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  1. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    Aaaaand new plot steps are up now :) Time to make potions two and three. I'm all caught up and back in the waiting phase. It didn't seem that the Deathball was super furry. I had a hard time getting that fur to drop, but ah well. Got it done!
  2. Games Master Challenge, Prizes Released

    I'm happy with the stamp! Glad I was able to stay on top of the challenges this year. Also, I'm kind of glad that Team Dead lost because the tombstone trophy looks really nice in silver. XD
  3. I'm super late on posting XD I joined team dead (of course). Gold checks all around for me so far, but some of those were near panic-inducing as the necessary score approached XD All my Feed Florg effort for the avatar made his score this time not nearly as bad lol I feel like I'm really bad at games in general, but I manage to stress myself out just long enough to get what's needed Most hated so far is the Snot Splatter game. It's always in these challenges. I'm always embarrassingly bad at it. My hatred for it grows each year <3
  4. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    I'm so torn! I don't know whether to overachieve or not XD I don't really waaaant to, but if it counts for things later, I definitely want to. I'm a hot mess lol.
  5. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    I was able to get my ectoplasm as well :) Very glad that was fixed. Unfortunately, the prizes for the achievements are still not fixed for me. I guess it's just a waiting game now.
  6. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    I definitely think that I'm dealing with some pretty obnoxious glitch issues at this point :/ But until now, it's been fun so far! Just trying to get all the battle achievements to allow me to accept the prizes. And I don't think I'm able to move on to the potion making...
  7. Made it to 13 by maxing SOSD again. I might be able to get one or two more days of play in before the end of the cup depending on if we have another jelly day and when that is, so I'll try to push to 14! Everything I'm getting from this point forward is extra from my original goals, so I'm pretty pleased. Just hope I have enough points for the things I want from the prize shop~
  8. Leveled up to 11 yesterday and 12 today. Had to max out SOSD to make it happen today, since I had limited time. Hoping that tomorrow I will be able to max both SOSD and YYB. Then back to work :/ Seems like 13 might be where I finish this year! I'll totally take that, but I'll be pushing to try to do better. Keep going! One more week, y'all!
  9. Another Jelly Day :c And it was another day I had planned on playing. This is not good for me at all. I got sick and was unable to play on the twelfth, so I was planning on playing to make up for it on the thirteenth and fourteenth. Bummer. I've made rank 10, and am a good portion of the way to rank 11, but will be significantly held back now. I'll be doing really well to make rank 13, I think. Keep fighting, pirates!
  10. I made up for the days I spent at work by capping my scores for YYB for two days in a row and by capping SOSD one day. I've gotten to rank 9, which is on point with what I wanted for one rank per day. I'll spend the next three days at work, so I'll be falling behind again. Very close to my minimum goal of rank 10 though! I'm sure I'll make that, so I'll be trying to match my best rank ever of 13 and re-evaluating my goal again after I get there :) I doubt I'll be able to make up for the days spent at work this time, so I likely won't be able to make one rank per day happen anymore XD Super bummed about the practice team scores not counting toward our ranks. I was relying on those days with my plans, so I'll have to recalculate.
  11. I am only at Rank 5 :/ I am aiming for a rank per day right now. Which is a little difficult considering I'm not able to play every day due to work. I have only actually sent scores on three days so far. I will have to play catch up again here soon. Another couple days of work have arrived. My overall goal is rank 10. But my dream goal would be to match my highest rank I've ever gotten at 13. We shall see how it goes :) At the very least I will certainly be beating my rank from last year (6).
  12. I'm back to support KI again! I'm never a high scorer, but I'm pretty okay with being middle of pack XD I always have so much shenanigans going on when it's AC season. I'm aiming to get the stamp and hopefully all of the team-specific items, but we'll see how it goes
  13. Festival of Neggs 2017!

    Super bummed. Apparently I missed doing one day on day of release. If anyone has a stamp they don't want and would sell for a reasonable price, hit me up :)
  14. Daily Dare 2017 - Claim Your Prizes!

    Oh snap. I'm another silver trophy person hoping for a stamp XD The competition is definitely too rich for my blood right now. I'll be watching for the price drop, or am totally open to a trade or buying from a kindly TDN user :)
  15. Daily Dare 2017!

    I managed to beat Chadley today! Super surprised considering I'm pretty bad at today's game, but after reading a few guides, I managed to get 35 as my score :) I've definitely secured my silver trophy and am quite pleased with that. Good luck everyone!