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  1. Hi! I am looking for a Broken Mirror Charm for the Dark Faerie. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks :)
  2. Banned because Stop, Drop and Roll.
  3. Banned because Duma and N. Prime are TDN staff members and banned each other.
  4. True. It's summer right now. TPBM always makes snowmen at Christmas.
  5. Did anyone else find that they earned way more NP due to the GMC?
  6. False. :( TPBM plays more than 10 Neopets games a day.
  7. 2787
  8. Banned because the link had to be clicked.
  9. Ah today they awarded a NC prize (finally!) It's the star on the tree in the background behind the Bruce :)
  10. Argh missed a challenge by a couple of hours (still completed it) so missed out on the scarab. Still pleased with the Brilliant Sun and Moon Potion and the Level 5 Trophy :)
  11. Banned because IRC is IRC.
  12. Good luck to everybody that still has their exams! I finished on Monday.
  13. Ah my bad it is achievable. Forgot to use the TDN guide :P
  14. Let me guess there are more errors with Wingoball. 771 is impossible.
  15. hello. Just stopping by to ask whether your dp was from Zetsuen no Tempest?