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  1. Hang Out and Post

    Graduation isn't that bad. Growing up is nasty though. Kids have it made. Then again, I can sleep most of the day if I'm not working ^_^
  2. Am I missing something with the Daily Puzzle?

    Good luck with that... I wouldn't hold my breath. I haven't been on in 3 years, so my side accounts got affected by that glitch that adds numbers to your pw randomly. I submitted a ticket a week ago. Still waiting. :( I have been badgering them on FB, supposedly that might give it a kick up the queue. I get that they're understaffed, but you'd think that instead of coming out with new nc items that they'd focus on getting basic site features up and running again. The marrow hasn't been working for me either.
  3. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    So it's not me, that's nice to know, but kinda crummy seeing as how I gave my husband back the Xbox so I could do my dailies. He'll never give it up now, He's in Left 4 Dead 2 mode :nerd:
  4. Break glass in case of zombies.

    Here's the thing. My hubby and I actually have plans and guidelines for when the zombies attack. Did I say when? I meant If :shiftyeyes_anim: . Seriously though, we just came up with a bunch when we were watching a zombie movie marathon on TV. I also read World War Z by Max Brooks (Son of Mel Brooks, the actor). That book is fascinating. Really, I think he pretty much nailed the general idea of what would happen. It explores all aspects of the scenario. It dissapoints me that the movie is going to be awful. They pretty much just bought the name and then threw away the story. :sad01_anim: . Sooo upset by that, though I understand that it would've been hard to translate into a screenplay. The book is in Interview format. Anyway, because of that book and some movies I think the ordinary public would be on their own.
  5. So what are you reading?

    Yeah, I missed that memo! I found out about it just about a month ago, but I haven't been to my bookstore in a while. And Wal-mart doesn't carry it. :sad02: I'm pretty out of reading material right now, I'm going to have to go on a book shopping binge soon :woot:
  6. In the northeast we start in September and end in late June. It's....kinda a pain, but kinda nice to have the nicest time of the year off. Not that i'm in school anymore, but I remember it fondly. Oh, and GET OFF MY LAWN YOU YOUNGN'S Heh, sorry, I made myself sound so old...
  7. So what are you reading?

    Well they're about a world separate from ours, that protects ours sorta thing. It's good, not as.....um...frustrated? as the Twilight novels, which I though were ok, but not great. And I loooovvveee the dark tower books. I mean, I read them all up to Wizard and Glass when I was young, and then when the final 3 came out I about had a heart attack. The graphic novels are on my list of books to buy. I just finished the short story "I have no mouth, and I must scream" by Harlan Elliso n. For anyone into post apocalyptic or horror type deals, it's just.....creepy. Really, really creepy & frightening and thought provoking. But short! :laughingsmiley:
  8. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Discussion

    I'm not a fanatic bronie like some, but I do think that MLP:FiM is awesome. But then again, I'm a grown woman who likes the new Strawberry Shortcake too. Also, My Life as a Teenage Robot was mentioned in the first film, and I love that show. The animation style is just incredible, it's almost like masking but it's not, and some of the coloring is just done wonderfully. Also, Simbiotic Titan was AWESOME and I couldn't believe it got cancelled. Again, great animation style and canceled because why? Ugh. They should at least give cartoons whos pilots are picked up a 2 season contract so that it has time to develop a fanbase. I hate the politics of television. It makes me cry. So, in short, rock on Bronies, and keep up the support for MLP!
  9. So what are you reading?

    I'm reading the Mortal Instruments series, by Cassandra Clare I'm on City of Ashes. I recently finished John Flanagan's The Rangers Apprentice series. It's just too awesome, even for YA lit. I'm on to his Brotherband Chronicles after I finish the Mortal Instruments series. And I'm waiting for a new Sigma Force novel to come out too. I love James Rollins, and Sigma Force is just awesome! :rock:
  10. Memorial Day Weekend

    I went up to a bbq w/ my SO's family. It was fun, I went fishing and caught a 10" bass. Which I of course threw back. ^.^
  11. What is the differernce between the regular black text items and the grey italicised items? NC v. NP? Or something like that?
  12. So, I really don't like Buzz that much as a neopet. But, when I got a random FFQ today, I figured "What the hey, might as well" So I made a buzz, so I could get that elusive "Buzzin" Avatar, and I painted him Pink to get the "Pink " Avatar! (I like pink better than snow, which was my other choice) Now I really wanted to paint my Starry wocky Eventide, but I'm an avatar collector, so that wasn't happening To get to the point, I tried to customize my buzz to make him (her?) pretty. On a scale of 1 - 5, how does he/she look now? http://www.neopets.c...pet=Gavin_Thane CONSTRUCTIVE Criticisim is appreciated, and welcome! Thanks!
  13. I DISPISE youyuball! I'm just awful :stitchface: I voted SSO because I just don't like it.
  14. TNT Staff Tournament

    'Yeah that's about how I went at it. Except I also said that the girls looked like they could kick more booty than the guys at anything ^.^
  15. Wishing Well

    Has no one figured out the avatar yet? I can't find a soloution anywhere, here, Jellyneo, Sunnyneo (Last I checked anyway), or the Avatar Board at neopets, or anyplace else I've looked. Oh, and I wish at the well regularly, and for 5 1/2 years I haven't gotten a thing. Ah well, luck of the draw, I suppose, anyway.