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  1. I've ventured into the woods and found Fyora. I did the step where you give her concoctions. Are we meant to be venturing into the woods multiple times before the Hulking Wraith?
  2. I am completely up-to-date with the plot steps through "The Infirmary, Part 3". But, when I try and go to Kaia for the fourth location that will unlock Hulking Wraith as a battledome opponent, the Mystic Murmurs page is stuck on the answer I got to get the Wind Rider Wraith. I've already obtained this opponent and battled to 100% in achievements. I don't know if this is a glitch other people are experiencing, or if I've missed something, but any help would be appreciated.
  3. Discworld is an amazing series, I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. I am finally getting around to reading Gone Girl. I never saw the movie, but my friend insisted the book was far superior so I'm taking a crack at it.
  4. These are just a few items that make me laugh: Slightly Trampled Omelette No worries, it still looks pretty good! Suspiciously Unwrapped Candy How convenient, someone unwrapped it for you! Effigy Play Doll The warranty for this doll does not cover damage by fire. Unsettling Fan Made Artwork of Lyvon Cibaire Lyvon Cibaire must be impressed...
  5. It's pretty common for dailies and links to become the slippery slope that leads you to chatting here, so welcome to TDN Forums! (and the next level of your neopets obsession! :P)
  6. I agree with the general consensus that a faerie quest cookie is the way to go. The training is pretty great, but you also open yourself up to more chances for a Fountain Faerie Quest. That's the most exciting aspect of it to me ;)
  7. Tennessee Williams is one of my favorite playwrights! If you like ASND, you should definitely try Glass Menagerie. I am currently reading "I am Malala" a memoir by Malala Yousafzai. It's an emotional read, but well worth it thus far!
  8. I like the suggestions of the faerie mimbi for your uni: and the blurtle for your shoyru:
  9. I think it's really interesting that multiple people agree with this, I never would have guessed that any of the wheels have an overall profitable feel to them. I've only been playing the wheels I don't have the avatars for yet. I see what you did there :laughingsmiley: A lot of my dailies have been focused on avatars too, I'm trying to expand what I do with dailies to be more than avatar disappointment. I'm also really jealous of your apple bobbing avatar. (Also, hi lovie <3)
  10. I agree that maractite items tend to be very well done. I'm especially impressed by some of the petpets:
  11. I'm exercising my right as an adult to do as I please and eating left over pizza for breakfast.
  12. I just made homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast. They are the best way to start a well deserved day off from work.
  13. I bought a new HP laptop this spring with windows 7 professional. Over the last month or so I've been getting the pop ups to 'pre-reserve' and it's been telling me how it's completely free to upgrade for my machine, but as an earlier poster said I'm worried that it will wipe my computer when it installs so I'm hesitant to do it that way. I think the look of it seems familiar enough that I would be fine transitioning otherwise, and I'm looking forward to the virtual desktops feature!
  14. As a long time Neopian I've found that the dailies I do and the frequency at which I do them has fluctuated drastically through out the years. I've decided to reassess my dailies recently and I'm curious to see what other people feel are the dailies that are completely necessary to do on a daily basis. which ones are your favorite or least favorite? do you have ones you feel you profit from more than others? are there any activities you consider 'dailies' that others might not view as a traditional daily? I would love to hear about everyone else's routine and see what people are doing and suggesting as I alter my own.
  15. Congratulations on the new avatar and trophy! I randomly got that avatar + a bronze trophy a while back, but I'd love to be able to remember to check the contest and improve my trophy. When I tried for the Feed Florg avatar I'd never played it seriously and didn't think I'd get it, but I got it on the first try! That's the best one I remember.
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