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  1. Definitely open up a ticket relating to your frozen account and being a premium member. If they're taking money from you and you're not getting the services you paid for you can also dispute that with your method of payment. They don't like when players file a dispute and often mentioning taking such action will result in them getting to your ticket a wee bit faster. A staff member had cancelled her membership but they were still taking the money from her paypal account. She opened a ticket about it and after waiting a while filed a dispute with paypal and after a bit of a headache got things sorted out. Good luck getting your account back and remember to follow the steps outlined on the first post of this topic to increase your chances.
  2. There is a paint brush you can use to paint your Lutari Disco. It's called Disco Fever Paint Brush. To learn how to obtain certain pet colors you can go over to our Colors/Emotions section on Customization. The page for your Lutari is here From here you can see that a paint brush is available, hover over it and it'll give you the name. It also gives you the last updated price, but note these may not be accurate according to current market trends as they haven't been updated in a while. I hope this helps you!
  3. The ones in grey are indeed the ones recommended by our BP Team. I have Burrow and I'll use it occasionally, but I only mainly battle the Koi Warrior who I can 1-hit kill without taking damage thanks to Lens Flare.
  4. Unfortunately you're only allowed one cupcake per day on one account. I agree that it's not completely fair but that's the way it is.
  5. If any of these positions interest you or you'd like to work across departments let us know. We need help in all areas! Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you need help with your application.
  6. Elderlyboy and Elderlygirl
  7. Because the Babaa with Flowers and Neggs is the bonus item you have two options. Option 1 spend NC on 5 Mystery Dusts to fill the Cloudy Magical Negg 5 times to get the bonus item. Option 2 is to trade for the bonus. You'll have to see what NC traders are valuing the item at. Someone on the NC Neoboards can help with that. We do have an NC Trading Guide that goes through the steps on how to trade NC items. You should have until the end of the event on April 28th at 11:59:59PM NST. You may have a couple extra days, it's usually until the page is taken down but to be safe the sooner the better if you're going to use your negg since the event is almost up. I hope this information helps! Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll do my best to help.
  8. Try sending in your question(s) to the Editorial. You'll probably get a faster response through there then waiting on a ticket/email.
  9. All this talk about the Rainbow Fountain has reminded me that I have access to it. I think as soon as the Candy Kougra is available Stripes is getting a new look! This color reminds me of those big rainbow swirly lolipops.
  10. I love this color! I think I may have found Stripes' new color. As much as I love her as a Faerie Kougra this is amazing!
  11. If both of you follow the instructions outlined in the first post you will have a higher chance at getting your account returned. Remember you need to be able to provide sufficient information that proves you are in fact the owner of the account. Good luck and don't give up!
  12. Unfortunately it's always been like that since it was taken down with the transition to Jumpstart. They always have those Key Quest items for sale in the NC Mall. :(
  13. You have a year to use it before it expires and you will get a neomail before it expires so you can use it on something you like. If you don't they'll randomly select something in the mall worth the amount you have expiring.
  14. I now have extra fences so give me a poke at the end of the event if you haven't gotten one.
  15. Your shield can also look something like mine. With an actual shield, an image over it and text. Mine took a bit of tinkering and fitting the shield pieces together in photoshop. At the time I used my current shield and modified it.