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  1. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    It's on JN's end with how they're Wardrobe is coded and set up. If you click the link underneath the preview it takes you to the swf file of the background which is how it will look on your pets.
  2. The ALP

    If by tomorrow when you're ready to transfer and you haven't heard from @deboratibi yet, you can send me a PM and I'll look up who the pet is going to next for you. But please give her a chance to do her thing. I'm sure she has a system for doing things.
  3. Taking on a new challenge: Homeschooling my 6 year old this year!

    I'm still slowly getting things set up and waiting for the rest of our materials to arrive and then we'll be all set for a successful year.

  4. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    @singittome Pretty much! I was expecting some kind of daily reward for visiting like they do for the Faerie Quest event in February, but nothing. Hopefully we can remember to visit everyday. I don't want to miss out on a bonus item for missing one lousy day. Hopefully it's a nice one this year.
  5. what is this???

    Probably best not to! It may turn out to be a huge letdown. Those are just my suspicions, but I'm not going to be hanging out on the edge of my seat waiting in anticipation lol.
  6. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    Day 1 may be the whole day and a half thing that they usually do to compensate for people being in different timezones, so I wouldn't give up hope yet.
  7. what is this???

    I believe it was stated in the Editorial that the new plot will involve the battledome. These little chests made they're way into the NC Mall this afternoon by mistake is my inkling, because they're not there anymore. My hunch is it will probably launch after the current NC event, Free the Faeries. Or it could even be on Friday, but don't hold me to that. Just going off my knowledge of TNT's patterns at releasing events. It'll be my luck that they'll release something on Friday when I'm busy and not at home. Unless the weather is absolutely miserable I'll be home with my girls.
  8. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    You are allowed to purchase NC on side accounts to participate in NC events so you can get items for that account etc. Events that you cannot participate in are ones that reward you with a Neopoint prize in the form of Neopoints or an item. For this event you are allowed to participate on your side accounts.
  9. Faerie Festival - For Real, This Year?!

    @deboratibi I know the feeling! I had my excitement way up there and it made a crash landing! Kaia is cool with her new game. The NC event is meh because I can't afford NC so I won't be participating in that. (FYI to anyone wondering. The guide will be up tonight or tomorrow.) However, I have my suspicions that the plot will be starting soon and that it will be a battle plot, so get your training in. Looks like a return of the Wraiths.
  10. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    You absolutely cannot do any part of the Faerie Festival on side accounts that involves earning neopoints, an item or a reward like a quest. The NC event is the only possible exception to this as you're spending real-life money to get the items from the event, which is allowed. To double check on the NC portion, read the FAQ. Ninja'd by @balloongal247
  11. Faerie Festival - For Real, This Year?!

    I was actually thinking the same thing, but Alice doesn't really seem like a Neopian name. Hard to say until she makes her debut. I'm on my toes excited right now! I love Faeries!
  12. Hi Again!

    Hi Saxen! When our forums were upgraded a couple months ago the login changed so you would have to use your old name "Saxen" and not the username that you originally signed up with. If you want to use your old account try logging in with Saxen as your username and see if you can reset your password. If not, then PM hrtbrk and she might be able to help get you into your account here.
  13. Question about rare stamps

    Some of the more expensive stamps take a while to sell because they're so expensive. If the Auctions don't work out, put it in the Trading Post with your asking price. Make sure you price according to the trends on the Trading Post or a bit lower so that yours gets snagged before some of the more expensive ones. Don't simply rely on databases like JellyNeo, since the prices for stamps are often slightly out to lunch. I'm a pretty avid stamp collector so I know a few tricks. Good luck selling your stamp!
  14. Faerie Festival - For Real, This Year?!

    Our new faerie is gorgeous! I can't wait for her to make her debut! I love the name and style! She looks like she's from Shenkuu.
  15. Voting errors in The Runway #44

    It should be to the left of the Contact Us. Maybe try logging out and back in? Disregard! Hrtbrk solved it below!