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  1. Lol! I use Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive on this little girl. I don't have the time or patience for cloth diapers. The icky leaks don't happen too often. I looked at her while I was cleaning her up on the change mat and I'm like yup you need a bath. Which was actually good that I did give her a bath since she slept very well and wasn't up as much as she has been lately. It's a very slow recovery and is going to take some time. Arg today is going to be a very long painful day on my sanity. My oldest has a gigantic attitude, and the middle child is following suit. I'll be a referee for most of the day it looks like. I told my husband I'd trade him spots. He can stay home with Miss Attitude and I'll go to work for him. In the meantime I've got the robovac cleaning my floors. I love this guy! He can get to places better than I normally can and even polishes the floor too. Hopefully he can get everywhere on his charge. EDIT: I finally finished cleaning the inside of the living room windows. Tomorrow morning if I'm up early enough I want to start on the outside before it gets too hot out there.
  2. Congrats Angelo! I'd lean towards a Stealthy Peophin or a Candy Kougra. I recently used my saved FFQ reward to turn my Faerie Kougra Stripes into a Candy Kougra. Let us know what you decide!
  3. You'll be pleased to know that there is now an option to display more items per page! Ian finished that today for us!
  4. Whoops I forgot to put in "here" in my post. In other words voting on the forums will be frowned upon now.
  5. LOL you'd think. We're not too sure. Recovery is slow unfortunately. It can take up to a year or more before the frozen shoulder goes away and then there's dealing with the actual tear. He's been going to Physio almost every week since December, so we'll see how things go. His therapist is going to talk to his doctor since they're in the same practice and find out what else they can do. He can't even do his normal job so he's on modified duties and bored out of his mind. Doesn't help that it's 10 hour days 8 days in a row, but the 6 days off are nice. EDIT: And all I did today was go for a walk with my girls, watched Avatar this afternoon together, unloaded & reloaded the dishwasher while I had them on Education.com doing learning games, bathe the baby and get her laundry in the washer. I just went down to check her sleeper she was wearing earlier before her bath and thanks to my quick actions I got the stain out. I pre-washed it with baby soap before washing it and all clean. I'm impressed lol. Usually a stain like that takes at least 2 washes and some stain remover. The girls are all asleep and I'm going to continue my streaming of Hawaii Five-0 before calling it a night.
  6. Just remember that if you enter you can no longer advertise your entry here as it is now frowned upon by TNT as stated in the Editorial that Scoobert_Doo posted a few posts up.
  7. Not really, I'm just on a mission to get things done lol. It keeps me busy so I don't just end up sitting around home eating chocolate all day lol. Mostly everything is one me to do since my husband can't really do much. He injured his shoulder in the fall at work. He has a tear in his rotatory cuff and developed what they called frozen shoulder with it so he has very limited mobility on his right side, which of course is his dominant side. Even doing yard work is difficult for him. We had to spend extra money on a battery powered yard trimmer because the gas ones he can't start because they're a pull-start and I certainly can't either. I'm also trying to get things done before my in-laws come out. I don't have the best relationship with them anymore and on this visit they're already going to be mad that we got a new van and spent another pile of money on it when our other one was just about paid off. But alas none of their business, just don't need to rock the boat too much all at once lol. The less they have to complain about this round the better.
  8. Thanks! Procrastinating is a special skill that takes some dedication lol! My normal day starts with a page long to do list on one of those list pads. On it I highlight everything that is important and that takes priority and everything that's in progress gets its little star bullet circled. When it's done I cross it off and add other things lol, so it's never a small list. So I can have things on my list that can be there for days before I finally decide to tackle that task. Like one is to clean the windows in my living room. I have 2/3 done on the inside and I did that about 6-7 days ago. I'm literally on the go from the time I get up until after everyone is asleep and don't normally crash until maybe an hour after they're all asleep so that I get some time for myself. Today we have some more school work to catch up on. We'll probably do a journal entry where she has to write a sentence and draw a picture. Two skills she needs to work on in one activity! Then if/when her little sister sleeps we'll do some worksheets in her math and reading workbooks. If not then I'll set them both up on Education.com with their lessons while I go and do other things. We also have to go for a walk today. I'm expecting a package of some movies I ordered from the Disney Movie Club for my oldests' birthday in less than 2 weeks. Let's see how much I get done today lol. Summer is always a crazy season for me since it's nice out we can get out and do things. My husband just started his 8 days on today so it'll be a bit quieter, but not by much. On his 6 days off we catch up on things around the house and yard that we can't during the "week".
  9. That is a very good question! I do actually manage about 6-8 hours a night if my insomnia isn't keeping me up. I'm very busy every day that I hardly have time to relax and do things for myself like study, catch up on work or even draw. Things will calm down a bit once school starts up again in September. Doesn't help that I'm slowly organizing and cleaning up my house either. This week I want to finish the girls' closet. I have to sand the walls, paint them and start putting the shelving in. We got 4 pages front and back done of writing practice today. 4 Letters and 4 numbers. It's mostly just tracing but repetition builds muscle memory. I have numbers from 0 - 20 laminated as well as her letters. This way she can write on them with a marker and they just wipe clean. Saves printing new ones each time when it's something we're doing a lot of.
  10. Their form of helping would be throwing dirt at me, at each other or on themselves. They did help keep the pup occupied though so that was helpful. Whenever my husband or I do something outside Mouse is always there with a toy and she literally yells at us by way of a very loud ear piercing bark until we play with her. Whoops! She did yank out a weed though. I sometimes having a hard time telling where my flowers are and where the weeds are in the spring so I tend to not weed things out right away. I don't want to end up pulling out some of my precious flowers. It does help that I know where I've planted things. In May my 5 yer old and I went to the greenhouse across the street from us and I got a pink geranium that she picked out to give to Grandma who was coming for a visit that weekend. She must have been annoyed at me for leaving her at home with my oldest and taking the baby girl and middle sister to the doctors and ended up leaving the geranium behind. I had put it into a bigger pot so it would stay alive and grow and so I could give it to her the next time she came out but I changed my mind. I planted it yesterday in my garden instead. I had to take the baby girl to the doctors for a bump on the back of her head. Monday was the only day to go as it's walk-in all day, without waiting all day at the hospital for our doc to be free from his clinic. It wasn't anything serious just a lymph node that's reactive to any kind of bugs or infections. So if she's sick it'll be more noticeable. Now that today is windy and miserable out it's time to catch up on some school-work with my oldest. Homeschooling her this summer to build on some things she learned in Kindergarten and teach her things that she didn't receive proper instruction in so that she's ready for grade 1 in September.
  11. Yesterday I decided to tackle my flower garden and yank all the weeds out. I've let it go so long that I had thistles almost 4 feet tall to yank out. One of them almost got the best of me too! I had so much momentum when pulling the one out that it knocked me over onto my back. Here I'm just losing it laughing at myself and cursing this stubborn weed in a child friendly way and my 3 year old is rushing over to me and asks if I'm alright. My 5 year old also comes over and asks what happened, so then she has to go inside and tell her Dad that Mum got knocked over by a weed. Today I had the other half to finish and was smarter! I grabbed the big shovel out of the shed and used it to help dig them out. None of them got the better of me today! Now I can cross that off my list and don't have to worry about it for a while. I mainly wanted to get it done before my in-laws come out in two weeks. If Mom seen my garden that way she'd go and weed it out for me and yank out things that shouldn't be yanked out. She did that in the fall last year when she brought me some daffodil and tulip bulbs to plant. Thanks to her I lost one of my lily plants and I'm not too thrilled. I'm just glad she didn't yank out my red ones. I would have been furious over those being gone. It was bad enough last summer when my oldest decided to pick all the flowers off and bring them too me. I was not impressed and got super mad at her. She learned and remembered and hasn't picked me any flowers, except for dandelions, which she's allowed to pick. Now that that's all done I can resume hiding in my house!
  12. That's the one I sold the other day when it got to 60. I only had 1k shares in it anyways so I really didn't care much.
  13. Today Holdings Overall Icon Ticker Open Current Price Chg Qty Paid Mkt Value % Change ACFI (profile) 19 19 0 3,000 45,000 57,000 +26.67% BB (profile) 14 13 -1 2,000 30,000 26,000 -13.33% CHPS (profile) 33 32 -1 8,000 120,000 256,000 +113.33% CYBU (profile) 9 9 0 1,000 15,000 9,000 -40.00% DROO (profile) 44 47 +3 2,000 30,000 94,000 +213.33% FAER (profile) 8 9 +1 6,000 90,000 54,000 -40.00% HELT (profile) 7 7 0 5,000 75,000 35,000 -53.33% HUW (profile) 8 8 0 2,000 30,000 16,000 -46.67% KAUF (profile) 14 13 -1 1,000 15,000 13,000 -13.33% LUPE (profile) 16 16 0 3,000 45,000 48,000 +6.67% MYNC (profile) 11 11 0 4,000 60,000 44,000 -26.67% NAKR (profile) 16 16 0 2,000 30,000 32,000 +6.67% PDSS (profile) 14 14 0 5,000 75,000 70,000 -6.67% PEOP (profile) 9 10 +1 3,000 45,000 30,000 -33.33% POWR (profile) 20 20 0 4,000 60,000 80,000 +33.33% SKBD (profile) 19 20 +1 1,000 15,000 20,000 +33.33% SKEI (profile) 12 12 0 2,000 30,000 24,000 -20.00% SSS (profile) 19 19 0 3,000 45,000 57,000 +26.67% STFP (profile) 6 6 0 2,000 30,000 12,000 -60.00% TNAH (profile) 16 16 0 2,000 30,000 32,000 +6.67% TPEG (profile) 14 14 0 1,000 15,000 14,000 -6.67% TSRC (profile) 21 20 -1 1,000 15,000 20,000 +33.33% YIPP (profile) 16 16 0 2,000 30,000 32,000 +6.67% Totals: 65,000 975,000 1,075,000 +10.26% These are my stocks as of my last refresh. The other day I sold one at 60. A few are on the rise, so just waiting for those to rise.
  14. Yes it is the bonus item and you can see that on the cupcakes page in our database. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/10th-birthday-crowned-cupcake
  15. I'm sure your husband will survive! A few hours a week will be nice for you to get out on your own. As long as the kids are fed and clean that's all that matters! Whatever mess he makes while caring for them I guess he'll have to help clean it all up.