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  1. The Runway Votes #50

    The "robot parts" you're referring too are actually called a housing. So essentially the neopet is walking around inside a robotic tin can that fits its body shape. Any pet color would have been allowed. If one was to choose a mutant pet or a maraquan pet there would not be any paint brush clothing options for it to wear and the entrant would only be allowed to use a background. So depending on your choice of NP background, you could have a really good entry. The idea behind this round was simplicity. I was inspired by Angelo's latest Peophin crosspaint and I was curious to see what others would come up with. another thing I thought about was these outfits would be something anyone could achieve if they cannot afford to buy NC or are cheapskates like myself who don't purchase any. (Instead I'd rather waste my money on my PS4) Does that help clarify things or answer your question?
  2. More Changes to Pet Lending!

    Thanks for the offer. I'm currently working on getting my hands on a pet for the Mazzew that we'll morph and paint. I forgot to update my post with this information. I'll contact you if things change.
  3. I did something Stufftacularly stupid

    There are specific prizes for specific dates, but the catch is in order to receive them you have to hang your stocking to be filled prior to it being filled that morning and not knowing what the prize will be. Does that make sense?
  4. I did something Stufftacularly stupid

    Deb clearly stated she forgot that Stocking Stufftacular is different than all the other NC Mall events where you can claim your prize(s) after they've been released. Also Deb I love your title for the thread! Forgot to mention that earlier.
  5. I did something Stufftacularly stupid

    Awe Deb! This event sure sucks for that reason, which is why even though I have NC this year I'm not participating. I was gifted some NC for my birthday and I'm hoarding that for something great! Maybe take look at past Stocking Stufftacular years and see what the prizes have been like to see where you might want to risk your stockings.
  6. Due to some recent staff changes, we will no longer be able to provide the Krawk, Pink & Mazzew chain. We are working on replacing this chain as soon as we can. However, we will need to wait until the transfer glitch is fixed as our accounts are full with 4 pets and would be unable to do any transfers if we gained a 5th. Additionally, our Battle Pet will also be unavailable until we can find a replacement for it. Taking a break! We need your help and if you have a pet that we require listed that you would like to donate to our ALP we would appreciate: An aged Mazzew that is 221+ days old - Top Priority! A Pink Krawk A Battle pet with decent stats and ability to beat the 6 Battledome avatars we lend this pet out for, preferably a lab pet, but not necessary. Another change is that all communication regarding the lends will be done through the forums. The reason they were done through Neomails does not outweigh the fact that it can be a royal confusing mess. Utilizing our forums for this should help clear things up drastically. I'm going to go through apps tonight and start sending out messages. Once everyone has replied, or it's passed the 5-day wait I'll get chains scheduled as soon as possible. I apologize for the delay! Messages have now been sent out! Please reply ASAP to get the chains going! UPDATE: The pet transfers glitch we experienced last month has been fixed!
  7. How much are you battling?

    Battling past the bar reaching 100% isn't going to do anything for you aside from supply you with extra ingredients, so I wouldn't worry about overdoing it much.
  8. Help! Can't get started on the plot.

    I don't think that's the case because last month they released Wraith Resurgence packs in the NC Mall that are clearly for a different event than the War Booty that just ended so I think they're just dragging it out a bit longer. I hope you're able to get the plot steps completed. It's been really easy so far, but then I have a good BD pet.
  9. Hmm maybe we're getting an update on Monday. I wish they'd be more consistent with their updates. Hard to plan my husband's days off with all this uncertainty.
  10. Enter The Runway #50!

    You must use PB clothing only and a NP background. That's it, nothing more. I believe today is the last day for entering so you may want to hurry up and get it in before Deb posts the round entries.
  11. Having trouble obtaining your dream pet? Neopets is giving 40 lucky Neopians a shot at winning their dream pet once again this holiday season. All you have to do is enter on one account by 11:59 AM NST on Friday the 22nd. Check back to see if you've won on the Day of Giving morning (Dec 25th). Sign up now!
  12. Unfortunately it looks like they retired on December 6th from the Mall. The event is only up until end of day on the 10th. This is unusual for them to pull them from the mall while the event is still active. The only event they do that for is stocking stufftacular because you cannot claim your prizes on days that have already passed. My best advice would be to check the NC Mall chat on the Neoboards and maybe someone there knows more.
  13. Enter The Runway #50!

    I'm glad you all are enjoying this round! We have @Angeló to thank for the inspiration. He inspired my idea when he was doing his cross-paint with his Peophin. I've never done cross-paints so it was fun and simple to come up with. I kind of had an idea what I wanted to go with as well and I'm very pleased with my entry.
  14. Welcome to December and Advent Calendar Begins!

    Good to know it's not just me and my browser! For my bonus prize today I got The Winding Winter Path Stripes is very happy about this!
  15. Welcome to December and Advent Calendar Begins!

    It's a goofy glitch with firefox I believe. I managed to get it today because it was right at the beginning and I clicked. It's just being silly and I have 0 patience to sit through the videos any more than I need to.