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  1. Art Request

    lets hear what you have in mind...
  2. Anchor Management

  3. Art Request

    my thread is still here? wow. after all these years
  4. Today's Random Events

    Price History 2,500,000 NP (no change) on November 4, 2017
  5. Art Request

    true on that point. the first time i play peophin i look at them as a strong, and manly species. and fabulous too, thanks to their hair XD thanks for merging my old and previous post. a request as a sign of thanks? :)
  6. Art Request

    thank you for your kind comment ^^, yes, it is heart-shaped flame. tried to find other idea to fit the picture but that pops into my mind. then i picked that. here are another coloring that i have made recently (non-neopets, but oh well) BIG IMAGE hey guys.. whats up. sorry to revive this old topic.. just want to tell i might want to continue this topic and taking requests. hopefully 14-days-without-replies-will-be-locked will still not being implemented.. Please refer page 1 for details (as for pending requests, i assume that everyone listed is not interested anymore unless they told me otherwise) so! my draik as Water. Click to uncover! :P
  7. ARTY FOLK - Share your art here.

    thank you :) and i really hope to hear more from you. you are an amazing talent. thanks mate! i appreciate that! a krawk. my krawk actually. but.. no stripes :\
  8. ARTY FOLK - Share your art here.

    is that your voice? i love it! my personal favorite is Raw Nerve. do you do cover as well? my latest drawing. did not sketch this one. i draw it straight away.
  9. ARTY FOLK - Share your art here.

    thank you for kind comment ^^, i love your art too. especially "This song is ending.." do it have certain meaning?
  10. ARTY FOLK - Share your art here.

    i love this adorable kid. traditional art scanned and colored by Photoshop. 4 hours approx. Fanart of Boboiboy (Malaysian Animation Show) Mecha called "Mukalakus" Thank you for watching :)
  11. Dom's drawing dump >_>

    i love your style! :) use photoshop to color them?
  12. The Sway Have Their Sights On The Obelisk!

    this group is the scariest one. i have decided which side for me to join >.<
  13. Advent Calendar 2012!

    i laughed for today's animation. so hillarious! i bet everyone is frustrated on the same issue! xD
  14. Mysterious Negg Cave

    My best catch so far ^_^ and wow, everyone's prizes are awesome!
  15. Tak kemana-mana pun. :P Net saya buat hal la kebelakangan ni. Awak apa khabar? Banyak open house? ;)

    1. ~Shoot Em All Peophin!~

      ~Shoot Em All Peophin!~

      patut tak nampak awak langsung sekarang ni.. selalu nampak adik awak jer :)

      baik je. alhamdulillah. tak banyak pegi open house pun. banyak kerja ada la :(