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  1. Thank you everyone! I'm very excited about this project and when it came live yesterday I just about ran around my house screaming in excitement. But I had to restrain myself! My baby was asleep in my arms and my husband was home and the looks he would have given me lol.
  2. I'd like to wish all our Mums on here a Happy Mother's Day! Personally I don't celebrate Mother's Day because I think my children should express their love and appreciation for me all the time and not have it emphasized on one particular day. This year we did something special though! Two months ago my husband and I welcomed our third child and today we Dedicated her at church. Our Pastor suggested we have her Dedication today and we agreed. It was a beautiful morning! Share your celebrations!
  3. You're welcome! I had the same problem when I was editing my signature a while ago and it took me a bit to figure out the attachments feature.
  4. I find using non-apple chargers can be a hit or miss. My husband bought one from the fuel station and it wouldn't work properly and after a few uses the the USB plug just came right off and we weren't even rough with it. Since then we've always purchased genuine apple cords. Plus Apple has a warranty against defects, not sure if it's a year or a shorter time period. I'm glad you figured out the problem.
  5. In your signature if you view the attachments on your signature there should be a trash can icon on the bottom right of the image. Clicking that will remove the attachment completely. Make sure you save after deleting and making changes. As shown here:
  6. This is strictly against Neopets Rules and called cheating which is unfair to those of us who play the game I honestly. I suggest you rethink your idea as doing such can get your account(s) frozen! Locking this topic until it can be addressed by one of our Moderators.
  7. My iMac most definitely does not need a restart, it's been shut down and powered back up frequently due to scheduled power outages. Apparently with large amounts of items in your closet and using a Mac causes the closet not to load. My only two solutions are use my husband's computer since he's on a windows dinosaur or remove things from my closet. Haven't bothered to try either of them yet. Probably telling me I need to clean out my closet lol. The Mall has been down most of the day. They're probably working on something in the Mall and took it down. So you're not alone!
  8. As the month of May has just begun, the third collectible item in the Sidekick Squad Collection has been released. Head on over to the NC Mall to purchase your Armin Collectors Contacts for 250NC. These contacts will only be available until May 31, 2017. Remember you must purchase all items in the collection on a single account to qualify for the bonus item in this collection. Trading for items not purchased on your account does not count towards the bonus. Click the above image for more information! To learn more about these collections, please view our guide. NC Collectibles Guide
  9. Normally I get rather excited for the AC, but this year I'm feeling more of a dread towards it. If I decide to play this year I'll join Faerieland as always! I'm considering not joining simply because life is just way too crazy right now. We'll see, I might not be able to resist the temptation to finally get All Star.
  10. Unfortunately she would need to submit the ticket herself to try and get her account back.
  11. Thanks, It's definitely on my end then. I'm going totry my hubby's computer before removing things from my closet.
  12. Not sure if it's just me, but I can't get my closet to load. My flash player keeps crashing and yes it's up to date and allowed to run on Neopets. I can't check on Safari because flash is not running on Safari for some bizarre reason.
  13. Spent $100.00 on Mouse today and do not feel guilty at all! Pup deserves to be spoiled! We got a nerf ball launcher gun thing so we don't have to physically throw her ball. Also got a pack of replacement balls in case we lose one over the fence into the hedge or she ends up destroying it. That was the most expensive thing we got her. The rest was all her treats and snacks. Her favorite duck treats were on sale so we got two bags and got her two bags of beef jerky that she'll have to share with our 3 year old.

  14. After missing out on the Daily Dare final stamp I'm super happy to have this one. The clues for the most part were rather easy this year. That background and the Egg Chair actually looks pretty cool too. Overall I'm a happy Dawn!
  15. Definitely open up a ticket relating to your frozen account and being a premium member. If they're taking money from you and you're not getting the services you paid for you can also dispute that with your method of payment. They don't like when players file a dispute and often mentioning taking such action will result in them getting to your ticket a wee bit faster. A staff member had cancelled her membership but they were still taking the money from her paypal account. She opened a ticket about it and after waiting a while filed a dispute with paypal and after a bit of a headache got things sorted out. Good luck getting your account back and remember to follow the steps outlined on the first post of this topic to increase your chances.