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  1. New pets will be out soon, and hopefully they will be anyway, I have been wainting for this!
  2. HI! I only completed it yesturday, and I got prizes today and then - hopefully it will turn into a daily thing in this month or something - a bit like the advent callender. GUESTS JOIN! OR LOG IN PLEASE!!!!
  3. Yippy! I have just (literally a few minutes ago) completed the mini-plot - I have been doing it for about 3 months on and off as I had no rush about the prizes, now I really wanted them and had to do it - I got the sidebar, the gifts as well! YAY!
  4. Has anyone got any tips on completing the pipe part of the plot ... I know that this is a little slow but I really would like to get a prize of some sort
  5. HI! Do you need to complete the plot to get the prizes/sidebar as I could and still can't get past the water pipes stage ... oh well I will just have to grin and bare it!
  6. Well we got prizes at least for this plot ... or is this just another side track for the altador plot prizes ... most likely! Thanks to TDN I only got 2 wrong and I got the trophie, leftovers, sidebar and avatar! THANKS!
  7. I know what you mean, I never use them and TNT should be busy developing better things for the site... but I suppose it is a way of advertising and to get more people into the site so you can see there point as to why they have created another one.
  8. I think it will be a great game... I can't wait for it to come out to neopets normally (not BETA testing...)
  9. Hopefully neopets will be up and running soon.... but in the mean time lets hope they are sorting out there virus issue... but they will never amit to that as it would be bad for publicity!
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