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  1. Daily Faerie Quests Are Back!

    Ah! Thank you for letting us know! That's the first thing I'm doing when I log on 😁 EDIT: Those who want cookies: Keep refreshing throughout the day and the cookies will come back in stock. I just managed to grab 20 of them before they sold out again
  2. Ugh, my premium didn't auto-renew yet again! :angry:

  3. Charity Corner 2018: Perks Shop Opens!

    I just went to visit the general store, but I can't buy anything because of the Charity Corner event. Has it closed due to this before? How long after the event does it reopen?
  4. Charity Corner 2018: Perks Shop Opens!

    I was given the Krawk Island and Qsalan themes and the second Royal Korbat avatar. Apart from that, the parks aren't worth it for me, as I got just under 3k points..
  5. Yay to the future!

    Thank you :) Haha, my mind has already changed so much. I was looking into German, then French again, as I had some lessons at school, and now I've arrived back at my original path. Thank you btw :) Thank you :) Those I know who I've told have said nothing but encouragement so far. Also, the OU fb group, with existing students is brilliant because it has people of all ages working towards a degree which is very inspiring. It feels good knowing I haven't been left behind, and even though it's different to the standard Uni experience, it's still Uni after all! I'm already picturing myself at graduation.. Best get the walk covered so I don't trip!
  6. Yay to the future!

    So, back in August 2017, I signed up with a distance learning university here in the UK called The Open University. You don't need qualifications to be able to enrol, which is good because I have none from school due to illness. (I did try and get them after leaving school, but because I'm still ill, it was difficult trying to get in class). I did get a Level 1 certificate for Animal Care back in 2011 though, so that's something! Anyway, I feel useless, not having any GCSEs or A Levels, and I want something to put on my CV for when I am eventually well enough to work, so I signed up with the OU on an Arts and Languages Access Module, which helps you get back into studying, and build confidence, etc. I decided to give it a go to see if I was capable of studying a Uni level. My first assignment was a reflective piece, which I thought was bad, but it turns out it wasn't! I scored 80%. I was completely shocked as I was expecting 55% (I had a dream I scored 8%...) My second was on poetry. I'm a writer, but I've never liked poetry as I'm more of a story teller, but I gave it my best shot and scored 69%. Small drop, but I was very happy with this result. Third assignment, I chose history (2 options to choose from) and it was on Chartism. I had to use extracts from a speech, and I was worried I had misunderstood the quotes I had chosen to use, because of the different language used back in 1839, but it seems I understood it better than I thought because I scored 82%! I'm now working on my final assignment, due at the end of May (managed to get well ahead!) and I'm excited, and also nervous for the end of this module. Last Wednesday started the process to enrol on to a degree, BA (Honours) Arts & Humanities, starting October 2018 and I am very, very excited! I just need to wait for Student Finance England to open for part time applications. Because I'll be studying part time, it'll take 6 years to finish the degree, meaning i'll graduate in my early 30s, but that doesn't matter. I'm planning on specialising in Creative Writing, but I won't start that until two years from now :( (I know I'll have to do poetry again then, but I'll just do my best. Maybe I'll come to like it?) Sorry this was so long! I just wanted to share my excitement with everyone :)
  7. Charity Corner 2018 Is Here!

    It was obvious that was going to happen!
  8. Charity Corner 2018 Is Here!

    I was awarded a silver trophy. I ran out of stuff to donate a few days ago, so my points were just under 3k
  9. What's your Achievement today?

    Getting Taffieh to 200 strength which helped me a lot in the dome today when fighting Kaia. I waited until I reached it before using my turn (last training session rewarded 3 points!) Now I can focus on getting her defence up to 200 also
  10. Just got a 3 point super bonus at the Mystery Island Training School :D I've only ever had 2 points! 

  11. Fog Achievement Now Unlocked

    Okay, the achievement is now missing for me... It was definitely under the potion tab, right? It was there this morning.. I think :| *deleted pic* EDIT: Don't worry, I tried refreshing and it appeared again! IT'S GREEN
  12. Fog Achievement Now Unlocked

    I can only hope the site not loading all pictures is linked to the achievement still being grey for me :|
  13. Blah, the achievement is still grey for me EDIT: I use chrome
  14. Today's Random Events

    An old sea captain-turned-governor hands you a piece of a treasure map. "Keep hold of this," he whispers. "It's quite valuable." He then strolls away as if nothing had happened.
  15. Charity Corner 2018 Is Here!

    Probably just a weird glitch. I use Chrome