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  1. I read it a bit differently....not that they would cancel or get rid of AC but that if you don't like the way it's done don't play anymore...ie: say goodbye. That was my interpretation. Basically, if you don't like it stop complaining and do something else then.
  2. I forgot to play weeks one and two so I scored really low...not sure what I should get in the price shop. Only have enough for the TNT Staff or The Art of Yooyuball book. Week #3: 19160 Weel #4: 23200 Total: 42360
  3. So I've been trying to working completing containment, I know I'm using the correct spells based on the front page information and sometimes I get so close to winning but then the suppression guy screws up and everyone is zapped for a round. Also, I've noticed that guidance and stabilization have a direct affect on the containment values, if their doing their jobs properly you'll only have to cast one spell to bring everything back to green. A just played a round a few minutes ago where everyone was doing a good job and I didn't even have to use my spell for 2 straight rounds. Then the supression guy must of had to take a leak :( On the same token, if the guidance or stabilizer guy isn't doing his job then you'll have to use practically all your spells to try and keep it stable and then the green sectors you didn't put a spell in the previous round suddenly turn red the next round and the core explodes.
  4. My pet defiantly has 'Blurried Vision' and that's what it said when I gave tried giving it Dried Black Mushrooms. Tried it different languages too which works when the pet doesn't like a particular book but no such luck.
  5. Hi my pet has blurry vision since the main cure is hardly in the pharmacy and costs 40000 neopoints and up from the shop wizard I discovered this site and this page http://www.thedailyneopets.com/articles/diseases-and-cures/ I tried both the black black mushrooms and minor healing ointment. When I gave her the ointment it said something like "it appear to have no affect" and "Uggh, no thats not the right medicine. I feel terrible :('" I spent a few thousand neopoints purchasing these items. Someone in charge should correct that page before others needlessly waste their neopoints on cures that don't work.
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