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  1. Super bummed. Apparently I missed doing one day on day of release. If anyone has a stamp they don't want and would sell for a reasonable price, hit me up :)
  2. Oh snap. I'm another silver trophy person hoping for a stamp XD The competition is definitely too rich for my blood right now. I'll be watching for the price drop, or am totally open to a trade or buying from a kindly TDN user :)
  3. I managed to beat Chadley today! Super surprised considering I'm pretty bad at today's game, but after reading a few guides, I managed to get 35 as my score :) I've definitely secured my silver trophy and am quite pleased with that. Good luck everyone!
  4. Got my score sent for today too! This brings me to 5 Abigail wins and 14 Chadley wins, which is definitely a personal best for me with DD. I don't think I had ever played today's game before, but it didn't take me too long to beat Chadley's score. Maybe three tries. Tomorrow will certainly be interesting. My high score is 9. So... yup.
  5. My high score today was 899 and I just don't have the time to toss into Chadley's score. Congrats to those who beat him though! Another Abigail day for me. I'm a little sad about not getting that drink prize though. It would go great in my gallery XD Thank you gifter<3
  6. I'm super glad now that I actually didn't burn time beating Chadley on all the games when I was trying to catch up. There was no way on the planet I was going to be able to beat Chadley's score for Assignment 53. Definitely not my game. Abigail score sent and done.
  7. Oh man, I totally had no idea this was going on. Work has been kicking my butt lately since I've been stuck on the overnight shift. I caught up now over the course of an hour and a half, but missed out on all the day of release prizes. :/ But, Days 1 through 10 are complete. Which is the most important bit. The bowling wasn't bad at all, for me. But I like bowling in real life too xD My current count is 3 Abigail challenges and 7 Chadley challenges. I'm kind of regretting it a little now that I see it. I could have definitely beaten Chadley on the other three if I had put a bit more time into it... All of my high scores were higher than his :c Oh well. Happy to be in the running for silver still :)
  8. I'm not feeling Floral at all if this is the example. I like the way the Marble one looks best, but I'm concerned it might be because I'm partial to green. Overall, I feel like Candy has the most range. I don't like this example because I feel like the striping is too close to the candycane Christmas pets, but I also feel like there are many more places that they can take the Candy brush if they are creative. I voted for Candy.
  9. Got my trophy, NC, glorious construction hat, and avatar without issues here. Definitely less than pleased with the prizes and the design of the trophy. But glad I got the trophy and avatar? I guess a trophy's a trophy. JS has done us a disappoint. :/
  10. Thanks @Mouseykins for the suggestion. I have made it to a hundred donations on Icky Fruit and self-hatred. I'm so done. I hope that was enough to get maybe the bronze trophy. And if there's an avatar or something. Who knows. That's all I got. @.@
  11. I want all of these awesome items people are getting @.@ I got one stamp I needed, which was nice. But only a few clothing items otherwise. Nothing very high value for resale either. I want to get at least 100 donations due to the cut off for the bronze trophy last time, but ughhh. I've not spent anything yet, but have run out of things to donate from my sdb that I'm willing to part with XD 64 donations down, I guess. We'll see if I make it much further@.@
  12. I did it! Even with work difficulties, I managed to complete all the scores needed on the day of release (even though I don't think that matters for this challenge set). I had a lot of frustration with Igloo Garage Sale game because I just had so much lag with that one. I actually really like the game. I had 699 on my first try before lag had me crushed by a piano. It then took several more tries before I was able to get the score. I also really didn't like some of the other games previous days. But, all set! I'm excited to see what the trophies and the end prizes are. The stamp and the Kookith were already quite nice!
  13. Got it done. One more day down! You can usually keep sending scores without np rewards btw. At least that's the way they've done it it previous years. I had trouble with my first score registering also, but my second went fine.
  14. This GMC is gonna be rough for me. Today, (day 3) along with days 4 and 5 I work 11.5 hour shifts at work. Plus at least an hour commute to and from work. So essentially 13.5 hours. Ugh. Power through! Day 3 is done.
  15. I chose villains, because I think their trophy might look cooler. I didn't realize one had action versus puzzles until I had already chosen. Oh well. I'm pretty bad at games equally on both sides lol. No problems with day one and off to a solid start for day two.