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  1. I have three girls and travelling always seems like more of a nightmare then it really is. We've never gone anywhere like to a cabin or anything. The only place we tend to go is Grandma and Grandpas. Their house is jam-packed with nick-nacks in every corner and the house is not one single bit baby proofed. So bringing a toddler there who gets into everything given the chance is a really daunting thought. I dread going there because I know I'm not going to be able to relax and watch TV or anything like I'm able to do at home. I constantly have to keep an eye on my little terror. My oldest is 8, the middle is 5 in 2 weeks, and the youngest is 2 next week. Each time visiting while the girls are in their toddler stage of curiosity and exploration I had to keep a constant eye on them. Now that the two are older it hasn't been so bad. The last time we were there, Little Babes was over a year and she was still mischevious but not as bad as she would be now. Now that she's almost 2 and able to push the chairs, climb on furniture and has the determination to get what she wants, I'm in trouble. Even at home, she finds a way to get what she wants. 😂 Normally it's not as bad as I think it's going to be. Now I have two helpers to help watch Little Babes. But even with just my 1st girl when she was in that stage it wasn't as bad as I thought. I think including your little munchkin is a good idea. The memories you'll have together will be great, he can look back at the goofy things he did through pictures when he's older. As for the packing I sometimes over pack but I try not too. I'd start with the essentials, things you know you're going to need for him like his pack n play, highchair, etc. Whatever room you have left over you can have a space for a bag of his favourite toys. I hope you have a wonderful trip!
  2. I bought extra stamps for ANYONE on TDN who didn't participate in this "plot" and would like the stamp or didn't have enough points to purchase it. Contact me via PM here on the forums and we can work out a fair deal that everyone is happy with! 😃
  3. I have to admit, at first I was a tad bit bothered that they purchased and re-skinned the game for their needs. After thinking on it, they were smart to go this route as they're busy with other more important things on the site like converting everything from flash and fixing existing ongoing bugs. Yes, I would prefer they did the work themselves, but that's just not always possible with the resources at hand.
  4. Your tip totally saved my bacon! I didn't think I'd be able to all the achievements on my computer, but I did. I read your tip and on the first game after I got all three of the achievements. Now I can go onto more important things than worrying about these achievements. 😃
  5. Both these colors are lovely! The outfit looks a little off to me because the ruff is missing, but it makes sense with the wig being applied. I'm just not accustomed to seeing them without their ruff.
  6. While our search function is borked, you can access almost everything you need from the tabs at the top of the main site. Articles: All Neopets Articles Game Guides: Just click the tab Neoavatars: Lots of options for your choosing depending on your needs Customization: Customization Guides Listing Battlepedia: Battledome Help / Articles I hope this helps!
  7. I'm glad your bunny is feeling better! Having a pet who is sick is the worst thing in the entire world imo. @charelan I completely agree! I wish they could inform us what's wrong. Mouse since last night hasn't been doing so well. Our temperatures have dropped down to -40C as of yesterday and of course being a dog she has to go outside for potty breaks. She has her parka that we've been putting on her every time she goes outside since the cold snap started. Her belly is bare with 0 hair on it right now and she can't grow any hair that she loses because of her medical condition. We try to keep her as warm as possible when she goes out in the cold. Last night she was breathing heavier than normal and we thought she was in pain so I gave her the pain medicine we have for her which smells horrible and probably tastes just as bad. Overnight she continued breathing this way and whined a bit. We figure she may have caught a chill from being out in the cold and it was cold in our house for a while yesterday. After laying by the heat ven for a while she seems to be back to normal mostly. Still breathing heavy, but not as heavy as she was before. Things would be so much easier for us and her if she could simply tell us what's wrong instead of us worrying and playing the guessing game.
  8. I have a Stealthy Vandagyre and all of the clothing items can come off. I had my girl painted Stealthy first and then she zapped Camouflage when I was going for Faerie. Fell in love with the Camo so I left her. For the Buzzin avatar since you have to use a FFQ to paint a Buzz I created a Stealthy Buzz and I still have him on my side account. You don't have to decide anything right away, the FFQ reward will keep forever. But if you get another FFQ in the meantime they won't stack so be sure to use your first one before redeeming for the second one.
  9. My 20 month old loves anything with music in it. We don't have Happy Feet, but she LOVES Frozen and has learned to sing along with Let It Go. Her other favourite is Goldie and Bear to which she sings along with the theme song. She doesn't get all the words right as she's still learning her words, but she does a good job. My TV is on ALL day most days. I really need to restrict my girls to the amount of TV and YouTube they can watch. It's getting way out of hand again. While I'm studying or working I've been watching NCIS again. I'm currently on season 6. The ending to season 5 is 😢. I tend to watch a fair bit of shows on TV during the week too and it's too many to list. I usually don't watch everything as it's released and will binge watch a show with a few episodes I haven't gotten too at night when the kids are sleeping or if I'm up with the little one who sometimes likes to party all night.
  10. Sales run Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. So make sure you get what's on sale when it's on sale or you'll be paying full price. Even if it's in your cart and not purchased. EDIT: Well I decided to purchase the New Years Dress. I tried it on my Candy Kougra and it looks really pretty. 💜
  11. Next categories will be Accessories and Trinkets. I'm not sure what order they'll be released, but those are the last two categories for the sale.
  12. I recently got Battlefield V for my husband as a Christmas present. We've been playing that one constantly. I tend to play Battlefront II a lot as well.
  13. It was a toss-up between Toy and Steampunk for me. In the end, I voted for Toy since it's a colour I could see myself using, whereas Steampunk doesn't really fit with my tastes. It's a cool colour though.
  14. Spun sugar! That's what I was thinking of but I couldn't think of the correct term for it. They do look a bit impractical, but they're nicely done.
  15. That looks 1000x better now!! That is very cool what they did with the wings and hair! Makes it look like they're made out of hardened caramel candy that you see on deserts and such. Very nice!
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