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    imma steal your manga and anime... MY PRECIOUSSSSSSS
  • Birthday 01/19/1999

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    The Netherlands:-P
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    BUTTERFLIES, english stuff, making graphics, neopets (XD), the draik lair(of awesomeness), CAWWOTS, annoying evil bunny, being a supah membaaaah;), being nice to newbies, SINGING:)
    being myself

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  1. Happy birthday Lisa c:

  2. I've just drawn something for my friend who's soooo tired because of school... It's a drawing of an anime-like girl wearing a school uniform (not full-body though) saying "Ganbatte!" (which means good luck) :) hope it helps her a little

  3. SUP LISA. :D

    1. Alynniae


      Lisa's toooootally fine ;) long live anime, bleach, manga, bleach, skip beat, bleach, kaichou wa maid-sama, bleach, fruits basket, and did I mention bleach??

      hehehe, ulquiorra, grimmjow, me gusta 0-0

      *evil plotting lisa*


      and youuuu?

    2. khaos



      long live anime, lucky star, dragon ball z, lucky star, fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood, lucky star, youtsuba&!, lucky star, bludgeoning angel dokuro-chan, and did i mention lucky star??


      lucky star is actually my 2nd favorite anime though hahaha. first being Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

  4. during my hiatus (which was almost totally for my anime addiction) i've watched/read quite a lot tee-hee anime: angel beats - watched bleach - episode 164 - watching bokusatsu tenshi dokuro-chan - episode 1 - stalled death note - watched fruits basket - watched heart no kuni no alice (movie) - watched high school DXD - watched kaichou wa maid-sama - watched K-ON - episode 8 - stalled kuroshitsuji - episode 7 -stalled every single pokemon movie - watched skip beat! - episode 22 -watching (ALMOST OVER, WAAAAAAAAH *sobs) special A - watched vampire knight - watched vampire knight guilty - watched reading naruto right now, as well as bleach, kaichou wa maid-sama (ME WANTZ NEW CHAPTER!!!!), etc... my whole list is on this website: http://www.anime-planet.com/users/lisauntie really cool website, recommendations, "how long have i spent my life on anime"-counter, etc...
  5. deviantart <3 anime <3 ULQUIORRA CIFER <3<3<3<3<3

  6. My drug is anime, I'm addicted

  7. "Lisa; for the messaging we sent each other on facebook and for advising me to turn someone's bones green and to throw him in a sewer. Seriously, most awesome conversation ever" THE GREEN LEPRECHAUN IS BACK, mwoehahahaha *anticlimax ...*

  8. guys, i'll be on a LONG hiatus... due to school, getting bored of neopets, finding myself unable to think of many funny answers to topics and my love for anime and manga which is more important now. I hope you'll all welcome me back when I come back

  9. hey everyone, i'm on anime-planet.com my name's lisauntie... FIND ME :)

  10. heyhey, it's alynniae (that's rhymes, and i like it ;))

    1. Angeló


      hey dear :) nothing rhymes with Angelo so .... whatever :p


      i'm on vacation , what about u ?

    2. Alynniae


      angelo is cool-io ^^


      I came back from holiday last week, been to france for 3 weeks, it was really fun :p

      now... well... baking, reading manga, watching anime, making graphics, being on hiatus (just checking friends and stuff...), drawing, singing japanese songs which i can understand thanks to subs and my great memory and sing perfectly now, etc...


      not much as you see :)

  11. many congrats on passing :) :) sadly there are no notifications for comments anymore so .. i just saw it now :) really happy for you

    1. Alynniae


      yes, my holiday is almost over (just ONE week left...), and i haven't been playing neopets since a week or 4... and i should feel bad...

      i've been reading a lot of manga though, and made nice friends on the camping, as well as meeting with old friends there :) My books will be delivered next friday, so i'm almost ready to go back... it's not fun to go back because i have to get up so early, but i'll be able to see my best friend again who's still in afghanistan, t...

  12. *ghost meepit dances with you* *laughs*

  13. hmmm, full metal alchemist.... i haven't read and/or seen it... what's it like? what genre? maybe i'll like it :) but yeah, i've been drawing recently and i was wanting to share my most recent (ahum, 30 minutes ago, ahum) drawing with you guys, it turned out really well :) (the picture is kinda bad quality :/ didn't have time to properly scan it... long live ipod cameras XD) what do you guys think?
  14. *accepts the fact a ghost meepit flies around me* *does a funny dance with all meepit-y friends* *makes ain laugh*

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