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  1. @brynchilla Thank you! When I first started doing distance learning I struggled until I found the right system for me for studying and learning the material and making sure not to rush through it. Now I take my time and make sure I have a good grasp of the topic or lesson before moving on. My day to day life is rather busy but I still find time to sit down and get some studying done. I found by doing distance learning my marks were actually higher then they were when I was going to class. It's worked for me and I just wish I would have buckled down sooner so each course I wouldn't be spending a pile of money on. I pay $100/credit + textbook and other materials. For my textbook I can return it when I'm done and get most of the rental fee back which is nice and I'm not stuck with a textbook I'll never use again. That's lucky that you found your key chain! :) This past week I had a friend come over and together we went through and cleaned and organized my entire kitchen. It's amazing the junk and stuff that we found. My cupboards now look a ton better! In one cupboard buried behind things were a few cans of crushed tomatoes. Now these cans were so old (from 2013) they looked about ready to explode! I'm so glad we got them out of the cupboard and the house before that happened! After 7 years of being in this house it was well past time to go through things!
  2. I sometimes use my iPad for Neopets, but I recently changed my password and half the time I can't remember it since it's saved on my Mac. Normally I'd do my daily battles and check my shop. Little things. When I go away I'll use my iPhone for my battles and Trudy. Both Trudy and the Battledome are on HTML5 so that's why they work on mobile devices. :) I prefer to do my Neopets stuff on my Mac though since it's a bigger screen and I don't have to zoom in all the time just to navigate between pages.
  3. Have you tried doing a hard refresh of the page? Sometimes when Coconut Shy refuses to load it will after a hard refresh. I believe the keys required for windows are ctrl + F5. That might help. Edit: Thanks to Scoobert_Doo for providing the correct key combination. I'm on a mac and have become somewhat windows dumb since my switch. :)
  4. As with previous years, the NC Mall has released it's second Sweetheart Gram for Valentines Day! The Little Hearts Sweetheart Gram is available for purchase in the NC Mall for 200NC and will be retiring on February 19, 2017. What treasures await in yours? Bonus Item: Click on the above images for more information! The third and final sweetheart gram has been released into the NC Mall as well. The Dark Hearts Sweetheart Gram is available for purchase in the NC Mall for 200NC and will be retiring on February 19, 2017. What treasures await in yours? Bonus Item: Click on the above images for more information! To learn more about Sweetheart Grams, please visit our complete guide. NC Mall Grams Guide
  5. Well I'm glad I got some NC out of this lol. Might be able to pick something nice out from the mall soon! Doesn't look like we have any news on that avatar yet. Boo!
  6. I'm quite sure they did. I received a boat load of codestones and only 2-3 R90s throughout the event. Normally I get fewer codestones and more books. Lets see what happens when they release the prizes. I'm hoping they changed the requirements for the avatar and instead of it being x many days of donating to be those who earned a trophy from bronze up since usually just participant tiers don't get an avatar.
  7. Do we know if the solution is to donate once every day? Or how this new one is unlocked? Quite the mess TNT has created here.
  8. Well I finally made it to my 100 donations tonight and am officially done! I have put up items for sale in my shop such as books for anyone who is interested. They've been priced cheaper then what I seen on the shop wiz and what's even better is you'll be helping a fellow TDNer on her stamp quest. :)
  9. I would have liked a new one too but in no way would I have gotten it since I haven't donated every day during this event. Hopefully the final prizes make up for the re-release of the avatar. If I remember from last year they were a bit mediocre.
  10. Well I'm glad it's a re-release from last year so I don't have to worry about it! :) I haven't quite made it to my 100 donations yet, but I will later today.
  11. If you're just donating for the sake of donating try Icky Fruit, they were fairly cheap the other day at under 200NP each. I believe they're R70 so not too bad. Might still get some good items out of it. :) Despite what I said earlier I've also gotten sucked in and have donated 54 times so far. I'm also going to try for the 100 mark and after that I'm done! Ugh I hate this event!
  12. She will be online later tonight. If she's set up a trade, she will accept it before it expires. Her timezone is way different then Neopets, so don't worry she'll get to your lend when she's online.
  13. Like with Sciurus carolinensis posted, it's due to the charity corner event right now. I'd give it a bit to stabilize after the event but it may be some time before things return to normal. Charity Corner really messes prices up for a bit. After the event is over I'd keep checking to see if the foods you're looking for go back down to a more reasonable price. Good luck with your gourmets! :)
  14. If you send me your potion I'll dye my wings and send you the result. That's normally how dyeworks trades work. :) Send me a PM if you want me to dye for you.
  15. Welcome to the forums! You joined at a wonderful time! We just got upgraded to a new design and features, so you won't have to adjust from the old. You get to start with the brand new fancy stuff! I sometimes spend way too much time on Neopets and it bugs my husband lol. He's often like Neopets again, but then I don't comment on his internet activities lol. :)