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    Watching BtVS, running, Neopets, talking to my cats, and other activities suggesting that I need to get a life =p

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  1. The Person Below Me

    True enough! TPBM watches the Big Bang Theory
  2. What is the last thing that you ate?

    I just ate the most repulsive sandwich I've ever tasted plus I paid 6 bucks for it...just thought I'd put that out there heh
  3. The Person Below Me

    True! I live in Sydney TPBM likes horror movies
  4. The Official Pokemon Topic

    Just bought Heart Gold plus Pokewalker! I need opinions: which starter should I choose?!
  5. What About Us?

    Got to agree with you here...I think it's stupid how US users get special advantages even if they're only minor things.
  6. Would You Rather...?

    Depends how much 'limited' is..maybe I'd choose limited surprise because I'd get sick of eating it eventually?? Would you rather have the ability to fly or the ability to become invisible?
  7. Glee, anyone?

    I used to watch it but then I started watching other stuff and the homework is piling up so I always seem to miss it when it's on TV!! I should really start watching it again...anyway! My favorite character is definitely Sue ahah she's such a psycho
  8. Happy Hissi Day!

    Camo hissis look really cool!! I'm not going to catch one though...not too fond of hissis
  9. The Person Below Me

    False. I never forget :woot: TPBM goes to college
  10. The Person Below Me

    False. I mainly read historical fiction and memoirs b) TPBM has seen Lilo and Stitch and liked it!
  11. The Person Below Me

    False. I'm nearly always a witch cause I'm too lazy to do anything but get a cloak and stick a pointy hat on my head :laughingsmiley: TPBM is afraid of heights
  12. The Person Below Me

    False. The summer gets wayyy too hot over here so I prefer winter. Besides, I like wearing layers ^^ TPBM has a cat
  13. The Person Below Me

    True! I have the maximum! (which is 4) The person below me likes prefers swimming at the beach to the pool
  14. Taste in Music

    Indie: Tegan And Sara, Arcade Fire, Anberlin, Regina Spektor, Metric --- Finally! Someone appreciates Arcade Fire^^ Nobody in my school knows who they are :sad01_anim: So many I hate. Justin Bieber and Eminem just to name a couple --- Actually, Eminem is one of the only rap artists I can stand *hides in corner*
  15. The Official Pokemon Topic

    It's called a pokéwalker. You can transfer your pokemon to the device and take it along with you on several paths. It counts your steps as you walk (in real life) and usually levels up your pokemon by one if you transfer it back to your game. You can also catch pokemon and find items with it, pretty awesome --- Aaah encouraging fat kids who sit on their couch playing DS all day to exercise...not bad, Nintendo! (I'm one of those kids by the way...minus the 'fat' part). ANYWAY: that actually sounds really cool! Another reason why buying the game would be better than downloading it.. So you basically transfer your favorite Pokemon to the Pokewalker and it trains it for you?