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  1. OMG I resubmitted that after it wasn't chosen for Tyrannian Day and I was 100% sure it wouldn't get in XD
  2. I tried to get premium a year ago, but there was some sort of glitch because I had it many years ago, and the credit card has long since expired and I don't remember my password. I was given the run-around in emails, so I don't know how to get it fixed. So no premium for me, I guess. Even if I could, I'm not sure I'd sign up. I really like the perks it gives, but it'd probably just get me more involved and I'm not too happy with TNT's recent behavior.
  3. First of all, happy birthday! :D I never get anything on my neo-birthday... the last time I got zero RE's which was pretty disappointing :/ I'm sorry that your birthday isn't going so well on the real-life front :(
  4. I agree that these new cookies are not cool. It's basically spending money for np, and the last time I checked that's against the rules. I don't think I could ever quit neopets, but maybe I will stop bying NC...
  5. I hope to see more of your art soon! :D I've been entering a bunch but haven't gotten in for a while. Why'd you switch accounts?
  6. Those are some beautiful photos! I'd love to see more if you want to post them.
  7. I'm glad you liked my picture, even though you were in the wrong thread haha I hope the paint maze is going well!
  8. Oh, I remember seeing your Gnorbu in the BC! Did I also see it on tumblr, or am i just getting confused?
  9. Wow, those are amazing! I'm kind of jealous of your talent tbh
  10. I love that site! I've actually only picked out one of my permies from there, but I always look there first when I need to find good names. I'm currently going through it for avatar pets (jetsam, tuskaninny, etc)
  11. I can't help but love this color! I can't wait for it to be released for other pets. I also love that there's a girl and boy version, so there's more opportunity for cross-dressing pets! Opposite gendered Royals are one of my favorite Neopets things.
  12. I personally don't like it. I remember when I was a new player one of the most exciting things for me was finding painted pets in the pound. I was terrible at the games back then, so I made money very slowly and it would have taken me forever to save for a paintbrush. There are also lots of people who zap pets into nice colors and put them in the pound for others to adopt, so it'd be a shame to undo their hard work and generosity.
  13. Pretty much all of the game trophies and avatars are out of my reach tbh @____@ I don't know how people possibly get such good scores D:
  14. Oops I disappeared again... I think this board has expired so I may have to make another one to post more requests. I don't know if I'll ever get around to finishing them all, sorry :( Oh, good, 21 day rule is no more, so I'll continue on :) I'm not going to be taking new requests for the forseeable future, but I'll try to finish up the ones I have. It may take a while though (I have a pending art request that I have been putting off for literally years if you can believe it) I've been doing some "real" art instead haha Here are some paintings I'm working on
  15. Hm I should probably get around to finishing requests... sorry everyone @____@
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