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  1. For me on Neopets, the site was on the last of their glory years when I first heard of the site. I've taken two hiatuses, and I've seen the site change greatly after each hiatus.

    I was on Neopets when they still had games like Omelette Defender and Whackabeast available, and years before they had customization, plots, and a lot of stuff that's still new to me.

  2. Neopies final prize ?

    I must have done something wrong then because I didn't get anything. I thought the voting ended yesterday since they said all categories had been announced, so I didn't vote. Oops. I agree with you though, neopoints are a bit disappointing.
  3. Neopies final prize ?

    Did anyone get a special prize for voting every day ? TNT said we would get something like the previous years but maybe they will give it later ?
  4. Hi Everyone :)

    Thank you, guys. :) Haha Spritzie, don't underestimate yourself. Yous speak American, Canadian, Australian, English, Scottish and Irish. ;) Being able to speak English is amazing for traveling, you don't have to make a fool of yourself trying to express your thoughts with strange gestures. ;) Neomysterion, I can't believe it's been (almost ?) 9 years you've been on Neopets too. It's almost a decade, time flies so fast ! So how Neopets was like when you started ? Your friends who made some plushies galleries are really brave ! I love plushies, I tried 3 times to make a plushies gallery but they just were so many and not enough categories to fit them all in so I gave up.
  5. My account got stolen. Any idea how to get it back ?

    Thank you for all the explanation and tips, AA. That link you gave was really interesting. It made me realise that no matter the password if somebody really wants to crack it, he will. I wonder how easy it is to get hold of one of those password cracking program. Can you imagine how much trouble it would create if some were suddenly easy to get ? It would actually be very possible my account got purged though. I know I stopped playing for more than 18 months. But when an account is purged, shouldn't everything disappear ? I don't see how somebody else could suddenly be able to use the account. You're right about hackers. They usually are some genious with amazing IT skills and who probably have other ambitions than stealing Neopets accounts. My English vocabulary range is not really spread in that area so I used the only word I knew. But I definitely get your point and will be careful next time.
  6. My account got stolen. Any idea how to get it back ?

    Wow that's really strange. You never tried to have it back ? I wondered when I saw somebody was using my account if TNT didn't give the accounts to other people after a certain time of inactivity. We would probably know about it if it was the case but as the same thing happened to you, it's maybe something worth investigating.
  7. My Denied Neopian Times Entry

    You obviously worked really hard on it and it's really pleasant to read. It's not fair of TNT not to have published it but you can still try again every winter. ;)
  8. My account got stolen. Any idea how to get it back ?

    Thank you very much for the link, I actually hadn't tried sending a ticket before. I didn't know they had that system. I thought 'ticket' was the name for another type of message I sent. We'll see how it goes. Thank you very much to you all for your help and support. :)
  9. Hi Everyone :)

    Thank you very much. I actually probably forgot to mention I have been living in Uk for 2 years now which helps. ;) But I still dread to make some big mistakes and that people start thinking I'm some kind of weirdo so I always warn them I'm not a native speaker first. ;) I'm always interested in looking at other people's user look up page. It's been 9 years and half you've been on Neopets, that's really impressive ! You must have known it when it was rather basic then ? I suppose a lot of things must have changed since then ? I remember the time when we couldn't put clothes on Neopets or build Neohome the way they look now. Everybody was so excited when they suddenly enabled that. It's always fun to remember. (Here was my account before it got stolen : http://www.neopets.com/userlookup.phtml?user=lumianaa Strangely the thief left it exactly the same and just changed the name and country)
  10. My account got stolen. Any idea how to get it back ?

    Thank you very much for your messages. :) I contacted TNT once using a ticket but they never replied to me. While writting to them, I realised I could just sound like somebody trying to steal somebody else's account as things are hard to prove when the person changed all your details. I only remember what they used to be when it was my account but TNT probably wouldn't bother checking that. I have the feeling messaging them does nothing so I'm feeling like giving up. I can't help finding it a bit scary because I am the proof that even when doing everything right, being very careful not giving any clue to anyone about your password, you can still get hacked. Maybe to be safe we all should have very plain neopets and don't collect any trophy, stamp or card not to make anyone wants to hack us... It doesn't sound much fun. I think the most frustrating part was to discover that some Secret Laboratory map pieces were very hard to get now. As more and more people joined Neopets their rarity seems to have increased a lot. I miss zapping my pet ! ;)
  11. Hi Everyone :)

    Hello, I love this website and have been using it for years so I thought it was probably about time I join the board. My English is unfortunatly not perfect as I'm actually French but hopefully you'll still manage to understand me. ;) I wish you all a lovely day / evening.
  12. Hi everyone, I was wondering if any of you have ever been in the situation I am in now. I created a Neopet account more than 4 years ago and managed to collect all the kind of things we can dream to collect on Neopets. I stopped playing to Neopets for a year and was really surprised to notice when I came back that somebody else was using my account. My password wasn't working anymore, I tried to have it emailing back to me but the person had changed the email address too. On the user lookup, there were a different name and country than mine but apart from that everything was still looking exactly the same. I don't get how it happened because I never gave my password to anyone and it was not an easy password to find (with both letters and numbers). I neomailed the thief but of course she never replied back to me. I sent a message to the Neopets staffs but no reply from them either. I'm not sure what more I can do. I created a new account but it doesn't feel the same at all. Any idea ?