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  1. This is a bit of a stretch since idk if anyone will see it, but if anyone from JNF is looking around since it shut down, feel free to DM me if you wanna stay in contact!

  2. Hey friend it looks like JNF is finally gone, is there any way I can keep in contact with you? Don't envision coming back here much lol

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    2. jumpingbeans


      I use ... pretty much none of those. I've technically got a Discord account, but haven't been on in over an year, and have never got IG or tumblr - reddit, maybe? :P

      Things are going pretty well here - halfway through university, and then who knows what? :P

      I actually popped over to your side of the pond this summer - family trip to UK and Ireland. It was pretty fun! We got to go to Harry Potter World and the Doctor Who Experience [before it closed down]!

    3. Big Brother

      Big Brother

      Hmmm, maybe Steam or Snapchat? I don't use either too frequently but well I have them at least lol. Maybe one day I will cave and get a Reddit account but I'm not sure that'll be soon

      Currently I'm trying to get into uni and hoping my grades are enough for it, and damn if only I'd have known lol! Glad you enjoyed it though :D

    4. Big Brother

      Big Brother

      Just changed my name btw but it's still me, just cleaning up my posts here

  3. Hi all thank you for the replies xoxo <3 You're lucky things are mellow now haha! Although I feel like if I saw drama on any of these sites now I'd just find it really funny, back in the day everything was S e r i o u s Glad to know it's active and that new people are still joining (In fact a lot of you seem pretty new here or joined in like the last 2/3 years) Well if the people want drama I am here 2 provide ;o Yeah most people are probably in their 20s now, seeming as when I was younger people were in their teens? The stark difference in my age from now to when I first joined must be an indicator lol Oh buddy the stuff I said yesterday is embarrassing to me yikes Oh boy I would get back into Neopets but I don't think there's anything left for me there I prefer The Old Days :///
  4. Doubt you'll ever see this but it's been 6 years my dude what up

  5. Boy ok so I remembered this site randomly whilst going on a nostalgic trip today, (and also deleting #Embarrassing Content) decided to check out if this place still even exists and! You guys are more active than Jellyneo now?! Wild. No clue if anyone would remember me or if any of the OG users are still here, but you might know me as Big Brother(???) who knows what because it's been too long! I was like 9 when I first signed up here I was a super annoying little brat oops but what can u do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ No clue if I'll stay here at all but if I do please enjoy the XD LUL R4ND0M signature and everything on my profile while it lasts Anyways I may as well give a backstory? For those new people who wonder what happened back in the Old Days? Well I barely remember myself but: As I said I joined when I was like 9 years old so I was a godawful child who didn't understand the 6 word rule (which is the 7 word rule now so sucks to be you guys haha) and gave away Too Much Information. This was like one of the first sites I ever came to on the internet, apart from Neo, so this was like my big introduction. It's really strange looking back on old content considering how much of a difference 8 years makes haha. Me and 4 other OG users who are long gone now, Ryan, Tyler, CAV, and JB, started HAMS one day, which was supposed to be some like elite group of members on the forums which turned into like conspiracies and roleplaying and plot and eventually drama. The running theme was Meepits and how they were evil. At some point I got into making graphics, not similar to um... what you see below,,. In 2010 I joined Jellyneo whilst TDN started to die and I eventually left here in 2011 due to drama from the HAMS group, which is the funniest thing when I read back on my PMs now. I used to be a leader and got demoted for spamming threads with a friend trying to up my post count because I made the group look bad. Let that be a warning to you kids in elite Meepit forum groups because it's serious business. Jellyneo was lit in its primetime, it started to die in 2015/2016 and now only a few members frequent it. This place still seems somewhat lively though, am I right in saying that? What are the new guys up to?? I didn't see any threads of old member bait so it looks like there aren't any reunions yet haha. Anyways, it'd be cool if anyone remembers me but I have no clue if anyone's still here, it was cool seeing this site again though! Have this Add Or Subtract trophy from 2009 to show you how legit I am
  6. I last logged in here 6 years ago? Yo its been a while but this site has some memories in it

    1. jumpingbeans


      Great minds think alike, it seems.

    2. Big Brother

      Big Brother

      Dude no way omg its ur birthday soon how are you doing o:

    3. jumpingbeans


      /multiple months later

      I'm doing pretty well! Off to university in the fall - computer science. After that, who knows?

      How've you been?

      And thanks for the birthday wishes!

  7. Downloaded Firefox. ^^

  8. Oh, ok then, so I sort of know you. :P

  9. By the way, I was the Plushie Ultimatum back at JellyNeo's Forums.

  10. I joined the site. :P Couldn't resist. JB, I don't need that cake. I got the 'It's mah favourite flavour' cake.
  11. Oh god here comes the Kool-Aid guy. *Gets Birphday Cake And A Candle* Let's all blow it out togeder!
  12. Yay! It's HAMS first birthday! *Ahem* Happy birthday to- Now we just have to wait 365 days and this happens again.
  13. Big Brother


    Sorrry I was gone everyone. There was alot of Christmas, family and New Years stuff that happened so I didn't get any time to come on. But I'm here now.
  14. Yeah, I am. Nice to meet you too. *Wonders Who You Are*

  15. Ultimate Big Brother back at JellyNeo Forums?

    It's nice to meet you here!

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