast for darkinvention Good luck!!
  2. It sorted itself out... the night before I was having trouble posting scores at a point so I gave up and went to sleep.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion!! never even thought of that. I'll do some research!
  4. An Alien Aisha approaches and hands you Strawberry and Cream Fish Pop. Gross. Bank error in your favour. Collect 533 NP.
  5. The ray is fired at marlie__40... ... and he changes colour to Speckled!! The ray has already been fired... But... nothing happens. It makes a kind of 'zzrrrppptttt' sound before shutting down completely.
  6. How are prize shop points calculated? I've been wondering about it for a while now.
  7. Hi awesome TDN Admin guys!! an we get a "Back to the top" button on the chat boards? Thanks much!
  8. Hi.. Is anyone having issues accessing Neopets pages tonight? I keep getting Timeout errors...
  9. I wish there was a class I could sign up for lol. But yeah I have friends with grassy lawns and friends with bicycles... dunno if the twain shall meet! I'll make up my mind soon I think and figure it out... or just stick to jumping around in the pool and the stationary bike at the gym. When you carry the flapjacks over, have one with your mum
  10. I never learnt to ride a bike properly as a kid. I got one for Christmas when I was 6 or 7 and my dad decided the best way for me to learn to ride was for him to get on my kiddy bike and ride it first... he broke the training wheels. he and his friend decided that I didn't need those so instead of repairing them, they took them off. Suffice to say, when it was time for me to ride the bike, he wasn't around to help me balance and I fell off a lot. Mom got worried since the training wheels were off and the breaks needed adjusting... I was pretty much traumatized at the end of it and never really learnt. So now I'm worried if I spend all that cash on an adult bike, sans training wheels, if I'll be able to finish figuring it out and enjoy cycling like I really want to.... or if I'll fall off, hurt my already damaged knees and lose my front teeth lol. The things your parents do to you sometimes... Your oat and seed flap jacks sound yummy!
  11. The ray is fired at marlie__40... ... and he gains 4 maximum hit points!!!! The ray has already been fired... But... nothing happens. It makes a kind of 'zzrrrppptttt' sound before shutting down completely.
  12. After a knee injury I do hydrofit. It's less stress on your joints. The doctor also suggested cycling instead of bone jarring running/jogging. Thinking of getting myself a bicycle for Christmas
  13. The ray is fired at marlie__40... ... and he changes colour to Glowing!! The ray has already been fired... Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
  14. We use the same terms here... but yeah the tech seems clueless too lol. I can maybe ask my friend once I remember... but if they really want to investigate you'll have to do the fasting test etc and a scan of your arteries. When my friend finally had a doctor pay her proper attention, they found her arteries were clean. For her age (she's over 60) it was surprising, according to the doctor. They observed her diet and she runs like a beast... she does 10 km every morning and gets up at 4:00 am to do it too! Like I can only aspire to be as healthy as her when I get to her age! At any rate, it's a work in progress... Stay as healthy as you can and try not to sweat the small stuff since stress kills too!
  15. The Kiko Lake team is collecting donations so they can go to the Altador Cup this year. You donate Balloons. How nice! Really?? After Roo was soundly beaten by Kiko Lake DAYS ago??! You happen upon a travelling library and are given a free copy of 105 Lava Cake Recipes. Enjoy!