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  1. Congrats on the pending engagement! To cough that much and that hard is not fun! I hope you heal up fast and can get back to laughing! I'm currently getting over strep throat and a sinus cold. I think the infection has moved into my lungs. I cannot for the life of me stop coughing. I've been like this for two days and my insides hurt, so I feel some of your pain. I don't think I've bruised anything (yet) at least. At least I have a doctors appointment this afternoon so I'll be sure to get checked out.
  2. I have PM'd you with the next person in the chain. Please in the future instead of creating a separate topic either post on the ALP thread or PM myself or deboratibi directly. Thanks! Topic is now locked!
  3. I really really hope we don't see Mynci Beach Volleyball this year or I'm going to have a massive temper tantrum! I despise that game so much and could not for the life of me get AAA's score last year. I'm once again going for gold this year so hopefully I can make it! Last year was the closest I've ever gotten to getting gold.
  4. Game Guide | Daily Dare 2017 Coverage Chadley scored: 526 points Abigail scored: 145 points
  5. Shockwave is very finicky and I believe there is still a workaround to get the games to work. @Scoobert_Doo may be able to help you. A new update for flash was released this afternoon. Maybe try updating it again? Sometimes the games take a few extra minutes to load or it could be the game itself so maybe try a different one if you haven't already. Additionally if you can try on a different browser to see if it's something funky with your browser causing the errors.
  6. We now have an official Daily Dare Topic, please continue the discussion here. For that reason I'm locking this topic!
  7. Daily Dare 2017 has arrived! This year AAA is taking a break while he's in University, so Chadley is taking his place. Head on over to Headquarters to choose your challenger! Daily Dare Coverage 2017
  8. I unfortunately missed a day as well and that was yesterday or I would have sent you the wings since I don't really care for them. I got some good stat points from this event and Stripes is happy that she'll have to spend less hours at the Training School. :) My last quest was from the Water Faerie and I seen her and thought for a second it was the Rainbow Fountain Faerie and went "Now what am I going to do with you?!" because I already have access to the Rainbow Pool and don't know what to use it on. Then I clued in and read the quest again, just a regular water faerie.
  9. Welp couldn't make it the final week of my pregnancy without getting sick. Somewhere I picked up a throat infection and the doctor suspects strep. I'm on antibiotics now for the next 5 days. Probably picked this crap up during my hospital stay Friday night/Saturday morning. This sucks!

  10. We have your request in our system so it'll get processed when one of our lenders is available.
  11. When items are released in the NC Mall they go into a special shop first called Future Fashions. This is an elite shop only available to users who have spend 10,000NC the previous month. The items are in this shop for three days before being released to the general Mall. Since the release date was the 10th it should show up for you in Backgrounds today or tomorrow. So try checking today after the day changes over.
  12. She's still there! Lucky you. Tarla dropped a few things on her way out. Desert Usul Plushie
  13. The Battle Faerie is requesting a Bat Cookie. I'd be grateful for a SW search. Thank you! Nevermind! I was able to restock one from the Spooky Food Shop.
  14. This may be a long shot but I'm going to ask anyways! I'm looking to purchase a Meridell Heroes Stamp for my album and JN has the price listed at around 100k. I wasn't able to find any doing a SW search. There was 3 on the trading post but now there is only 1 and no one has answered my neomails. If one of you fine Neopians with SSW access could search for me I'd appreciate it! Thank you!
  15. You basically have two three options. Keep them discard them, if you're going for the rubbish avatar they'll count towards it. see if someone has unused keys to open them, they'll send you the keys and you'll send them the items or work out a different trade. Other then that they're basically useless now.