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  1. The new plot, Lyra and the Lost Heirloom has officially begun. Our first step is reading through a short story where we meet Lyra and Aurrick. Head on over to our plot pages for more information! Plot Index Chapter 1 Guide
  2. Mouseykins

    Happy Birthday Neopets - Let's Celebrate!

    Not at the moment. Our staff have been busy today. As soon as we have a guide up we'll post it here. 😃
  3. Mouseykins

    HATIC Comic Broken?

    Looks like they may have done something with the page. Maybe send in a ticket as a bug report and see what TNT says. Also, you could write into the Editorial in the Neopian Times. A lot of issues seem to get resolved that way too.
  4. Mouseykins

    so where are these crystal necklaces?

    This has been around for years, but the items in the boutique are usually not that impressive in my opinion anyways.
  5. Mouseykins

    Old neopets player, new to TDN!

    Welcome back to Neopets and Welcome to TDN! You joined at a good time. We have a plot/event starting soon and Games Master Challenges are in a couple of weeks.
  6. Mouseykins

    Lyra and the Lost Heirloom

    Judging by the name of the page, how the page is set up and that newspaper article, they're building some hype as they did with the last plot. Hopefully, this plot/event won't drag out as long as that one did.
  7. Mouseykins

    Lyra and the Lost Heirloom

    Some trouble is brewing in the Lost Desert! Protestors have surrounded the Royal Palace, leaving Queen Amira confined to the palace. Not even her royal guards can help her. The residents of Sakhmet are unhappy about the efforts being made to assist in rebuilding Quasala. Read more about these developments in The Lost Desert Daily paper.
  8. Mouseykins

    I got a new job!

    What subjects/topics are you teaching the adults? My least favourite to teach right now is Grade 1 social. There are no real resources available and everything is online so I have to read through the material and design my own lesson for it. It's a lot of work to get the course set up for her. I'm hoping the Grade 2 stuff is easier when I start putting that together.
  9. Mouseykins

    Happy Pteri Day!

    I wonder if Jerry would mind wearing this outfit! I think it would go nicely with his dashing red colour. 😆
  10. Mouseykins

    I got a new job!

    That sounds like a good place to start! I'm also a teacher of sorts. My oldest child is homeschooled, so I put together her lessons and we do them together. Makes me have a bit more respect for the teachers in the school and less respect for the school board(s) dictating what is to be taught and what is being pulled from the curriculum. I can ramble on about this, but I don't want to derail your topic. 😃
  11. Mouseykins

    I got a new job!

    Congratulations on your new job! As Duma said, find a balance and you'll be just fine. Don't forget the Games Master Challenges start towards the end of this month and December is Advent Calendar so you'll want to hop on at least for a few minutes every day to collect your free prizes.
  12. Mouseykins

    Unable to play games

    Have you enabled flash in your current browser? If you have flash installed to the newest update you'll have to enable it now as it doesn't just operate automatically. There are several threads in our help section regarding flash.
  13. Mouseykins

    Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat Locations 2018!

    I highly suggest you take a look at this guide regarding multiple accounts and this thread may answer some additional questions you may have. If there's anything else you're unsure about you can post on that account thread. @charelan I'm so glad you got the stamp and it wasn't too overpriced yet.
  14. Mouseykins

    Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat Locations 2018!

    Good luck! I hope you get the stamp before the price jumps up some more.
  15. Mouseykins

    Darigan Tonu Avatar Update/Question

    I'm glad you got the avatar and my apologies for the confusion. The solution to this one recently changed and we just tested it, but it wasn't clear if the battle had to indeed be a win. I will go over and change things. Thank you for letting us know!