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  1. If you would like to resubmit your request because of an avatar you've already received during this time you may do so. Just let me know and I can delete your existing request so just the new one shows up. 😃
  2. I've been buying any items I come across at 100NP or less. I've been doing this for the last 7k points of my goal soo.... call me crazy lol. What I've been doing though is only using my Neopoints on hand that I earn from dailies and selling red codestones and regular codestones I currently don't need in my stash. This way I'm not taking neopoints out of the bank and blowing my savings. I do not want to admit how much I've spent LOL.
  3. No, you will not need to resubmit your requests. I still have them in the system so they are not lost. Thanks for asking!
  4. Yes, this would be in user shops. I've come across it a few times as well but never really paid attention.
  5. I am incredibly sorry to all those who have submitted requests for the month of May. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be running pet lending chains this month. Apologies for the late announcement everyone and for keeping you waiting. Thank you for your patience and understanding!
  6. I used Firefox for mine and had no issue. I've heard reports of Chrome being a bit fussy with Charity Corner this year. Glad you got it to work!
  7. Our TDN guide is a bit more in-depth than the one JN has, so you may wish to check it out instead. Living with Less NC Guide The guide is now live and visible to all. I had a very busy week and dealing with family stuff so I completely spaced on making the page live and adding the ling to the top post of this topic.
  8. @Nielo That's why this is such a weird thing to be happening.
  9. The wheels can take away health, and several other dailies. There's way too many to list! So were you doing anything else on the site at the same time?
  10. Were you doing any other dailies at the same time that may have taken away your health point again?
  11. Y'all are comical! 😆 Nothing special this month in terms of Neo days this month for me. It should be a busy month though, with Charity Corner and Daily Dare starting and then running into Altador Cup next month.
  12. Toy was released last year at the beginning of 2018 and Oil Painting was released at the start of 2019. ☺️
  13. Why don't you try contacting Jellyneo directly? Their staff can probably help you out more. 😄
  14. I think you have to wait 7 days to transfer, but I'm not 100% positive on that one. Some stuff is hard to find out on your own unless you have experience with it. But in your case, you could just try transferring your Bun until it goes through.
  15. Do you have them on pet lookups? I think I goofed. The captchas should be on user lookups and pet lookups, not petpages. :facepalm:
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