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  1. BEE.

    Altador Cup XIII Is Over!

    Congrats to Tyrannia! If I knew that the team that had cheaters on would have lost, I may have found the time to play this year, as that has also put me off the cup the last couple of years, though I know it shouldn't.
  2. BEE.

    Altador Cup XIII Begins!

    I'm with Lost Desert as usual, but I'm still not sure if I'm going to take part this year. I didn't last year. I'm still exhausted from the last time I played.. Whenever that was, lol! Good luck everyone!
  3. BEE.

    Plot prizes are here :)

    Really? Hm, maybe I missed it then. I'll take a look
  4. BEE.

    Plot prizes are here :)

    I received all prizes and highest rank trophy. I'm a little surprised that the plot just... ended. I thought there would be a little dialogue to finish it for good.
  5. BEE.

    What's your Achievement today?

    Forgot to post this a couple of days ago. I hit 12 years on (and off) of Neo on the 29th April!
  6. BEE.

    Happy Cybunny Day!

    I thought Cybunny day was the 27th.. why does the news say the 28th? I created mine on the 27th in Y13 :/
  7. BEE.

    Faerie Quest Help

    Thank you! For your efforts, Taffieh's health has increased!
  8. BEE.

    Faerie Quest Help

    Could someone find me a Mynci Superball please?
  9. BEE.

    Faerie Quest Help

    Thank you :) You have a noble heart, kind Neopian. Do not think that you go unnoticed. For your efforts, Taffieh's level, strength, and health have increased -- a lot!
  10. BEE.

    Faerie Quest Help

    The Faerie Queen appears in a puff of lavender smoke. "Bring me Meerca Negg Sneakers and you will be rewarded."
  11. BEE.

    Daily Faerie Quests Are Back!

    My quest today was for the air faerie. My quest for the cookie was also for the air faerie -.-
  12. BEE.

    Daily Faerie Quests Are Back!

    The full price of the cookies is 100NC
  13. BEE.

    Today's Random Events

    An evil-looking coconut bounces off Taffieh's head! Taffieh is knocked senseless and loses a level! Shortly after gaining a level or two (wasn't keep track,lol) from a quest.
  14. BEE.

    Daily Faerie Quests Are Back!

    Ah! Thank you for letting us know! That's the first thing I'm doing when I log on 😁 EDIT: Those who want cookies: Keep refreshing throughout the day and the cookies will come back in stock. I just managed to grab 20 of them before they sold out again
  15. Ugh, my premium didn't auto-renew yet again! :angry: