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  1. JS following the trend!

    At least they altered it slightly and it's not a direct copy like some past items have been.
  2. Yes, it's most likely a glitch. Try again later and hopefully the glitch will be fixed. If not, as long as you have the coffer and the key you can open anytime.
  3. I like your optimism Angelo and I hope you're right! Looks like I'll be doing the throw pillows method as well this time. I just barely defeated Malum on hard last time. :(
  4. Presenting my new Pastel Peophin

    Wow!! @Angeló she looks STUNNING!! If there was a jaw-dropping hit the floor emote or reaction, I'd be all over that one.
  5. My 6-year-old likes your pony avatar! Had to look at the image to find out what the pony's name is google it. :D

  6. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    @Nielo Have you tried closing your browser out completely and reopening it? Sometimes for the updates, they don't take effect until your browser is opened again. I know that's the case for me, but I'm also on an iMac too. Might be worth a try if you haven't done that already.
  7. Pet Lends Suspended for April!

    Thank you very much! I'm sure she'll be just fine. TNT recently changed the pet limit for regular accounts to be allowed 5 pets and premium members are now allowed 6 pets. So if you have 4 pets on your account, as long as you leave that 5th spot open you're able to participate in the chains.
  8. The Wheels

    MODERATOR NOTE: This topic is ONLY for posting your results from spinning the wheels throughout Neopia. This is NOT a general chat board. Please use the Private Message feature to discuss results further. If continuous disregard for the rules is made on this thread, further moderator action will be taken.
  9. Charity Corner 2018 Is Here!

    I have to say good for TNT this round! I am 100% content with how this event is running. In the previous ones, all I was after was just an avatar anyways. Sure a trophy is nice too, but the avatar is a must. The first year with the quests was a nice idea in thought but having to pay insane amounts for one item as people inflated it right away was not fair. I still completed it for the avatar and in my opinion, it was worth it. The second time they ran it, they changed things again and still, all the high rarity items were inflated by users. I donated a fair bit of raroty90 items and never got anything decent in return so it was a lost gamble for me. So I just did the bare minimum for the participant trophy and avatar. This year is a lot better! Inflation is still going to happen because of the whole supply/demand thing but at least the prizes are more controlled and not as random as before. I always feel jipped when I don't get anything good and people around me are getting really good items. Plus I don't have time to be sitting here all day buying and donating items. I've been hoarding since November and have a fair bit of things to donate. I like how the points system is this time. Instead of 5 items equaling 1 point.
  10. Spring Forward

    Another reason why I love Hawaii! Seriously it's 5 am right now and it should only be 4 am. My entire night is borked now. DST can go away imo. @jellysundae Saskatchewan in Canada doesn't do the time change either if I've got my facts right. @charelan Trudy hit the 100k mark for me yesterday. So today is Day 1 for me.
  11. Spring Forward

    Here's to losing an extra hour of sleep tonight! My nights are short enough already without the clock change. Daylight Savings, I do not agree with you.
  12. What's your Achievement today?

    Managed to upgrade my Spinacles score from bronze to silver! Next stop, Gold! Took a few days for my score to be reviewed, so I'm glad I didn't get bumped down while I was waiting.
  13. I think at one point it was something they were working on, but just gave us Ghoul Catchers. Even if they had a mobile app right now I don't think much would work on it because almost everything is flash. I think right now their priority is on converting the site from flash and then maybe they'll come out with an app for us.
  14. No cheap stocks for (most of) you lot!

    I don't participate in skirmishes so I don't get any boons and always buy my stocks at 15NP.
  15. Pet Lends Suspended for April!

    Just because everyone is wondering and concerned: My soon-to-be 4-year-old is going in for dental surgery on April 6th. Prior I'll be busy getting things ready for our day trip to the city and afterwards I'll be busy taking care of her. She's going under general anaesthesia for her dental work so they can do everything in one appointment and have it be less stress on her. She'll need a lot of my attention the first few days after her procedure. The week after her surgery, we'll be celebrating her and her little sister's birthday with family. It will be a busy start to April and I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for your kind words!