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  1. Also her glasses fell off. I know that's a lame reason, but it's something. She looks so bad ___ in the last frame! Kinda cool. I knew there was something with her because she was acting weird when Hanso found her in the cave when he was looking for Bryn. Am I the only one who thinks Bryn has to be okay because this is neopets?
  2. The maze part was really so frustrating that I'm not going to go back and re-do it just for the Goo Whisperer achievement. But I got everything else, so that's good enough for me.
  3. Looking for the fifth pet. I know I'm going in circles... Driving me crazy. I'm so close.
  4. The past two days just gotten apple related food products. I miss the quest I had the first day. Anyone get back to back quests?
  5. I love how it was over just as soon as my BD finished an endurance training. The second level shadow had gotten two high for me... oh well. I got to see the battle end! *kicks paper*
  6. I'm almost at the brink. I should get some endurance before I go back. Guess who started training at the wrong school? Me. :sad01_anim: I was trying to save money! 8 hours. *sigh*
  7. I seriously thought 8 was going to be the last one. I don't want to spend any more money on training... *headdesk*
  8. Ditto. Silly me, I tried to eat at Kelp... good thing I didn't click eat!
  9. Aren't weapons effectiveness based on your pet's attack level? Or does it not matter? Been using a Scarab Ring (best 6k I spent) and either a Quela Bomb or a Fiery Catapult.
  10. This last tier is going so slowly. I think people are sick of fighting. The first couple went so fast. I missed the second one because I was asleep!
  11. Hey thanks. If I put in the thread, it'd be under 7 words! :)

  12. thanks. I actually beat it twice. then lost. At least I faced him :) New question: I recently invested in Dark Faeries Abilities, up to Shrink Health. But it didn't show up as I have 7 other abilities already. Is there a way to rearrange them to get the more useful ones to show, or did I just waste 35k?
  13. Quick question: has anyone fought a fury? I never see them. Any idea how often they refresh? My best pet is only at 42 right now so I'd lose, but I'm just wondering.
  14. yep. figured as much. the only thing sides are good is more pets... hehee so Shadow, is there anyway to reset the puzzle and start with three pegs again (i know that's the last thing some people want but a fresh start might help me)
  15. I wish we could reset by leaving the page and coming back to it. Something happened when I had no idea what was going on so I have two pegs instead of three (I know that's a start) but they seem to be in a loop... that's not good. I'd like a fresh start please! We can't plot on our side accounts right?
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