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  1. Ahhh.... Then I will cancel this competition. c: Thank you for letting me know. :cool:
  2. Awesome! INTEREST!!! <3 It's really just like any other art contest. XDD Why is TDN soooo quiet?! DX
  3. Thank you! better late than never. (x I think I might stick around for a little while and see what else I can do other than lurking my own board here... =\
  4. INTEREST!!! ;u; I was about to close down this contest. XD but we need at least 3 or4 more people... D:
  5. Thank you!! <3 Your sig is cute as well! o: LOVE the colours! Thank you. (: And I hope I do too! But it's sooo quite here. o:
  6. but in a pinned topic(in the contest section) says "Remember: It's another person giving away prizes. so don't be ungrateful" so just to be clear, you can't run contest involving prize??? I'm confused.@@
  7. I WILL DEFINITELY CHECK THEM OUT! c: Oh cool! o: Thank goodness draiks have deflated, so it won't be super hard to get one. And thanks! I'll let you know if I have any question. c;
  8. COOKIES!!!!!!!!!! :woot: /nom nom nom/ And thank you! :D it feels great knowing people actually like the stuff I draw. I'm actually changing my style and trying something new. c:
  9. Contest have been cancelled as I was told that me, myself along with the winners will get frozen(neopets account) cause you're not allowed to have contest that involve neopets item as prizes. o: I don't want to risk my account. ;n; So yeah....... Sorry
  10. Aw.... Thank you vyvren! c: I'll try my best to draw my first krawk attempt! <3
  11. Yay! I would LOVE to try. c: I'll edit my first post.....
  12. I've never draw a krawk before... o: I could try, but it might just end up crappy. XD
  13. TDN is soooo quite....... Or is it just me? XD

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. hrtbrk


      hehe I was just teasing ya!!! *hugs*

    3. Kiss


      I knew that! XD

      /hugs back... I think?/ XDDD

    4. Ezazne


      Its probably just you. Hehe

  14. Thank you! It only took me 5 mins to make it though(the art is reallllly OLD, so I just make a background, put in the picture, and type in my name). (: I just got my new computer so I don't have PS yet, but when I do, I'd be more than happy to make a quick and easy siggie for you if you'd like one~
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