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  1. How can I paint my Lutari Disco? I can't find disco paint brush in any searches, is there a disco paint brush or is this a lab ray only color?
  2. Ahhh looks super awesome!! Love the color.
  3. I thought so, I just can't find any paint brushes for sale..
  4. ooh so pretty. how do I paint my lutari pastel?
  5. Because I couldn't get my score to register for day 18, all I got was a terrible little participation trophy and 1000 np!!! This is so unfair!!!!!!! I beat Barf Boat 6 times and it wouldnt count my score and now I lose my trophy!!! ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!
  6. took me 2 hours but I beat Chadley's score in Internet Explorer and it still won't show up for Daily Dare.
  7. Good idea- I will try the ctrl+F5 and try another browser! My scores update for the month, too.
  8. Yep, first thing I did was click challenge- where the button is on the main page the score is 0, and on the team challenge page it has the challenge button for Chadley greyed out and the one for Abigail is gone. I really wanted that gold trophy...
  9. I've been having issues with my score for Bark Boat not submitting! I tried with a friend challenge and without a challenge, I submitted 3 scores over Chadley's score on the day of the challenge and it still says 0. I beat the score yesterday and today, submitted and got my neopoints, but it will not let me complete that challenge! I worked had to beat Chadley each day and this one day is going to cost me the gold trophy! I submitted a ticket but they haven't replied and I'm sure they won't be able to do anything about the score or my trophy- so unfair!! Help!!
  10. Has anyone had problems sending their score but not having the score record for the challenge? I've sent a team challenge request and beat the score and it didnt send, I withdrew the challenge and beat the score and it didint sent, I resent another challenge and sent my score and it didint register... and then I tried again today. I've beaten Chadley's score every day except with this glitch!! And I was able to beat his score! I want my gold trophy!!
  11. That one took a while! My highest score before this was 1425, which was the highest I got until I finally got 1766. Just keep trying- I thought this day was going to be as long as Dubloon Disaster Day. Phew still got my record in tact.
  12. Hmmm... if I remember correct, the list of games will be a part of the challenge, to send as many scores in as many games as possible? If so, since the Moon challenges were pretty easy, I only have 7 incompletes left, just in case, since I had the time. Good luck everyone!
  13. Rank 10, not too bad, was hoping to get to Rank 11 by the end of the cup but... not enough hours in a day. I was happy with my overall score, and was hoping to place in the "top" shields, this year with bronze... although there were a couple days I couldn't play and some I wasn't able to play more than a few games. After the upgrade for some reason MSN never worked for me so I just focused on YYB and SOSD. 605 YYB wins, 905 SOSD games, 128 SS, 211 MSN I like the trophy... I forgot the exact amount of prize points, but it was a little over 9000. I bought 2 wigs and a stamp (unfortunately less than 1k away from being able to buy two stamps...) So, over all it was disappointing that HW fell down to 11th place from 9th and no shot at 10th... some bad losses during Round Robin prevented HW from making it into the next tier, and then the of course bad losses to Shenkuu (my team last year, glad they did well). However it was nice to have made a good profit from the prizes and upgraded my bank account, not too far now from Ultimate Riches. :D
  14. Another shocking win, especially after 3 losses against RI, HW beats VP 3 wins and 1 draw. I couldn't play any of the games except a few of SOSD yesterday so when I woke up this morning I was expecting all losses! WOW! I think we are going to be having some VERY interesting and unexpected results with the bug problem still going on. Oh and on my PC... my bf uploaded Ubuntu? haha whatever this non windows program is, but I am going to try playing the games on his laptop today, I think it has google chrome. Ugh I was hoping to move up 3 ranks by now, haha.
  15. Not to take anything away from the winning teams, but I was a bit surprised at the results yesterday that Roo Island beat HW 3-1, and in the games that HW has a better record in. MSN wouldn't work at all for me after the upgrade for some reason. Moltara beat Krawk... congrats to the underdogs on the upset. KI beat HW twice, one draw and only one with for HW, who I think is stronger of a team in most of the games compared to Moltara. I just think its strange that so many upsets happened yesterday with the glitch going on. And I try to play a good # of games, at least 50 each and yesterday due to the lag making game play absolutely impossible in all games for me, even with restaring my computer 3 times... I gave up. I think that the results are greatly affected by the glitches thrown in halfway through the game. I think they should redo the day after they figure out how to make the game work again. Think I'll send them a message saying the glitch threw off all of the results. <_<