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  1. Two new weapons were announced yesterday: Shenkuu Spikes and Scrams Yoyo. One stays put and one keeps coming back. I hope it's the way you think... If you have any information about these weapons or any others, please contact us.
  2. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Stamp Collector - Others II' as an avatar on the NeoBoards! Whew! Another stamp avatar!
  3. Two new weapons were announced via the News this week: Jhudora Hourglass and Dual Batons of Katsuo. It's TIME for us to get a HANDLE on these new weapons! If you have any information about these weapons or any others, please contact us.
  4. There's a new weapon available for purchase at Maractite Marvels: Maractite Dimensional Trap. Maybe it traps between dimensions? Oof! This weapon has a chance to freeze, but we don't yet know what that chance is. If you have any information about this weapon or any others, please contact us.
  5. A new weapon has appeared on the scene in Brightvale Motery: Chainmail Mote. I sure wouldn't want this thrown at me. Ouch! If you have any information about this weapon or any others, please contact us.
  6. A new weapon has shot its way into Desert Arms: Gleaming Qasalan Crossbow. Arrows sold separately? If you have any information about either of these weapons, please contact us.
  7. Yeah, I think Candy Cane Dragon Star is going to be a decent beginner/mid-level bomb. As Aquamentis pointed out, it's only slightly less power than Honey Potion, but it's considerably cheaper. However, battlers considering this item may want to weigh its cost-effectiveness versus 15-icon muffins. Many muffins, while single use, attack with 15 icons and you can practically select which icon types. If you know your opponent's ability to defend against a certain icon type, a muffin might be a better option for you.
  8. The 2016 Advent Calendar is ringing in the holidays, and battlers are getting some unique gifts this year! Already we've seen two new weapons and more are likely to come. Who knows, perhaps there will even be a Super Attack Pea under Neopian trees this year? Weapons from Advent Calendar 2016: Amiras Staff Candy Cane Dragon Star Please contact us if you have any additional information about these weapons!
  9. Maraqua actually isn't that bad to finish. The most expensive stamps are still restockable, sell for around 50 million NP, and are pretty readily available on the TP. Of course, I don't know how much they'll inflate now that there is an avatar. Demand will be higher, so prices will probably rise, but they'll stabilize since the supply won't dry up too much.
  10. I got the Maraquan Stamp avatar today! I finished the album just a few months ago, but the avatar came out recently and I just learned about it today. It's my second stamp avatar. Yay!
  11. Defenders of Neopia isn't working because TNT hasn't combined records from the old Battledome into the new Battledome. It won't work until they do that. But once they do, then DoN should be good to go. I don't know if this has to do with HTML5, but I doubt it. I miss DoN too. Unfortunately, I'm not holding out hope for it to come back soon.
  12. The Neopets Battlepedia had some information about it, so we have updated the Battlepedia for Turned Tooth. The other weapon released at the same time, is Winged Boomerang, and it has been tested by the Battlepedia. Often when TNT announces a new item, especially weapons, it's not activated right away. Sometimes it takes months for the weapon to be activated, meaning it will appear in searches and will restock in shops. We try to check periodically, but until a weapon is activated we don't have much information at all about it. For instance, Curling Blade and Thunderbolt were announced by TNT on October 8, but they aren't activated yet. Thank you for letting us know that this one is active! You can always see which weapons we have not yet tested on the Battlepedia under Need Stats On in the sidebar menu. (It's at the bottom of the Neopets Weapons Items section.) We are always looking for more information about those weapons. If you obtain the weapon and either learn about its stats or would like to lend it to the BP for testing, please contact us. Turned Tooth restocks at Tyrannian Weaponry. You can always see this on the Battlepedia, listed under the weapon picture.
  13. Two new weapons have arrived from TNT: The Moar Blade and Chain Spear. All I can say is: ouch! If you have any information about either of these weapons, please contact us. We don't know their restock shop currently, so if you do, please let us know!
  14. These don't seem to be activated yet - at least, they're not appearing in the Battledome Battlepedia. I couldn't tell where they're supposed to restock from Neo's news post. So we're pretty short on information about them. But I always like seeing new weapons released!
  15. Two new weapons have been announced for the Battledome: Curling Blade and Thunderbolt. I wouldn't want to run into either of these weapons... If you have any information about these weapons, please Contact Us!