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  1. Trying to teach my 5 year old to write her letters and color a picture while staying mostly in the lines is quite the struggle. We got her K's fixed yesterday so I'm hoping it sticks! When I showed her how to do her e's properly it didn't stick and took her teacher correcting her. She's rushing through her coloring instead of taking her time.

  2. You have the option of completing one of her quests as a bonus every day. But that does not guarantee your daily quest will not be Delina. So you can get a daily quest from Delina and a bonus quest from her on the same day. Unfortunately they're not separate and I believe the only way to make sure you don't get one of her quests for your daily quest is to change your language to one that doesn't support the NC Mall, now I can't remember which one(s) work.
  3. Celebrating the annual Daily Quest Event, Delina is back with all new materials and items to be created! If you choose to complete one of Delina's Quests, you'll need to spend a total of 150NC in the NC Mall, 75NC for each ingredient she requires. What quest will she send you on?! Ingredients Prizes To learn more about Crafting Faerie Quests and the different combinations required to make each item, please check out our complete guide. Crafting Faerie Quests
  4. You'll now find a link on the dailies page under the classics section. The image is the earth faerie backpack! I hope this helps several of us to not forget about our daily reward and quests. :) Remember you don't need to accept the daily quest to qualify for the bonus item at the end of the event. :)
  5. I'll see if I can add it to the dailies page in the classics section. It'll be a good reminder for me as well since I'm a tad forgetful these days. :)
  6. The annual Faerie Quests are here! Remember to visit every day to collect your daily prize in order for you to qualify for a special prize at the end of the event! Faerie Quests 2017
  7. Kadoatie & Bearog
  8. Sounds like you probably caught something viral. Hopefully it goes away soon so you get back to normal. :)
  9. Dairy is usually something to avoid when you have a bacterial infection because it can aid in the growth of the bacteria. When my girls are sick I usually cut back on their dairy intake. Rum might do the trick lol, just a shot glass full and that's all you'd need. But I can understand not wanting to do that. :)
  10. You may just need to rest? Have you tried taking a nap or anything. If nothing seems to be working I'd go see a doctor and find out what's up. If could be a viral infection or something else. I know in my area there's a lot of junk going around.
  11. You can always transfer a pet temporarily to a side account. I believe your account will have to be 4 months old before you can use transfers, but I'm not positive on that.
  12. When a species name is present in an item name like the one you listed, then yes it is only wearable by that species and in this case only Nimmo's can wear that item. If you're ever unsure if an item is a species specific item you can always check out our Customization Database. Find the item you're looking for in our search and go to it's profile. If it says All Pets in the top right corner of the item information panel then all pet species can wear it. If it is species specific it will have the name of the species listed there. Additionally you can check on Dress to Impress too.
  13. @brynchilla Thank you! When I first started doing distance learning I struggled until I found the right system for me for studying and learning the material and making sure not to rush through it. Now I take my time and make sure I have a good grasp of the topic or lesson before moving on. My day to day life is rather busy but I still find time to sit down and get some studying done. I found by doing distance learning my marks were actually higher then they were when I was going to class. It's worked for me and I just wish I would have buckled down sooner so each course I wouldn't be spending a pile of money on. I pay $100/credit + textbook and other materials. For my textbook I can return it when I'm done and get most of the rental fee back which is nice and I'm not stuck with a textbook I'll never use again. That's lucky that you found your key chain! :) This past week I had a friend come over and together we went through and cleaned and organized my entire kitchen. It's amazing the junk and stuff that we found. My cupboards now look a ton better! In one cupboard buried behind things were a few cans of crushed tomatoes. Now these cans were so old (from 2013) they looked about ready to explode! I'm so glad we got them out of the cupboard and the house before that happened! After 7 years of being in this house it was well past time to go through things!
  14. I sometimes use my iPad for Neopets, but I recently changed my password and half the time I can't remember it since it's saved on my Mac. Normally I'd do my daily battles and check my shop. Little things. When I go away I'll use my iPhone for my battles and Trudy. Both Trudy and the Battledome are on HTML5 so that's why they work on mobile devices. :) I prefer to do my Neopets stuff on my Mac though since it's a bigger screen and I don't have to zoom in all the time just to navigate between pages.
  15. Have you tried doing a hard refresh of the page? Sometimes when Coconut Shy refuses to load it will after a hard refresh. I believe the keys required for windows are ctrl + F5. That might help. Edit: Thanks to Scoobert_Doo for providing the correct key combination. I'm on a mac and have become somewhat windows dumb since my switch. :)