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  1. Hey, how've you been? :3

  2. heyhey, random lisa pops up :p

  3. Now you're back to the dead. Where is you? D:

  4. Hang Out and Post

    Hello loves and hugs and misses off topics school is madness maybe when I graduate in 5 years I'll be more active meh
  5. The Poetry Thread!

    I am now going to be a genius and ask what grade 8 is. 13-14? That's what wikipedia tells me. :D Hi five bruh.
  6. ~Photo Thread~ Share some of your life here!

    Do you want an amusing picture of me? Haha I have the craziest friends. :)
  7. Birds?

    no any works I promise! Pretty or not. :P Thank guys! *goes off and does research*
  8. Birds?

    Naw, it's a production that we're doing, which is casting a magical bird as the main characters. Thought I'd see what could research to understand the role better! Even a short bit that has birds, or flying thing that are partially human? *hopeful face* I know in Van Helsing there were pretty vampire bride things that turned into creepy little flying creatures. That counts, too! I'll attach the images in a spoiler below, please don't click if you're easily freaked out!
  9. Birds?

    Hey guys! I was wondering if any of you knew any movies that featured people as birds! Movies, musicals, dances, anything! Besides "Swan lake" and "black swan", any ideas? Thanks!
  10. The Poetry Thread!

    I have terrible poetry skills WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER. :D I write without planning, but honestly, really good poems can't just "flow from inspiration", unless your inspiration is previously coupled with lots of experience in iambic and structure. I don't like planning though, so that's why they're terrible. :P At most, I write it, then go back a few week later and see how I can better the flow and/or structure. I spend time on mine, but I don't really mind either. :D JB I LIEK YOUR STYLE (returning favour of very failed crit hahaha) lalalala lalalala elmos werldd SUMMER By Sweetdang Unfold your ears and listen Open your eyes and see The patter of feet; the flutter of wings Her dance, yet you're blinded to she. She sends you grassy kisses Roses by midnight blue The grace from the tips of her leafy toes Winter's Love frost to woo. Lines of joy and sorrow Etched on the willow tree Glittering sparkles upon rippled shell Displayed for all to see. A cluster of Heather's petals A pledge of her life with you Sunshine piercing Morning's mist The baby ducklings, too. Drooping lids of a tired cat Dandelions floating away On the wind into the clouds On a lazy summer's day.
  11. Draik Lair

    CRAZY busy sigh. It's like a sudden rush of life catching up with me! And secs threes are robbed of 2 (out of 4) weeks of holidays, for "enrichment and studies".
  12. Draik Lair

    Hi so quick update that draik is going to have to wait for the holidays. :(
  13. The Poetry Thread!

    KNOCKING ON THE DOOR By Sweetdang Footsteps knock on the worn-out path The road more-traveled Mistakes more made A sliver of sin follows Flickering its forked tongue. It slithers along the long grass bordering the route And as it passes The long, brown, dead stalks stand petrified And then crumble to dust Touched with poison. It hangs, also On the ankles of the man Shadowing, shadowing, In literal sense And mimicking movement, Learning from the damned. Sometimes it moves out, As if to strike at the heel with its poisoned fangs But then it retreats Because the man will end up in the fire With or without its help. Why waste the effort? The lines across the page are going nowhere Merely a copy of the story of pierced hands Forever etched on the bloodied back With skin torn and hanging in shreds Throwing a message at the world. But no one listens. Footsteps still travel down the road That ends in a consumption of fire Step by step Inch by inch Dragging against the road And knocking the path That is the Door. The sounds echos through Hell.
  14. The Poetry Thread!

    *impressed whistle* That was pretty awesome. Forget that, it was amazing! I really could actually "see" it, the only line that was a little odd to me was the one bout his eyes. Cool line, but not an accurate image conjured in my head! :P But fantastic. Simply fantastic.
  15. What's The Poorest You've Ever Been?

    I was at 200,000, after taking 600,000 out to spend on books. :P