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    Naps and more naps. Drawing, Graphic and web design. Hiding indoors avoiding the real world. Tamora Pierce novels!

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  1. Mouseykins

    Glitch with customising

    This is a longshot but have you updated flash fully? I just went to Customize and I can't get my closet to load and the Adobe Flash updater popped up on my screen.
  2. Mouseykins

    Daily Dare 2018: Claim Your Prizes

    @rntracy1 I was able to get a very good deal on one so now it's safely tucked away into my album.
  3. Mouseykins

    I love my son

    I sure hope it's a phase thing! She drives me bonkers quite frequently lol. She's getting a bit better slowly. I think her main problem is she's so used to being around me constantly and is having a hard time expressing her feelings so it just comes out as anger. She is a very sweet child and always says to either me or Dad, "I want give you hug!" and she'll give us hugs all the time and say, "I love you Mom/Dad!" quite frequently. She's gotten a little more expressive that way with us and it's so sweet! She'll go to her baby sister and big sister to say the same things too. We're slowly working on correcting her demanding rudeness. I refuse to get off my behind if she yells, screams or has a fit for no reason because she's asked for something across the room. She needs to come to me, ask nicely and then wait a minute, like 30 seconds, for me to wrap up what I'm currently doing. If she asks nicely the first time then I'll get up right away if I can. How did your search for door latches go? I have my kids from crawling age up to about 3 or so confined to two rooms with the safety gates. My 6-year-old can barely open the ones I've got and my 4-year-old, so you could also consider using the safety gates to put him in a room or use one for his room instead of a regular door that he can open up. Might be useful for nighttime so he doesn't end up wandering out of the house in the middle of the night. the ones I have are Safety 1st Pressure Mounted and Hardware Mounted. I can give you a link for them if you're interested in looking at them. I've purchased several gates over the years and I always go back to this one. It's a tad more expensive but they last way longer.
  4. Mouseykins

    OH NO!!

    I think you did the right thing in the moment. Whose to say that the man or the woman wouldn't have gotten physical with you or your kids. As you said you went into defence mode. Your first priority is your children. You did the right thing and called 911 and spoke with the officer. In your situation I would have done the same I think. As heartbreaking as it is to see another helpless life threatened, my kids are more important. I probably would have doubted my decision afterwards like you're doing. You acted on instinct and that's our most important mom superpower. Here the hospital staff and public health nurses make sure you have a support system when you leave the hospital. Having a baby is not something you adjust to overnight even though you've had 9-10 months to prepare for it. I hope this couple can manage their issues and care for their child properly or do the right thing and turn the child over to family services. Still scary you had to witness that!
  5. Mouseykins


    First off, welcome to TDN! Now for the bad news. 馃槥 You cannot trade artwork or anything for Neopoints or items.
  6. Mouseykins

    Daily Dare 2018: Claim Your Prizes

    Must have that AAA Collectable Charm!!! If anyone here is selling it, please send me a PM and we can work out a deal. I was unable to make Gold this year due to time constraints and a couple of games getting the best of me. The Charm is going directly into my album so you'll be helping out a collector. Congrats to everyone who got Gold this year and to all who participated!
  7. Mouseykins

    I love my son

    I'm a Mom of three girls aged 1, 4 and 6. They are a HANDFUL! I never get a moment of peace and quiet unless they're asleep. My middle monster is stuck to me like glue. I cannot even go to the bathroom by myself. If I leave her in the living room and dining room are with both gates closed to keep Little Babes in she will scream and pound on the gates until she's able to trail after me. She is a very demanding little monster and will demand snacks or whatever she wants and expect me to jump up immediately and serve her. She drives me bonkers and I would so love to not have to deal with her attitude for a while. But what am I going to do? Lock her upstairs and hide at my computer with headphones so I can't hear her?! Not an option lol. So I definitely feel you're pain and you're not alone. As for the door issue if he can open them then you need to consider his safety and put a latch at the top where he can't reach it. Also you might be able to get those little sensor things that go on doors and windows. When they're opened an alarm will sound and you'd be notified right away.
  8. Mouseykins

    Day 20 - Volcano Run II [DOUBLE DARE]

    Remember today is the last day to get your challenges completed! This one is going to take a bit of time I think. My HS is only 115 so hopefully, I can get enough to beat AAA.
  9. Mouseykins

    HTML Help Please <3

    I just went to your userlookup and seen you have your tumblr listed. REMOVE THAT ASAP!!! Listing offsite contact information is against the rules and can get you frozen!
  10. Mouseykins

    HTML Help Please <3

    You would need to do this on your pet pages and link from your userlookup to your pages.
  11. Mouseykins

    Day 19 - Caves and Corridors [DOUBLE DARE]

    Oh my goodness! My High score is only 206 for this one. This one is going to take a lot of work and patience to beat AAA. Why couldn't we have had this one yesterday or the day before?馃槩
  12. Mouseykins

    Day 18 - Spellseeker

    Totally challenging AAA on this one. I know I can beat his score. My HS is over 200,000 so this *should* be a cake walk. 馃槅
  13. Mouseykins

    Got a new laptop!

    You should be able to purchase a cheap USB one to use for your laptop. My iMac doesn't have a disc drive either and I was going to spend the extra cash to get the Apple branded one but went with an Asus that is both Windows and Mac compatible. Mostly because of the design. In my Macbook my daughter crammed an old gift card into it and I had to delicately use tweezers to get it out. The Asus one has a drawer that pops out so if anything gets put in there that shouldn't be it's easier to get out. It takes up two of my USB ports and I always have it plugged in. My girls frequently watch movies on my computer. It's a great way to occupy them so I can watch a show on the TV or play my game on the PS4 in peace. 馃槅
  14. Mouseykins

    Day 16 - Goparokko [Team Challenge]

    I got the score on my first try and all I did was just make groups of 4. I didn't focus on doing anything special or making combinations to get extra points. When I had something special and could use it I used it. I didn't save anything or have any strategy except for move fast and make those groups of 4.
  15. Mouseykins

    Neopets premium--worth it??

    To add to what @kayahtik the Premium sale is usually in July when the NC Mall celebrates its birthday. Personally, I'm too cheap for premium.