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  1. That sucks hun :( I'm sorry. That's true! It's weird they're still RE's at the end of summer :S
  2. Be sure to post what you get :) I'm excited!
  3. I'll buy it from you!! I've been looking for one for a lil while :)
  4. They're so lovely :) I really want to collect MP's but it would be ridiculously pricey o_O
  5. I can't enter Lem in anything yet cause he's not a Choco Draik, so it's Marvum for the Pet Spotlight next I hope ^_^ Don't want to enter the BC again for a while anyways, I really hate spamming the boards and I don't want to do it often and annoy everyone :P
  6. Oh noo :( :( In that case I don't think you'll be able to get back in to your sides. I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help :(
  7. Ah! In that case, your e-mail addresses will have been deleted. Re-make your exact e-mails if you can, and get your password re-sent. That's what I did with my 5 year old side :)
  8. Thank you :*. I have the Petpet Spotlight one so next on the list is the Pet Spotlight. Mmmm shinies!! XD Cheers honey I really appreciate it ^_^
  9. Some people change their name on Neopets to 'In the pound' to play a little joke on people who visit their look-up. Perhaps they've done that?
  10. Thank you :D Mwahahaha, that was secretly my evil plan ;)
  11. I don't think TNT actually read your messages, you'll probably just get the same automated response :( How long has it been since you accessed your e-mail address?
  12. Don't worry, not about to break into Spandau Ballet - I just wanted to say Marvum won Gold in his first BC!! Thank you so much to all of you who voted :D :D :D LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! :wub_anim:
  13. Oooh I wonder what the prize is. Maybe they'll make completing a map (apart from the Labs) worth it this time :P
  14. You should pop it in the Trading Post for a few hundred thousand I'd say, as there are only two on there. Definitely take it out of your shop, I think you could get more for it than that. Keep re-listing and hopefully someone will give you an offer at some point. Gourmet foods are notoriously hard to sell. I've had a couple and I've had them for a few weeks, just hold on and someone will buy eventually :P
  15. At the moment there's nothing you can do but wait until TNT get back to you unfortunately :(. They will freeze the account for your protection, it may take a little while to get back. I'm so sorry this happened hun :( If you have a side you should check the boards to see if your pets are being traded and who's trading them. I wish you the best of luck getting your account back!