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  1. Today I got Monster Inc lol I wonder if Eau de Negg smells like Hydrogen Sulfide or sweet custard?
  2. Chose the speckled negg today. It looks ridiculous all on its own lol
  3. I didn't get the book but I got fed up (I've gotten 3 of the snow globes now lol) and bought one and read it to my pet already. But thanks for thinking of me Today I got Of course I went to The Lair of the Beast first thinking logically again lol
  4. Tried for the book and got the again. Yes I like the snowglobe but really, you can give me another prize you know. *sigh*
  5. Chose the Squeegee Negg today. *ho hum,,,*
  6. Chose the hand painted negg again today hoping for the book. But you know how that goes!
  7. I went to the Moltaran Caves and got it. Chose the Paint Splattered negg:
  8. I chose the Speckled Negg again and got the . I don't collect snow globes but I like this one!
  9. Done! Hope you ace your course and you're welcome!
  10. Today I chose the Speckled Negg and got: Yaaayyyy! Today's clue though... it would have made more sense for the answer to be at the Altadorian Archives and not a random book store. They probably forgot that they have the Altadorian Archives...
  11. I chose the Hand Painted Negg today and got the Negg Tea Set... Meh
  12. She asked for a Chartreuse Puffs Soap. You have completed a quest for an Air Faerie. Oh, you have no idea! You have just saved Neopia! Well, Neopian fashion, anyway. For your efforts, Alafair's speed has increased! She asked for a Large Churro Smoothie You have completed a quest for a Soup Faerie. Oh, that looks perfect. I knew I could count on you to be a big help with my cooking. Alafair's gained 2 strength points and 2 levels! She asked for a Moehog Card King Shoes You have completed a quest for a Fire Faerie. You know, this quest-giving business is easier than I thought it would be. For your efforts, Alafair's strength has increased!
  13. It's still available; got it last year finally. I took over 10 years to get it and I don't even want to imagine how much I ultimately spent.
  14. The ray has already been fired... Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
  15. Queen Fyora offers you a small token as thanks for your interest. "Faerieland will always welcome you with its gates wide open, dear Neopian."Celestial Salad Your benevolence has been noted, my dear, and I sincerely appreciate your enthusiasm to help us every single day. Please accept this small token of gratitude from us.Dreamy Fairie Dress I'm not big on customizing but I guess it's cute? Final quest today from an Earth Faerie. She asked for a Stream of Light: For your efforts, Alafair's defence has increased! Was hoping for a Fountain Faerie as I currently have a Buzz, for the avatar but, oh well *shrug*. Until next year!
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