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  1. If you're done battling, I think it's a great option to sell. War profiteering at its finest! If you find you like battling though, save those nps after you sell your set to rebuy it once the weapons have deflated. Best of both worlds ^_^
  2. I simply do not understand the argument saying that paper books are bad for the environment. It takes SIGNIFICANTLY more energy to create a single iPad or Kindle Ereader than it does to make a book. Like - an unbelievably greater amount of energy. For the battery alone. And to keep that battery charged all of the time. Sure, trees are cut down to create paper but it isn't like it's the major source of deforestation in the world. In fact - North America is more forested than during colonial times when trees were cut down for firewood (I'll try to find a source later). Also, you haven't "seen" a book using recycled paper because they look exactly the same. =P tl;dr: ereaders are WAY more damaging to the environment
  3. Read all of them!! I finished A Dance with Dragons somewhat recently and I am frustrated that it will be years until the next book comes out. They get really good. Currently reading Robinson Crusoe.by Daniel Defoe. Considered a "classic", so I haaaave to.
  4. Stronger weapons help eek out a few more wins, but it's really your pet that will determine your success. Your current weapons are pretty optimal for your pet's stats; upgrading your constants won't prevent the damage they do, your healer is already perfect for the amount of hp you have, and v-pots (and the like) will only increase in usefulness. Hate to be a downer :P Try strategy though! What types of icons do certain challengers use most? How can they be countered? Stuff like that.
  5. CAV I'm not sure who you are but I was a forum admin here a couple years ago.

  6. What do you mean by "Can't believe that I was an admin here"?

  7. just checkin' in. :D i can't even believe i was a forum admin here.

  8. It seems like you're looking for a cheap, effortless way to get some nice stats. This method does NOT exist. Currently, the best way to train your pet is the training school. Courses are honestly not that long (until you get to the upper levels, it gets painful) and they are dirt cheap. The only time you should probably start negging is when you hit like level 250 or so, when courses start to get expensive. Even then, negging should be reserved until times when you have 'excess' neopoints.
  9. If you want one I would suggest you go wait on a board in the AC or BD Chat. Someone there will post that they are being released, most likely. Or just constantly refresh. xDD
  10. It's awesome I think. I ran out of room on my side (currently my main, my real main is frozen for protection) so I created a new account hahaha. xD
  11. Mike.

    The NeoBoards

    The neoboards seem to have a lot more personality than most of the forums I go to. Boards like the BD Chat (woo!), the TC, and maybe even the AC (...) are generally smarter than offsite forums too, like TDN. I see so many people here, for example, that don't know things that seem just basic to neopets. They are also a lot more active. ;D
  12. Banned because you are always the first person to realize I have come back for a day or so.
  13. Banned because he portrays ice cream as something scary when in reality it is something that is super happy.
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