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  1. Aqua111

    Who Wants The Neomail Addict Avatar?

    I also still need that avatar so please Neomail me. Username is spectre_the_echidna_
  2. Will there be another list for October? And if can I join that list?
  3. Aqua111

    Favourite basic coloured pet?

    Green Zafara. I love Zafaras, started my last account with a green one because that colour looked best on it and also had another one as first Pet when I created this account.
  4. I knew it was the one as soon as I got it in the Advent Calendar. XD Since I started with a Snow Yooyu called Bob letting repeatedly appear in one of my Neopets story series I always wished I had a Snow Yooyu for one of my Pets but of course these are way too expensive. And then I got a Christmas Yooyu - closest to Snow Yooyu I could ever get - in the Advent Calendar, named it Bob and gave it to my favourite Pet.
  5. Aqua111

    What's Your Favorite Avatar?

    From the ones I already have it's definitely the Lever of Doom avvie because it might have cost me millions of NPs and countless clicking daily or nearly daily for years until I finally found it. Maybe only the stamp collector avvies will be more expensive since some of these stamps are so freaking rare and so ridiculously expensive on the TP. So once any of these collections are finished and I have the avvies some of them will be my most liked avvies too. Oh, and I also like the Zafara avvie very much. It's one of those that you already have from the beginning and don't need to hunt for but I love Zafaras, I love that one on the avvie and it was the one I used the longest in the forums.
  6. Aqua111

    I'm so frustrated

    TNT can be strange sometimes. Or maybe they are just hating me because I once got a warning that my account will get frozen if I violate their rules that much ever again for one of my forum posts - a post where I simply apologized to another user. They even sent me that post saying that everything that is against the rules has been marked and - in fact - nothing has been marked at all. Is it already forbidden to say sorry to another user? It also can't be that I had the warning because of something rude I did before that made me say sorry afterwards - it was more like an "Oops, sorry..." kind of apology because of something silly I had said before.
  7. Aqua111

    Better Than You

    I got bronze a while ago when there was Tubular Kiko Racing. So long I waited for a game I was good in because I wanted that avvie and that trophy but whenever there was one I always came a bit too late when the contest was already over. And then there was this game - I knew that the few times I would have had something above the required score for Better than you was just after a lot of practice and I haven't played it for months but I still needed to give it a try and then I even beat my own highscore.
  8. Aqua111

    Easiest Game Avatars

    Castle of Eliv Thade was the first I got a game avatar in. Actually I didn't even know about that avatar and only wanted to reach the end of it and also get a lot of points by doing so, that's why I looked up anagram solvers online (at least two different ones because Neopets solvers might be good for the names of things on Neopets but not so good with other words while the non Neopets-related solvers are very good with all the other words), easily got to the end and also got the avvie. Cliffhanger or one from Neoquest II might be the easiest though - just lose a game of Cliffhanger for the first and lose a battle against a Plains Lupe right at the beginning of the game for the second.
  9. Aqua111

    What trophies are you going for?

    I still want to be one of the best in the stamp collector, the trading card and the avatar collector lists. Also once tried for highscores in Hannah and the Ice Caves or Hannah and the Pirate Caves when I still had Windows XP and the Shockwave Flash games were still working. Strangely I once tried so many games to get a trophy in but then easily won trophies in other games that I only played for fun (or for other prizes like the snowballs in Snow Wars) and never tried to get a trophy in.
  10. Aqua111

    Embarrassing Post :(

    Well, it might not be actually embarrassing but a little while ago I needed to ask in the forum what it means that the score is being reviewed. I might have looked like a noob or someone who plays just like once a year not knowing what that is but even after being a member for five years and playing a lot of games on the weekends and one or two every day I seriously never got any scores reviewed until that day and also never heard about it. I think Potato counter had a pretty high chance of being reviewed on that day because not just me but also a lot of others (newbies) asked what that means because they had it for exactly the same game. But at least people weren't rude to me. Even during the AC that is partially known for its flame wars I just heard other people talking about being rudely attacked and never saw any of these posts myself.
  11. I also still need that Meowclops avvie so I hope it's still possible to be put on the waiting list. I need to wait a bit anyways since I have four Pets with Petpets that also give an avvie and don't want to transfer them to a side account yet.
  12. Aqua111

    Avatars: What have you got?

    I have 240 avvies and also like to collect them but for some I either don't have enough NP (why do they have to make some stamps so rare that they come at such ridiculously high prices at the Trading Post) or not the right Pets/Petpets yet (also a NP problem mostly) or the games are too hard for me at all or they are Shockwave Flash games that don't work on any my computers anymore (games like the old Hannah games or Attack of the Slorgs or that Gourmet Club bowling game have still worked on the old XP computer but since I got Vista or Win7 just the normal Adobe flash games work but no Shockwave Flash) or they are already retired. So getting on that avatar high score list will still be a long way to go. Currently I'm keeping my NPs low because I noticed that I still need that Soup Faerie avatar. Never bothered about visiting the Faerie when I was a newbie player because that is my 2nd account after I lost the old one and already knew how to make NP fast but then I found out that you can also get an avvie from that.
  13. Aqua111

    TDN Members - What is your "Dream Pet"?

    Currently it's any Pet that would give me an avvie I am still missing. :laughingsmiley: But else it's a Pirate Bori - still waiting for having so much luck with the lab ray - and a Darigan Zafara - dream already came true when I had a quest for the fountain faerie and I painted my Zafara.
  14. Aqua111

    Apple Bobbing

    Got the book "Into the forest" from it. Must have been the 4th or 5th time I got that.
  15. Aqua111

    Grumpy Old King

    King Skarl listens as you tell your joke... Q: What do you do if fierce Peophins has eaten too much tin of olives? A: When They're hidden by a rod of pineapple Hawaiian crepe butter knives! Drat! It looks like your joke had no effect on the Grumpy Old King. You should try again tomorrow.