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  1. Dragoncitoazul

    What's your Achievement today?

    Wow @jellysundae that is a fantastic win In regards to achievements of the day, at midnight NST today I finally got the jester avatar from the grumpy old king, and somehow got lucky enough to get a really high score . I was in third place in the HST all day, and just now got awarded a gold trophy
  2. Dragoncitoazul

    What's your Achievement today?

    I finally managed to knock down a coconut in Coconut Shy and got the avatar. I'm so relieved I don'r have to hear that mean little laugh from the guy in the stand ever again
  3. Dragoncitoazul

    Avatars: Need help?

    Surely we could insert all of the attempts for the Wise Old King avatar there
  4. Dragoncitoazul

    Avatars: Need help?

    Glad to know at least I'm not the only one in this club! I keep getting that question mark over and over And also same, I can't wait to just never hear those little clicks of the wheel turning ever again Wow that is a lot, what a tease! I think I got 3 max and it was certainly frustrating!
  5. Dragoncitoazul

    Hating your pet's name

    Oh yes, totally. I still have my two first pets on my account, one of which is just the first name of a guy on a boy band that was popular back then (which I didn't even like, I'm not sure what my thought process was on that one, but hey, I can't really be that harsh with 10-year-old me) and a bunch of random numbers. Another one of my pets has several underscores because I got her from the pound. I wanted a kiko back then, so I could paint it purple and match a key quest token I bought. Guess a morphing potion didn't cross my mind or I didn't wanted to spend that much. I'm not quite sure, honestly. Either way, I have grown too attached to let them go
  6. Dragoncitoazul

    What Are You Playing?

    I've been replaying Persona 3 FES for a while in my ps2. It's an old game now (Persona 5 was released recently for the PS4 actually), but I find myself going back to it every once in a while. I'm gonna get it 100% complete eventually, or so I hope It's a good JRPG I kind of have a soft spot for. Also, I'm probably going to play the newest one once I actually get around to buying it
  7. Dragoncitoazul

    Today's Random Events

    "Dr. Sloth looks down on you as he passes by. He then turns the corner out of sight. You're still alive, so that's something. Whoa! You also receive the Sloth! avatar. Maybe it is your lucky day" Yay, Sloth avy finally!
  8. Dragoncitoazul

    What's your Achievement today?

    I finally got the Drackonack avatar! That little petpet just wouldn't eat the cheese! I've been trying for weeks, I'm so happy it finally happened :)
  9. Dragoncitoazul

    So, what are you listening to now?

    Half of my heart - John Mayer ft. Taylor Swift. It's been stuck in my head for days now
  10. Dragoncitoazul

    Qasalan Expellibox

    "Terror Mountain? Not bad. I hope that scarab has a coat! Ha! You can have 1,000 NP for getting that scarab out of here" I was really lucky today, that's the best i've ever got so far :laughingsmiley:
  11. Dragoncitoazul

    Today's Random Events

    Something has happened! The Swamp Ghoul says 'I will eat your Neopets for breakfast...' Yeeeeeah... that was interesting o_O
  12. Dragoncitoazul

    TDN Members - What is your "Dream Pet"?

    Well it's really hard to choose...a Baby Acara, Baby Lupe, a Faerie Pteri, a Faerie Xweetox, Royal Acara... They are all nice :)
  13. Dragoncitoazul

    So, what are you listening to now?

    When you were young by The Killers Love this song :)
  14. Dragoncitoazul

    So, what are you listening to now?

    Naive by The Kooks It puts me in such a good mood ^_^
  15. Dragoncitoazul

    So, what are you listening to now?

    Time by Pink Floyd It's a great song :)