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    Naps and more naps. Drawing, Graphic and web design. Hiding indoors avoiding the real world. Tamora Pierce novels!

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  1. Mouseykins

    What are you watching right now?

    My 20 month old loves anything with music in it. We don't have Happy Feet, but she LOVES Frozen and has learned to sing along with Let It Go. Her other favourite is Goldie and Bear to which she sings along with the theme song. She doesn't get all the words right as she's still learning her words, but she does a good job. My TV is on ALL day most days. I really need to restrict my girls to the amount of TV and YouTube they can watch. It's getting way out of hand again. While I'm studying or working I've been watching NCIS again. I'm currently on season 6. The ending to season 5 is 😢. I tend to watch a fair bit of shows on TV during the week too and it's too many to list. I usually don't watch everything as it's released and will binge watch a show with a few episodes I haven't gotten too at night when the kids are sleeping or if I'm up with the little one who sometimes likes to party all night.
  2. Sales run Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. So make sure you get what's on sale when it's on sale or you'll be paying full price. Even if it's in your cart and not purchased. EDIT: Well I decided to purchase the New Years Dress. I tried it on my Candy Kougra and it looks really pretty. 💜
  3. Next categories will be Accessories and Trinkets. I'm not sure what order they'll be released, but those are the last two categories for the sale.
  4. Mouseykins

    What Are You Playing?

    I recently got Battlefield V for my husband as a Christmas present. We've been playing that one constantly. I tend to play Battlefront II a lot as well.
  5. Mouseykins

    Neopies Y20 Begin!

    It was a toss-up between Toy and Steampunk for me. In the end, I voted for Toy since it's a colour I could see myself using, whereas Steampunk doesn't really fit with my tastes. It's a cool colour though.
  6. Mouseykins

    Happy Buzz Day!

    Spun sugar! That's what I was thinking of but I couldn't think of the correct term for it. They do look a bit impractical, but they're nicely done.
  7. Mouseykins

    Happy Buzz Day!

    That looks 1000x better now!! That is very cool what they did with the wings and hair! Makes it look like they're made out of hardened caramel candy that you see on deserts and such. Very nice!
  8. Mouseykins

    Happy Buzz Day!

    The wings on the Buzz look a bit off to me, but the overall color reminds me of a caramel drop.
  9. Mouseykins

    Annual NC Mall Sale Begins: Backgrounds Weekend!

    I love these sales they have every year. Though I'm not sure if I love any of these backgrounds enough to buy one of them.
  10. Mouseykins

    Scroll of Freezing gone?

    Nerfed basically means that TNT changed the original icons or damage dealt by a weapon. To what @emily_speck_15 was saying, the Magic Gridlock Gun was released as a very strong weapon but was changed to be less powerful.
  11. Mouseykins

    Scroll of Freezing gone?

    Sticky hands are stealers and stealing is currently "broken" in the Battledome. I'm not sure if it's something TNT will fix or not. So that's why your sticky hand isn't working. I'd sell it and buy a good freezer. In my set, I have this one: https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/randomly-firing-freeze-ray I hardly ever use it as I have the level 50 ability Lens Flare and that's a 100% freezer once per battle. This article may help you in deciding what weapons to put into your set: http://www.thedailyneopets.com/battledome/basic-battledome-weapon-sets/
  12. @Ember Was your Neopets account inactive for quite some time? They may have frozen your account due to your inactivity to ensure that the proper owner is accessing the account after all this time. In order to get your account back you'll need to email support. Follow the steps we've outlined in the first post and patiently wait for a response from Neopets Team.
  13. Mouseykins

    Happy New Year! Here and back again.

    Happy New Year everyone! Still a couple more hours to go where I'm at. We're not New Year's celebrators so we're hanging out at home doing our usual thing. I was playing Battlefield V for a while and had a few good rounds and pulled off quite the killstreak in one, amazing both myself and my husband. Now it's his turn to play for a while and I'm going to attempt to get some studying done. He went into town earlier today to get a few things and brought home the new Bailey's Almonde so I've got a bit of that in my hot chocolate. I can't drink anything cold right now with my cold. I hope everyone has a good night!
  14. Mouseykins

    The Official Stock Market Board

    I only had 1,000 shares and sold them at like 57 or something. I needed the cash buy gifts. I'm waiting for EEEE and FAER to go up. I have like 20,000 shares in each. Cha-ching when those sell.
  15. Mouseykins

    New Year Comes New Changes!

    I'm glad our change is being mostly well-received! There are risks involved with the pet lending and we want everyone to have a safe lending experience. If you have any questions about any of the ALP, please feel free to send me a message. I'm here to help! Thank you very much for your kind words! You've been a member of the forums for a while and if you were more active you would have the required posts. Not trying to be mean here, I know there may be outside reasons why you're less active here and that's completely alright. My point is we want to lend to active members of our community and not just people who post the bare minimum just to use the ALP pet lending services. We encourage our members to engage in conversations on the forums and to stick around so our community remains active. You're halfway there and I'm sure in a month or two you'll have the required 50 posts. 🙂