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  1. The Runway

    Thank you, but I'm learning a new normal. We've had our desks next to each other for years playing Neopets, and now I'll have to dismantle his accounts. The pets seem like my friends! We created them, named them, adopted them and morphed or painted them, dressed them, I remember what a big deal it was that I presented him with his first (and only) Plushie Paint Brush, so he could make a Plushie Lupe! He had really ALWAYS wanted one! We dressed it together. I think I'll enter it in the customization contest one last time. I haven't touched his main account. I feel like leaving it just as he left it. Talk about classic grief! On to better things: we enjoyed the Runway Contest, so give me something fun to look forward to!
  2. The Runway

    I sure hope everything is OK My husband passed away 2 days before Christmas and I've had a very surreal January so far. I was glad I was able to vote on his entry a couple of rounds ago, as it was his last entry. Take your time getting back to us.
  3. Enter The Runway #50!

    This was hard! I had about 7 choices and liked them all
  4. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    I have solved my Mystic Murmurs and cannot click on the place for the answer. How do I enter my answer?
  5. Voting errors in The Runway #44

    I was finally able to vote. I hope the others are as well. I have never changed my theme, and I was unaware there were other places you could vote from.
  6. The Runway

    I still cannot vote This topic has been edited by a member of staff (hrtbrk) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep posts seven words or greater. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  7. Nay for Feeling Unsafe at Home

    My cable company sends an email with the name and company ID picture of the tech who is coming out. I like that, and I'm sure it is in response to these type of situations. My Air conditioner repair company does the same thing.
  8. The Backstage: Alternative Entries!

    Here are my alternates for Transformation! Picture of Dorian Gray Before http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1409318' After http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1409321