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  1. I actually like the gold lenny =) The stealth one is neat too and I like the female clothes =)
  2. Wherfys are so cute and I love both colors. I think i like faerie slightly (and only very slightly) better =)
  3. I love the Island chomby plushie =) I tend to like the island theme though =P The jelly one is alright
  4. I think the background is absolutely gorgeous <3 I need to recustomize my pets now lol
  5. Ugh =( I am big for animals rights but this is just another play for attention on petas part. I personally love the pokemon games and have played them since the beginning. A recurring theme is caring and loving your pokemon. And by recurring i mean almost every trainer you battle tells you to care for your pokemon and love it. I would think peta would be pleased with how much the game tells you not to mistreat pokemon. Btw kill shelters = no cool =(
  6. I prefer pepsi over coke but I prefer dr pepper over both =P
  7. I really love my camo draik <3 But I think krawks are cute too. But I choose draik as best pet lol
  8. Woodland Mibblie is absolutely adorable. And I love most desert pets and petpets so yeah =P
  9. Lol I love it. Your pet looks great! The book was absolutely great byw <3
  10. The female outfit and wig are great and I love the woodland one =)
  11. Aww I have to admit I love the last unicorn . May he rest in peace. A loss to us for sure.
  12. I know. My boyfriend went to see it on release night and he came home so mad about the way they butchered the mandarin and extremis. He was furious =P I absolutely love anime so that would have been fine as well. Ill definetely check out wonderfalls though =)
  13. I watch it on HBO Go. I didnt know it was on netflix? And I truly enjoy psych lol. They are too goofy I havent seen frozen but I heard it was really great. I hang out with a bunch of comic book fans , so i have heard lots of terrible stuff about iron man 3 lol.
  14. Awww the Tyranian one is especially cute <3
  15. Oh yeah I forgot. I restarted True Blood too =P Im about to start season 4. Im a bit nervous though because people say its not as good as the first 3 seasons.
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